Happy 100 Days

This post is in no way related to some happy 100 days challenge that I’ve seen on Instagram. It’s actually a post to commemorate the little one turning 100 days old – the actual end of my confinement and some say the end of the baby’s supposed fourth trimester and to celebrate the baby’s entry into the real world.

My mom was thrilled of course for it’s also the time when the Chinese traditions are observed. She was really particular about letting Sophie have the biscuits (so that she will not drool). Googled this and apparently there is an ‘anti-drooling’ ceremony that the Taiwanese observe. My MIL also has her share of items to prep for Sophie during this 100-day celebration, so we decided to combine and have the little one participate in them. Guess it’s really no harm taking part in them since it’s been passed on from generations and done out of love and concern from our elders.

The ceremony has to be done before 12pm and exactly on the baby’s 100th day. We arranged for the festivities to be done at about 10ish am and it kinda clashed with her morning nap that she sometimes take and sometimes skip to a later time during the day. She was a tad bit grumpy for we were all fussing around her when all she wanted to do was sleep. Oops!

The food items that my mom and MIL prepared. Each item had a meaning to why it was placed there.

1) Chinese Chives (Ku Cai)
We blanched some Chinese Chives and the Man wrapped some of them over his pinky finger and rubbed Sophie’s gums with it. The significance behind this is for a smooth-sailing and painless teething journey ahead.

My mom brought along this über traditional wooden chair that my nephews sat. The Missy didn’t quite like being in it though and protested by screaming. Oops..

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
2) Chicken Drumstick
We rubbed the steamed chicken drumstick across her lips to give her her first taste of food. Mom says so she can out-talk others but I read the action is for her to always eat well. That’s important cos the Man and I love our food and we don’t want to raise a picky eater.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset3) Steamed prawns
My mom is Cantonese and prawns are a must for Chinese New Year for the Cantonese name for prawns sounds like 哈. So letting Sophie have prawns would mean that we want her to grow up being happy always.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset4) Tofu (Tau Kwa)
I tore out a small piece of the pan-fried tofu and rubbed on Sophie’s lips. Again the action behind this is for Sophie to rise up the ranks.

IMG_85155) A string of Marie biscuits
Mom helped string some Marie biscuits with a red string for Sophie. I wanted Sophie to wear this so Mom made this edible necklace with mini Marie biscuits instead. I placed one of the biscuits in Sophie’s mouth for it’s believed to prevent or minimize drooling.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Happy 100 days Sweet-pea! Although you were a tad grouchy during the ceremony but looked like you are having fun now! Another couple of months to go before we start you on solids and that is another ball-game altogether. Can’t wait for you to join us mealtimes. 🙂


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