Things my daughter says to me now

2 weeks apart from this little face seemed like an eternity to me and it felt like I missed out on her development during this time. Pleased to see her thriving so well under Daddy’s exclusive care during the trip. He did share that she really tested his patience at times (especially when she threw her tantrums) but beyond that, the time spent was indeed very precious.

I’ve noticed her speech has also developed further. Here’s what she recently told me on the trip:

Mummy, no, no, no! I don’t want you to tie my hair.

Mummy, walk faster.. the rest are waiting for you!

I need help, Mummy! Can you help?

I don’t want to sleep. I’m not tired. I slept in the morning already! 

You did it, Mummy! Amazing!

We are off to Kyoto today! Wish us luck on the 3.5 hour train ride!

48 hours in Bangkok (#SophiesMombiesTakeBKK)

It’s been a while since I last took an all-girls holiday. With a kid in tow, now, let’s call it a Mama’s Much Needed Vacay where we could sleep in, eat with both of our hands and perhaps swap caffeine for alcohol. Oh, let’s not forget massages and spa!

So when the Man is on his bonding vacay with Bubba, I thought perhaps it was time for me to get a little R&R. No point twiddling my thumbs at home and hoping that time will pass faster. Shared with Mama Libby on how nice it would be to go on an all-girls holiday which she agreed and it somewhat happened quite quickly.. there was quite a good deal that Singapore Airlines offered during the weekend that we planned to go to Bangkok, so we scored that deal, settled on our hotel and got all that out of the way.

When it came to planning the programme, I have to admit, I wasn’t quite organised and we basically wanted to keep it free-and-easy. The whole point of the Mama trip was to rest and relax right? So we discussed what we wanted to do broadly, did up a quick plan and waited for the actual trip to happen.

So here goes our weekend getaway in Bangkok! It sure was a whirlwind holiday but I had fun! Eating, shopping plus massages thrown in daily with a girlie/ Mama companion. What’s there not to like??

img_9375A Mama’s Guide to 3D/2N in Bangkok

We took the 5pm flight from Singapore to Bangkok and arrived into Bangkok at about 7ish in the evening. I had meant to book us on a slightly earlier flight but clicked on the wrong option. Thankfully, Mama Libby wasn’t too fussed about the boo-boo I made. Thank you again!!🙂 We didn’t want to deal with the crazy PM traffic into the city so we decided to take the express train into the city and then hop onto a cab to our hotel. Note: be prepared to pay the taxi-driver the fare that he quotes if he refuses to turn on his meter. We were kinda desperate for our spa booking was at 830pm and we wanted to be on time.

Yunomori Onsen came highly recommended by another Mama friend so we decided the first port-of-call should be a much-needed massage. We booked ourselves in for the Yunomori Signature Spa experience which was supposed to be 3 hours long but since we were nearly 1.5hours late for our massage, we had to opt for another treatment. Oh well, a 90 minute massage was still very much a treat and no one’s complaining. Except that we were both super hungry as we started our treatment at 9.30pm and by the time everything ended, it was nearly 11.30pm.

We managed to find a random Japanese eatery who accepted last orders up until 12am. Food wasn’t all that fantastic but the company was superb. Ordered a round of Calpis Makgeolli with some light bites before heading back to the hotel to sleep.


Perhaps it was no longer hip but it was one of the places that I had wanted to go. So we went in search for the much-raved about Karmakamet Diner. We were amongst the first customers for the day and so we took our time going through the menu before deciding to swap coffees for cocktails. Yup, you read right! Cocktails in the morning – well, simply because we can (while we are on holiday, of course).

img_9387It was actually funny because when our drinks came, the both of us decided to indulge in a flat-lay shot knowing that if we were there with the men, they would probably give us the dagger-look and tell us not to waste their time on random product shots. See, things that only your Mama-friend may possibly understand.

img_9544I did read a couple of online reviews on Karmakamet Diner and many remarked that the food fell short of expectations. Not that I’m a food critic but our breakfast items were all pretty decent. It was my first time trying out eggs en cocotte (eggs baked in cream) and I really enjoyed the whole mix. Our only complaint was that the eggs were done too well for this dish. As for the crab patty eggs benedict, I practically wolfed down my share within minutes for I thought the crab patty alongside the runny eggs and hollandaise sauce suited my taste-buds better than the normal ham.

img_9396Even though our bellies were somewhat full, I badgered Mama Libby to make space for this instagram-worthy ‘Strawberry in the Clouds’ dessert. Just think, a huge ball of rainbow cotton candy set atop a deconstructed strawberry cake of ice-cream and cookie chunks. It was hard to not to get our fingers dirty while eating the dessert and we both shuddered at the thought of dealing with our girls if they consumed the giant cotton candy ball.

