A little girlie play-date

IMG_2516Rounded up the rest of the little girls and headed to Gardens by the Bay for a play-date. It’s probably going to be one of our fave places to head to for we signed up for the Friends of the Gardens annual pass.

Before we headed into the cool Flower Dome to check out the Nursery Rhymes floral display that’s now currently on, the girls bonded over Happy Puffs and Chocolate Biscuits before eventually making their way into the Flower Dome.

IMG_2217Lovely shot of Aunty Mag‘s happy expression captured by Mama Libby. Yup, both of the Sophies’ wore matching outfits for the day. Talk about twinning.. hehe.. I also heart Bubba’s expression staring at Aunty Mag. It was actually kinda hillarious.

L1010835Here’s what really went behind the scenes – Aunty Mag limiting Bubba to just 1 Happy Puff! The girl was more interested in grabbing a handful of Ash’s snacks. Oops!

After eventually settling the girls, we finally made our way inside the Flower Dome. It was actually kinda crowded for a late Saturday morning. We had to navigate through the throngs of crowds with our 3 strollers, diaper bags and squirmy kiddos. Hmm.. only Ash sat still in her ride. The other 2 Sophies’ were more contented to run around. Also thank goodness for Sophie-Rose and Ash’s daddies who stepped in and helped to push my stroller around while I caught up with the other 2 mamas. :)

IMG_2218After a while, we managed to find an empty bench where we plonked all 3 of them on it. It’s nice to meet these mamas online and got to eventually know them in real life. What’s really sweet is also to witness our little girls growing up together. Between the 3 of them, they are about 2.5 months to 5.5 months apart.

Staging the shot of the 3 of them staring at the camera is no simple feat. We had a total of 5 adults trying to get their attention, calling their names and just throwing snacks at them in order to get them to look at us. Here are the out-takes, just for laughs:
IMG_2219L1010840 IMG_2149 L1010845IMG_2154Photos were taken by many iPhones as well as cameras by Mama Libby and myself. I can’t remember who took what, so I’m just going to credit Mama Mag and Mama Libby for sharing them. :)

IMG_2166Bubba’s current buzzword is ‘Fra-wer’ (flower), so she was thrilled to be surrounded by beautiful flowers inside the dome. With her tiny steps, she was fascinated with the flowers and attempted to pluck them. I had to stop her from doing any damage to these pretties.

We certainly had fun checking out the many floral displays while running after the tiny tots. And before heading back out into the heat, we pulled out our Tulas for a Mama/Bubba Tula shot. Love those happy colours from our fave carrier!
IMG_2182After our visit to the Flower Dome, both Ash and Bubba were knackered and fell asleep while we braved the blazing sun to check out the Water Play area at Gardens by the Bay. Only Sophie-Rose managed to cool off with some really fun water play at the toddler area. Oh well, going to head back there again to check out that area.

IMG_2174That said, I sure had fun catching up with these lovely Mamas and their little ones! Thanks for the fun catch-up, Mamas.. am looking forward to the next one already! Where shall we go next?

Eat, Drink and Be Merry…

IMG_2702Oh, we had a merry and happy weekend where we hosted some young friends over to our place for dinner. Loads of good wines coupled with a special curated dinner cooked from start to finish by the Man who basically sous-vided (if that’s even a word) everything. The night ended up in a blur but we had fun (paid for it the very next day and probably still paying for it now).

I forgot to take pics of the Man’s splendid creations but what I did take was these beautiful flowers that I was gifted by a very thoughtful lady. The story behind it I won’t tell here but it is certainly one to remember.  :) Thank you S-A and I hope to meet you and your little one one day!

Blueberry yogurt pops

IMG_9332A long overdue post that I managed to find some time to finally complete and a timely one if I may add with the temperatures rising.

Made blueberry yogurt pops a couple of weeks back in a desperate attempt to get Bubba to like yogurt. This gal.. she still hasn’t taking a liking to yogurt whereas most babies and toddlers her age have already taken a huge liking to yogurt. Sighs Mama over here!

Here’s a recipe that the brilliant Mama Libby has shared with me. You should check out her recent toddler-friendly popsicle idea which I’m so going to try at one point. But here’s one that you could try on your baby/ little one!

