All mixed up

I’m feeling a tad bit moody.. don’t ask me why, just having one of those ‘Just because I feel like I’m moody’ days. I don’t wake up feeling like that but as the day passes and if I don’t keep myself busy with activities, I slip and fall into these moods. What’s the point of this post then? Nothing, just needed to rant, let it out of the system and then hopefully feel a lot better.

Anyway, there are loads to look forward in the next coming weeks – a trip with the parents and the little sister, my little sis’s graduation trip in Coventry, then back to Singers for 1.5 months! I can’t wait! Trying to firm up a temp contract with the ex-company. You may think I’m nuts wanting to go back to work during my break. But honestly, I can’t wait to go back to work, see the ex-colleagues, fall back into the work routine and feel that my mind is mentally stimulated.

Thought I round this post up with a recipe that never fails to evoke memories of home whenever the Man has it. It’s been a while since I’ve cooked this so I had to call up the mom-in-law and asked for the exact instructions on how to replicate the dish.

Fried Rice Vermicelli (Bee Hoon) with Stewed Pork


  • 200g rice vermicelli
  • 1 carrot, cut to thin stripes
  • 1 small stalk of Chinese lettuce, sliced
  • 3 large shitake mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 1 can of Narcissus brand stewed pork
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tsp of vegetable seasoning

Optional for garnishing:

  • Red chilli, de-seeded & sliced
  • Fried shallots


  1. Soak the rice vermicelli in water for at least half an hour, until the noodles are fully reconstituted. Drain and set aside.
  2. Heat the pan/wok with 1 tbsp of oil and saute garlic till lightly browned.
  3. Add the sliced carrots and stir-fry till soften (approximately 2-3 minutes).
  4. Add the sliced mushrooms and cabbage and continue to stir-fry till soften (about another 2-3 minutes). Add the stewed pork, 1/2 cup of water, vegetable seasoning and stir fry thoroughly. Lower heat and cover the pan/wok to bring to a gentle boil.
  5. Then add the rice vermicelli. Cook till the noodles have soaked up all the water, and is of a dry consistency (about 5-7 minutes). I used tongs as it was easier to handle the noodles this way.
  6. Serve noodles warm and garnish with cut chilli and fried shallots if desired.

I think the Man was very happy as he polished off the rice noodles off the plate. Memories of home-cooked food always makes us happy and I think we are looking forward to going back home soon.

2 thoughts on “All mixed up

  1. Lady J says:

    I just needed to rant… I know it’s a phase and it will pass soon for I will be going back to Sing soon! Can’t wait! 😉

    Thanks… tried to photograph the bee hoon to look scrumptious ;p

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