Love Shack Fancy x Target (Wishlist)

I’ve fallen into some kind of fashion rabbit hole of late wanting to score pieces from the Love Shack Fancy x Target collab. Ok, Love Shack Fancy is a girly and cutesy American fashion label that LBG shared with me. I wasn’t sure if I could even carry off the florals, puffy sleeves and ruffled dresses without looking like an over-aged aunty still tryna act cute. Ok, one point I prob left out the price-tag on one of these dresses.

But the Target collab with Love Shack is one that is a lot more affordable. Accessible in terms of sizing but not in terms of getting pieces since the price-point has been reduced. I got them in sizes ranging from XS to S, not knowing how they may eventually fit but I am sure hoping that I don’t look like some kind of over-sized bak zhang squeezing into them.

Still thinking if I should add one more long floral dress into the ocllection of give it a miss. Also, what if the dresses don’t fit and are too long for me. What do I do then? Alter? Let’s see… counting down the days that I will eventually get them. Seems like a loooong while!

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