After the hearty brunch, we braved the heat plus the train-ride to Mohit station where the Chatuchak weekend market was.

img_9431Spent a good 2 hours odd navigating the weekend market that’s filled with tourists and ended up with the pretend produce that looked oh-so-real for the girls. I guess you can never take the mom life out of mommies despite being on a holiday. We were fascinated with our realistic the fruits and vegetables looked that we merrily bagged them home. I think these all cost about SGD 15 – 20. Those wooden plates are also all the rage now and this was only SGD6.50! I bet it will come in handy for plating tiny gourmet meals served at home.

I guess, gone are the days where I would slowly window-shop and leisurely check out what each stall would offer. Plus, I realised that not everything is significantly cheaper at Chatuchak Market so do pick and choose what’s really worth buying. We decided to call it quits after 2 hours and decided to head to Siam Paragon in the hope of bagging some delicious brownies from Vanilla Industry to bring home.

img_9413 img_9419Since we managed to walk off a couple of calories earlier at JJ Market and was not feeling particularly hungry, we made a quick lunch of fries served with truffle dip and ebiko roe mayo plus the obligatory greens (to make ourselves feel a little better). Vanilla Industry has also a lovely brownie package that made for a good gift (different from the food gifts that you will get from Bangkok), so either try your luck at the cafe here or you may have to order at least 1 day in advance to get the brownies.

We had plans to take a cab back to the hotel to dump our shopping from JJ Market and to take a quick shower, but the queue for the cab was nearly impossible. Since our hotel was about 1 stop away from Siam, we took a train back, scrubbed up and went back to Siam Paragon again for our dinner and movie date!

img_9545A simple dinner at Crab & Claw – another recommendation that we found by Daniel Food Diary. Between the two of us, we polished off a lobster roll, crab dip and fried oysters and washed them down with craft beers.

img_9450I have not eaten many lobster rolls to tell if they are good or not but I do like the one served at Crab & Claw. The lobster meat was tender and succulent. The flavour was buttery but yet light and the rolls were perfectly toasted. The toppings of lemon grind were smart as it helped cleanse the palette given that almost everything else was laced in butter.

We had plans of checking out the night market scene previously but after our experience in JJ Market where we emerged more like wilted vegetables instead of victorious on shopping, we decided to can the idea. In place, we opted for a ‘platinum movie experience’ for 1,000 baht (approximately SGD 40) which included a snack + drink, a gold class ticket to watch Bridget Jone’s Baby and the best part of this? A complimentary 15-minute MASSAGE before the movie. The night certainly shaped up well. The hubs will probably not watch Bridget Jone’s Baby with us so the chick flick with another Mama was much of a better choice.🙂

img_9468DAY 3:
Slept in a little usual than our morning wake-up call but you know what, we’re on holiday so that’s fine! Our flight was in the evening so we managed to get a late check-out from the hotel.

The plan for our morning was to head to Central World for some shopping at Zen (department store) and to fill our bellies with actual Thai food this time round. We ate like the locals – having a bowl of pork noodles that I found on a street stall near Central World, shopped some more for the girls plus picked up some cute homeware for our respective homes before rushing back to the hotel to pack up.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-58-18-amWe had about two hours left in the city after checking out. Flight was at about 6pm in the evening and we had plans to take a taxi for the airport latest by 3.30pm or 4pm. So we were focussed with what we had to do to make the most out of our holiday and to check the remaining boxes which involved – more Thai food and another massage!

It’s been ages since I last visited Bangkok and it does look like the city has more to offer in terms of shopping, food and massages. I’m sure that there are loads more to do but for now, we are pretty pleased with what we have achieved over the weekend that we were there. That said, the whirlwind vacay with Mama Libby was a lovely one! Thank you for being a wonderful travel companion! I sure had fun!

