Steamed fish for toddlers

Strangely, my picky little eater doesn’t take to fish very well at home. She’s probably sick of having fish at home since she eats it all the time in school. They feed her fish porridge with broccoli apparently.

My mom shared this relatively simple steamed fish recipe with me; one that she has been making for the longest time for my nephews when they were smaller. I wasn’t too hopeful with the result, having witnessed Bubba’s meltdowns when we feed her fish. So I was pleasantly surprised when she opened her mouth to try this and subsequently finished up the entire piece of fish.

Perhaps it’s something new or perhaps she liked the fish because it was steamed with the egg white. Who knows? If you think women are fickle, trying raising a toddler who’s teething?!

In any case, here’s the simple recipe if you are keen to try it out on your little one.

IMG_6914Steamed Threadfin Fish with Egg White (good for 1 year and above)

  • Place a cut of cleaned threadfin fish into a shallow dish.
  • Add egg white with a little cooled boiled water into the dish.
  • Add a slice of ginger, 3-4 pieces of wolfberries on top of the fish.
  • Steam for about 15 minutes or till fish is cooked.
  • Remove dish and place some parsley on top of fish for decor/ taste.
  • Serve warm with rice.

It’s that simple! Lemme know if your little one enjoys it!

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