10 years on..

D1000021Well, it sure doesn’t feel like it has been 10 years being married to you. I do get nostalgic around this time for I wonder, wow, where did all that time go? Feels like yesterday, we did the whole walk down the aisle thing together along with a huge crowd, half of whom we probably don’t even know. We selected our wedding pictures and put together the album thinking that it will be fun to look at it or have them grace our walls, but that didn’t happen. We ended up displaying only two of them and one of which is this super blurred action photo of us laughing which almost didn’t made the cut but we loved it anyway because it was fun and natural.

It has been an amazing roller-coaster ride with you with a fur-kid and a little one in tow. I often describe marriage as a roller-coaster ride because there will always be ups and downs with twists and turns that sometimes throw us in a frenzy. But whatever challenges we have, we try to resolve them. It’s going to be a never-ending roller-coaster ride with you and one that I hope will also give us the adrenalin to move forward.

img_3895Happy 10 years Anniversary BOO! They say that Tin / Aluminium will be the traditional gifts that we should be gifting one another. I guess golf clubs and a brand new Bruno Compact Hot Plate should count.


So the Man bought a brand new spanking iPhone 7 plus fresh from his trip to Tokyo simply because they happened to have stocks the last day that he was there. We were excited because the end of the road was near for both of our iPhones 6 which bore the brunt of heavy usage for the past 730 days. We both wanted the Jet Black version but the Rose Gold version was available and I didn’t mind taking it while he ordered the Jet Black version which took a while longer to arrive given the limited stocks.

The day came to swap phones and boy was I excited! Finally, I get the iPhone 7 plus with the much talked about highly improved camera capabilities! I could not wait to take pictures with the phone, so I started backing up my old iPhone 6 and then attempted to transfer the files over to the new phone.

img_3378Nightmare #1. My back-up file was corrupted and it took about 3 hours one night to try and back-up the file only to learn that it was corrupted when I connected it to the new device. My heart sank! I knew that was 3 hours that I could not get back and that I had to restart the entire process of deleting all back-ups stored on the computer and to create a new one. I took a deep breath and went through the entire process again which was hard reset on the iPhone 6, ensured that it was updated with the latest iOS, then backed up my data (which took 3 hours btw). When that was completed, I had to restore my new iPhone 7 to factory settings then connect it to iTunes using the lightning cable to restore my last data back-up (which took nearly 45 minutes) before I could use the new phone.

Okay, now that I have the somewhat new phone on hand, what do I do? Take pictures of Bubba of course! So I happily did that only to realise that it made this super loud clicking sound whenever I took a picture or grabbed a screenshot. It drove me nuts! I don’t want people to know when I’m taking a picture (I’m not a creep) and the screenshot function, I actually use it quite a lot so imagine people around me giving me the eye when they hear the camera click. I went on a rampage and trawled the world wide web to find a solution! Someone out there must have had the same problem and the possibility of resolving this issue could just be out there.

img_2866I read on the online forums that you can’t mute off the camera sound function for iPhones purchased in Japan because it’s a legislation passed by the Government to prevent secret filming and other privacy issues. I could only gasp in horror when I read this and hoped that it was not true. I desperately searched for other methods to see if the problem be resolved.

But unfortunately, no. I tried the steps listed which was to mute the phone and to turned off the silencer, sadly, it didn’t work. The next best thing for me to do was to contact the Apple Support team. Thankfully, I had a really nice lady assigned to my case and when I tried to describe the problem to her, I clearly sounded exasperated. I even added a disclaimer to my convo and said “Please don’t laugh at me for having this problem but it’s really killing me not being able to turn off the camera sound on the somewhat spanking new iPhone.” She laughed but from the other side of the line, she genuinely wanted to help me. So we tried restoring factory settings of the phone, which apparently won’t delete my other files. When that didn’t work, she recommended that I backed up my phone, restore the phone to factory settings and then set up the phone as a new one with the back-up.

Well, I’m not hopeful given that the reports that I’ve read all sort of suggest that the camera shutter sounds in Japan are mandatory. GAH…

img_2249Because a pic of an angsty toddler probably looks better than an exasperated Mom. Now, the only solution to end this is to exchange phones with the Man. Well, he didn’t have an issue with the camera shutter sound previously, so this better work out!

img_3488Here’s to another 3 more hours spent trying to fix this technical hot mess!