Looking forward to the next Mama/ SophiesMombies holiday already! Where to next year??🙂

Travel to Osaka (with kids): Research on Universal Studios Japan

Our trip to Japan will also see us outside of Tokyo for nearly a week just to break the monotony of being in the same city and venturing outside our somewhat comfort zone, so the Man has included Kyoto and Osaka as part of the itinerary.

It’s been ages since we last visited Kyoto and Osaka (nearly 10 years ago) and my impression of both Kyoto and Osaka has been somewhat blurred for it paled in comparison to the vibrant and bustling Tokyo. But a lot has changed in the past decade and I’m sure they have slowly caught up. So I’m really quite excited to see what these two cities have to offer now with a new lens put on.  :)

But first, Universal Studios Japan!

I have to say, doing research on this site was so different from the Disney site which was much user-friendly in terms of browser experience. I could select the criteria for the rides/ attractions and a special list would be populated for me. On the USS Japan site, I had to scroll down the different ‘worlds’ and then go into the attractions one by one to check on the criteria. This increases research time I guess but I can’t complain since I do have time on hand (for now).

universal-re-born-parade_main_vUniversal Studios Japan marks its 15th anniversary and the theme is ‘Reborn’. 2016 will be a year of over-the-top excitement for the park. They’ve added this super cool ride – The Jurassic Park Dinosaur – to mark the occasion but I don’t think we will be taking this with a kid in tow. Next time perhaps, if my heart can still take such excitement.

There are a total of 8 main attractions with Harry Potter World being one of the most popular attractions among many. I hope we do manage to step foot into that world but looking at the map, it does look like we will be heading straight for the Universal Wonderland where I’m sure Bubba will go dizzy with excitement when she step foot here. Just think Sesame Street magnified and quite in-your-face.

main_vDid a quick scan of what we can probably do with her and here’s the list I managed to put together with portions highlighted in blue being possibly the only rides that she can take depending on her height now. I wonder how tall is she exactly, apparently she is now on a eating rampage so I hope that means she has also shot up. Fingers crossed!

Section Name of ride Attraction Type Duration Criteria
Sesame Street Fun World Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboard Roller Coaster/ Viking sort About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Moppy’s Balloon Ride Carousel up in the air About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Abby’s Magical Tree Playground
Cookie Monster Slide Playground
Elmo’s Bubble Bubble Boat Ride About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Moppy’s Lucky Dance Party Show
Abby’s Magical Party Play
Big Bird’s Big Top Circus Carousel About 3 minutes Accompanied by a supervising companion: no limitation
Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream Rotating Cups About 90 seconds Accompanied by a supervising companion: any height, 5 per cup
Snoopy Studios The Flying Snoopy Carousel up in the air About 1min 30 seconds Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller

wonderland-party-greeting_main_vOther things that’s probably ideal for Bubba that we will be participating in would be the Wonderland Party Greeting (taking photos with the characters), Sesame Street Funky Party (a show at New York) and waiting out for the Universal Reborn Parade.

harry-potter-and-the-forbidden-journey_main_vAnd I’m really hoping we do get the chance to head to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I doubt we will get to take any rides but it will be cool to just soak in the atmosphere and perhaps quench our thirst with the fame Butterbeer at Hog’s Head.

Guess we are almost ready now!! Can’t wait for the trip to happen!! Stay tuned for our reviews after the trip.🙂 And OH, if you do have tips to share about heading to these amusement parks with young kids, do share them with me.

[Information and pictures taken off the Universal Studios Japan site.]

Travel to Tokyo (with kids): Research on Tokyo DisneySea

We will be visiting Tokyo DisneySea this trip and I’m kinda excited because they have my favorite Disney Princess – Ariel! We gave DisneySea the last trip a miss as I heard that the park isn’t quite ideal for younger kids but decided that since we were in Tokyo we might as well just include it in. So here’s my attempt to pull out the things we should do to maximise our time there. instead of wandering around the park aimlessly.


Tokyo Disneysea celebrates it’s 15 years anniversary this year so during this commemorative year, the mood is definitely celebratory – think new shows, special events, limited edition souvenirs and merchandise!

