Tokyo eats: Johan Paris

IMG_2429I read that Johan Paris is famed for it’s chocolate bread and that somehow got me really excited!  Since we were hanging around Ginza most of the time, we walked past the Johan Paris store located at Basement 2 of Mitsukoshi Ginza several times.  I couldn’t resist trying our luck to get our hands on one of those loaves of chocolate bread.    IMG_2466

Bake times for the chocolate bread are 10.30am, 1.00pm, 4.00pm and 6.00pm.  One would need to get a ticket from the staff 45 minutes before the bread is served up and boy, was it competitive!  We wanted to get hold of one of these babies at 3.15pm but went about 5 minutes past the time and the tickets had all been given out.  Bummer!

IMG_2433Since we hung around the area, we did eventually get hold of a ticket for the 6.00pm bake!  I was over the moon!!  But we had dinner reservations at that time too and could not afford to be late for that dinner.  So, even though I scored the ticket, I didn’t get hold of the bread.  😦

IMG_2467On the eve of our departure from Tokyo, we happened to be around Ginza again for dinner with friends.  The Man knew I wasn’t going to leave Tokyo a happy gal if I didn’t get to taste the chocolate bread.  So we tried our luck again and scored 4 tickets this time.  1 person is only allowed a maximum of 2 tickets (ie: 2 loaves of the bread).  Since we were going to queue and get the bread might as well get all 4 tickets and share the bread with our friends.  🙂

IMG_2469Waiting eagerly in the queue to get our hands on these babies!!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetAnd from just 1, we ended up with 4 loaves of the famed chocolate bread (¥1680, approximately S$20.30)!  I was one happy gal!!! We packed back to Singapore 2 of the loaves and ended giving the rest to some of our friends who happened to be in the city during the same time. IMG_2484Not forgetting to leave half a loaf of this prized find for us to enjoy as breakfast before flying back home this morning.  🙂

Note: Johan Paris is now available in Singapore at Jurong East Gate Shopping Mall, so you know where to get your choco bread fix if you ever are in one.

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