Simple Fluffy Pancakes

It’s easy for us to head to the ‘hood during the weekends and just enjoy a nice cuppa with some simple breakfast with the Bub. But last weekend, I was feeling under the weather, so instead of heading out, I was inspired to make some pancakes for the Bub using a new Mickey Mouse Silicone Pancake Ring that I just got online.

So I went online, found a relatively simple recipe that I adapted and viola, 30 minutes later, we had piping hot pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse on the table.

img_2981The Bub took a stab at those pancakes which were indeed very light and fluffy and ate a couple of bites off her pancake. She’s kinda picky when it comes to breakfast food with little love for waffles, pancakes, french toast and hot cakes. Sigh, one day perhaps she will learn to love them. For now, I take those few bites as baby steps and validation that she would even eat them.

img_4639Simple Fluffy Pancakes (Toddler-approved and Daddy-approved)


  • 1 cup self-raising flour (we love using self-raising flour as it really does make the pancake rise, you can omit using baking powder if self-raising flour is used)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons of caster sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 2 tablespoons of unsalted melted butter (we didn’t have this, so we swapped for 2 tablespoons of olive oil)
  • Olive oil/ butter for cooking


  1. Sift the flour, salt and caster sugar into a large bowl. In a separate bow, lightly whisk together the milk and egg, then whisk in butter/ oil.
  2. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture and, using the fork, beat until you have a smooth batter. Any lumps will soon disappear with a little mixing. Let the batter stand for a few minutes.
  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat and add a knob of butter. When it’s melted, add a ladle of batter or two if frying pan is large enough (we used about 2 ladles of batter to fit into our Mickey mould). It will seem very thick but this is how it should be. Wait until the top of the pancake start to bubble, then turn it over and cook until both sides are golden brown and pancake has risen to about 1cm thick.

Note: use really low heat / fire to cook the pancakes. Our first 2 pancakes were slightly burnt because I hadn’t expected it to cook so fast. Thereafter, lesson learned and the rest of the pancakes looked much better (to be eaten, of course).

To serve, pour maple syrup over pancakes or we served it some jam as well was blueberries for the Bub, just the way she liked it.

Taking on Universal Studios Japan

img_8066We almost did not make it to Universal Studios Japan because while sending our luggage across the different cities, the Man accidentally packed the tickets into the luggage and it was nearly sent to Gero. Thankfully, we managed to get the luggage routed to our hotel in Osaka and shifted our theme park experience a day later.  So yes, that calls for a HOORAY <fist bump> shot!

Halloween was about a month away but it was obviously celebrated in a huge way as Universal Studios Japan (USJ) was dressed in the Halloween festive colours of orange, purple and black. I only wished I knew for I would have totally dressed Bubba in a cute Halloween outfit as we saw many other kids all decked out in their cute costumes and holding a little bag to store the treats that were given out generously by the USJ staff.

img_1309On our way to Wonderland, we saw a crowd forming and out of curiosity decided to wait in line to see what characters would come out behind those gates. The Bub was really excited when she saw Hello Kitty walking out and I was too when I realised that it was actually a USJ Sweet Treats Parade. Little kids were given a little bag and could fill up their bags with the complimentary snacks and sweets given out by USJ. The Bub had no clue what to do and had to be guided by Hello Kitty herself to take a packet of cheese crackers. What a sweet start to our visit to USJ.


Next, we headed straight to Wonderland – possibly the only age-appropriate area that Bubba could be in.

For 1000 yen, we decided to participate in this game of skill plus luck where if the 3 balls are aligned diagonally or in a row, we will win a Sesame Street plushie. I thought it would be quite cool for the Man to win it for Bubba who enthusiastically cheered her Daddy the whole time. We were this close to winning but maybe it was a blessing in disguise that we didn’t win else we would have problems trying to stuff the toy in our bulging suitcases.

Stepping inside Sesame Street Fun World is like stepping inside a giant candy store filled with oversized Sesame Street characters. We spent nearly an hour here with Bubba zipping in and out the different play-zones.

