Sophie’s first catwalk show

Gosh, this seems like a while back but I never got round to posting it so I decided that it should still be posted despite the <gulp> three months lag.

We were invited by the lovely parents of Leia + Lauren to participate in the runway show at SuperMom Deluxe sometime in Feb. We were quite excited as this was the first fashion show that the Bub was invited to be in and it was quite a fun thing to do given that this Mama loves and breathes shopping/ fashion.

We were also stokked that our BFF, Mama Libby and Sophie-Rose was also involved in the show. It does help to have a familiar face around and you know with toddlers, anything and everything can happen. Expect the unexpected, that saying is true for sure.

Our make-up call was rather early, 12-ishpm to be exact and the showtime was only 3pm. I was kinda worried about the Bub missing her nap and I know the meltdowns that can possibly morph and spiral out of control when she doesn’t get sufficient rest, but it was near impossible to get her to nap with all the buzz going around. I had my Tula but it didn’t work for sure. I also preferred if the girls didn’t have any make-up on for it was tough trying to tell them not to rub their eyes and smear their make-up on their outfits.

When it was show-time, the kids all lined up in a single row and waited for their turn to walk down the runway. Bub was one of the last few and by that time, she was already getting restless. By this point, I’ve already lost count of the number of white chocolate marshmallows and boxes of raisins that she had consumed. She was literally on a sugar high, all ready to get on stage but well, I had to reign her in.

Well, eventually it was her turn and boy was it hilarious! She wouldn’t walk on her own so I had to get up on stage to cheer her on and get her to “shake her little bum” when each child had to stand in the corner and strike a pose. Her bum shaking caused a stir in the crowd with huge laughs. Phew.. thankfully, no cries!

It sure was memorable indeed. Thanks Peter and Amber for having us again. It was quite the experience and this Mama will hold on to the memories and relate them to the Bub when’s she’s older.


Travel with kids to +852

Wait a minute?! Didn’t I just come back from an all girls trip from Hong Kong? Yea, I did. But it’s not like I’m loving Hong Kong so much to want to bring my kid there. I still think while Hong Kong offers a lot in terms of shopping and food, but for kids (especially toddlers), I’m not quite certain about it being a holiday destination.

So this Mama and girls only holiday was a bit of an impromptu trip as our fave Mama-and-girl duo was due for a trip to visit her family and because I’ve been yearning to bring Bubba for a mom and bub holiday so on a quick whim (on my part actually), we booked our tickets, accommodation to Hong Kong for an all-girls trip only to Disney.

The Dad was happy when he heard this, he thinks I’m the real Disney Junkie here hiding under the guise of the Bub and he thinks that this trip should allow me to get Disneyland out of my system once and for all.

Well, we just returned from our amazing holiday and we have so much to share about the trip. Not so much in terms of shopping but what we have achieved in Disney. Just give me a couple of days to recover from just the 4D/3N holiday with the Bub. Once I get sufficient rest, I’ll fire up the keyboard and share the tips. But first, I really need to SLEEP!

Blending my way to good health

So I recently got my hands on the Vitantonio Mini Blender, a really pretty kitchen device that blends fruits and vegetables into a delicious smoothie in less than a minute. Did I mention that it’s in a gorgeous shade of lavender? It totally matches our kitchen interior. 🙂

After getting the device, I started brainstorming on different smoothie blends that I could possibly try out with the Vitantonio Mini Blender. Here’s a collection of recipes that I’ve tried out and hoping to add-on along the way:

Kale x Coconut Water x Pineapple

Pineapple and mango are great accompaniments to kale which can be slightly bitter in taste. The pineapple chunks in the smoothie along with the kale and coconut water really helps to quench one’s thirst on a hot and humid day.

Kale x Banana x handful of Raspberries x Macadamia Nut Milk 

This is like a power breakfast smoothie that’s packed with vitamins and nutrients to fill me up. I decided I will try to bring in a smoothie to work at least twice a week and replace my cup of coffee with a healthier option instead. I actually quite like this blend. The Macadamia Nut milk was nutty and creamy and went well with the blended banana. The raspberries added a slight zing to the concoction but it wasn’t all too sour.

