Letter to Sophie x 11

IMG_9357Dear Bubba,

Sheesh.. where did all the time go? Just another month to go before you turn one and graduate from baby to a toddler. How did my teeny tiny baby girl grow into this bright-eyed cutie who’s eager to scoot off and explore her surroundings?


At 11 months, here are some of your milestones:


  • You can now stand up on your own without any assistance. You’ve also started to walk! We didn’t believe it when your teachers shared that you could walk 10 steps on your end. 10 steps? That’s a lot! But we saw with our very own eyes the other day in music class, you taking 5-6 steps on your end before falling on your butt with glee. Still can’t quite believe that you are now taking baby steps and walking… slow down baby girl, slow down a little..


  • You are definitely more playful and aware of your surroundings. You know that after your dinner/ bath, it would be time for you to play. You will point to your toys and kick your little legs to signal to us that you want to be free to play with your toys. You obviously find it fun to push, throw and knock everything down. You are able to give a toy to me when I request for one or to look for your Fifi doll when I asked you where she is. You are definitely at a fun stage and I simply love the interaction I have with. Peek-a-boo is still our fave game to play.


  • You are able to pick out your fave book for me to read you a story at bedtime. We also found out recently that you could mimic the sound of a lion when you lifted the flap in your Dear Zoo boardbook. It’s hilarious to watch you do this over and over again but I don’t think we will get bored of this.


  • I like to think that we are still your fave people in the whole wide world! When you spot either Mama or Dada from afar, you will let out a happy squeal and point excitedly to us. You don’t know how happy that makes us feel.

IMG_9339Don’t be in a hurry to grow up too quick my darling Bubba. Slow down a little so that Mama can enjoy your baby-hood more!

Love you to the moon and back: xoxo Mama

Experimenting Western meals for Bubba

The Man whipped up a simple meal for us last weekend and I asked for him to do up a baby version for Bubba (minus salt and introducing her to different herbs into her foods).

This is what the Man did for Bubba:
IMG_9639An oven-baked chicken chop (we got a hormone free-range chicken chop from the local butcher) lightly dusted with fresh chopped Parsley and dried Oregano. The Man baked the chicken with some extra virgin Olive Oil in a pre-heated oven of 210degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes. As for the sweet potatoes, I got some Honey Sweet Potatoes which he parboiled first before popping them into the oven along with the chicken.

IMG_9643I cut up the chicken and the sweet potatoes into pieces for Bubba to feed herself. The chunks are quite large but manageable for the Missy who popped these pieces into her mouth rather quickly – a sign that she enjoyed her food. IMG_9648We haven’t quite trained her to spoon-feed herself yet despite her knowing how to hold a spoon and pushing the food into her mouth. I guess we aren’t particularly fussed with that training at this point in time so we are pretty happy for her to use her hands to explore feeding herself the chickent pieces and sweet potatoes.

IMG_9649Bubba’s first home-cooked Western meal which she thoroughly enjoyed. Am now looking for more interesting dishes that we can adapt the adult versions and whip up for her. Any recommendations? Some Mama friends have shared that we could marinate the meats using fruit juices and yogurt. Sounds quite exciting right?


This weekend just felt like it was too short. Well, because I had a work-do which left me to fully only enjoy Sunday with these precious folks.

IMG_9660First up, Bubba’s outfit for the day. Felt like letting her put on this ultra-adorable Whistle and Flute romper that I got. Suspect that she probably will have a couple of wears out of this romper before I eventually retire it.

IMG_9662And just how cute are those knee-high ribbon socks that I got on sale from Oh Happy Fry. It’s still a little loose on her but eventually it will fit. For now, I guess only babies can pull of this look (ie: rompers and knee-high socks), so I better milk it while it last. Also, these knee-high socks are a great alternative to pants as Bubba has found a knack for crawling and attempting to walk, so these helps to protect her knees.

IMG_9666Out for a coffee run early Sunday morning before we head off to music class! We love our cosy little hood. Nice coffee places have sprung up, making it so convenient to satisfy our caffeine craving when it strikes.

