A hearty vegetable stock

I have a love affair with soups. I guess the upbringing plays a huge part in it. You see, my mom is Cantonese and in our household, there would often be 3 dishes and 1 soup, pretty much like any typical Chinese household in Singapore. I grew up having soups accompanied with my meals.

Now that I have to make Bubba’s meals for dinner, I do crack my head and wonder how to make the meals somewhat tasty and healthy for her. She’s moved on from porridge and prefers rice as her main staple. Soup stock to the rescue and I try to whip up different types so that she would get a good variety of nutrients and vitamins from the vegetables/ meat.

I join a couple of groups on Facebook and the Healthy Food for my Baby group is actually a treasure trove of ideas from Mamas. One particular post stood out and gave me the inspiration to make this for Bubba.

Presenting a simple yet sweet Pork Ribs and Vegetables Soup Stock!
IMG_7696Ingredients include:1 large leek, 2 ears of corn, 1 large tomato, 1/2 white onion, 2 carrots, 4 – 6 water chestnuts and 5 – 8 pieces of pork ribs.

IMG_7698I simply brought about 6- 8 cups of water to boil and placed all the ingredients inside the pot. Thereafter, I turned the temperature down and let the slow-cooker work its magic for 6 hours. Soup stock is ready thereafter!

The stock was surprisingly sweet and tasty. Bubba who’s still on her teething woes actually finished up her rice along with the carrots and ribs in the soup. As for the rest of the stock, we are keeping it for the rest of the week to whip up her rice as well as her soup for dinner.

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