Best served chilled..

I was itching to go back into the kitchen and after getting my hands on a bottle of Yuzu concentrate juice, I decided it’s time to whip up a zesty and citrus-y dessert at the loft.

One of my fave desserts that I learned to make during our stay in Geneva was this key lime tart.  I couldn’t think of a better dessert that would zing the taste-buds and beat the heat.  I thought instead of using the extract from 5 key-limes, I’ll simply use the extract from 2 key-limes and swap it with the Yuzu concentrate instead.

As I cooked the Yuzu and Key Lime curd, the tangy ‘fumes’ filled the kitchen and I almost couldn’t wait to get a bite of these tarts! But something went wrong along the way, I honestly don’t know what for I followed my trusty recipe to the tee with the exception of swapping part of the lime juice with that of Yuzu.  After prepping part 2 of the recipe, I waited patiently for 2 hours for the tarts to be chilled and hardened.  As I took one of them out for this little photog session, I noticed that they were still a little watery.  I thought perhaps they needed more time to be chilled but after placing them in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours, the texture was still not right.

Disappointed and exasperated at the failed tarts, I popped one of them into the freezer in the hope that the Yuzu & Key-Lime filling would harden.  5 minutes on, I went to check on the tart and it worked!  The hardened tart actually tasted like ice-cream!  As I bit into the tart, I thought ‘Whoa.. this is yummy!!’  I guess all’s not lost then, this ice-cream tart worked wonders in cooling me down and providing the much-needed respite from the heat.

I’ll definitely try making this combo again with a couple more tweaks to the usual recipe.  Hopefully this time round it will succeed.  Fingers crossed!

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