ThreadsNotFound : a cool personal shopping service

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Let me preface to say that I stumbled upon ThreadsNotFound after following a photo by the fabulous Yann and one of the founders behind Bubiscles, you can read her review here. I was intrigued and fascinated by this personal shopping service.

Before baby, I was all about shopping for myself and then the baby came along and guess what? I ate all my words up about not shopping for her. Clothes for tiny people are far more exciting and styling my pint-sized baby-doll was a whole lot more fun. I neglected my wardrobe for a bit and because I was in-between sizes, I was a little bored of what I had in my wardrobe.

Oh and let’s add chasing after little energizer bunny limited my choices for dressing up as well. Those pretty clothes that I once had didn’t allow me to move fast enough to keep up with little speedy gonzales.

I was quite thrilled to find out more aboutThreadsNotFound. I hopped on to their website and filled out my Style Report with the intention of updating my wardrobe for the office. There were 2 methods for collection of your style bag; one, either via courier for a small fee, or two, opt for self-collection at any 8 of their stores under the Renaza Group. I opted for the latter for there was an outlet just below my office that I could simply pop in to collect the bag. How convenient!

IMG_6927I indicated the budget that I would normally pay for shopping and when it came to the collection of my first bag, I was excited. I mean going home with a mystery bag of clothes specially curated by style advisors based on the information I had given them was actually quite interesting. We’ve all heard of personal shoppers but those that probably access you from head-to-toe and spend some time with you to find out what you like or don’t. As a new mom to an active toddler, I don’t really have time for that which is why I found the concept behind ThreadsNotFound quite cool.


My first ThreadsNotFound bag didn’t quite work for me. The choices that they had picked out for me for office wasn’t something that I would pick out.I had high hopes wanting to leave something in my wardrobe but in the end, I returned the entire bag to them.  If you do like the curated items in the bag, you simply keep them and pay for them upon the return of the bag.

I wanted to give ThreadsNotFound another go, partly because I wasn’t convinced that the Style Advisors couldn’t find anything that I would like. More than often, I’m game to try out new pieces of clothing.

So this time round, on my second try, I tried to be as detailed as possible when it came to filling out the Style Report. I indicated what were some of my favourite brands, who are my style icons and how much I was willing to pay per item. This time round, I wanted the team to curate a bag filled with items I could wear for the weekend. An email confirmation from Jane came shortly advising me to give their team up to 4 weeks to curate the bag. Fine by me, I was happy waiting.

IMG_6931My second ThreadsNotFound bag was far better than my first one. There were a total of 8 items that the team had found for me with prices ranging from $49 and above. A style sheet accompanied the package with options of how I should pair the items.

IMG_6935I was given up to 3 days to try the items, decide which items I wanted to keep and return the rest back. I took great care in trying them out and folding them back neatly for who wants a damaged item right? It wouldn’t be fair to the team from ThreadsNotFound.

IMG_6937I tried out these items at night after putting Bubba to bed, so wasn’t in a mood to model in them. Instead, I did a flat-lay of the items that were recommended by the style advisors.

IMG_7216Before I collected my second ThreadsNotFound. bag, Jane did share that she loved the gold Boutique by Jaeger top that she has picked out for me and truth be told, I did! I loved the boxy-cut of the blouse that screamed freedom of movement while chasing the young one and best part? It actually does look quite classy. Paired the top with a pair of white shorts for a casual day out with Bubba and I can see this top being paired with black pants for work. Needless to say, this top was for keeps!

IMG_6940This was another outfit that was curated by the team. The Marc by Marc Jacobs tribal top was a steal for $89. I don’t know where the team had gotten it and perhaps it was a past season item, but who cares about it being past season, it looked great and kinda suited my style. So, I decided to keep this as well. The recommended tuxedo shorts that the team had suggested was a tad bit too short for me, so I decided to return it back. Along with the bottom few outfits.

IMG_6941My second ThreadsNotFound bag was far more exciting to me. Well, probably because my weekend-wear was in a desperate need of updating. Having people to shop for me was a far better deal for I would have just fallen back to the brands that I usually go to instead of uncovering new ones like Al & Alicia and Boutique by Jaeger.
IMG_6942There were some misses like a pink/white casual dress that looked like I belonged to the tennis court. This other black tulip dress by designer Ying had me deliberating whether I should keep or have it returned for I wasn’t quite sure whether I would wear it more for work or play. In the end, I decided to have it returned.

IMG_6943 Overall, this had been a fun shopping experience for me. Best part? I don’t have to do the physical running around. It’s all done by the professionals and I simply get to pick and choose what I liked and wanted to keep. 🙂 If you are a shopaholic like me or starved for time to shop, I recommend you give ThreadsNotFound a go. Who knows? You may turned out to be pleasantly surprised as well.

If you do not wish to bring back the clothes to try and prefer to try the selected outfits on-the-spot instead, you can choose to head down to the ThreadsNotFound headquarters at Telok Ayer. More details can be found on the ThreadsNotFound site.

A special for readers of Lady J’s Musings:

The parent company behind ThreadsNotFound – Renaza – will be celebrating its 9th anniversary for the month of September. Lucky ThreadsNotFound customers will also be part of the celebrations which they are extending to my readers!

For each ThreadsNotFound order tagged to the coupon code THANKSJOANNE in the month of September, a Renaza goodie will be included in your order. <Offer valid for September 2015 only.> 

What are you waiting for? Head on down to ThreadsNotFound and start bagging your first order today!

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a complimentary top from ThreadsNotFound for this review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this service. Any queries on the service  should be verified with the provider or party in question.

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