IMG_9671Not long now.. Bubba can move on to babycino and officially join the ranks of being a hipster Baby in the hood. As for now, she will just have to sit in this high-chair and watch us have our meals which she nibble on her baby snacks.

IMG_9676 IMG_9678And last but not least, a joint outfit of the day with the Bubs. Since becoming a mom, my #ootd have not been very exciting. On weekends when I’m out with her, I prefer to be dressed in casual shorts and a tee. This was a somewhat matching outfit that I got from Oh Happy Fry as well. And if you can spot, our entire family decided to be decked in black for the day. Hehe..

How did your weekend go? I’m already looking forward to the next and it’s only MONDAY!


Hair-cut for Bubba

I don’t have the courage to cut Bubba’s hair by myself or rather, I don’t want to subject her to a horrendous cut in the event that my hands shake too much or I can’t quite gauge what’s short enough. So I decided to leave it to the pros. The only gripe I have with this is that haircuts for tiny people don’t come cheap!

Bubba’s first haircut was at this kids salon over at Parkway Parade when she was about 3 months old. As her hair was growing funnily, I decided to have it trimmed. Walked out of the salon feeling $24 poorer and wondering ‘Wow, did I really pay $24 for that?‘ Thankfully, the cut was done quite well and her hair grew out nicely.

Her next haircut was close to the Chinese New Year period. My mom used to make us cut our hair before the Lunar New Year period and that became a tradition that stuck by us when we grew up, something to do with away with the bad luck and to welcome the new year with a new do. Decided to trim Bubba’s fringe a little to keep up with this tradition. Popped in to a salon over at Forum and walked out a happy camper because they only charged us $5 for trimming her fringe. I decided, WOW! Probably one of the cheapest cuts I will ever pay for Bubba.

Then came this! I researched online for another kids salon and Scissors Paper Stone popped out. Recalled vividly that my brother-in-law send my nephews there for their haircuts. I decided to check out the outlet in Forum that’s conveniently located next to Toys’ R Us as I had to go town to run an errand.

IMG_9251Oh-kay, before we go on any further, here’s the price that you will be expected to pay regardless of how much / little your child’s haircut is. So make it worth your child’s while for the haircut.

IMG_9253The little corner is set up pretty nicely with balloons, gadgets and sweets to distract your child while the stylist tries to cut their hair. As Bubba is still quite tiny, she had to sit on my lap while I hold on to her when it was time for her to hair cut.

IMG_9392Here are the action shots. Bubba’s fringe is quite long and her teacher in school as well my parents have been bugging us to have it trimmed. Must add that the stylist was swift in cutting Bubba’s hair and you know how quick these babies are, so she was fast and nimble whenever Bubba made a move. IMG_9261The whole process was relatively fuss-free as well. I had to register Bubba’s details into the system as it was our first time there. There will be a ticket with the queue number dispensed once you have registered the details successfully. We wait for our turn, get Bubba’s hair cut and we’re out of the place with a cheery balloon in tow.

IMG_9276Here’s the little Missy with her new do. What do you think? I’m kinda missing her longer, messy, almost poking her eyes fringe. Just have to wait for it to grow then!

Staying at Crown Perth

IMG_9083We stayed at Crown Burswood in Perth for our family holiday. To be honest, I didn’t do much research on where to stay in Perth. I’ve heard that the city can get pretty quiet when night falls, so staying at Crown would probably be ideal given that the casino operates 24/7.

Another plus-point for staying at Crown is probably the restaurants that they have within their vicinity. Well, if you are not up for fine dining, there are a couple of casual eateries which we didn’t try but I saw within walking distance from the hotel as well as good old trusty Mac Donalds and Subway.

We ate very well for dinner the 3 nights that we stayed in Perth. The first was at Nobu.

IMG_9555The second night, we booked ourselves a hearty steak dinner at the swanky Rockpool Bar and Grill. Again, we were pleasantly surprised at how baby/ child-friendly the establishments were. They accommodated by giving us a corner at a quiet area of the restaurant (just in case, Bubba makes too much noise and disturb the rest of the diners). We managed to order 2 starters, a huge slab of steak and 1 order of sides plus a bottle of vino. IMG_9554We kept the little one occupied with bread rolls initially. She didn’t quite enjoy the bottled food that we have prepared for her and was fussing a little until we asked our server if they could give her some fruit to chew on. Out came this platter of apples thoughtfully sliced by the kitchen staff. That managed to keep Bubba occupied for a while longer before she decided that it was more fun throwing it on the floor.

