Bruno Compact Hot Plate

img_3896So we got ourselves a new toy recently! Presenting the Bruno Compact Hot Plate… thanks to the intro by our dear Mama friend, Libby from

Apparently, this compact hot plate is all the rage in Japan and Hong Kong. It’s a lifestyle product for those who prefer to cook at the table and dining right at the table. The whole concept of cooking and eating almost immediately is probably how the device was conceptualised. I thought it was an amazing device and great for entertaining plus simple/ quick meals at home if we are starved of ideas on where to go.

img_3967They come in really yummy-licious colours as well such as pink, white, red, yellow, etc. One point to note is that the colours are launched rather seasonally and because of its popularity, some of the colours may not be available at the point of sale. So when we had the opportunity to order the Bruno, it was a choice of either fire-engine red or white. We decided that the red would probably fit in well with our dining area where blacks, greys and whites are largely featured in the home. I was so excited when the device came and could not wait to power it up to cook up some meals.

img_3974So what did we make? I decided to whip up these fluffy pancakes that I had recently purchased from J-Mart. They look relatively simple to prepare and pancakes are often a crowd-pleaser with kids right?

img_3984Except my kid! Despite my best efforts to intro her to pancakes, waffles, hotcakes, she still does not take to the idea that easily. Oh well, at least the meal was yummy for the adults and the Mickey-shaped pancakes were the eye-candy for my child who probably liked the way it looked over the way it tasted. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

img_3992After we finished our pancake batter, the Man was in the mood for some eggs while I really wanted some sausages. So we gave our Bruno Hot Plate a quick wipe-down, added some oil on to the plate and then cranked up the setting to high before placing the sausages and cracking the egg on it.

img_4025I have to admit, I was initially worried about the smells that would linger in the living room wif the cooking was done indoors rather than outdoors. But surprisingly, our mini-breakfast cook-out was not too bad. Clean-up was really a breeze (just one hot plate to be washed) and packing the Bruno cooker was super quick too. That said, we fired up our Bruno cooker to grill meats and veggies that very same evening and though it was slightly smokey initially, it wasn’t all too bad once we opened up all our windows and aired the room for a few hours.

I’m far from becoming any sort of domestic goddess but I’m certainly looking forward to making more meals right at our table with our newly acquired Bruno! Perhaps I will have enough courage to make Takoyaki for the family this weekend. I just got all the dry ingredients, now all that’s needed is to read up on how to “roll out the tiny Japanese round pancakes”. Wish me luck!

img_4019Our Bruno set is not sponsored and preorders for the Red or White Bruno is now opened till Thursday, 15 December. If you would like to get your hands on one of these sets, please email to with your name, email add, contact number and preferred colour. Do note that we are only able to fulfil orders in Singapore.

For more information on Bruno, you may wish to check out the below links:

IG handle: brunohotplatesg

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