Pulled pork with apples

I’ve been trying to expand our repertoire of recipes for Bubba with little success. Sometimes I wonder if we are raising a picky eater… yikes.. our greatest fear as we love our food!

IMG_3514Been trawling the net for kid-friendly recipes plus asking Mama-friends to share some of their tried-and-tested recipes for me to whip up for the little picky one. Managed to find online this pulled pork recipe using the slow cooker which looked relatively simple, so I decided to make this. Problem is I am not able to remember where I got the recipe from so apologies for not giving the due credit.

In any case, I did improvise the recipe and will probably attempt to make it again for the Bubs, so here goes!

IMG_3697I got a cut of a lean pork chop from the butcher and marinated the meat lightly with these home-made chicken essence and garlic powders which I got online.

IMG_3956Thereafter I filled my slow-cooker with 1/2 cup of water, 1 apple and 1/2 large white onion with the marinated pork chop laid at the bottom of this soupy mixture. Ranked up the slow-cooker at high and once it started to boil, switched it to the auto-function and cooked it for another 2.5 to 3 hours. You will know when the pork is ready when you gently use a fork to press the meat and it flakes upon touch.

IMG_3515I served this together with some of the mashed apple in the stew along with soft Japanese rice to Bubba. Feeling all excited and a sense of achievement for trying out something new. But lookie at what we have here?!?


Well, back to researching for more exciting recipes to add into the box for this little one! Do you have an ‘amazing’ recipe that will win the tummy of our somewhat picky eater? If yes, please do share!! Thanks in advance!!

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