Kale x Banana x Strawberries x Macadamia Nut Milk

What we love about our brand new blender? Portion is just right for one person. This means I don’t have to lug out our slow-pressed juicer just to make juice for myself. All I need to do is to slice the fruits and veggies, pop them into the Vitantonio with some liquid (it could be filter water, milk, yogurt or yogurt drink) and blitz it to get a smoothie. Texture of the smoothie can also be controlled. So if you like your fruits to be finer, simply press and hold the blender till you see all the chunky bits disappear into the smoothie.

Next, I’m going to try and get my hands on some chia seeds. I’ve long heard the benefits of chia seeds and perhaps that can also  help to fill me up for that couple of hours along with the smoothie.

Mother’s Day 2017

No grand celebrations but in fact, I decided on a series of events to mark the occasion and to indulge in a little tender loving care for myself.

First up, a gift to myself! I had my eyes set on the Coach Mercer Satchel with souvenir embroidery the moment I saw how cute the patches were on the bag. I don’t usually buy white/ cream coloured bags for I worry about how I should maintain them but this one was too cute to pass up.

What I really liked was that for Mother’s Day, every purchase of the bag came with a bag tag and complimentary embossing. It was hard narrowing down the emoticons for the tag but I eventually settled on a blue tag with the letters J and S which can signify my name, the Man’s name, Sparky’s name and the Bub’s name. Pretty efficient huh? 🙂 And I couldn’t decide between the bow or the unicorn but picked the unicorn in the end because Bubba is born in the year of the horse, so I guess that’s kinda close to a unicorn.

Next, Mama Libby and I decided that we totally deserve a gift for ourselves, so we went ahead and bought this sleek eMicro scooter after upgrading the girls’ scooters recently.

I was a little nervous about getting an adult scooter but the eMicro One is one cool, hybrid electronic scooter. It’s lightweight and easy to use – no throttle or funky buttons to worry about when powering up the electric mode. I was really quite excited to get my hands on this new transportation device. I don’t cycle for nuts and I was worried about whether I could even handle this scooter on my own. But, thanks to the encouragement by my Mama pal and the Man, I decided to take on this personal challenge of balancing on the eMicro and using it to get round the neighbourhood for coffee runs instead of relying on the car.

I thought it would take me a few weeks before I could even balance on the eMicro but I’m really proud to share that after one evening spent learning how to scoot on my own on the eMicro, I DID IT! I managed to balance and actually scoot up and down the road. I did almost 20 minutes on the eMicro the next day on a double-girls date with the little one and I sure am eager to see if I can go further on the scooter. Stay tuned or follow us on Instagram for more updates. 🙂

This Mother’s Day, we also did a little joint celebration with the Bub’s godma as well. I signed all of us up for a baking session over at Spur Box with the kiddos where we bonded over baking of butter cookies decorated with fondant.

I was actually worried that Bubba would not eb able to listen to instructions and would get bored halfway during the 90- 120 minute session but we survived. I was most impressed when she placed the butter into the bowl and used the stirrer to mix the flour. She also rolled out the dough and used the cookie cutters to make the cookies. Never mind that the cookies were not perfect, it’s the effort that truly mattered.

The session was also nicely broken up to include an interactive story-telling with puppets by the facilitator. I think that was a nice touch for I know how short a child’s attention span can be so the story-telling helped pique their interest while we waited around for their cookies to be baked.

Suffice to say, the Bub did have fun in her very first baking class that she had with me. I’m kinda proud that she did well in the session and I really do look forward to signing us up on another class to spend the time and interact with her.

And on Sunday, I was greeted with these little handmade cards and a beautiful bouquet of flowers by the Man. I guess it’s true what they say, it’s the littlest things that take up the most space in one’s heart. And that was exactly how I felt when the Bub held the bouquet and the cards and walked towards me with a little smile.

Dearest Sophie, you are still very young to know this but thank you for making me your Mama. Everyday spent with you over the last three years is truly a blessing and such a joy. I wish only the best for you, my little darling. I know I may not be the perfect Mama but I will strive to be one for you. Love you so very dearly and so very, very much!

And just like that, my Mother’s Day is perfect!

Trying to keep up..

Don’t you feel that there’s always a constant need to try to keep up? Apart from appearances, it’s also trying to keep up with the rest of the world. Social media seems to be the most efficient tool to utilise to keep up with the ongoings of the world. But sometimes it does become quite the monster in its own right.