She especially loved the Cookie Monster slide playground and we lost count the number of times that she ran up on to the top of the slide on her own. Thankfully the lovely staff from USJ paid special attention to her given that she was relatively tiny still.

I had grand plans of Bubba enjoying Moppy’s Lucky Dance Party which she did as she took the stage and boogied away before Moppy actually made its appearance. She got bored after and didn’t want to follow the dance instructions thereafter.

We decided to call it a day at the Sesame Street Fun World and headed back outside to explore the rest of Wonderland. There were rides that I had hoped that Bubba would be able to take but she still could not meet the minimum height requirement so in the end, we only managed to take the Big Bird’s Big Top Circus and Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream ride.

The waiting time for the two rides were not long as well and Bubba enjoyed the spinning cupcakes ride for she got to choose the colour of the cupcake for us to sit in.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

After we were done with Wonderland, we decided that the next other attraction that we had wanted to check off our list was the Harry Potter World. That was more of a highlight for both the Man and myself rather than the Bub so she ended up being dragged along with her parents.

I honestly thought the research that I had done on USJ was sufficient enough to tide us through the day but I was proven wrong. When we reached the heavily gated Harry Potter World, we were told that we need to go somewhere else to get timed tickets in order to enter the attraction. So do keep your entrance ticket close to you, because that’s the only way that you can access the machine to print your timed tickets. I misplaced my entrance ticket and almost cried when I dug through my pockets and bag and could not find that slip of paper that proved that I paid for my entry into USJ. I ended up begging the USJ staff for help and after some deliberation, they decided to issue me the timed ticket entry. Phew! Imagine my relief when I had that timed entry in my hands.

img_1401I have to admit as we walked down the tree-lined path to Hogsmeade with the mysterious tinkling music of the Harry Potter theme song playing in the background, there was a feeling of excitement that was in the end. It really felt like we stepped inside the scene of the movie with everything looking so much like what we read in the book and subsequently the movie. The Bub was not amused at all but we dragged her along to take cheesy shots with us at the Hogswart Express.

img_0158First order for the day? Quenching our thirst with Butterbeer! The queue for those were long and we decided to split up. The Man queued for the beer while I and the Bub grabbed ourselves a wand over at Ollivanders shop. Well, we can’t quite lurk around the streets of Diagon Alley without a wand right? But what we are to do with the wand now is another question… Haha.. It was interesting purchasing the wand at Ollivanders, it was like the scene of the movie, a group of us entered the shop and Mr Ollivanders was on hand to reenact the scene where Harry Potter was in his store. The Bub was startled by the sound and light effects and wanted to get out of the darkened room. I had to calm her down in front of a slightly large crowd and reassure her that there is nothing to be afraid of. She only calmed down after we were let out of the room.

img_8090I guess we are very boring people, we selected Harry Potter’s wand. Safe choice! In conjunction with Halloween, special wands with laser lights reveal magic when the right spell is cast can be purchased. I was so tempted to get those but they were also very fragile and when dropped could potentially break. In view of a toddler who may end up mishandling the wand, I got a simple sturdy one instead.

img_8087Getting ready to tour Hogswart! We would have loved to go on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride but with the Bub, it was going to be virtually not possible. So we put the Bub in our tula and decided to tour the castle instead. It still made for an interesting experience navigating the darkened passage ways and trying to remember what actually took place in each scene in the book and the movie.

img_1402And that’s a wrap for us at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I guess it was kinda successful, a sleeping Bub was the best part!

img_4456-1Now when the kid sleeps, the parents try to play. We took turns to take a ride of our choice individually with the other person keeping a look-out on the sleeping bub. The only upside to this is probably as single riders, the time spent queuing for rides get shortened quite dramatically. I spent max about 20 minutes in and out of the Jurassic Park ride. And this is how a parent gets to eat and drink with a toddler. Baby-wearing rocks in this case! Hehe..

img_0193After the Bub stirred from her nap, we explored the rest of USJ with an outdoor performance with the Sesame Street gang down at Hollywood. Bub really enjoyed grooving to the music and was invited up on stage with the other little kids to show off her moves.

img_2936I guess no visit to the theme park is complete without indulging in cheesy family shots. The Bub has not been exposed to Shrek so it took a while before she warmed up to his green appearance. Think whatever the father did to tease Shrek worked for Bubba relaxed after seeing how goofy her dad was.

