Happy Teacher’s Day

IMG_8593It’s Bubba’s first time celebrating Teacher’s Day for her teachers at Infant Care. I wanted to do something special for the teachers for it’s not easy caring for little ones under the age of 18 months for nearly 8 hours every day.

Bubba gets really good care in her school and I’m thankful that the 4 teachers in her little class of 7 infants/ toddlers really dote on her. Sure, she may have fallen sick more often than we would like for her to be but I guess it’s all part and parcel of growing up.

Beyond that, it’s so nice to see her develop a sense of curiosity and hone her social skills in such a nurturing environment. We also look forward to receiving those photo updates from the teachers where we get to witness Bubba in action playing with the rest of her little mates.

To all teachers.. wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for nurturing little ones and young minds everywhere. Enjoy the well-deserved break tomorrow! :)

ThreadsNotFound : a cool personal shopping service

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Let me preface to say that I stumbled upon ThreadsNotFound after following a photo by the fabulous Yann and one of the founders behind Bubiscles, you can read her review here. I was intrigued and fascinated by this personal shopping service.

Before baby, I was all about shopping for myself and then the baby came along and guess what? I ate all my words up about not shopping for her. Clothes for tiny people are far more exciting and styling my pint-sized baby-doll was a whole lot more fun. I neglected my wardrobe for a bit and because I was in-between sizes, I was a little bored of what I had in my wardrobe.

Oh and let’s add chasing after little energizer bunny limited my choices for dressing up as well. Those pretty clothes that I once had didn’t allow me to move fast enough to keep up with little speedy gonzales.

I was quite thrilled to find out more aboutThreadsNotFound. I hopped on to their website and filled out my Style Report with the intention of updating my wardrobe for the office. There were 2 methods for collection of your style bag; one, either via courier for a small fee, or two, opt for self-collection at any 8 of their stores under the Renaza Group. I opted for the latter for there was an outlet just below my office that I could simply pop in to collect the bag. How convenient!

IMG_6927I indicated the budget that I would normally pay for shopping and when it came to the collection of my first bag, I was excited. I mean going home with a mystery bag of clothes specially curated by style advisors based on the information I had given them was actually quite interesting. We’ve all heard of personal shoppers but those that probably access you from head-to-toe and spend some time with you to find out what you like or don’t. As a new mom to an active toddler, I don’t really have time for that which is why I found the concept behind ThreadsNotFound quite cool.


My first ThreadsNotFound bag didn’t quite work for me. The choices that they had picked out for me for office wasn’t something that I would pick out.I had high hopes wanting to leave something in my wardrobe but in the end, I returned the entire bag to them.  If you do like the curated items in the bag, you simply keep them and pay for them upon the return of the bag.

I wanted to give ThreadsNotFound another go, partly because I wasn’t convinced that the Style Advisors couldn’t find anything that I would like. More than often, I’m game to try out new pieces of clothing.

So this time round, on my second try, I tried to be as detailed as possible when it came to filling out the Style Report. I indicated what were some of my favourite brands, who are my style icons and how much I was willing to pay per item. This time round, I wanted the team to curate a bag filled with items I could wear for the weekend. An email confirmation from Jane came shortly advising me to give their team up to 4 weeks to curate the bag. Fine by me, I was happy waiting.

IMG_6931My second ThreadsNotFound bag was far better than my first one. There were a total of 8 items that the team had found for me with prices ranging from $49 and above. A style sheet accompanied the package with options of how I should pair the items.

IMG_6935I was given up to 3 days to try the items, decide which items I wanted to keep and return the rest back. I took great care in trying them out and folding them back neatly for who wants a damaged item right? It wouldn’t be fair to the team from ThreadsNotFound.

IMG_6937I tried out these items at night after putting Bubba to bed, so wasn’t in a mood to model in them. Instead, I did a flat-lay of the items that were recommended by the style advisors.

IMG_7216Before I collected my second ThreadsNotFound. bag, Jane did share that she loved the gold Boutique by Jaeger top that she has picked out for me and truth be told, I did! I loved the boxy-cut of the blouse that screamed freedom of movement while chasing the young one and best part? It actually does look quite classy. Paired the top with a pair of white shorts for a casual day out with Bubba and I can see this top being paired with black pants for work. Needless to say, this top was for keeps!

IMG_6940This was another outfit that was curated by the team. The Marc by Marc Jacobs tribal top was a steal for $89. I don’t know where the team had gotten it and perhaps it was a past season item, but who cares about it being past season, it looked great and kinda suited my style. So, I decided to keep this as well. The recommended tuxedo shorts that the team had suggested was a tad bit too short for me, so I decided to return it back. Along with the bottom few outfits.

