Goodbye Konk! Hello Eco-PY!

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After 5 years, my trusty generation 1 of KONK® has finally called it a day! I realised one day when I tried changing the battery of the device and it didn’t work. When I brought it to Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop to see if there is anything that can be done from a technical point of view, she shared that it was probably time for it to retire the product. Well, 5 years is indeed long and given that it was dispensing KONK in the air and helping to kill the mozzies, it has served us well.

Thankfully, there is now a new product that Our Lifestyle Shop has launched to replace my trusty mozzie/ insect killer device! Remember the Ecomist Odour Neutraliser (now shortened to Eco-On) that we reviewed previously? The Eco-PY help to keep insects at bay using the same Ecomist Automated Dispenser.

I had purchased the Ecomist Bundle Deal previously and proceeded to install a can of the Eco-PY into the Automated Dispenser for our living room. When we are at home, the Bub actually spends quite a fair amount of her time downstairs. It’s also the place where we get subjected to mozzie bites. I often have to put an insect repellent spray on the Bub’s arms and legs plus stick an insect repellent patch on her clothes. Even then, she’s not spared. So having the Eco-PY insect killer actually does help to put my mind to ease that she’s protected. One thing I do like about the Eco-Py insect killer is that it’s odourless. So it complimented the Odour Neutraliser that we also place in the living room.

So what is the Eco-PY capable of doing and how does it quite compare to its predecessor?

Automated Eco-PY Insect Killer Kit:
Eco-PY Insect Killer main ingredient is Pyrethrin, a natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower and it is safe to use around humans. It acts as a natural deterrent and when used, creates a protective barrier against these insects. Effective against flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies, fruit flies, ants and whatś more, it repels cockroaches! This is similar to the KONK Flying Insect Killer where the main ingredient also included Pyrethin.

Here’s a quick recap on how pyrethrins works?
Pyrethrins act on the nervous systems of insects; initially hyper-stimulating the nerves, then later blocking nerve synapses leading to death. Insects affected by pyrethrins, tend to fly in a crazed (yea, you read right, it’s not a typo) manner towards light; it’s called the phototropic effect.

And of course, if you have little ones and/or pets at home, you will also wonder if the Eco-PY really indeed safe for humans. The answer is Yes as the amounts of active ingredients that are dispensed into the air from the dispenser and circulated via proper ventilation are  so miniscule that they will not have any adverse effects on mammals (humans and warm blooded pets). In fact, the amount of product dispensed by an Eco-Py dispenser over the course of one day is less than a 5 second burst from a supermarket brand space spray.

Pyrethrins are the insecticide in the formulation. They have very low mammalian toxicity and break down very quickly once exposed to light so are considered very safe for humans and warm blooded pets. We say warm blooded because pyrethrins are very toxic to fish and other aquatic creatures. So please do not place the Eco-PY near your fish-tank if you do own one at home.


Here is a special promotion that Our Lifestyle Shop will be for the month of Nov.

ECO-PY BUNDLE OF S$168: Get the Ecomist automated dispenser + 2 Eco-PY refills (First 10 orders to receive a complimentary box of brownies)

FYI, this is a pretty good deal for the usual price for the Ecomist bundle would be $208 where you will get 1 Ecomist Automated Dispenser + 3 Eco-PY refills. That’s not all, stand to enjoy a complimentary order of brownies for orders between 20th to 22 November. Brownies will be delivered on 23 November so you have 3 days to enjoy this offer!

For more updates, do follow Our Lifestyle Shop on Instagram and Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page  to find out more about their products and special offers.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received two cans of Eco-PY from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review as the Our Lifestyle Shop Ambassador programme.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Things the Bub say

Just the other evening, I was showering the Bub and she was playing quietly in the corner with her bath toys. She was stacking her shells into one of the bath containers and picked out one rather large seashell.

Me: That’s a pretty seashell, Sophie. Where did you get it?
S: You remember? I picked it up at the beach.
Me: Oh, with who? (pretending)
S: With Daddy.
Me: Was Mama there?
S: No. Just Daddy.
Me: Yah, cos Mama went to work right? (I think I was in Seoul on a girls trip during that time and the Man brought the Bub out on a boat trip.)
S: Yah, I guess you must like work a lot.

I burst out laughing when she made the comment. I am hardly the workaholic but the days that I am not there for the little one, it’s usually because of work. I guess that’s where she made the link/ connection.

Todzilla strikes

When your toddler is about 2 years old and can’t make out full sentences yet, the tantrums are usually in the form of abrupting lying on the floor and screaming. Now that the Bub is 3.5 years and can form full sentences, throwing tantrums have gone up a notch.

