Staycation: St Regis

Booked ourselves in yet another weekend staycation. This time round, we tried out St Regis Hotel. We thought we will be venturing out of the hotel room.. I did picture leisurely walks around the Botanic Gardens and a spot of window shopping around the Orchard Road belt but all these grand plans were shelved for the kid had a mind of her own and preferred to stay indoors with room service and Netflix (again). So call this over Lim version of SHN where we literally holed up indoors for about 48 hours with the exception of going to the restaurant for breakfast and then dinner.  That said, the view of Orchard was pretty scenic and it was nice to peek into some of these huge properties with an enviable size of a swimming pool.

This is the kid’s idea of a perfect weekend in. Room service with fries plus her fave cheese and ham toastie. Yup, that’s what we basically did all weekend. Holed up as Saturday saw grey skies which derailed our pool plans but I managed to squeeze in some of my work at the Company as well as finish off my book on the Kindle. I’m really glad that after getting the Kindle, I’ve started reading more again. It really helps to take my mind of indulging in social media which of late, has brought more emotional harm than any kind of good.

On our second night, we did manage to finally emerge from our room to head out for dinner. My fave kind of cuisine – Japanese!

It was a treat for the girl too since we all missed Japan very much!

We didn’t manage to sit at the counter but we got a private room instead for we were dining with a child under 7. I guess the upside to this is that the kid got to watch her programme without us shouting at her to lower down the volume.

And before heading home, we were thankful for the clear, blue skies that allowed us to hit the pool for a bit. Water was really, really cold so I couldn’t manage to head in without screaming. I just thank God for the Man who doubled-up as a play-mate for her.

So here’s my overall view of our stay in St Regis:

  • Hotel facilities are a little dated and they do seem a little understaffed so our Room Service requests did take a while to come.
  • Our toilet as well as our air-con did break down during our stay but thankfully, they managed to fix it without us having to move to another new room.
  • Rooms were pretty clean, toiletries were basic and nothing much to shout about.
  • There isn’t Netflix installed on their built-in televisions, so do bring your personal devices if needed.

Would we come back? Probably not.

On to our next staycation! 🙂

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