My memory of Tokyo Disneysea is quite faint given that it’s been 10 years since I last visited that park. Darn, now I feel old.  So it’s quite fun to put together this list and jog my memory a little. I’m sure it will be a different experience with the little one but here’s what we are planning to do when the gates open.


List of attractions in Tokyo DisneySea

There are a total of 27 rides available in the park, out of which 22 are ideal for kids under 3. Highlighted in blue are the places we are planning on bringing Bubba to check out.

Section Name of ride Attraction Type Duration Seating Capacity
Mediterranean Harbor DisneySea Transit Steamer Line Transportation about 7 minutes 49 persons per steamer
Fortress Explorations Experiential Attractions, Go through darkness,
Venetian Gondolas Transportation about 11.5 minutes 16 persons per gondola
American Waterfront Turtle Talk Theater type, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 30 minutes 238 persons
DisneySea Electric Railway Transportation about 2.5 minutes 42 persons per train
DisneySea Transit Steamer Line Transportation about 13 minutes 42 persons per steamer
Toy Story Mania! 3D film effects, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness,  Cannot ride with child on lap about 5 minutes 8 persons per vehicle
Big City Vehicles Transportation about 10 minutes 8 – 9 persons per vehicle
Port Discovery Aquatopia Transportation, cannot ride with child on lap about 2.5 minutes 3 persons per vehicle
Arabian Coast Caravan Carousel The world of Disney, OK on rainy days, Rotates / Spins, about 2.5 minutes about 190 persons
Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage Go through darkness about 10 minutes 24 persons per boat
Jasmine’s Flying Carpet The world of Disney, Rotates / Spins, Cannot ride with child on lap about 1.5 minutes 4 persons per “carpet”
The Magic Lamp Theater Theater type, 3D film effects, The world of Disney, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 23 minutes (show duration is 9 minutes) 322 persons
Mermaid Lagoon Ariel’s Playground Experiential Attractions, The world of Disney, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Scary characters appear, Go through darkness
Jumping Jellyfish Speed / Thrills, OK on rainy days, Go through darkness,  Cannot ride with child on lap about 1 minute 2 persons per jellyfish
Scuttle’s Scooters Speed / Thrills, Rotates / Spins, Cannot ride with child on lap about 1.5 minutes 2 persons per “scooter”
Blowfish Balloon Race The world of Disney, OK on rainy days, Go through darkness, Rotates / Spins, about 1.5 minutes 4 persons per gondola
Mermaid Lagoon Theatre Theater type, The world of Disney, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 14 minutes 700 persons
The Whirlpool OK on rainy days, Go through darkness, Rotates / Spins, about 1.5 minutes 4 persons per “cup”


Popcorn buckets

There’s a special commemorative popcorn bucket to mark the 15th Anniversary of the theme park for 2000 yen. I’m not sure about the design but the Duffy one that I saw online was so adorable too! So that’s the reason why I feel kinda conflicted! Should I bring the ones we have at home or just buy a new one? HELP!! Below are the list of popcorn flavours that are available at DisneySea. If I really want the Duffy Popcorn bucket, then it does look like we gotta have the Milk Chocolate flavour. Will let you know how that goes if we do get to try.

Popcorn Flavours Location in DisneySea
Caramel In front of Lido Isle
In front of StormRider
Next to Ariel’s Greeting Grotto
Black Pepper In front of Dockside Stage
Next to Hangar Stage
White Chocolate In front of Liberty Landing Diner
Milk Chocolate In front of Cape Cod Cook-off
Salt In front of Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster
Curry In front of Arabian Coast
Cappuccino At the top of Via delle Viti


There are a total of 37 restaurants, cafes and kiosks found in the theme park but here’s what I’ve shortlisted for our trip. I used to love the meat buns found only at DisneySea so I’m hoping that they are still there and they taste just as good. Fingers crossed!

