Who is Lady J?


I’m J and go under the moniker of Lady J in this little blog of mine which I’ve started since 2008.

Food | Travel | Style & Everything in between is really what my blog – lady J’s musings – is all about.  Step inside and delve into my daily life where you can occasionally hear me rant about things I am not happy or read about the loves of my life – the Man, the Bub and the fur-kid, shopping, fashion, food and travel.  It’s really a mash-up of my life.


With 2 expat moves under my belt (Tokyo in 2007 and Geneva in 2011), I decided to hone my energies into cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen during the latter career break.  I started to dabble a little in food photography plus styling just to challenge myself and see where I could eventually end up.  I’m still very much an amateur cook but having some of my food photos featured in these sites is an achievement in its sense for me.  I’m a big believer of ‘Celebrate small successes’.  Hehe


What’s new in our world? We welcomed our little one in June 2014 and she literally rocked our world – well, in a good way. We had exciting times for both the Man and I as we wear our hats as parents.

Sophie_50And there hasn’t been a dull moment since Bubba entered our lives.


Stay tuned for more fun and possibly misadventures as we fumble our way through parenthood and that scary phase better known as Terrible Twos + Threes. Any helpful tips on how to navigate through this phase would be deeply appreciated.

Lastly, thanks for stopping by and I welcome any comments on posts that you’ve enjoyed reading or things you would to see in future. You can also contact me at ladyj_musings@rocketmail.com

Cheers : Lady J / Mama J

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