floral jello.

Remember the post I did on the ‘Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry and Date Gelee‘?  So decided to test-drive the recipe out yesterday.  Overall, good attempt cos there were some parts that were over-done.  Yes.  I know!  How hard can jello be right?

{The ingredients – Chrysanthemum flowers, wolfberries, dates, gelatine leaves, rock sugar}

{Mixing and boiling all the ingredients together}

{Ta-dah.. the floral jello!}

The jello was a little hard cos I over-added 2 more gelatin leaves thinking that it wouldn’t make a difference.  Apparently, it did!  But all’s not lost, it’s just as yummy.  Just gotta remember to use the right amount of sugar the next time.

2 thoughts on “floral jello.

  1. Lady J says:

    Okie… come my place!! It’s easy to make leh!! We added too much gelatin leaves but the texture is like the CNY jello that we like to eat! 🙂

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