hell-oooo scary foods..

BOO!  So, what are you folks up to this Halloween?  Us?  We’ve been invited to a Halloween party hosted by L&G over at the Swiss Watch blog.  Kinda pysched about attending the party for our friends have been going all out with their costumes for Halloween.  I’ll share more of those pics as well as our costumes after the party.

Well, I couldn’t resist jumping in on the spooky action, so I decided to get busy and baked up these macarons for the party as treats for friends.  As with all my macaron adventures, nothing ever comes out right.  Somehow, there’s gotta be some kind of ‘mystery’ that takes me by surprise… so read on to find out about my misadventures:

I had originally planned to make the macaron shells in a shade of black and fill them with some truffle salted white chocolate ganache.  However, after much research, making black colouring seems like an arduous task so I decided to stick with Blood Red Macarons instead.

My incident with these ‘bloodyred shells?  I under-baked them and as I tried to lift one of the shells up, it broke right before my very eyes.  I was ‘heart-broken’.. I could never get them right!  Grrr….But instead of dumping the whole lot, I popped them back into the oven and increased the bake-time a little longer.  Minutes later, the shells started ‘bubbling’.  When I took them out, thankfully, they managed to pop right off the baking sheet.  Phew!  Macaron disaster 1 adverted.

I’m also kinda pleased with the styling that I’ve done with these ‘Blood Red‘ Macarons.  The sun has been playing peek-a-boo today and I was running around the apartment trying to capture the sun’s rays to photograph these macarons.  In the end, I laid them on our black dining table and played with whatever props I could find. Placing them on this coral decor was a rather neat idea I had for the coral looked like spooky tentacles.  Then it became kinda hard to photograph them further.  So I decided to keep it simple and make a play on words that are related to Halloween.

What do you think?

BloodRed‘ Macarons with Black Truffle Salted White Chocolate Ganache

Click here for the recipe on the macaron shells.  I added red powdered colouring to get the red macaron shells.

For Black Truffle Salted White Chocolate Ganache: [Recipe adapted from the Pleasure Monger]

  • 70g White chocolate
  • 40ml double cream
  • 1/3 teaspoon salt
  • 1.5 teaspoon chopped black truffles (I used dried black truffles)
  • 3 drops of truffle oil
  1. Place white chocolate and cream in a double boiler and heat over barely simmering water till chocolate melts. Stir continuously as you melt the chocolate.
  2. Let the ganache cool slightly. Stir in the salt, chopped black truffles and truffle oil.
  3. Refrigerate ganache till it sets to a pipe-able state and fill/spoon over the cooled macaron shells.

So on to batch 2 of macarons then.  This time round, perhaps some ‘Spooky‘ Macarons?  I wanted to experiment with some tropical flavours so I attempted to whip up some Coconut macarons filled with Mango buttercream.  Did you think it was going to be smooth-sailing?  Of course not!

First, I under-mixed the macaron batter and those darn peaks appeared again!  I sprinkled desiccated coconut flakes to cover the peaks.  But as I removed the baked macaron shells from the tray, I realised that they had NO feet and the tops cracked really badly!  Once again, I was faced with same old dilemma.  It’s like Groundhog Day all over again – Should I bin them or try to salvage them?  I was too tired to bake up another batch of macarons, plus I had no aged egg whites sitting around. So, I decided to ‘suck’ it in!  Anyway, the disfigured macaron shells could work to my advantage since it was fitting of the Halloween theme.

Ta-dah… Behold my ‘Spooky’ and Imperfect Macarons in all it’s glory!

Spooky‘ Coconut Macarons with Mango Buttercream

Click here for the recipe on the macaron shells.  I added teal gel-based colouring to get the greenish macaron shells.

Mango Buttercream:

  • 60g of unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup mango puree
  • 4-5 tablespoons of icing sugar (more or less)

To Make Mango Buttercream: Cream butter, and mango. Slowly add sugar until the buttercream is no longer separated by the mango. Keep chilled and spoon/pipe onto cooled macaron shells.

Okay, there you have it – my macaron misadventures this Halloween!  If anything, I just hope my friends will appreciate the humour that I’ve injected to making these macarons.  And please don’t judge my macarons, they just wanna come and play ‘Peek-a-Boo’ with you!

Have a great Halloween wherever you are!


I’ve been busy in the kitchen… Click here to check out my baking adventures in Geneva.

4 thoughts on “hell-oooo scary foods..

    • Lady J says:

      Awww…thanks E! I lucked out on the red ones.. the green ones on the other hand.. not so great! As for the photography, think I lucked out on that too… Hehe..

  1. Z says:

    Geneva is bringing out the creative domestic goddess in you! I really like the blood red ones, they remind me of Balenciaga bags in the same shade 😉

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