Ben Fatto

When our foodie friends invited us to a dinner at Ben Fatto, I knew we couldn’t say no to the invite. I have been wanting to go to this private dining place by Yum Hwa for the longest time after seeing his instagram and being wildly fascinated by how he does his own pasta from scratch.

This is a long overdue post obviously as I think we had our dinner there early this year but it remains as one of my most favourite meals that I fondly remember. The pasta was done beautifully, the sauces complemented the pasta and not the other way around and the little dishes that were served in between the pasta dishes all complemented the carbs beautifully.

I have no further words to add to this fond food memory of mine so I leave you with pictures of the dishes that we ate and hope I did it justice by making it look delicious in whatever way I can.

Su Filindeu also known as Threads of God

The Su Filindeu is the one pasta that really blew me over! This is a rare pasta from the Barbagia region of Sardinia. It is made by pulling and folding semolina dough into very thin threads, which are laid in three layers on a tray called a fundu and dried to form textile-like sheets. This really is an work of art and it is edible. I almost feel bad eating such a beautiful form of food art.

Su Filindeu/ Lamb broth

I am not sure if Ben Fatto is taking any more reservations for his private home dining but he is now working with the people in Forma which is an upscale trattoria with a fresh, handmade pasta programme by The Cicheti Group and Ben Fatto. I managed to score a table there for September and hope that the pasta there will be just as good. Can’t wait!

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