Staycation: Raffles Hotel

Well, since we can’t really travel for now and do not have nearby towns/ cities because of our country’s limitations on land, we decided the next best thing we can do for a short get-away is a staycation.  The little one couldn’t be happier to just stay under the sheets, order room service and just watch her fave cartoons on Netflix as we whiled away our weekend. Just check out that face.Over the National Day long weekend, we checked ourselves in for a night at the recently renovated Raffles Hotel. It was such a treat for the girl and she couldn’t wait to jump straight into bed. But sleeping was not what she was keen on doing.. instead, after checking out the room, she immediately asked for us to turn on the TV and then proceeded to ransack for snacks. We didn’t have any.. attribute it to last minute poor planning which I haphazardly just dumped a couple of dresses into an overnight bag.

Well, at least we got similar outfits to twin on our staycation.

The girl wasted no time in tucking into sweet treats courtesy of the hotel in celebration of National Day after enjoying a warm bubble bath complete with a Lush bomb.

The hotel’s grounds were spacious and we actually didn’t cover much for the room made for a great stay-in. I managed to squeeze in a luxurious massage (thankfully) and after that, we had an early dinner booked in for Butcher’s Block. Steak was fine but not superbly memorable. And after our bellies were filled, we strolled leisurely back to our room. We had grand plans to watch the annual fireworks from our balcony but the fireworks were best enjoyed from the Marina Bay area. We were obviously not in the right location but well, the live telecast of the parade coupled with the best company surely made up for it!

The next morning, she lazed in bed and because we wanted to avoid the crowds and possibly not over-eat from the breakfast buffet selection, we just ordered another round of room-service.

Living the best life for now and she ain’t complaining for sure! For us, we are just thankful that we are able to provide this bit of happiness for her and spend the entire day with her.

Of course, no vacation or rather staycation is quite complete without a visit to the pool. Pre Covid days, everyone would be hanging out by the pool and soaking in the rays. Now, in order to hit the pool, you will need to make an appointment to book the slot for the family. Each family is given about 1.5 hours at the pool so do check with the hotel on their procedures for the pool and see if you are comfortable with their approach.

The kid had so much fun and to be honest, me too! I slept at 9.30pm and had one of the most restful sleep I’ve ever had. I probably attributed this to the black-out curtains or quite possibly having too much to drink over dinner that I was knocked out. But it was fun and we are looking forward to our next ‘staycation’.

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