Location in DisneySea Restaurant Description Price
Mediterranean Harbor Ristorante di Canaletto Course meal / Set meal, From 2000 – 5000 yen
American Waterfront Cape Cod Cook-off Hamburger / Sandwich, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Sweets for takeout, Soup 1000 yen or less
Cape Cod Confections Disney character motif, Sweets for takeout 1000 yen or less
Port Discovery Seaside Snacks Snack for takeout, Pork Buns 1000 yen or less
Horizon Bay Restaurant — Disney Character Dining Meet the Disney Characters, Children’s menus available From 2000 – 5000 yen
Mysterious Island Vulcania Restaurant Hamburger / Sandwich, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Soup From 1000 – 2000 yen


Last but not least, shopping to add to the list!! Let me try to take the conservative approach here so listing the things I really want to get – a Shellie May bag for Bubba and maybe some merchandise from Mermaid Lagoon.🙂

I found out that Duffy and Shellie May are in different locations within Tokyo DisneySea so listing them down so you know where to head straight to.

  • Duffy: Cape Cod
  • Shellie May: American Waterfront Park

Guess that’s about it!! One more theme park to go and I guess we are all ready to take on the theme parks armed with all the knowledge we now have. Wish us luck and watch this space for updates!

Oh and if you do have any tips to share on maximising our stay at the theme parks, please do share them along here! I will be pleased to add that into our list.🙂

[Images and research taken from Tokyo Disney Website]

Travel to Tokyo: Things to do with kids (part one)

The Man and the Bub spent a good 6 days exploring Tokyo and from all the photo updates that he sends to me regularly, I can tell that they are having a fab time. Thank you technology and wifi!!

img_8803For one, the little one seems to be enjoying all the yummy food, fruits and produce from Japan. The Man shared that she had wolfed down 3 bowls of noodles on several occasions, thereafter demanding for a yogurt or fruit or sometimes even bread. I wonder where the raging appetite could come from. I guess it is a good sign that she’s eating and enjoying herself, what a far cry from when she was younger and we would have to tank her up with milk when she didn’t have a proper meal.

img_8801In this edition of Travel to Tokyo, we would like to share some of the fun places that the Man had brought the little one on the trip with the main mode of transportation being Japan’s efficient railway service . We are hoping to compile this handy guide as you never know when it just might come in handy again. So here goes:


Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea paradise

One of the largest sea aquariums in Japan, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise was one of the places to head to with the Bub and it’s easy to spend an entire day there for there really is quite a lot to do there from viewing of the aquariums of 6 different zones to getting up-close-and-personal with the marine life. That’s not all, there are also rides for the little ones to get on if you are afraid that they will get bored of just viewing the different marine life.

Tip: Do factor travel time of about 1 hour each way so that you can plan the number of hours you wish to spend at the marine park.

img_8892According to Daddy, Bubba enjoyed looking at all the different sea creatures and was most excited when she saw the penguins. She was fascinated with the graceful jellyfish swimming in the tank and told her Daddy that she wanted to bring one of them home, the Man just laughed at the remark.


img_8888For a small fee, you could also feed fish to the pelican. Apparently the Bub did just that, with just 2 throws, she managed to fling the fish close enough for the pelican to feed on their food. I wished I could witness that moment! Haha..

img_8843Admission fee for adults is 5,050 yen and kids under 4 go in for free.

img_8898Next, we review the little one’s adventures to:


The Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園 Onshi Ueno Dōbutsuen) is Japan’s oldest zoo, opening on March 20, 1882. The zoo is in Ueno Park, a large urban park that is home to museums, a small amusement park, and other attractions.

img_9007img_8912Just before entering the Zoo, the Bub spied the amusement park so badgered the Dad to bring her to play. According to the Man, the rides all look rather vintage and nothing really moved but I think for the Bub, just sitting in them made her happy.

img_8937Admission fee to the zoo is about 600 yen for adults and I believe kids under a certain age would go in for free. From the pictures that the Man had sent over, I don’t think the zoo is huge and can be compared to the Singapore Zoo but it still made for a very enjoyable outing as Bubba is now old enough to recognise the different animals compared from when she was smaller.

img_8915And how did the little one sum up her experience of the zoo?

img_8920In her own words, she told her father “The zoo is very fun!” There you have it, affirmation from the little one that it’s worth the trip down if you do have time to spare.

img_8933There are food kiosks scattered around Ueno Park so if you need a quick refuel, you can do so by buying the food and eating it on the park benches. Also, do take some time to explore the rest of the Ueno Park.  Kan’ei-ji’s original five-storied pagoda in Ueno dates back to the 16th century.