Blueberry Yogurt Popsicle (makes 4 popsicles)

Ingredients and equipment:IMG_2434Threw in about 10 – 15 large blueberries into a blender along with 3 scoops of yoghurt. Once everything is blended, I simply put the mixture into the cute lollipop mould and left it to freeze overnight.

IMG_9289This is the result after leaving them in the freezer overnight. Love the moulds, they are so cute! But now I’m lemming over the Zoku ones that Mama Libby got.

Taste-test! How did Bubba take to the frozen blueberry yogurt pops? Well, I will let the pictures do the talking. They are actually quite hilarious!

IMG_9290Ooh.. what’s that Mama?
IMG_9291I want that! I want to eat it on my own!
IMG_9292Mine! All MINE!!

IMG_9293Hmm.. I don’t think I really like this! Sparky kor-kor, you can have it!

Sparky eventually ate all the popsicles up! Looks like I gotta try another way for this little one to try yogurt again! Any ideas or winning recipes to help this desperate Mum along?

Bubba’s celebration with the family

IMG_1583 Feels like just yesterday that Bubba just turned one! Well, you know what they say about time flying by. We had deliberated about whether we should throw Bubba her very first birthday bash. The Man was all for a big party to invite friends to celebrate the little one’s big one. I was half-hearted. On the one hand, I had wanted to throw a bash for Bubba with a beautiful cake, beautiful decor, great food and beautiful pictures to boot. But on the other hand, I wondered will she ever remember all of this? Plus, it was a logistical feat trying to get everything in order. So, we decided to go for a low-key event. After all, when she’s older, I’m sure she will be demanding for a birthday bash which I probably will have to put in much more effort into planning.

So we opted for a simple do. A birthday luncheon thrown for our family members, Bubba’s godparents and our really close friends at one of our fave restaurants with great food and lovely wine to boot.

IMG_1589[Photo credit: In the Brickyard]

Fondant cakes are all the rage especially for kids birthday but they are also very expensive. Since our family get-together was for a group of under 20 and Bubba won’t probably get to eat her cake, I went for a simple yet flavourful cake from In the Brickyard. I didn’t want a chocolate one and knowing that we will probably be too full from all the food stuffed at lunch, I selected a Rose Lychee Cake with Strawberry Jam filling. Verdict? The guests loved it for it was light and not too over-powering for the bellies.

L1010650For the decor, no cartoonish looking figurines to adorn the cake. Instead, I opted for a simple floral decor with a pink and gold team which the folks at In the Brickyard kindly obliged. I also enlisted the bf@w over The Wish Craft to create toppers for the cake. The result after we placed all the toppers on the cake was simply what I had dreamed of in a cake for Bubba. Thanks for making it all look so pretty for Bubba! :)

IMG_1590On the decor, since we had it in a private room at the restaurant. Technically, I do not need to worry about the decor. But all kids love balloons right? And they are one of the easiest things to put together. I bought some balloons to the theme of pink, white/ silver and gold and placed the bunches of balloons around the room to add some birthday cheer.
IMG_1770A close-up shot of the decor and the beautiful cake.

Here are some shots of the little birthday girl and her very first birthday cake together with our family and friends.IMG_1773IMG_1771 And the moment that every child would love! Blowing out the candle on the cake! Of course, Bubba was surrounded by her older cousins who cheered her on as we sang Happy Birthday to her. She remained unfazed by all the attention showered upon her. When it came to blowing the candle, all her older cousins rushed in. Being the protective Mom and worried that she would get pushed aside, I to went in to rescue her. IMG_1772But she turned out to be a trooper. Tiny as she may be, she did try her best to blow out her very own birthday candle. It was such a cute sight to see.

Happy first again my darling girl! We will create more memories for you when you are older. :)


IMG_2359Work is going to get really crazy and what keeps me going is coming home to this cheeky face. So I’m just going to photo-spam her cute little pics here.
IMG_2360Tell me, who else is looking forward to the weekend? I know I sure am.. so…


A fitting farewell at Jaan

IMG_1403 Our fave chef – Chef Julien Royer- has said goodbye to Jaan just last week. We were of course devastated but happy for him, for he has definitely built a strong following from almost scratch after joining Jaan just 4 years ago. Wow, has it been that long since we have known him? It has been amazing to see how he has grown in terms of culinary skill and we are glad to have been there on the onset.

