Disney Churros

Disneyland will always remain special to me – even as an adult. This year, we had grand plans for the family. We wanted to go on a Disney cruise with the kid and our friends. We planned for it to be a celebratory trip of sorts before the girl starts her formal education next year. But well, plans went awry because of Covid. Needless to say, we won’t be embarking on any cruise in the near future. Goodbye Disneyland in US of the A.

So when Disney Parks released their Churros recipe, I felt like I had to recreate and inject some Disney magic back home. Disney Churros like their famed popcorn will always be one of the themed food I wouldn’t mind piling on the calories for.

Having done a bakery run recently to stock up on bread flour and plain flour, I was really itching to try out the recipe.

I have to say that the portions for the recipe are quite a lot and while I tried to reduce and half the portions, how does one actually portion out 1.5 eggs instead of 3. So that was my challenge. I ended up making everything and then gifting it to a friend.

The other challenge that we had was that we didn’t have the right size of piping bags so we ended up making skinny churros instead of the fatter ones which I believe would taste better.



Getting through the Circuit Breaker

I lost count on the number of bottles of wine that we have drunk during the Circuit Breaker. I guess I will probably emerge as some kind of alcoholic after this whole 2 month stay home period but good food and wine, probably is one of the things that keep us sane.

The Man managed to get his hands on some caviar and he went all the way out with adding caviar on almost everything that it would potentially taste good on. So for breakfast one day, we had creamy scrambled eggs with caviar on a sourdough toast.

For our tea-break, we had blue pea pancakes with hard boiled eggs topped with caviar (of course).

Another variation of caviar with potato.

According to the Man, there are like 20 different dishes to try with caviar. Let’s see how this goes. I fear for my chloestrol levels after this period.


Thai Shrimp and Glass Noodles | Goong Ob Woonsen

Saw this on a friend’s Instagram feed and it looked amazing! I was craving for Thai food and something different to add to our meals during the Circuit Breaker. When she shared the recipe, I realised that it wasn’t too difficult to replicate as well so I decided to give it a try. We had some tiger prawns gifted  by a friend so that definitely came in handy for this meal.

The recipe is adapted from Cooking from Nart which we followed pretty closely to. The only thing that we subsituted was the oyster sauce for fish sauce. We think that added a little more Thai taste to the overall dish. 

Marinating our prawns as well as our glass noodles for about 15-20 minutes. The meal was quite easy to prep as well. Didn’t take too much of a time so this is great if you have all these ingredients on hand. Glass noodles are a pantry staple and so convenient to have around for a quick meal-fix. 

I whipped up this meal using our Bruno hotplate and the ceramic nabe pot attachment. Clean-up was super fast and quick too as this is essentially a one-pot meal.

We added some chilli padi on the side to enjoy with the dish. Half a pack of glass noodles along with 11 tiger prawns were sufficient enough to feed the family of four. We felt really stuffed after the meal but no complaints. My mil who usually would be wary to try my dishes even shared that we could make this dish again with some modifications of her own.


Kid-friendly chicken stew (with puff pastry)

I’ve been quite encouraged to head back into the kitchen to cook for the little one. I guess there is something memorable about a mother’s cooking and I hope that she will remember the dishes that I have made for her when she grows up.

We had some leftover cream and I was quite inspired to make a creamy chicken stew for her. A new dish that I could introduce to her, I thought. The chicken slices that I got from the supermarket run was quite a lot so I made a creamy chicken stew done in 2 variations that she could enjoy both for lunch and dinner.

I usually steer clear from having too many flavors simply because she doesn’t like pepper and other types of herbs. So this chicken stew is really a mish-mash of what I think would work for a picky little eater.

I marinated the chicken slices with some mushroom powder overnight. To cook the chicken stew, I simply stir-fried some white onion slices that were minced pretty finely. Once the onions were slightly browned, I threw in the chicken bits and continue to stir-fry the chicken. When the chicken was partially cooked, I added the cubed potatoes and continued to cook them. Thereafter, I added edamame and corn into the mixture and continued to stir-fry all the ingredients. Add chicken stock and let the stock simmer with the ingredients. Cover pan for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add corn starch to thicken the sauce and then 2 tablespoons of cream for added taste.

As you can see, I don’t really have the exact measurements for this recipe. Like I said, it’s a mash-up of what I have been researching on and decided what would work for the girl. The portions were quite generous for a child so I divided them into two and let her have half for lunch with rice.

The remaining was left for dinner. I got some frozen prata in the fridge and thought she would like to try out this puff pastry chicken pot pie (an old dish I used to love ordering from Country Manna). It was pretty simple to replicate. All we needed to do is to just slap on the frozen prata on an oven-safe casserole dish and brush the prata with egg-wash.

