Taking stock..

Howdy folks!IMG_4905Yes, I’m finally back into action! After 3 days of trying to sort out my photos function/ software and trying to but make any sense of the entire layout. I got a new hard-disk, transferred all my precious photos over and then reorganised my albums. During the past couple of days, I experienced frustration for the layout that I have been so used is no longer familiar to me. I grumbled at how the entire landscape had changed and how annoying it had been to even try and upload photos when composing my blog-post. I felt defeated by mere technology.

Then it got me thinking.. change! Perhaps I wasn’t that accustomed to change as I thought I was going to be. Just a change in layout and an upgrade to a supposed better version of software got me in a tizzy for 4 days. I was short of throwing a hissy fit. At who? I dunno.. but I knew that I could not do anything but try my darnest to embrace change.

Perhaps this whole episode is rather timely as I reflected on what was going on at the workplace as well. As much as we tried to plan to the best of our ability a major event, it looks like a spanner could possibly been thrown into the works and now, we have to think quick on our feet and try to see if we can activate Plan B.

IMG_4754Of course, it’s easy to feel disheartened, discouraged and that seriously, ‘This has to happen to us?’ But I guess that’s life! They throw you lemons and what do you intend to do with it? Thankfully, I like lemons and will make lemonade or lemon tarts with it.

So, yes, hopefully, behind every cloud, there is a silver lining and I’m praying for the stars to be aligned for that silver lining to happen.

IMG_4752If you are wondering why I’m putting Bubba’s pictures on to a blog-post that has no mention about Bubba? Well, because I thought they are too cute not to be shared. Haha.. Looks like the dynamic duo didn’t quite echo my thoughts. Check out their ‘HUH’ expression which probably summed it all.

Wish both me and Calendar Gurl loads of luck to pull this through…

Feeling poorly

Poor Bubba is down with a cold (again)! Sigh.. before I became a parent, sometimes I would have these judgemental thoughts about ‘My, that child must be weak!’ Until I became a parent, as much as I would like to put Bubba in a bubble, we haven’t quite done that yet. So it really pains to see Bubba falling sick for about 2.5 weeks, getting all better and then now sick again. :(

Get well soon my bubbly Bubba! Mama and Dada want to bring you out to play and we can only do that when you are all better!



The glass panel on our cupboard just shattered and bits of glass were scattered everywhere in the room. I was sitting so close and the entire panel could have just fallen on me. Thank goodness no one was hurt and Bubba was not close to the scene of the accident.



Introducing eggs to Bubba

We’ve been told that after the age of 1, we should try to introduce eggs to Bubba ahead of her MMR jab. Yes, that dreaded MMR jab. <shudders just thinking about it>

So ahead of that, we decided to slowly introduce Bubba to eggs. This was a fancy meal that the Man prepped for his little girl one evening. We adapted the recipe from Alain Ducasse’s cookbook for kids.

IMG_2198Potato, Asparagus and Egg
(adapted from Alain Ducasse’s recipe which actually was for quail egg but we switched it)

Ideal for babies above 10 months

Prepare the potato and the asparagus:
– We steamed 1 large potato and tips from 2 green asparagus till tender.

Prepare the egg:
– Bring water to boil in saucepan and cook egg until hard.
– Once egg is cooked, cool under cold running water and peel. Remove the yolk and mash it with a fork, set aside on small plate.

Prepare the puree:
– With a masher, mash the potato. Add 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter and thin the puree with a little milk or formula. Don’t add any salt.

To finish:
– Spoon the mashed potato onto a plate. Make a little hollow in the center and place the mashed egg in it.
– Cut the asparagus tips in half lengthwise and stand them in the mashed potato, around the egg.
IMG_2197Ta-dah.. presenting the Man’s dish to Bubba!


How did it go down with the little food critic? Well, she took a while to warm up to the idea of having mashed potatoes with egg and asparagus. The dish was considered a tad bit fanciful and she preferred to use her hand to play with the dish. She wasn’t a fan of all things mash so guess who happily relished this up?

French toasties for Bubba

How has your long weekend been treating you all? For us? Well, the Bub is still recovering from a nasty cough and cold and she has sort of passed it over to me. Sniffs.. so we literally took it easy.

IMG_4047With a sudden inspiration to whip up a simple meal to cheer the Bubs, I made these French Toasties for the little one.

IMG_4048 And it was too difficult to make really. All I did to put this recipe together was an egg, some milk and cinnamon powder (for flavouring). Put the bread in the mixture and then pan-fried them with some butter. To finish off, I dusted it with some cinnamon sugar on top of the french toast fingers.

IMG_4054How did it go down with the petit food critic?

Well, she did picked at it for a bit, ate some and then decided it was more fun feeding it to Sparky. Will try making this for her again since it’s relatively simple to whip up. Maybe if she’s exposed it this dish more often, she might be more receptive to it.

Letter to Sophie X 13

Dearest Bubba,

Not sure if I have the energy to continue these monthly letters but it’s a lovely way to look at how quickly you have grown in the past month. A reminder that we should not take time for granted for once it’s gone, we can never get it back.IMG_4082My little baby girl has somewhat lost her baby-ness and quickly looking like a little girl these days. You’re now somewhat a whizz at walking and prefer to be on your feet most of the time.

IMG_4153You have learnt the skill of arching your back as a form of protest to show your displeasure. Man, when you do that, it’s so to calm you down when you are hysterical. But thankfully, that happens once in a blue moon, most of the time, you are a happy and chirpy bird who prefers to babble.

In other news, you have taken ill for a quite a while now. 2.5 weeks and counting, to be exact. It pains us to see you sneezing and hacking away. According to many parents, it is pretty common for young toddlers to fall ill as it’s a form of building immunity. I guess we aren’t particularly overprotective as you are mostly active. So we just gotta ride this one out. Be healthy soon my Bubba so I can bring you out to play.


Most days, she has ‘stunned like a vegetable’ (see above pic) and laughing till our sides hurt.

Stay happy and chirpy, my dear Bubba!

xoxo: Mama