IMG_9557That signalled the end of our superb meal where our tummies were filled to the brim because of the large portions. Didn’t even have space of desserts. Bummer!

IMG_8716For the last night that we were in Perth, we had a hard time deciding if we should head back to Rockpool or Nobu. Both were equally good but we figured that it would be hard to stomach steak for two consecutive nights so Nobu it was. Plus, there were so many other dishes that I had wanted to try in Nobu, so it made sense for us to head back.

IMG_9553The edamame done up in tempura style was seriously da bomb! The deep-fried oysters with filo pastry and served with wasabi mayo plus caviar was extremely sinful but worth the bite.

I have to add that service in Nobu was top-notch. We found a piece of bone in the sashimi and left it as that. In fact, we didn’t even bat an eyelid but just wanted to pass on the information over. That caused quite a stir in the kitchen and we had the Restaurant Manager coming to our table to apologise for this. Was quite impressed by the gesture.


As for getting around the city from Crown, was it convenient? Well, we didn’t rent a car to drive around the city for the Man didn’t want to be bogged down by the parking. So we relied on public transport when we were in the city. For days when we wanted to get to specific places, we simply cabbed or used the Uber App to get us a car. Public transportation within the city is convenient as well, so we took the train as well as the buses to get us to tourist spots such as Fremantle Market (pictured above). By the way, the market is kinda small, it took as all of 15 minutes to get through the market. Talk about efficiency.

IMG_9081That’s about all we have on Crown Burswood in Perth. I think I have one more post on Perth and we are done with our travels for down under. :) Stay tuned!

Bubba’s food journey at 10.5 months and introducing corn

Bubba is now on to 3 meals, a snack and about 5 milk feeds for a day. She gets fed pretty well in school and we try to introduce her the concept of dinner when she heads home in preparation of toddlerhood where food will form a larger part of her day instead of milk.

She gets fed porridge for lunch and for dinner, I often either feed her porridge, rice or pasta along with some lean pork/ fish (threadfin) and 1-2 servings of vegetables (ranging from broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach and kale). Depending on her mood for the evening, she either eats the food we prepare or protest by whining.

IMG_9176It was a good evening. My MIL had prepared ABC soup (Potato, Carrots, Corn, Onions and Pork) and scooped a portion without any salt for Bubba. We fed her the soup along with rice and she enjoyed what was given to her. She finished about 2 tablespoons of rice happily without any fuss.

IMG_9180Thereafter, in a bid to make her sit quietly in her high chair, we gave her some corn to play with. She’s been fed corn before in school, so this is not new to her. But they usually feed her corn puree so holding a piece of corn and eating it this way could be a new concept for her.

IMG_9184She eyed the corn cautiously, before putting it into her mouth and gnawed at it.

I love corn and I’m glad that she enjoys gnawing at it too. But the thing about corn is that while it contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrates – making it a great food for energy, it lacks in many other nutrients. A friend shared that eating corn is like wasting calories. I did some research and here’s what I found:

During the first year of baby’s life, it is very important that baby receive all the nutrients possible. Corn is comprised mostly of starchy carbs and is considered an “empty” calorie food for the most part. Waiting to introduce corn in favor of a more nutrient dense food may be a better option. Corn really has very little nutritive value and I think it’s best to leave it for later.

Yet another reason to hold off on corn is that it is particularly difficult to digest and as we all know, it tends to pass through the system in the same form that it went into the system.

[Credit: Wholesome Baby Food, Momtastic]

IMG_9186Again, as parents, you make the call what kinds of foods that’s best for your child. For us, it’s not like she will be eating corn for all her meals, so we let her have it to introduce different flavours/ textures for her meals. That said, it also makes for a great and fun teething device since we highly suspect that she’s teething again.