Picked the kid up from school and found her quietly sitting at the corner of her assigned table doodling. She smiled when she saw me and ran to show off her picture to me. My, I was pretty impressed with her drawing. She said this is called Fairyland and proceeded to tell me the inspiration she had behind each character in this drawing made out of little people, animals and objects carefully thought through.

What a keepsake. I hope I don’t lose it!



I have been ruminating a lot. Probably I just feel a whole lot emotional this period and thoughts have just crept up.

I’ve been thinking on going on an Instagram fast and get the need “to check on what others are doing” out of my system. I’m only human and comparing what others have against my life isn’t doing me all that good. I know that my life isn’t all that bad and I feel blessed in many ways.. so this is a change that I am taking to count my blessings.

Soufflé Egg Omelette

Social media viral trends are possibly the only thing that one can do during the Circuit Breaker and we did try that a lot when it came to food. I made bread.

As well as the Dalgona coffee. Even inspired my mom to made it. It was nice to utilise about 7 mins or so to whip up frothy coffee that you can have over iced milk.

The BRUNO Hotplate Fans page was running a weekly Circuit Breaker contest to encourage BRUNO fans to whip up culinary creations inspired for the week. One of the themes was this Souffle Egg Omelette – another trend after the Dalgona Coffee.

I decided to give this a go and the results were surprisingly good! We had ours with caviar for a more luxurious experience! Hehe..

To make this souffle omelette,  only four ingredients are needed – which is eggs, sugar, salt and butter. The key is to whip egg whites until they reach their fullest volume. I’m sharing the instructional video so do take a look! 🙂


Making Pizza Express’s Dough Balls

One of the few things that probably was sold out the fastest in most supermarkets during the Circuit Breaker was flour and yeast. I guess with so much time spent indoors, making bread from scratch was one of the things that you could slowly do to while away your time at home.

And we did just that! We bagged home 500g of yeast and the Man was fixated on perfecting this wholemeal bread recipe that our friend Kirk had shared with us.

As for me, I went for the easiest bread recipe that I could find. Messing it up was not my intention and if it was going to be my first time making bread, I hope to achieve near perfect results!

Well, the first time I made these dough balls. They ended up sticking next to one another instead. But I have to say that the result was actually pretty good. They were soft and fluffy – kinda like a normal bread recipe.
This was my second time making the recipe and it turned out much better. I guess the trick was to really knead the dough well and even longer this time. I let it rest for a longer period before working the dough again.

These little morsels of carb balls went really well this olive garlic spread that I’ve learnt how to make years back. 

If you are keen to learn how to make this simple bread recipe that’s quite the crowd-pleaser, no harm giving this a go! 

Good luck!


Received a little care package from the brand which made me really excited. Well, who wouldn’t since we are basically all stuck indoors these days.

No big gestures for I guess I still have a long way to go in hitting that kind of quota but these aromatherapy blends definitely would come in handy in calming and lifting one’s spirits during these times.

Caviar x Truffle Somen

This is a simple dish to replicate at home using the freshest ingredients from the sea.

Cook somen noodles or angel hair pasta. Immerse them into cold water and then drain well. Add some white truffle oil to the noodles, toss well and set aside.

To assemble the dish, simply placed noodles, grilled scallops, uni and then caviar.

That’s all you basically need!

Happy Mother’s Day

Broaching the subject of Mother’s Day with the Man can be quite scary. The other day, I casually mentioned that I had purchased some gifts for my Mom, sisters and some close Mommy friends for the upcoming occasion. As we can’t go out to celebrate the occasion, I hope that these presents would send some cheer along the way. The Man got agitated and said to me, “Well, if you are expecting anything from me, you are not getting any. You are not my mother and while the occasion honors mothers, it’s something the kid should do and not me.”


I mean, I was just sharing with him something that I did. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything. It would be nice but I know that it isn’t his nature and I wasn’t telling him all this to arm-twist him into throwing something fancy for me. I was just making conversation after a day’s of work and staying indoors.


So I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest. My social media feed was filled with happy images of mommy friends with floral bouquets, gifts and meals lavished on them. While I secretly hoped that I would receive the same treatment. I know the time was not now for the Man has been under immense stress as well. Another place, another time then.

It was sufficient that the baby girl made me a card and showered me with unlimited kisses during the day. The Man and I played tag team to whip up a fancier than usual meal using caviar. I guess I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the occasion, I mean what’s the point of ruffling up his feathers?

But somewhere during the day, we did receive flowers for both me and the MIL! Presented by the kid who beamed and announced that she specially chose the flowers for us.

Truly my sweetheart!

Thanks to the Man for the lovely flowers! Next time don’t be so grumpy when I am just sharing about my day can. I mean, why ruin the feels? Thank you for all you have done!

Also, I thought if no one is going to make me happy on the ocassion to celebrate Mums, the least I could do is to make myself happy. So I went out and purchased this Coconut pudding from Soicco and it was absolutely divine. I finished 3 out of the 5 tubs on my own. Ain’t sharing with no one.