Check these buns!

After the session of the Ang Ku Kueh making, the friends were all ready to recreate more home-made snacks in their kitchen.  This time round it was going to be Red Bean Buns (豆沙包).  I was just happy to be invited along to participate in the making of these home snacks for it sure beats trying to figure out the complicated steps on my own.

I missed a good part of the bun making for I miscalculated my arrival time back from London to Geneva. So, by the time I joined the ladies, they have already done a whole lot of prep work in the kitchen.  But I did help with the wrapping of the buns.  After the wrapping and proofing of the buns, we popped them into the steamer and waited patiently for the first batch of buns to come out right.  And they were perfect!  So we stuffed our faces silly with the buns and spent the rest of the afternoon steaming all of 37 red bean buns.

For the recipe on the Red Bean Buns, E & J sourced for the recipe on Happy Home Baker.  As we couldn’t get all the ingredients here in Geneva, the ladies actually tweaked the recipe further and made the red bean paste from scratch! Now, that I couldn’t do!  Hehe 😉

The Man is just pleased that he managed to get another of his local snack craving fixed.  🙂


I’ve been busy in the kitchen… Click here to check out my culinary adventures in Geneva.

6 thoughts on “Check these buns!

    • Lady J says:

      Haha… it’s friends that are making these treats. I’m just joining in the fun and learning how tough it is to make them from scratch! Hehe

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