I question myself as I scroll the hundreds of pictures in squares on our IG feed, I wonder if the pictures are a true reflection of one’s life. Sometimes it is but sometimes it isn’t. I’m guilty of that, I post pictures of the Bub smiling but behind that smile could have been a meltdown waiting to happen. We don’t post pictures of those for we are either busy dealing with the situation or it’s just not picture-perfect of one’s life.

So perhaps this is a reminder to self. To enjoy the present, the moment. Sure the pictures capture the moment but I don’t always need to be in a hurry to share it with the world instantly. I don’t need the world to embrace what I post but for it to matter to people who matter.

And what’s the point of the photo? Well, it just cheers me up looking at my Bub being silly and just having fun. That’s what life should be about. Laugh, be silly and have fun!

I’ll try to come back to blogging more often for it’s in this space that I find myself sharing more candidly about our lives. Some may ask who’s got time to read blogs these days, everything needs to be quick and fast. Yup, even on social media. Well, perhaps that’s true. To keep up with the trends, one needs to be fast and think on one’s feet. But I’m already doing it at work, I don’t really want to be caught in a hamster wheel of constant chase.


Confessions of a shopaholic mom

inked on the national papers last month!
It was kind of nice actually to be part of this lifestyle article where we shared why we would choose local brands over some of the mainstream brands for the Bub. Well, we did come a long way – window-shopping, surfing the internet/ Instagram to look at different brands or designs to fill up the Bub’s wardrobe. So during our 3 year journey with the Bub, it’s nice to see the fashion scene for children’s clothing come to life and marrying comfort with style. That’s not all, the prices are often really pocket-friendly too.

Here are some of our fave local brands to shop at:

  • Sea Apple for its organic cotton clothes, original prints, quality fabrics and modern styles
  • Elizabeth Little Co for its pretty dresses fashioned from Liberty fabrics
  • Leia + Lauren Shop for its cute veggie prints on their soft and comfortable terry cotton rompers that’s perfect for our climate and play
  • Little Bow Company for the specially curated items (think dresses, bows, accessories and now Princess dresses that toddlers would want to wear and prance around in)
  • HappieTings for handmade bows in a variety of candilicious colours for one can never have too many bows!


Upcycling our old IKEA step-stool

Our Ikea Step Stool has been with us as long as I’ve been married. It was one of the items that we purchased and I popped into the containers when I relocated to Tokyo then. Thought it would be useful to have around the home if I needed to climb and reach the cabinets. We moved it from house to house when we shifted and till today, it remains as one of our older fixtures around the home. We like using it as a stool occasionally when I sit next to the Bub and blow her hair. While the helper likes using it as a ladder when cleaning our room. To be honest, after 11 years, it was looking a tad bit dirty but we never got round to getting rid of it because it was actually very sturdy and looked like it could last.

So after deliberating and seeing how fun upcycling of old furniture can actually be (thanks to Mama Libby), I finally got round to purchasing some paints from French Chic Paint to embark on my refurb project.

Okay, why choose French Chic Paint over other types of paint or even spray paint that you can get off the counter? Here are the reasons why after seeing what Libby did with some of her stuff, I was sold! It really does help when your Mama pal share the information which is what I’m doing here as well. 🙂

  • Frenchic Furniture Paint is fabulous for transforming any piece of furniture whether you are into that shabby chic, retro or industrial look.
  • I like that different looks can be created simply by using their eco-friendly range of waxes and Frensheens or finish with a Finishing Coat to add an extra level of protection to your furniture.
  • Best part? Their paint, waxes and finishes are all natural and non-petroleum based with no horrible odour.

After putting the Bub to bed one night and as I was solo-parenting, I got down to painting our stool. It was pretty easy painting this and the best part was that it didn’t really matter that the brush strokes needed to be uniformed if it’s the rustic look that you are trying to achieve on your pieces. The paint had no foul smell and this meant that I could do my painting in the comfort of my own room while supervising my sleeping child. The paint also dried up rather quickly. I painted the first coat in Mother Duck and then let it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes before applying on the second coat.

Thereafter, I let the stool dry overnight before putting on the Finishing Coat the next morning to seal the paint for the stool. We used about 2 coats of the Finishing Coat on the stool and in between each application, I do let the coat dry from about 2 hours before applying the next Finishing Coat on the stool.

Presenting our stool with a fresh coat of paint! And what a difference the coat of paint made.. love the duck-egg blue (Mother Duck) colour that we chose and it stood out among our white furnishings.