I still remembered our first dining experience there. We were suitably impressed with our meal and the young chef then so much so we kept going back and ended becoming friends with Julien.

Of course, we couldn’t say goodbye without heading to Jaan for Chef Julien’s finale meal and it was nothing short of amazing! From the very beginning to the end. We hosted a small table for Chef Julien’s final cook-off at Jaan with a few friends and all agreed that it was a great meal.

IMG_1407Each dish was thoughtfully planned, crafted and plated by Julien and each dish showcased his culinary skills that has definitely evolved over the years. I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead for if I were to do it, almost every caption will read.. superb and amazing!

IMG_1412 I was glad I went there hungry for the portions somehow ran a little larger than what I was used to. But did I mind? No.. it will take a good 4 odd months before we get to taste Chef Julien’s dishes, so I might as well stuff my face silly. Plus in the company of good friends and fine wines, I had every excuse to let loose a little.

IMG_1414IMG_1415One of the sous vide egg dishes that Chef Julien is famed for! This was a variation that he made but it was soooo good. Egg-porn if I may add! It was sinful but worth every bite. Jamon iberico ham wrapped in a perfectly done sous-vide egg and the sugar-coating on top of this is a generous slice of black truffle lightly dusted with gold flakes. Decadent indeed.

IMG_1420Black truffles are in season in Australia so we got treated to many slices of these that I can’t even remember what’s underneath those truffles now! #mummy’sbrains!

IMG_1422IMG_1423 IMG_1426I was half expecting the mains to be his usual fare of lobster and pigeon but looked like Chef Julien did have a couple of new tricks under his sleeve and surprised us with a fish and the pigeon done with perfect redness and foie gras chips. Amazing!

IMG_1429For dessert, it was a delightful strawberry medley that hit all the right notes of sweet and tangy.

IMG_1430And to end off the extremely filling meal, we were served the petit fours which I had specially requested for! Whee!! The grapefruit popsicles with crackling candy and sea-salt caramel toffee have been off the menu for a while so I was beyond thrilled to have them probably one last time!

Thank you for one amazing meal, a fitting finale to your stunning career at Jaan! :) Can’t wait to taste your food over at your new restaurant!

Letter to Sophie x 12

IMG_1940 IMG_1941Dearest Baby Girl,

Did 12 months just pass us by in a jiffy??

IMG_1935And just like that you have turned ONE!! One!!! Also, just like that I’ve been your Mama for 365 days!

IMG_1936It has been one exhilarating journey. One that I had not imagined to have but wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it.  When you first entered into our lives, I didn’t know what to expect. I cried along with you as you cried but with time, we slowly got into the groove of the things. I got to know you a little better day by day and my confidence grew.

IMG_1937I thank the big Man above for watching over you and for showering you with his blessings as you grow. And it’s true what they say, it does take a village to raise a child. So thank you to my dearest family for being there to care and guide for Bubba. I do want her to grow up close to her cousins for I had that family support when I was growing up as well.

IMG_1939Let’s also thank the most important Man in our lives – your Dada for being Mama’s pillar of support as well as your protector. He’s totally smitten with you and it’s hard not to fall under your sweet spell as you dish out those cheeky smiles. Lastly, thank you my baby girl for choosing me as your Mama. You have brought such immeasurable joys into our lives. We look forward to creating more memories with you.

L1010770A quick summary of your milestones as you now graduate from baby cadet to toddlerhood:

  • Able to walk unassisted and with confidence at about 11.5months
  • Can say words like Mama, Dada, Ah.., Kor Kor, Jie Jie, Flower, Ra (mimicking the lion’s roar)
  • Doesn’t enjoy cereal too much for breakfast now. Have moved on to proper solids and enjoys rice with soup.

IMG_1817Happy birthday again my darlin’ Bubba from all of us to you!! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to grow up too quickly! Stay small just that little while more for Mama, won’t you?

Love, hugs and machine-gun kisses!!! Mummy..