It was really that simple and she enjoyed having this dish for dinner too! Another recipe for keeps. Let me know if you do try this for your fussy eater and hopefully it will yield the same happy results too!


Home with Odette

Because of the Circuit Breaker measures imposed by the Singapore Government, many places have been asked to stop operations to limit movement. This includes going to our fave restaurants as well. 

It’s pretty depressing but in times like these, it’s also where adversity prevails and shines. Fine dining restaurants also have to evolve with the times and move to providing delivery options. It’s nice to know that there’s an option to still enjoy fine dining at the comfort of our homes. 

Masking up to head for our take-out pick-up of our dinner and meet our fave people from Odette.

Odette launched its #OdetteatHome menu and we were happy to spot a couple of fave dishes which we knew we had to order. Of course, dining at home meant that we needed to play chef and do justice to the dishes that were cooked by the team. Loved the thought that went into each dish with specific instructions on how to prepare them before putting them on the table. 

Presenting our rendition of Odette meals plated at home: 

Hokkaido Uni ‘Pain Perdu’

Whole Roaster Bresse Poularde Au Vin Jaune

One of my fave dishes from the restaurant! I’ve only eaten twice and it’s undeniably one of the best and most ‘atas’ chicken rice out there.

Pithivier ‘Grande Cuisine’

Another complex dish wonderfully executed by Chef Julien. Never quite dreamt that we will actually be having this at home! But I guess we only did the heating up and ensuring that we don’t screw up the cutting for the pie. 

Last but not the least, DESSERT! The girl really enjoyed the Trio of Tarts. Needless to say, she had the entire strawberry tart by herself. Not a single crumb was left to us to even taste or try. Guess that’s testament to a great tart!

There you have it, our lovely meal enjoyed at home by our fave team in Odette. Hoping that you all are eating well during this period too.

Keep your spirits up!


Mochi waffles with the BRUNO Hot Sand Maker

My first post of 2020 and it’s already in April! I guess I didn’t really expect to revive my blog but now with the Circuit Breaker fully in place and having a little more time on hand, I can now go back to experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.

It’s Day 5 now and I’m learning to slowly understand the new norm though I can’t help but feel frustrated. I guess it’s God’s way of telling us that everything is in his time. We can only wait and hope that eventually things will all fall into place.

Staying at home also brings upon a whole new meaning. Suddenly, we have lost the freedom of doing the things we used to do. My weekend ferrying of the kid for her classes, the in-between mani/pedi/facial treats, the long leisurely meals we have at our fave restaurants. All that is halted for the next 3 weeks. So back to the kitchen I went to put my restless energy into good use!

Thanks to my mama pal (Little Bow Girls), I found a new use for Mochi Rice Cakes. These can be found in Don Don Donki. We used to only use it for grilling or for steamboats. But now I realised that they can also be used on the BRUNO Hot Sand Maker using the waffle attachment. All it took was 2-3 minutes and the mochi cake expanded into a fluffy and crispy rice cracker.

It made for a great snack during the day. Not too difficult to do and the results were very satisfying. The best part is that it is both adult and kid-friendly.

I whipped up a small batch of salted caramel earlier in the morning. My very first time making salted caramel. Again, I was worried that I would end up burning the caramel but I studied the instructions very carefully and with some patience thrown into the mix, my salted caramel turned out just the way I wanted.

So the mochi waffle rice-cakes along with the salted caramel made for a deadly but delicious afternoon treat. I guess we all need something sinful to survive this month-long Circuit Breaker.

While we have turned to Instagram mostly for our updates, I do enjoy documenting our thoughts and penning our recipes down on this blog. I guess searching for things online is a lot easier when it’s clearly categories on the blog.

Hope you all are keeping well during this period. Stay safe and healthy!

Self care: Learning something new

One of the things that I’ve been told that I like to advocate is lifelong learning. Well, there seems to be some truth in it. Probably because of my inquisitive nature, I do want to learn new things, whether I am able to masterfully grasp it, that sometimes remain to be seen.

So we signed up a for a session of watercolour painting as part of our recent team-bonding activity. It was pretty fun but I’ve often thought of painting and art as being therapeutic. It was something that I would like to continue and so after the 2 hour workshop, I bagged myself and went home with new paints, brush and art paper. I was raring to go – transforming ideas that I had in my head to paper. That didn’t turn out too well, unfortunately.

Refusing to give up (for now), I decided to pick myself up and then relied on the internet to read up more ideas. It seemed to work and I do enjoy coming up with new artwork for the little one.

So I will get there with more practice. It is my hope one day to just paint food illustrations of the food and drink that we get acquainted with during our travels. A friend of ours has done that and I often marvel at her work. So I hope to achieve that one day.

Presenting my art journey (in order of sequence, so hopefully you can see the improvement):