These tiny ‘uns

After 3 failed attempts at making Chouquettes, I finally succeeded in whipping up this batch of puffs!  Phew!  I was so close to giving up but I realised that I was using the wrong type of flour.  I can’t seem to get ‘All-purpose’ flour from the local supermarket.  Thank goodness I managed to get some from the Asian supermaket yesterday.  And ta-dah.. the problem was partially solved.

I also tweaked the recipe wanting to use some of the Almond Milk that was gifted by Sam from Schwigen in Switzerland, but the puffs failed to rise and ended up becoming almond cookies instead.  So on batch 4, I decided to stick with the original recipe and it worked fine.  As for the Almond Milk, I’ve put it to good use as a custard filling for some of the puffs that I made.  More on that to come. 😉

These tiny morsels of sugared puffs taste oh-so-great with a coffee in hand and best enjoyed while flipping a fashion magazine to while away the morning.

For the recipe on how to make the basic choux pastry, click here.  As for the chouquettes, all I did was to top the mini puffs with large coarse sugar or pearl sugar.

I’m definitely having loads of fun with these choux puffs for now.  🙂  Fingers crossed for the next successful batch.


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