How did 11 months go by?

Well, pretty much in a flash if I may add. I can’t quite believe that 2018 is almost coming to an end and this year, my blog has remained largely inactive as I turned to Instagram to share more of my musings. At my peak, I’ve had over 4,000+ followers and I did want to achieve over 5,000 followers before the year ended. But then, one day, it struck me that I was just churning out content on Instagram for the sake of attracting new followers. The perks that came along with collabs and product sponsorships were definitely an attractive part of the package but I didn’t know if I wanted that.

While Instagram is a quick fix for blogging, the world of Instagram felt mind-boggling. As its name suggests, there was a need for instant gratification and validation from people who may or may not know me. It became a double-edged sword. I wasn’t comfortable revealing parts of my life to the people who don’t know me or who think they know me. Well, why give them food to fodor? I didn’t want the validation from people who think they know me. So one evening, I decided to cull my list of followers. I must say that my fingers hurt real bad after looking at my list and manually deleting the people who I didn’t know. No offense really but I just wanted a platform where I can share bits of myself openly without people talking behind my back. Well, like it or not, that’s life but I can limit how I want to share bits of my life.

So 2018 has been a year of revelation. One that I had struggled with – in my jobs (juggling a flex-work arrangement along with my business) and my friendships (hard to mix business with pleasure, but I’m learning along the way). My darling child continues to be a constant source of joy in my life and my husband, my constant source of hard truths in life.

Another month or so to wrap up 2018. It will be a crazy couple of weeks as the retail scene ramps up. But well, I’ve just gotta push on!



Leadership insights

Read an article recently and it reached out to me. So just wanted to list down what was shared on key tips and lessons to being a good leader:

1) Have a very strong conviction – Believe in yourself. Everything starts and ends with you.

2) Lead by example – In management, we say words like ‘walk the talk.’ You can’t say something, and then do the opposite.

3) Have a holistic and integrated vision – Most of the businesses are people-driven. You are as good as your people. So everything should be centred on that.

4) Learn to embrace discontinuity – All of us love great results; it is definitely a high. But leadership spirit is about taking the good, the not-so-good and the bad in the same spirit. That’s the test of a leader.

5) Commanding your field with an eye of wisdom – Wisdom is not competence, or knowledge, or skill. It is something over and above that. Wisdom means that you, as an individual, take a backseat.

6) Work harder than everyone else – If you are a leader and leading by example, you must work really hard and learn constantly.

7) Be an inclusive person – Not just from a gender point of view but with everything else in our daily lives.

Before turning another year older

I’ve been feeling a tad bit emo lately that it’s started to take yet another toll on my body. I think that’s seriously not funny for I’ve been drifting in and out of falling sick for the past couple of months and I’m tired of falling sick already. Just when I think “hey, I’m better..” I fall sick again.

I’m naturally a worrier and an over-thinker (at times). These traits are such a horrible mix together and a recipe of a mental disaster. So before I turn another year older, I hope to pick myself out of this rut that I’m in and let go of the things/ people I can’t control to lead a better life for myself.

The above is something I hope that I can abide by.


One of the things that I really enjoy doing is eating and sussing out new food places as well as revisiting old ones. Yes, Odette remains as one of our fave restaurants.

A business associate introduced Waa-Cow to me a couple of months back and I’ve been back to the little eatery a few times thereafter. The lunch deals are a little pricer than what you might want to part with for lunch but it is nice to indulge in a treat occasionally.

One of my fave dishes to order off the menu is this Aburi Wagyu Beef Slices topped with mentaiko and served along with an onsen egg plus ebiko roe. The whole dish is very umami (delicious) and I usually go for the mini version rather than the normal size for it fills me up nicely for lunch and leaves me enough room for a small dessert.

Food for thought

It’s been a little quiet here because I have been struggling.. struggling to keep afloat, to keep it together at work, at home, to maintain relationships/ friendships and to not feel guilty about taking some time off for myself.

Been thinking quite a fair bit about “What drives me?”. At work, mainly. What do I do what I do? To ensure that there is purpose in the work that I do and the work that I deliver. To ensure that through it all, I learn something from it. Learning is a lifelong journey and there are no set ways in getting the results that you want. One way may work better for some, but it’s also about adaptability, how to get better at what you do and achieve the results faster. To be humble and that it’s not my way or the highway.

At home? What drives me? To the best parent that I can be to my child within my capabilities. To understand that as a parent, I’m not always right and that my child can also teach me life-lessons. To see the world through the eyes of my child and to be present for  her. To raise my child with the right set of values that can carry her through her life. To let her know that one must work hard to get where they are and not everything will fall on her lap. To let her learn that it’s ok to fall and not win all the time. If you work hard enough, you will eventually get there.

So yea, that’s food for thought… reflecting on what I’m seeing in today’s world at this point in time.