img_9072Robot Park Ropponggi

One of the parks that I hear Bubba keep exclaiming about when we do Facetime in the morning is this Robot Park that’s pretty close to the apartment that they are currently staying. Did a quick scan of the information on the park and according to some blog-posts, many didn’t think that the park is big. But they all commended that the park was designed with young kids in mind and had safety features that parents would appreciate.

img_8960 I guess all that really mattered is that the Bub loves her playground so much so that they attempt to visit the playground in the morning and then again in the evening before they head on home. One of the tips that the Man did share is that it’s probably better to either head to the playground early in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler. Those rollers on the slides might be a tad bit hot for your little one’s bum bum if he/she goes down too fast.🙂

img_8968Tokyo Fire Museum

Touted as one of the kid-friendly museums, the Man decided to bring the little one to check this museum out. I was initially wondering how fun can this place be for kids but according to the Man, the Bub did have a good time exploring the different parts of the museum which was indeed child-friendly.

img_9006She got to sit in a helicopter, in a fire engine and a rescue truck. There’s also a section for kids to play dress-up as firemen but the Bub skipped that altogether.

The museum is located in Shinjuku. I need to double-check with the Man on the admission fee as I can’t seem to find the information online. So will edit when this is updated.

img_9063Muji Kids Playground in Shibuya

This was one of the things that I recommended the Man to do while he was putting together his daily plan. He was resistant because he wasn’t keen on indoor playgrounds for the Bub. He preferred letting her go to the zoo, aquarium or the playground. But it was a wet day with forecast of rain, so he decided to bring her there to check it out.

He wasn’t entirely impressed with the area as getting to this playground meant that he had to go  to Shibuya which he felt was simply too crowded for little kids. But once he reached the Muji Playground and ‘unleashed’ the toddler in the play area, it did feel like she had a good time exploring the different toys that were all made largely of wood. True to Muji’s philosophy, simplicity at its best.

There you have a list compiled from the Daddy’s perspective with whatever inputs that he has provided me. I think the Man has more places to head to and a couple more new tricks up his sleeve to entertain his little girl for the next week or so before I eventually head up. So looking forward to seeing where the duo will head to.🙂

Travel to Tokyo (with kids): Research on Tokyo Disneyland

I have a confession!

I’m an amusement park junkie and when it comes to going to theme parks, I simply would just take the guide upon entering the park and then mentally marked out which are the rides and attractions I want to visit (usually roller-coaster and simulation rides) and dive straight into. Back then there was no kid yet, so I could flit from attraction to attraction with ease. No problems on skipping meals and eating on-the-go just to queue for rides or get the adrenaline rush from those sky-dropping rides.

I didn’t quite think this day would come. Me actually doing research on how to maximise our time at theme parks. But with a 2+ year old toddler in tow, I guess this step is necessary in order to fully immerse and to allow the little one enjoy the experience without stressing the parents.

I guess we learned it the hard way earlier this year when we headed to Disneyland with the Little Bow Family. Starry-eyed, we thought we could conquer it all, as in take all those rides! The girls will have a smashing good time and we could stay the entire day taking ride after ride. We were proven wrong as we headed to Disneyland on a public holiday so virtually the entire world was there! We didn’t check out the rides nor the restaurants there so we ended up feeling a little lost in the park. It was still fun nonetheless and I don’t think the girls even knew the difference but lesson learned!

I guess I was inspired after Mama Janice shared her Japan itinerary with us and I was floored by the amount of prep-work that goes into it. So since I do have some time before we head up there. Turns out we are going to be there on another Public Holiday, so massive crowds will be expected! I hope this list will come in handy in narrowing down the rides that Bubba can take and the things that we can do given the limited time that we are there.


list of attractions suitable for kids under 3
in tokyo disneyland

There are a total of 28 rides out of the 40 rides that children under 3 can take accompanied by either their parents or grandparents.  So I decided to list them down here so that it’s easy to narrow down the section that you want to visit when those gates at Tokyo Disneyland open! Marked in blue are the attractions that we are hoping to take so I hope to be able to review them in a blog-post some time in October.