img_0275We had grand plans to stay till the closing of the park thinking that we could indulge in the night activities given that USJ was commemorating Halloween and towards the evening, we saw loads more people dressed in various costumes complete with full-on ghoulish make-up.

img_0200The appearance of these dinosaurs signaled the end of our USJ for we thought the Bub would be intrigued when she saw these prehistoric creatures up close. They really look like they were real and to a child, I guess that will be scary. It did work in scaring her for she ended up wailing for a bit and eventually calmed down after we whisked her away from the dino zone.

Kid you not… these dinos are pretty lifelike and when it appeared, it had a couple of kids crying with one screaming for his mother. Thankfully, Bubba slept through it all.


 All in all, we had a fab time in USJ! Pity Bubba still isn’t tall enough to take most of the rides but if we do go the next time, I’m almost certain she would be.🙂


Day 1: Travel to Tokyo – Haneda (PM Flight)
Day 2: Tokyo DisneySea > Dinner at Sushizanmai
Day 3: Shopping at Isetan Shinjuku > Dinner at Ropponggi Hills Club
Day 4: Shinkansen to Kyoto > Dinner at Kichi Kichi > Downtown Kyoto
Day 5: Day trip to Arashiyama > Nishiki Market > Downtown Kyoto (again)
Day 6: Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine > Shinkansen to Osaka > Kuromon Market > Tombori River Cruise > Lucky Owl Cafe > Kushiage Dinner
Day 7: Nara Park > Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan > Shopping along Dontobori > Dinner at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M
Day 8: Universal Studios Japan > Dinner at Izakaya
Day 9: Shinkansen to Gero > Sightseeing around the Town > Onsenji Temple > Kaiseki Dinner
Day 10: Gero Onsen Gasshumura > Foot bath at Yuamiya > Kaiseki Dinner
Day 11: Shinkansen to Nagoya > Downtown Nagoya > Dinner at the Strings Hotel
Day 12: Home Sweet Home

We used pocket wifi from eConnect from Kyoto for the duration of our trip. Complimentary pocket wifi was provided by our host as part of the Air B&B service.

Bedtime convo 

Just the other day, a friend asked me when am I going to let Bubba sleep with me until? To that I answered, probably until the day she tells me she wants her own bed. And my friend’s eyes just widened. Well, it’s hard not to pass judgement but different strokes for different folks. The same applies for parenting methods.

img_2785For now, I’m just contented to snuggle next to Bubba at night, play a round of peek-a-boo using the blanket, hold hands before she drifts off to sleep.

A couple of nights back, the routine was pretty much the same, except that she kicked off the blanket and did not want to be covered. I whined and went “But, but, Mummy is COLD…. BRRR!!!” The little one heard this and proceeded to cover the blanket over me.

Me : “Thank you Sophie, it’s very nice of you! Mummy is warm now.”

Bubba: “You are very welcome, ok?”

Man, did my baby just grow up to become a little lady overnight? Well, at least she minds her Ps and Qs.🙂


img_2791Well, we are still here!!

But this Mama has been a slight bit busy at work with events to oversee before the year ends. It’s been madness around here but weekends are best for recharging  and that’s what we pretty much got ourselves into last weekend with a series of Halloween parties to attend with us dressing up as the Monster Inc crew.

Halloween is fast gaining its popularity here in Singapore with more parties and places opening up to part-take in this festive event. I guess next year with the Bub being a little older perhaps I will think about going out in full force with the dressing of the outfit. But till then, let’s indulge in silly selfies and cute ones for now.

Happy Halloween for those who are celebrating the event! Have fun and fill those buckets up with tons of treats!🙂

Fuss free with FussPro

[Sponsored Review]

A couple of weeks back, Nat from FussPro approached me to find out if I would be keen to find out more about their cleaning services. I quickly scanned through the email and replied to say that I was interested but am also wary about professional cleaning services as brands such as Delphine and Rainbow have actually offered to come to our home to clean our beds and sofa but they would try to persuade us to purchase their products which we are not particularly looking for at this point in time.