Just the other morning, she wanted to have bread with jam and topped off with sprinkles. Since she hasn’t been well, I agreed to the treat of sprinkles. It’s been awhile since she wanted to even eat bread and she did enjoy them with sprinkles. After preparing her breakfast, she took a bite of her bread and then said she didn’t want to eat the rest. I was peeved of course. I told her that in other parts of the world, some children don’t get food on the table. A concept that she has yet to grasp.

So eventually I told her, “You have to eat your bread before you get to read your book!” To that she then replied “FINE!”, picked up a piece of her bread and stuffed inside her mouth.

It has happened! The phase of my toddler answering back has dawned upon us! Help me!

Bub’s down….

It’s been a stressful couple of days here at home. The Bub was out sick the whole of last week with a fever of 39 to 40 degrees that simply won’t go despite the regular medication of Progesic and Brufen. On day 4 of her fever, I noticed that her temperature was hovering around 39 – 40 degrees and she was feeling really hot while shivering. She looked pale and she vomitted all her food for the day. Something didn’t feel quite right and because the Man was scheduled to travel again, I suggested that we head to the hospital to have it checked out.

Guess the decision we made was right. When we arrived at the hospital and the nurse checked her temperature again, it was 40.7 degrees. The doctor on duty was of course concerned about the condition and suggested admitting her while they do more tests on her to determine what could be the actual course but high on the list was (i) Bacteria Infection (ii) Kawasaki.

It was quite a nerve-wrecking experience for the nurses/ doctor on duty had to wake Bub in the middle of the night to first draw 2 vials of blood. The Bub had just fallen asleep after a long day; I was reluctant to wake her up from her slumber but I also knew the deed had to be done and I might as well get it over and done with. The little one in her state of confusion cried in pain but after they managed to draw the 2 vials of blood, went back to sleep in my arms. A couple of hours later, I was once again woken by the doctor who confirmed that there was a bacteria infection from the initial blood test results and she wanted to start the little one on an antibiotics IV drip. There wasn’t much of a choice given that the IV treatment would tackle the bacteria faster than the oral treatment so I had to wake the Bub up and prep her for the procedure. This time round, I wasn’t allowed in the treatment room. I had to wait by the door as the nurses and the doctor pricked her and inserted the needle into her little hand. It was heart-wrenching but I had to trust that she’s in good hands and prayed that she will be strong enough to withstand the pain.

And she was! She was super brave indeed and she listened to the nurses/ doctors. It was as if she didn’t really cared about her other hand that was all bandaged up and thankfully, her body responded well to the antibiotics treatment.

The hospital also did an X-Ray on the Bub and results showed that the Bub had pneumonia. Don’t ask me how she got it but we figured the Bub probably got this as she just recovered from another episode of fever just the week before and her immune system was already weakened.

Pneumonia is a general term for lung infections that can be caused by a variety of germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites). Often, pneumonia begins after an upper respiratory tract infection (an infection of the nose and throat), with symptoms starting after 2 or 3 days of a cold or sore throat. It then moves to the lungs. Fluid, white blood cells, and debris start to gather in the air spaces of the lungs and block the smooth passage of air, making it harder for the lungs to work well.

Symptoms vary depending on a child’s age and what caused the pneumonia, but can include:

  • fever
  • shaking chills
  • cough
  • stuffy nose
  • very fast breathing (in some cases, this is the only symptom)
  • breathing with grunting or wheezing sounds
  • working hard to breathe; this can include flaring of the nostrils, belly breathing, or movement of the muscles between the ribs
  • vomiting
  • chest pain
  • abdominal pain, which often happens because a child is coughing and working hard to breathe
  • less activity
  • loss of appetite (in older kids) or poor feeding (in infants), which may lead to dehydration
  • in extreme cases, bluish or gray color of the lips and fingernails

As you can see from the X-ray results, the the pneumonia appears to be in the lower part of the lungs near the abdomen, so the child might have a fever and abdominal pain or vomiting but no breathing problems. This was what the Bub had on Day 4 of her extreme high fever which made us decide to bring her to the hospital to seek treatment. Sigh.. if we only knew…

The hospital staycation lasted all of 3 nights and I’m just glad that we are back home. Not too sure how the Bub feels for she thinks it’s a holiday retreat and it’s no wonder why, she gets waited hand and foot the entire day in the hospital plus let’s not mention the little gifts that came along her way during her stay there. It might be a tad bit challenging to put her back on regular programming now…


Food and wine for the soul

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

We probably live by this mantra at home and our bellies were filled with a full heart when the Man hosted our pals at home with a Spanish feast of cured ham that he hauled back from his Spainish holiday.

That’s not all, the Man even cooked a hearty slab of beef on our Bruno using the grill plate attachment and it was so good. As you can imagine, it went straight into our bellies. No time for food shot!