IMG_6941My second ThreadsNotFound bag was far more exciting to me. Well, probably because my weekend-wear was in a desperate need of updating. Having people to shop for me was a far better deal for I would have just fallen back to the brands that I usually go to instead of uncovering new ones like Al & Alicia and Boutique by Jaeger.
IMG_6942There were some misses like a pink/white casual dress that looked like I belonged to the tennis court. This other black tulip dress by designer Ying had me deliberating whether I should keep or have it returned for I wasn’t quite sure whether I would wear it more for work or play. In the end, I decided to have it returned.

IMG_6943 Overall, this had been a fun shopping experience for me. Best part? I don’t have to do the physical running around. It’s all done by the professionals and I simply get to pick and choose what I liked and wanted to keep. :) If you are a shopaholic like me or starved for time to shop, I recommend you give ThreadsNotFound a go. Who knows? You may turned out to be pleasantly surprised as well.

If you do not wish to bring back the clothes to try and prefer to try the selected outfits on-the-spot instead, you can choose to head down to the ThreadsNotFound headquarters at Telok Ayer. More details can be found on the ThreadsNotFound site.

A special for readers of Lady J’s Musings:

The parent company behind ThreadsNotFound – Renaza – will be celebrating its 9th anniversary for the month of September. Lucky ThreadsNotFound customers will also be part of the celebrations which they are extending to my readers!

For each ThreadsNotFound order tagged to the coupon code THANKSJOANNE in the month of September, a Renaza goodie will be included in your order. <Offer valid for September 2015 only.> 

What are you waiting for? Head on down to ThreadsNotFound and start bagging your first order today!

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a complimentary top from ThreadsNotFound for this review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this service. Any queries on the service  should be verified with the provider or party in question.

Steamed fish for toddlers

Strangely, my picky little eater doesn’t take to fish very well at home. She’s probably sick of having fish at home since she eats it all the time in school. They feed her fish porridge with broccoli apparently.

My mom shared this relatively simple steamed fish recipe with me; one that she has been making for the longest time for my nephews when they were smaller. I wasn’t too hopeful with the result, having witnessed Bubba’s meltdowns when we feed her fish. So I was pleasantly surprised when she opened her mouth to try this and subsequently finished up the entire piece of fish.

Perhaps it’s something new or perhaps she liked the fish because it was steamed with the egg white. Who knows? If you think women are fickle, trying raising a toddler who’s teething?!

In any case, here’s the simple recipe if you are keen to try it out on your little one.

IMG_6914Steamed Threadfin Fish with Egg White (good for 1 year and above)

  • Place a cut of cleaned threadfin fish into a shallow dish.
  • Add egg white with a little cooled boiled water into the dish.
  • Add a slice of ginger, 3-4 pieces of wolfberries on top of the fish.
  • Steam for about 15 minutes or till fish is cooked.
  • Remove dish and place some parsley on top of fish for decor/ taste.
  • Serve warm with rice.

It’s that simple! Lemme know if your little one enjoys it!

A hearty vegetable stock

I have a love affair with soups. I guess the upbringing plays a huge part in it. You see, my mom is Cantonese and in our household, there would often be 3 dishes and 1 soup, pretty much like any typical Chinese household in Singapore. I grew up having soups accompanied with my meals.

Now that I have to make Bubba’s meals for dinner, I do crack my head and wonder how to make the meals somewhat tasty and healthy for her. She’s moved on from porridge and prefers rice as her main staple. Soup stock to the rescue and I try to whip up different types so that she would get a good variety of nutrients and vitamins from the vegetables/ meat.

I join a couple of groups on Facebook and the Healthy Food for my Baby group is actually a treasure trove of ideas from Mamas. One particular post stood out and gave me the inspiration to make this for Bubba.

Presenting a simple yet sweet Pork Ribs and Vegetables Soup Stock!
IMG_7696Ingredients include:1 large leek, 2 ears of corn, 1 large tomato, 1/2 white onion, 2 carrots, 4 – 6 water chestnuts and 5 – 8 pieces of pork ribs.

IMG_7698I simply brought about 6- 8 cups of water to boil and placed all the ingredients inside the pot. Thereafter, I turned the temperature down and let the slow-cooker work its magic for 6 hours. Soup stock is ready thereafter!

