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When it comes to managing Bubba’s stuff in school, I’m basically a label fiend. At 9 months small when she started infant care, her school gave us a list of what we should prepare. Perhaps I was afraid that her stuff would get mixed up with the other kids stuff, I decided I will just label her bottles and her clothes for school. When she moved on to toddler-care, I eased up a little with the labelling for her teachers seemed to have a system of how the individual child’s clothes will be kept but I still labeled majority of her bottles, snack boxes plus shoes because we have had instances where her classmate’s bottles or snack boxes will be thrown into the Bub’s bags. No issues with that for I will just return it to the rightful owner but I hate the thought of losing the Bub’s stuff so to put my mind at ease, putting her name on her things are way easier than having to track down where the item had been.

There are various brands available out there when it comes to name labels. I used to make my own name labels at the push-carts in shopping malls and boy were they cheap. I think it probably cost a couple of bucks to make them and the lead time ain’t too long too. But the quality for those labels ain’t that great either, they are not able to withstand prolonged washing and are very often not resistant to heat. So instead on compromising on quality, I decided to just purchase labels from Sticker Kid where I know that their labels are water resistant, dishwasher-safe and microwave plus freezer safe.

img_4396I’ve been an advocate of Sticker Kid and could not be more pleased on this collab with them for it just means that their products are really good and I will continue to purchase with them. For this review, I was offered the My First Pack which comprise of 154 stickers. This is a great starter pack for it has just about all the stickers (from small and large stickers, clothes labels and shoe labels) that you possibly need to identify your child’s belongings. At S$49, My First Pack is ideal for the first years in school and thanks to these stickers, we generally have not lost anything in Bubba’s school yet. Hoping I won’t jinx it here.

Here’s what we have used our stickers for:

img_4397Small Stickers

These are my fave size of the lot. I use them for just about anything and practically everything that I could possibly get my hands on for Bubba’s stuff to label. Because of it’s small size, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb and still get the job of identification done. I use them on Bubba’s milk bottles, water bottles, snack boxes, sunnies and even her helmet. Well, we do park her skate scooter and her helmet at restaurants when we head out to scoot on weekends at the park, so the name stickers on her stuff just makes it easier for me to identify her stuff.

img_3596In fact, we find this size most handy of the lot for now that we’ve actually gone on to order more of this size on our own with different fonts and backgrounds. The white background and pink font for name is ideal for everyday use or else you can’t really go wrong with a pink background and black font type which is classic.

img_4401Large stickers

We love the use of these stickers to label her books. This will definitely come in handy when she’s much older for labelling of workbooks (if any) in future. But for now, we use it to label her fave books which she sometimes brings to school. This ensures that she will bring them home or that her teachers now who the books belong to so she won’t go crying if they are lost.

img_4407Iron-On Labels

Majority of the iron-on labels that we use for Bubba’s stuff are on her towels and wet-bags for school rather than her uniform. Well, largely because she will be issued with a new set of school uniform next year so we didn’t want to waste our labels. Also, we felt that towels and wet-bags can also be misplaced easily and those items are more important to us than her school uniform so that took precedence in terms of labelling. These iron-on labels that were included in our starter pack are easy to apply and sticks on most clothing surfaces. However, they are also permanent which was the reason why we don’t go round labelling all her clothes in case we want to gift those clothes away.

If you are worried about damaging your child’s clothes with these permanent iron-on labels, there is an option to purchase  stickers for clothes which are amazingly resistant to the washing machine and the dryer.

img_4406Shoe Stickers

These are a must-have for school and we use them to label majority of the Bub’s school shoes for I’m often worried that she ends up wearing the wrong pair of shoes home. So far, that has not happened but I’ve seen her going into the school’s shoe cabinet and fishing out her classmate’s pairs of shoes. Well, she probably hardly even notice the presence of the shoe sticker in her shoes but it’s helpful for care-givers so that they won’t put on the wrong pair of shoes on her.

img_4405We also found the use of small labels for shoes pretty useful too. They serve as a quick identification for parents without having to look inside the shoes. These are great for going out shoes especially those that are often removed when we head to indoor playgrounds. It helps to prevent other parents from taking your child’s shoes if it’s a common shoe-brand.

img_3595Why we love sticker kid?

  • Variety of designs to suit just about any kid: They have so many cute designs making it a breeze to customise our name labels. In fact, we were spoilt for choice and that’s why we have multiple stickers with different icons to suit our mood. You may also wish to check out other styles for we also gone ahead to purchase this set of Heart Labels which we thought are really cute. We use it to label her skate scooter for easy identification of her item in the playground. These heart-shaped labels really make your own item stand-out as well.
  • Great quality: The stickers are hardy and pretty durable. I know because our bottles have been subjected to not only constant washing but also to heat and the ink on the labels have not faded. The stickers also pretty much sticks on most surfaces so you don’t have to worry about it coming off once they are stuck on.
  • Fast international delivery: Took about 1 week before we received our stickers which were dispatched from Switzerland. An interesting note, according to our friend who lives in Switzerland, the Swiss firmly believe in quality products.

img_4399Special promotion for readers of Lady J’s Musings

With the year coming to an end and as we gear up for 2017, this is the perfect time to order a set of labels for your child for the new school year. With different value packs to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Take 10% off your purchase from now until 31 Dec 2016 with the promotional code SG10SK.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received ‘My First Pack’ starter pack from Sticker Kid for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services.

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