Recipe Index

During my stint as an expat wife, I honed my love for cooking and baking.  Here’s a collection of what I’ve made through the years:


Banana Muffins
Baked eggs in a bread cup
Breakfast Maple Granola
Cheese Biscuits
Corn and Cheese Biscuits
Corn Muffins
Chouquettes with pearl sugar
Lemon & Blueberry Scones
Light Blueberry Muffins with Lemon Sugar Crust
Mom’s egg mayo with corn
Olive Oil Banana Bread with Nutella Swirls
Overnight Oats
Puffed pancakes
Orange crème brûlée french toasts
Skinny Breakfast Pizza :  Kick-start your morning with this crispy breakfast pizza that’s simple to whip up in the kitchen.
Simple blueberry muffins

Asian delights:

Ang Ku Kueh
Asian noodle bowls with steak and snow peas
Bruised Salad
Chilled barley with lemon drink: Take respite from the heat with this chilled barley drink that’s served chilled with a slice of lemon.
Duck Soup with Salted Vegetables
Fried Bee Hoon with Stewed Pork
Garlic Fried Rice
Home-made Radish Cake
Okonomiyaki: Japanese savoury pancake made with cabbage
Red bean buns
Spicy Mee Tak Mak with Korean Hot Sauce
Thai Basil Minced Chicken Stir-fry
Three Cups Chicken

Dinner ideas:
Baked Finger-Licking Ribs
Braised Marmite Ribs: Soft tender braised ribs drizzled with Marmite sauce and served with rice.
Hearty Beef stew
Home-made Japanese Burgers
Miso Yummy Pasta with Mushrooms
Oyako Don-buri: A simple and modern twist to making your own Japanese Oyako Donburi right at home.
Pasta with Marmite
Pork chops and rice: A one-dish meal
Prata Pot Pie
 : Cheater’s guide for a quick dinner using frozen prata sheets
Roast Chicken Drumlets with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Shepard’s Pie with a twist : Kechap Manis with Belachan added for a kick!
Spicy Lasagna
Turkey Milanese with Arugula Salad
Truffle pasta with poached egg

Curried Carrot Soup

Roasted Aubergine with Yogurt Dressing
Roasted Asparagus with Garlic, Lemon & Thyme
Simple Corn Salad


Anthony Bourdain’s Poulet Roti
Chilled pasta drenched with white truffle oil and topped with trout eggs

Refreshing Floral Jelly
Key Lime Tarts: Zesty and refreshing key lime tarts that are perfect for the Summer
Lactation Cookies
Lemon Bars
Matcha Cream Puffs
Molten Chocolate Cake
Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Rose and Lychee Chiffon Cake
Tarte Tartin : Apple Tart
Yuzu Chiffon Cake
Yuzu & Key Lime Tart


Black seasame macarons with Azuki red bean mascarpone
Blood Red Macarons filled with Black Truffle Salted White Chocolate Ganahe
Buttered popcorn macarons with salted caramel: Go crazy with this twist on popcorn mix.
Candy-swirl Macarons with Peppermint Mocha Ganache
Hazelnut Macarons with Black Truffle and White Chocolate Ganache
Hazelnut Macarons with Peanut Butter & Jelly
Kitty Macarons with Sea-Salt Caramel Ganache
Pineapple Macarons

For Sparky:
Bonnie’s Banana Cookies

For Bubba: (Baby Led Weaning)
Purple Carrots and Apple Muffins
Simple Pasta Sauce for Baby
Blueberry Yogurt Pops
Homemade Vegetable Soup Stock
Pulled pork with apples
Steamed fish for toddlers
A hearty vegetable stock
Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream with Bruno Ice-Cream Maker

I also started dabbling in food styling and photography, you can find some of my pictures in these sites:
Lady J’s musings on Food Gawker
Lady J’s musings on Taste Spotting
Lady J’s musings on Tastelogie

[Updated in 2015]

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