The stock was surprisingly sweet and tasty. Bubba who’s still on her teething woes actually finished up her rice along with the carrots and ribs in the soup. As for the rest of the stock, we are keeping it for the rest of the week to whip up her rice as well as her soup for dinner.

yoomi : Warm milk on-the-go

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Bubba had been exclusively breastfed for the first 8.5 months of her life. Thereafter when she went to infant care, we supplemented some of her feeds with formula milk. I had intended to breastfeed her till she’s about 1 and I guess the time was just about right as my milk supply had dropped. It was with bittersweet feelings that I finally packed my breast-pump away.

Now that she’s fully on formula. I realised that there are so much more things we have to remember to bring out when we intend to go out with her for longer hours. Sometimes I forget to bring her milk powder thinking that we will only be out for that few hours. Of course, I get the evil-eye treatment from the Man who thinks that I’m starving her. I guess I was honestly too used to being the ‘cow-on-the-go’! So now, we make it a point to remember to bring at least her milk bottle and 1 milk feed when we head out, regardless of how short or how long it is going to be.

IMG_4923Timing was just about right as we were recently gifted with a set of yoomi Feeding System to test and review.

IMG_4975I was quite intrigued with yoomi because it made feeding Bubba so much easier. If I thought nursing was tough, I think feeding her formula comes with its own set of challenges.

For instance, when Bubba wakes up in the middle of the night crying in hunger, we  or rather the Man stumble in the dark trying to pour her milk powder into the bottle and ensuring that her water is suitably warm enough to dissolve the powder. When we head out with Bubba, on top of the many things we need to pack into her diaper bag, we now have to bring along a hot water flask, milk bottles as well as milk powder. Sheesh!

IMG_4976With this yoomi feeding system, I was quite relieved to find out that yoomi makes feeding time so much easier. We can take it anywhere and that means no more asking for hot water out and about. This could also potentially end our night time troubles, no more stumbling in the dark, worrying about scalding ourselves while making her milk.

IMG_4981What’s included in the 8oz set is a 8oz bottle, warmer and pod. Not pictured here is the warmer which is actually the core of the yoomi system. I was actually fiddling with it and forgot taking a picture of it. Oops! But here’s what I found on the yoomi page:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.32.29 pm
[Photo credit: yoomi

The warmer is the core of the yoomi system. When activated, it gently warms baby’s feed to a milk temperature in just 60 seconds.

  • warms in 60 seconds
  • rechargeable in the yoomi pod in just  approx. 2 mins and stays charged until you need it
  • recharge and sterilise at the same time in a pan of boiling water or an electric steam steriliser
  • lasts up to 250 feeds
  • stays warm for up to 1 hour
  • fits in all yoomi bottles
  • 100% BPA Free

What’s good to know that the yoomi system is also great for heating up breast milk. yoomi can never overheat the feed, so it protects the nutrients in expressed or frozen breast milk. While we need not worried about that for now since Bubba is on full formula feeds for now, this is still good infor to note. :)

IMG_4979First things first. Before using the yoomi, I need to first charge the warmer which is pretty easy to do. You could either charge the warmer by the good old tradition method of boiling it in hot water for 30 minutes or you could charge the warmer in the yoomi pod in approximately 2 minutes  in the microwave (750 – 1200 watts) using the “heat shake, heat shake method.

Once you have charged the warmer, it stays charged and is ready to use whenever you need it.

Even though the instructions were quite clear but I didn’t want to risk damaging the warmer if I didn’t do it correctly using the microwave method. Tricky with electronic devices! So we went with the traditional way of charging the warmer – boiling it!

IMG_5115Bringing the yoomi out for a test drive with Bubba and loving how we don’t have to lug an extra flask of hot water which adds on to the weight of the diaper bag.


Using the yoomi is pretty easy too! Here’s what happened when Bubba was due for her milk feed. We poured the water into the yoomi milk bottle, added the milk powder, assembled the bottle, pressed the orange button, waited for 60 seconds and then popped the bottle into Bubba’s mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.00.04 pm[Photo credit: yoomi]

IMG_5140I was initially worried that Bubba would not be able to take to the yoomi bottle. The teat is larger than her usual one that she’s been used to since birth. Surprisingly, there was little fuss and she took to the yoomi bottle rather quickly. However, one thing to note is that because the warmer is fixed unto the yoomi bottle. It makes it a little heavier for Bubba to hold the bottle on her own. But that’s not too big a deal, we could just help her with it.