Mid-week and we are dreaming up another home-cooked meal using our Bruno this weekend. What shall it be? Korean BBQ or Steamboat? Hmm…


Seoul with my sistas

This was a long overdue trip that I had planned with my girlfriends since June. Long overdue in a way as the four of us have not gone on a holiday since like 2005! These ladies were a huge part of my life in my 20s and perhaps over the years, we may have lost touch with one another but it’s good to know that we can pick right off where we left off. Sure, things may have changed but the familiarity of hanging out with one another fell almost right at home when we all met up in Seoul.

To be honest, Seoul was not on my top list of countries that I would pick to go but my 2 other girlfriends were quite bent on heading back there. They had gone to Seoul last year and planned on making in their annual girlie trip incorporating a whole slew of hair and beauty treatments. Well, not to be the wet blanket, I decided alright I will give Seoul another go. I didn’t quite enjoy it when we were there in 2010 for I was SEOUL wasted (days of my “youth”) maybe this time round it would be different.

For this trip, we planned on getting our hair and a semi-permanent make-up done. Upon a recommendation by a Korean Mama-pal, we eventually decided on heading to Juno. I decided since I was going to be turning 40, I needed a new change in my hair-do. Very adventurous! I’ve heard alot about the Korean perm so decided that there isn’t a better time to do this than during the trip. The colour and C-curl perm cost me about 380,000 won which is a little hefty but I really did like the look. Maintenance wasn’t all too bad either for some days when I crawl out of bed and am lazy to have the perfect curl look, I just let the curls hang wild and loose.

Another thing that my girlfriends were bent on doing was eyebrow embroidery. Sure, you could get it done in Singapore but my girlfriends swore that the one done by the Aesthetic Director of the Lee Na Young Beauty Academy was the best. So we took her word for it and did our brows. I also tried the semi-permanent lip tattoo as I was tired of touching up my lips with lipstick during the day. I have to add the lip procedure was rather painful and to be honest, when I told my friends I did this, they couldn’t really tell because that’s how natural the lips would look with a light pink effect. Would I do it again? Prob not worth the pain. Will have to see if it will really last for 3 years!

For my surprise birthday dinner with the girls, the Man booked us a sumptuous dinner at Gaon. He had been to the restaurant I think a month back when he was in Seoul and thought that I would enjoy this with my girlfriends. Being a serious foodie, he was definitely right.

From the start of the meal to the finish, we were bowled over by the presentation of the meal and how traditional Korean dishes can be elevated using fine dining techniques.

I was very impressed with this fresh Kimchi salad which was essentially using fresh cabbage and vegetables tossed in spicy sauce. Each bite was refreshing and if you are not particularly a Kimchi fan, this dish might change your impression of Kimchi altogether.

The extremely mouth-watering beef that simply melted in our mouths. Check out the marbling aka fats on each slice. Super sinful but super good. No one spoke as we gingerly placed the salt crystals on each slice of beef and carefully placed it in our mouth.

The restaurant also specially arranged a traditional Korean birthday cake for me but the company was superb, not to mention, they had these kicka$$ soju which packed a high alcoholic content!

Last but not the least, a girls trip is not complete if we didn’t shop. Seoul is quite a shopper’s haven for it’s beauty products, fashion and food. I think I fared pretty well and did not burst my baggage quota. My Seoul haul included my fave BB compact cushion from Hera, some clothing from Dongdaemun Wholesale Centre as well as SPAM. Have you tried SPAM (luncheon meat from Korea)? It’s actually very good and not too salty either! I think the next time the Man heads there, I’m going to ask him stock more of these up!

And this pretty much sums up our 4D/3N trip to Seoul with the ladies. Our next holiday with us four will probably be in the next decade! 🙂

A new tag – PTWM


I left behind a job that I have been familiar with doing for the past 9 years and decided to do something else within the team.  Was it an easy decision to make? There are obviously push and pull factors but I’m really thankful that it all worked out with the company. I now get to go on this flexi working arrangement working only 3 days in a week and taking the other 2 days to spend time with the Bub and myself. Of course there are sacrifices I have to make such as a salary cut and perhaps not even being to advance further in my career. But at the end of the day when I look back, what do I want to remember from this all?

I came across a quote:

Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise

How very true! I’m not going to pull the Bub out of school for I think being in school offers her a structure and being able to learn at play. But I think having the extra days off allows me to pick her up slightly earlier and just do the little things with her. I’m really looking forward to ice-cream trips, supermarket runs or even picking the Dad up from work. Of course, the reason why I decided to switch to a part-time working arrangement is because the Man is travelling rather extensively these days so my time away from work will allow me to take on chauffeuring duties for her enrichment classes during the week.

Watch this space, I am also hoping that I will get back into the groove of writing more. So hopefully these additional days off work will allow me to do so. In the meantime, my room is in this huge mess so first order of the day is to pack up all the stuff and arrange them neatly before my OCD monster of a husband screams at me!