Section Name of ride Attraction Type Duration Seating Capacity
Adventureland Western River Railroad Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 15 mins 140 persons per train
Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions Transportation, Go through darkness about 10 minutes 32 persons per train
The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents “Aloha E Komo Mai!” Theater type, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 10 minutes 318 persons
Westernland Country Bear Theater Theater type, OK on rainy days, about 15 – 17 minutes 306 persons
Mark Twain Riverboat Transportation, ideal to go in evening about 12 minutes 475 persons
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts Transportation about 1.5 – 3 minutes 55 persons per raft
Fantasyland Alice’s Tea Party Rotates/ Spins about 1.5 minutes 4 persons per cup
It’s a Small World Boat ride about 10 minutes 20 persons per boat
Castle Carousel Rotates/ Spins, must be able to sit without assistance about 2 minutes 72 persons
Dumbo The Flying Elephant Rotates/ Spins, must be able to sit without assistance about 1.5 minutes 2 persons per vehicle
Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Transportation, Go through darkness, about 2 minutes 4 persons per vehicle
Peter Pan’s Flight Transportation, Go through darkness, cannot ride with child on lap about 2.5 minutes 2 persons per galleon
Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (FP Attraction) Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, Cannot ride with child on lap about 4.5 minutes 5 persons per hunny pot
Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater type, 3D film effects, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 15 min. (Show Duration: about 11 min.) 454 persons


Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House

Experiential Attractions, OK on rainy days, about 1.5 min 8 persons per applicator
Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse Experiential Attraction
Toon Park Experiential Attraction
Donald’s Boat Experiential Attraction
Minnie’s House Experiential Attraction
Tommorowland Stitch Encounter Theater type, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 12 mins 160 persons
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (FP Attraction) Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 4 mins 3 persons per vehicle
Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!  Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, Cannot ride with child on lap about 4 mins 3 persons per car


parades and shows

Not to be missed this time would be the famed Daytime Parade “Happiness is Here”. Again, there’s something magical about parades and being upfront with all the characters. Oh which reminds me, I need to pack a ground sheet for the trip!! If memory does not fail me, the parade is about 3pm but do check their daily schedule. Crowds start lining the parade route as early as 1pm odd so if you want a good view, that’s probably what you need to do as well.

We missed the evening parade the last time which starts at 7pm as it was way too cold and the girls were already tired. This time round, I hope Bubba will have enough energy to last.

Flavours and Location

I’m planning to bring these popcorn buckets that we got from our last trip along for this trip and fill them instead. Purchase of a new bucket is about 1,600 yen and refills (if you bring your own bucket) is almost less than half the price. I can’t recall so I will update after our trip!

Popcorn Flavours Location in Disneyland Personal Rating
Caramel In front of Sweetheart Café
Next to The Gazebo
In front of the Polynesian Terrace Restaurant
Toon Pop
Pop-A-Lot Popcorn
Soy Sauce & Butter In front of Café Orleans 2/5
Acquired taste, can give it a miss for other flavours
In front of the dock for Mark Twain Restaurant
Next to Treausre Cornet
Curry Next to Trading Post
Salt Next to Chuck Wagon
Milk Chocolate Next to Castle Carousel
Honey In front of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt 5/5
Bubba loves this! Us too!


There are a total of 46 restaurants located inside the park. Our last trip saw Bubba snacking on ice-cream, chips, popcorn and all things junk plus her staple of milk. I tried to feed her some child-friendly curry rice but that was rejected over a bag of corn chips. At the end of the day, I felt so bad for feeding her with all this junk food here’s a list of short-listed restaurants / cafes that we are planning to head to to fuel up.

Location in Disneyland Restaurant Description Price
World Bazaar Great American Waffle Company Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Sweets for takeout 1000 yen or less
Center Street Coffeehouse Breakfast menu, Meat Patty, Disney character motif From 1000 – 2000 yen
Westernland The Diamond Horseshoe Course meal / Set meal, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped From 2000 – 5000 yen
Plaza Pavilion Restaurant Children’s menu available From 1000 – 2000 yen
Critter County Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon Mickey-shaped, Snack for takeout, Sweets for takeout, Hot Dog, Churro / Tipo Torta, Ice Cream 1000 yen or less
Fantasy Land Queen of Hearts Banquet Hal Children’s menu available From 1000 – 2000 yen
Tomorrow Land Tomorrowland Terrace Hamburger / Sandwich, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Soup 1000 yen or less


Disneyland in Tokyo is a shopper’s paradise. There are a total of 46 different stores scattered throughout the park catering to virtually your every need. Our last trip saw us stocking up on Mickey shaped chips, pasta chips and Winnie the Pooh shaped cookies and Mickey Mouse stuffed toy for the Bub. Mama Libby bagged some really cool stuff from the stores there so this trip, here are the specialty shops that I will definitely be keeping a lookout for!