IMG_5141What a life-saving device yoomi has been, making it so much easier for us to head out with Bubba where we don’t have to worry about where to find hot water to make her milk. It also makes it easier for us to whip up her late-night milk feeds. That’s not all, it’s actually very cost-effective to use yoomi for the warmer can be recharged up to 150 times with no plugs, no batteries and it stays that way until you use it.

yoomi works well with breast milk, formula, fresh milk and basically any sort of liquid that can be warmed and is priced at:

  • 5oz set ( 5oz bottle + warmer + pod): S$55.90
  • 8oz set ( 8oz bottle + warmer + pod): S$59.90

yoomi is currently retailing at Kiddy Palace, 1010 mother & child outlets, Mums & Babes, John Little, The Little Ones in my Life, Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy, etc. For a full list of their authorised retailers, you can visit: http://www.yoomi.com.sg/pages/our-retalier

For more information on yoomi, you can visit yoomi’s homepage or their Facebook page.

Here are some instructional videos on yoomi that you may wish to check out as well:

Thanks again yoomi for letting us try out this feeding system for it makes it so much easier to head out with Bubba without bringing along too many items!

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a 8oz yoomi feeding system to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Parentals night out

Talk about an impromptu family night out! Okay, not that impromptu. The Man and I had planned on bringing Bubba out to check out the Anooki light installation at National Museum.

Picked Bubba up from school, had dinner, ran errands and by the time we reached the National Museum after figuring out where to park, it was almost close to 9pm. I had also asked Mama Libby if she would be keen to check it out and we ended up meeting there.IMG_7306The Anooki installation is part of the Singapore Night Festival – the eight installation of the iconic alternative night-time extravaganza of arts, culture and revelry. I’ve heard of it but to be honest, I haven’t gone to check it.

IMG_7158But I thought it would be fun to go take a look, soak in the atmosphere and let Bubba experience something different. Saw the video of the two lovable Inuits on my Instagram feed and thought it would be age-appropriate for the Bub.

IMG_7167 And it was! Bubba who fell asleep in the tula when we arrived at the grounds but woke up subsequently when she heard the music. Thereafter, she remained quite fixated with the sparkling lights on the building.
IMG_7128 The light presentation lasts for about 5 minutes and starts from 7.30pm from 21 August to 29 August. As we missed the front part of the show, we decided to wait for the next installation that came on 6 minutes after. If you think the girlies could stay still and wait it out, well, kinda wrong. So we decided to follow the crowds and head inside the National Museum to check out the other exhibits.

IMG_7171Well, we didn’t get very far to checking out the rest of the exhibits for the beer and satay station excited the dads far more than anything else. So, guess what we did! Ordered a round of beers with food for the parentals while the little ones basically just ran around and played with one another. And oh yes, the dads had to stage these photos. It’s more fun letting the girls hold on to beer bottles as props and teasing them along with it. Girls, no partying now! In about 15 years time, both Mama Libby and I are half-certain your dads will be waiting outside the club for you.

IMG_7307In the words of Mama Libby, ‘Best Night Ever!’ Couldn’t agree more for most Friday nights since Bubba came are usually spent at home. The Night Festival kinda drew us out of our comfort zone. Sure, Bubba’s sleep schedule got messed up by a little but hey, you are talking about Baby No Sleep, remember? Might as well let loose a little and cut just that little slack for the weekend.
IMG_7148It’s so lovely to see our little Sophies’ hanging out, acknowledging each other’s presence and finally playing together. Let’s hope these diaper buds will grow up becoming play-buddies. :)

The Singapore Night Festival ends on 29 August. Loads of other things to do and I kinda wish I have the next weekend to go check it out. But I’m fending an impending throat infection (BAH) and I gotta work next weekend, so loads of fluids and rest. But next year? We will be there again!

Bubba had a great fall

We co-sleep with Bubba most of the days. Well, it didn’t start out this way but it was much easier trying to deal with a cranky child in the middle of the night so we just left it as that.

Obviously, she has gotten a lot bigger and having to co-sleep with her meant both me and the Man waking up with some neck and back-aches on some days when she prefers to be kicking us. Then there are nights when she would simply roll off to the edge of the bed with me and the Man jumping up to rescue her.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case the other night. The Man was away for business and it meant that us gals had the whole bed to ourselves! I had set up the boundaries and laid them with pillows and bolsters. But that didn’t work. :( The Bubs happily kicked and commando crawled in her sleep to the other side. I was asleep and the next thing I knew, I heard a thud and a huge scream.

My heart literally sank as I woke up and rushed to her side, picked her up and hugged her tight. I prayed hard that she would be okay from the fall. I hate falls from the bed and often worry about her head. :(

It took a while to calm Bubba who was obviously in shock from the fall. I felt so bad! The next day, found a bruise on her forehead which made me feel even worse! So I’ve decided to stick her in her cot for now. It’s better for my aching heart.

IMG_6958 Story of our lives.. the kid who’s an energizer bunny! Thank goodness she’s cute!