The proposed cleaning services offered from FussPro would be something that I was more willing to explore given that we are not interested in purchasing heavy-duty cleaning machinery that very often ended up becoming white elephants because of their complicated methods of usage.

I was put to ease by Nat’s response who gave more information about FussPro whose mission is to provide affordable, yet comprehensive professional cleaning backed with scientific methodology to solve new parents and pet owners cleaning problems, through a simple online booking process, at a transparent pricing, in a secured and convenient way. He added further that they do not have any packages nor any products that they would push their customers to purchase. Pricing is transparent and indicated clearly on their website.

A date was set for FussPro to come to our place to help professionally clean our sofa, our bed and Bubba’s bed. Actually, I was most worried about the condition of our bed, our bed is about 5 years old now, prior to Bubba’s arrival, the fur-kid was sleeping mostly with us on our bed at times. Now, we co-sleep with Bubba and our bed has bore the brunt of her vomit when she’s ill and pee when her diapers are simply too full. I shuddered at the thought of the amount of unseen dust and dirt that the naked eye could not see.

our experience with fusspro

After a date was set, I subsequently received a confirmation email with the booking details of when the FussPro team would come over. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now and had moved nearly 4 homes with us. That’s not all, the material of the sofa is slightly different from what you can now get from the market, our sofa cushion was filled with down feathers so I knew washing it would also pose a potential problem for FussPro. Luckily, they addressed my concerns. I shared with them pictures of my sofa as well as the cleaning labels that we managed to find on the sofa. Despite it being in Japanese (well, we got the sofa when we were living in Japan), the FussPro team managed to get that translated and during a service call before the actual day of the cleaning, they briefly shared what they would be using to clean our sofa as well as the bed.

Mattress Deep Clean

I was told that the whole cleaning process would take about 3 to 4 hours with another 2 hours that you will probably need to factor in for the mattress and cushion to fully be dried before you put on the sheets for the former. So my preferred time for this was of course the morning. Prior to the team coming, we were also told to remove our bedsheets  so that they can get to work straightaway when they arrive which was what they did basically.

After a thorough inspection of our mattress, no bed-bugs (YAY) but isolated patches of stains primarily centred in the middle and top part of the bed (I know, gross pic but well, to be expected given that Bubba sleeps in the center), Vernon and Ken from FussPro wasted no time and got straight to work immediately. They told me that the stains have been on our bed for a while now so they would try to extract whatever dirt they can from the stains and if it’s effective, it will be lightened.

Do you know that all mattresses contain dust mites and its allergenic feces? In fact, if it has not been professionally cleaned for more than 6 months, there could be millions of them lurking in your mattress right now. No matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way you can completely rid your bed of the debris that accumulates through regular usage. Thankfully, after an inspection by Vernon, he revealed that our bed was not infested of the dreaded dust mites.

That said, we shouldn’t be complacent as well. Given that we spend an average of 9 hours daily on our bed and we do shed dead skin cells while we sleep, it’s recommended to conduct regular deep cleaning on your mattress so that you can enjoy good quality sleep.

img_1706I won’t go into detail the entire process on how the FussPro team conducts the deep cleaning for the mattress for you can find out more on their website. But after witnessing the careful process of how Vernon and Ken cleaned our mattress and seeing for ourselves the amount of dirt plus grime that went into the mattress, I think we went to bed that night feeling a whole lot better knowing that our mattress is now cleaner. Oh and that anti-dust mite spray that they spritz on your bed after the cleaning smelled really good too! Guess what? Accidents do happen, just the day after, Bubba’s diaper was full and part of her pee ended up on our bed! Can’t blame her for now but we are just glad that the deep layers of dirt have already been deep-cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning

Next, without taking any break, both Vernon and Ken got straight to work on our 4-seater L-shaped sofa. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now. It’s moved with us from Tokyo and to almost 3 homes in Singapore. When the Man purchased this sofa, it had a cream cushion cover with down feathers filling. Okay, down feathers filling as a cushion for a sofa probably wouldn’t be most Singaporeans’ choice for the weather here is humid and warm so caring for a sofa like that would naturally be a little more challenging.