It’s like only 3 shops so hopefully the Man won’t grumble. Hehe..

Location in Disneyland Store Description
World Bazaar The Home Store Interior products, Snacks, Umbrellas, Rain ponchos, Digital media, Battery charger for mobile phones, Batteries, Disposable diapers, Stockings, Pocket tissues, Ice packs
Fantasy Land Pooh Corner Interior products, Snacks, Stationery, Items for babies / small children, Umbrellas, Ice packs
Baby Mine Items for babies / small children, Umbrellas, Rain ponchos, Rain cover for strollers, Disposable diapers, Stockings, Pocket tissues, Ice packs

Okay, 1 down and 2 more theme parks (Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studios Osaka) left to research. I’m getting all pumped up about our Disney trip. Bubba’s got her costume this time round so I’m hoping she will be cooperative enough to put it on. Wish us luck!

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Note: Information taken from Tokyo Disney site.

Bubba takes on Japan

The Bub is going on a long break to one of our fave cities in the world – Japan. This trip will see her away from me for a good 2 weeks with time spent bonding with the Man and her grandma for the first 10 days and then the Daddy will take over for 5 full days before I head up to join them.

The Man probably drew his inspiration for this trip when he chanced upon an article on Facebook about a Dad taking his 2 year old girl on a solo holiday to spend quality time with his child. When he told me he wanted to do this, I was like “Are you sure you want to do this? But why?”  .

Was I worried? I will be lying if I said no because as a mother and even before I became a mother, I was already a worrier. But I knew that this was something that he had wanted to do and who knows what kind of valuable lessons they both may learn along the way. The Man is not the most patient of people, so it would be interesting to see how he would tame the raging toddler if she throws a tantrum.img_8715So yes, the bags are all packed and the trio left for Japan. I guess this is also a good break for this Mama. I can finally get proper rest (without being jabbed at), catch up with my friends proper, indulge in my massages and beauty treatments without watching the clock. I may even have time to pack my room and catch up on drama serials instead of watching cartoons. OH and guess what, I managed to even squeeze in a girl-trip to Bangkok with Mama Libby! I’m excited for it means stuffing our faces silly and shopping with two hands!

So stick around here won’t ya for I will still be getting updates on how Bubba is doing in Japan.🙂

img_8728First up, the flight into Tokyo. The Man chose the red eye flight which departed from Singapore at around 12am. We kept the Bub way up beyond her bedtime so that she would be able to sleep through after the plane took off. The plan worked for according to the Man, she did sleep through most of the flight.

img_8733After arrival into Narita, the Man took the Airport Limousine Bus into the city. I guess it helps that we used to live there and frequent the city often so we know how to get around with ease. The bus ride into the city from Narita is about 3 hours. With luggage and a young child, I do think that this is one of the cost-efficient and easiest ways to get into the city. The bus-ride is generally very smooth too and the Bub subsequently took another nap thereafter.

img_8748Given a choice, the Bub would always choose noodles over rice so for lunch, the Man brought her to a local soba joint where she polished off 3 bowls of noodles. The Man was telling me that she finished off half of his portion as well. All I had to say was “Welcome to my world! Eating leftovers since Bubba discovered the wonderful world of food!”

img_8753As the projected length of stay in Tokyo will be about 3 weeks, the Man decided to book an Air BnB this time round. It was in a familiar hood that we used to live in so in terms of getting around by public transport, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I guess it worked out fine for they even managed to find themselves a little playground for the Bub to play before checking into the apartment.

These photo updates are obviously very precious and important to me for it’s a form of assurance that she is doing fine. Plus it would serve as a nice memory to commemorate their first Daddy and Bubba holiday. Stay tuned.. will share more about how to take on Tokyo (Toddler Edition) once we get more updates (or follow us on Instagram : Sophie_LittleWorld) from the Dad.