Books for Bubba from Flip for Joy + a Giveaway!

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We participated in the Flip for Joy‘s Father’s Day contest in IG and won for ourselves a Mandarin book titled ‘爸爸的亲亲’ for Bubba. When I provided my details for Meiru from Flip for Joy to send us the prize, she asked if I would be keen in a blog review on some Chinese books to kick-start Bubba’s reading journey.

I said ‘Yes’ to that because I found it a struggle to look for Chinese books for Bubba. We tried to instil a routine for Bubba at night. After her shower, she would unwind with some playtime with my mil before I take her to our bedroom (yes, we co-sleep) and I read her a bedtime story. She would squeal when she sees me picking up her favourite stories to read to her.

The Man had been bugging me to get some Mandarin books for Bubba that he could read to her. He was adamant about introducing Mandarin to Bubba on the onset so that she could be effectively bilingual  at an early age. He knew my Mandarin was far from satisfactory so he didn’t want Bubba to follow suit.

As you can imagine, I obviously found it a struggle to purchase Mandarin storybooks for Bubba. I didn’t know where to start. I got a couple of mandarin flash cards and simple picture books off qoo10 but I knew those weren’t exactly storybook materials. And then I decided since Bubba had a couple of fave storybooks in English, I could get them in Mandarin versions. That way, it would be easy for her to relate. So I started to build Bubba’s small little Mandarin library of books from scratch with a couple of other reads from friends.

IMG_2435When Meiru said she would pick out some Mandarin books for Bubba, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. She asked if I could share with her what I had, which I did. Sent her a pic of the 4 miserly Mandarin books that we had.

IMG_2789When we received our package a couple of days later, I was really quite thrilled with the selection of books that Meiru has carefully curated for Bubba. Loved the handwritten note and the joyful reads that were largely made of stories with animals in it. Perfect for Bubba for she’s in an animal phase.

IMG_2797She certainly wasted no time and delved straight into her new reads. Her fave animal at the moment has gotta be the lion! She loves mimicking the roar of the lion and can animately point at the character when she sees a lion. It’s actually quite cute to watch her flip the pages of the book and babbling as if she knew what the story was about. I guess that’s where it’s crucial for us to sit next to her and read to her so that she understands how the story unfolds.

IMG_2790Our prize! 爸爸的亲亲 which the Man loves reading to Bubba, of course.

L1020010When he is not busy with work on weeknights, he does try to squeeze in some time to read her a book or two. We’ve been alternating between this book and 我的朋友上 which is this gorgeous pop-up book featuring different sort of animals. Bubba also love that book to bits for we would take turns to mimic the sounds of the animals which gets her all excited.

IMG_2791Here’s some background information about Flip for Joy which Meiru shared with me:

1. They are book recommendations from a parent to another.

Flip for Joy’s book selection is good enough for my own child. Being an ex JC Chinese language teacher, I have high expectations when it comes to educational resources and I’m very passionate about teaching the Chinese langauge to my child. A lot of time and effort have been spent on searching for books that are fun, exciting and engaging. I’ll always try reading the books with my 6 year old before writing the sypnosis and recommendations in both Chinese and English so as to help parents choose the best for their children.

I especially appreciated that. For someone who had little idea on what kind of Mandarin books to get for Bubba, Meiru was extremely helpful in picking out the books for Bubba. Additionally, Bubba has only just turned one and it was great that she could pick the books that would appeal to young readers.

2. We have categorized our books into 3 main categories: Flip for FUN, KNOWLEDGE, LOVE

Flip for FUN books are highly interactive and a whole lot of fun!
Flip for KNOWLEDGE are insightful and have rich elements of story-telling.
Flip for LOVE books help children love the important values in life.

With the simple classification of the categories, it was relatively easy to navigate the Flip for Joy’s site to look for books. My only challenge is trying to use the Chinese keyboard to search for the titles of the books. But you know what? Meiru has been very helpful and a quick search online also revealed that she is often more than willing to go the extra mile to curate a selection of books for little ones if needed. So when in doubt, feel free to just email her and ask for help. I’m sure she will not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

3. Many of our books are bestsellers and award-winning titles loved by children worldwide and we have a good bilingual selection

We bring in the best books from all over the world (UK, US, Europe, Korea, Japan, China etc). You can find popular childrens’ titles such as Dear Zoo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, The Giving Tree etc in our bookstores and the best part is, children can now get to enjoy these classics in the Chinese language or even in both languages.

Again, another plus! If you do not know where to start on Mandarin books, perhaps you can follow in my footsteps. I simply got Mandarin titles of her fave books like Dear Zoo and The Hungry Caterpillar as a start. Since she already knew how the story went in English, the Man simply had to read to her the story in Mandarin. Meiru was really sweet to include one of Eric Cayle’s titles called Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See.

4. We offer free local standard mail for all orders and free courier delivery to your doorstep for orders S$50 and above.

5. Like Flip for Joy on Facebook ( to be kept updated on our latest happenings and promotions and benefit from the many articles and resources shared (on the teaching of the Chinese language, ways to encourage your child to read, parenting etc).


Here are the titles that we have received (from Top Left to Right):
  1. 超萌花样折页翻翻书系列(我的朋友上,下)
  2. 爸爸的亲亲
  3. 1,2,3到动物园
  4. 我喜欢吃草
  5. 爱的表白书(6册)
Some of Bubba’s fave reads are 爸爸的亲亲 and (我的朋友上,下) which the Man reads to her when he can. As for me, reading Mandarin books have always posed a challenge to me so I try my best.


Flip for Joy has very kindly offered 2 copies of 《1,2,3到动物园》to 2 readers residing in Singapore. Each copy is worth $13.90.

To enter in this contest, simply like Flip for Joy Facebook page and share my blog-post on your Facebook page. Contest will close on 10 August, 11.59pm. Contest is closed.

Make sure you do the steps, for I will verify the details before announcing  the winners.

SG50 promotion
Flip for Joy is currently offering special SG50 book bundles at $50, inclusive of complimentary courier delivery. That’s not all, the first 50 customers who shop with Flip for Joy in the month of August and spend a minimum of $50 will receive a free book treat (selected by Flip for Joy), worth at least $10.

Don’t miss out on this deal to kick-start your child on their journey of reading. I know I’m going to take advantage of this deal and these are some of the books I have my eye on. 🙂 I’ve asked the lovely Meiru as to whether these books are ideal for Bubba and she has advised 2 out of the 4 which I have shortlisted will be good for the little one. That’s not all, she even recommended some books that I would not have looked into for consideration. Now, I can’t wait to cart out these goodies for Bubba. 🙂

IMG_5037Images taken from Flip for Joy


Disclaimer : Lady J’s musings received a set of complimentary Mandarin books from Flip for this review. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services provided. 

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