I guess their concerns were not unfounded so what we did when we returned back to Singapore was to make additional cushion covers in darker colours for our sofa and I think we ditched the cream ones. As Bub and the fur-kid do sit on the sofa regularly, our helper does vacuum it at least once a day.

Again, that’s surface cleaning and what really lurked beneath those covers can’t be seen by the naked eye. So I was truly appreciative of this upholstery cleaning service offered by FussPro. Prior to them coming down, they proactively reached out to me and asked me to send pictures of my sofa to them so that they can access if their cleaning materials would be suitable for use on my sofa. I voiced my concerns on the type of filling that our sofa had and they asked me if I could send more information on the cleaning instructions for the sofa. I liked how meticulous the team at FussPro is when it comes to treating your furniture with utmost care. During the session, I chatted with Ken and found out that the reason why FussPro was established in the first place because the team know the importance of valuing good furniture and wanted to provide an alternative cleaning service to people who also held on to the same belief.

img_1846Again, I won’t be going into detail with the cleaning process for FussPro has clearly shared this on their website the entire process for upholstery cleaning. Pictured above is the spot stain treatment process which can only be picked out after Vernon ran a UV light test against our sofa (yup, kinda like what you would watch on CSI or Criminal Minds!). I was just glad that there were no strange patches of stains that were picked up by this light only those that were left by the fur-kid and the Bub. Hehe..

img_1849The thorough cleaning of a 4-seater sofa took up about 2 odd hours of the FussPro team’s time with the deep cleaning of the dry shampoo taking up majority of the cleaning. The process was actually an eye-opener for me and my helper too for we were initially worried that the shampoo would not dry on time and worse still damage the feather filling. But after a couple of hours, the sofa was good to be used again.

What makes FussPro different from other cleaning companies:

  • Before and after service phone calls are conducted to customers
  • An onsite explanation of cleaning methods to customers are provided
  • They share their processes on social media to encourage continuous learning on hygiene
  • They are a National Environment Agency (NEA) licensed cleaning company (License No. NEA151052/7499Z/N01)
  • All their Hygiene Professionals are WSQ Certified
  • FussPro is insured with $1 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • What I really like is that they offer transparent nett prices (No hidden fees!)
  • They use scientific  and advanced cleaning processes and eco-friendly chemicals – safe for pets and little ones!
  • Even though they are established in 2015, they have already served more than 150 corporate and individual clients to date in 2016
  • Booking is easy via our on-demand booking platform with secured payment (https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro)

A special offer for you!

The first 3 readers who book their first cleaning session with FussPro will enjoy a S$50 cash discount* on their booking. This is only valid for booking values above S$250.

Simply use coupon code “LADYJ16” upon checkout at https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro

Terms & Conditions:
– The S$50 cash off discount is only valid for booking values above S$250.
– Promotion is valid up to 3 months from 25 October 2016.
– Not valid for corporate bookings.
– Not valid with other offers or discounts.
– Fuss reserves the right to vary or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
– All information stipulated is correct at the time of post and may subject to changes without prior notice.

Our verdict

FussPro did a great job of cleaning our 5 year old mattress and 10 year old sofa. Given that we have a young child and a fur-kid who sleeps on our bed and practically owns the couch, I’m always concerned about dust-mites and germs so knowing that these precious furniture that we sleep and sit on everyday is thoroughly cleaned and treated with cleaning products that’s safe for kids and pets puts me to ease. Pricing is also reasonable and I like that they are transparent with what you get with each item. We will definitely consider using FussPro services again when it comes to keeping our mattress safe and clean.

I’ve put together a little video clip showing what FussPro did when they visited our home to do the deep mattress and upholstery cleaning. Hope it does provide you with some insight on what goes on behind those pictures. Thanks again for FussPro for keeping our home clean and I do hope this review will encourage you all to consider using their cleaning services. :) Thanks also to Char from Missus Chewy for thinking of us and recommending us to FussPro!

For more information on FussPro, please head on to: www.fuss.sg/pro
Here are the other links for easy access:
FussPro pricing details : https://www.fuss.sg/pro/pricing
How to book your FussPro session: https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro

Note: Lady J’s musings received complimentary cleaning services for a king-sized bed and a 4-seater sofa from Fuss Pro. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the service. Any queries on the products / services  should be verified with the provider or party in question.