Bye-bye baby toxins! Say hello to Dapple..

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Now that Bubba is nearly three, it’s not entirely necessary that we stick to baby dishwashing liquid and detergent for her. But you know what? I still prefer to do that as the child’s skin is still pretty sensitive and some of the brands available out there might be too harsh for the skin. So for this reason, we decided to let her continue using baby-safe products till she’s much older.

When she was much younger, we’ve used brands such as Pigeon, Kodomo, Pureen, Method, Attitude and Bio-Home. If you noticed the trend, we started switching to more environmentally-friendly products when she was a little older and we understood what the harmful effects of some of these chemicals/ toxins and the long-term effects that they have on our body. This includes allergens, irritants, dangerous synthetic additives, preservatives, fragrances or dyes.

As such, I’ve always been on the look-out to try out other brands out there that are not only baby-safe but also safe for the environment. Expanding our horizons also meant shopping beyond our shores but on sites such as iHerb or even shopping at the local supermarkets when we are overseas to see what’s available out there. Case in point, we did uncover a couple of baby-friendly products during our recent trip to Coles Supermarket in Gold Coast. But of course, due to luggage constraints, we didn’t bring everything back.

We received an email from the good folks at DearBaby who asked if we were keen to give Dapple home-cleaning products a try for the purpose of this review. I’ve seen Dapple products being sold on Red Mart and Agape Babies and have been wanting to try it out but never got the chance so the timing was just right for us to test the products and see if they would be ideal for our home/ Bubba.

I shared with Audrey our profile (ie: Bubba’s age, the types of household cleaners we would purchase to use specifically for Bubba) and she curated a list of products based on our lifestyle.

About Dapple:

Dapple is a pioneer in natural cleaners and healthy home products, specifically designed for households with babies. Started by two mums in 2008 in New York, Dapple was born because these mums wanted to take the guess work out of cleaning safely around kids. Trust me, this can be quite mind-boggling as shared earlier if half of the products available on the shelves claim to be baby-friendly and one actually has to scrutinise if the ingredients are truly child-friendly.

Powered by plant-based formula, Dapple products are designed specially to clean baby messes. All Dapple products use natural-based ingredients that are environmentally-safe, biodegradable, and free of parabens, SLES, and phthalates, as well as synthetic dyes or fragrances. That to me is a huge plus for I understood more than half of those harmful ingredients that I would avoid on products that I would actually use on myself, what more for the Bub.

What does this mean?

Not only is Dapple baby-safe which means generally safe for children, it is also kind to the environment. Dapple is a trusted brand of Healthy Child Healthy World and is also certified by the nonprofit B Lab to have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. That’s great to know given the growing popularity of green parenting in Singapore, Dapple will certainly appeal to this category of parents/ families who are more environmentally conscious.

Here’s what we received which we thought are all great for travelling to be honest!

img_7435For Surface Care: Dapple Food Grade Pacifier Wipes (25 pieces)

I did share with Audrey that Bubba is no longer using a pacifier so I wasn’t too sure if sending these over to us would actually come in handy. She told me that actually I would probably find this very useful as the wipes can also be used to clean utensils or surface areas (such as high-chairs, tables, cutlery) when we are out. Turned out to be true!

img_7438What we liked about the pacifier wipes is that it comes individually wrapped and it’s really very convenient. No more fishing out for your big pack of wet-wipes which may not necessarily give you that pure clean-on-the-go for your equipment. Another plus for this individual packaging is that you don’t have to worry about them drying out which we often get when we open a pack of wipes that we hardly use and over time, the entire pack just ‘dries out’. What we do is simply pop two or three of these towelettes into Bubba’s utensil pouch and this comes in handy to clean her cutlery when she’s done with eating when we are out.


For Laundry Care: Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent Pods (25 pieces)

I’m usually quite picky when it comes to using the right laundry detergent for the Bub. It needs to be hypoallergenic (safe for babies’ skin), free of parabens and artificial fragrances. It doesn’t need to necessarily have any scent but that would be an added bonus if any.

img_7443Again a great accompaniment for overseas trips, these pods are easy and convenient to use. Each pod features a unique, natural enzyme package that specifically targets and cleans up all that spit-up and mushed food stains (things that your toddler would typically do to irk you and get their outfits all stained).

img_7583 I like that each pod is just sufficient for a laundry load of your child’s clothes, so all we needed to do is to throw in one of these pods to a load of laundry (3kg) which usually contained home-wear, school uniforms, towels and sometimes our wet-bags plus diaper bags.

For Dish Care: Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid (Apricot)

img_7445Seriously, Dapple does come up with a delicious-scented baby bottle and dish washing liquid. I was literally spoilt for choice when I had to narrow down to the preferred scent of our choice (couldn’t decide between Apple-Pear, Lavender or Apricot) so I opted for Apricot – something light and fruity.

Dapple Bottle & Dish Liquid is perfect for safely cleaning baby milk bottles, cups, pacifiers, cutlery and even breast pump components. It features an award-winning green technology that specifically targets milk residue with baking soda to combat odour. Again, as with the rest of the products under the Dapple umbrella, this is free of harmful chemicals such as SLS, SLES, artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, , phthalates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, formaldehyde, and alcohol.

Be warned, this seriously smells so good that we wanted to basically wash our entire cutlery for the home using Bubba’s dishwashing liquid instead! Plus, it’s fast-rinsing and majority of the oil stains and milk residues from her milk bottles came out quickly that I didn’t have wash her bottles twice. Savings for one bottle of dishwashing liquid will probably last longer.

Pure ‘N’ Clean Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid (travel-sized)

img_7448While going through Dapple’s catalogue, I was also particularly pleased to find that travel-sized bottles are available for their Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid. I find that extremely useful as we travel quite a fair bit so it’s important that we bring along Bubba’s dishwashing liquid to wash her bottles and utensils when we are on-the-go (on the plane, on the roads, in hotels, etc). Also, I like the assurance of relying on something that we have been using rather than going to a foreign land and rushing out to the local supermarket/ convenience stores to purchase baby-friendly products. And these travel-sized bottles are great for these occasions (approved by security given that it’s 3 oz – under 100ml), at least I don’t have to look for other smaller bottles and transfer them. Priced at S$4.90, I think the price isn’t that expensive either.



Enjoy 15% off all Dapple products when you use the code “dapple15ladyj” at both DearBaby webstore (minimum order value of $20 nett for processing) and Dearbaby JEM store (#04-45). This code is valid until 28th Feb 2017 so I think this is a great time to take advantage of the offer and stock up these great household cleaning products that’s safe for your child and family. We are going to do that as well! 🙂

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the above-mentioned products from Dapple (DearBaby) for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services.

Prepping for Chinese New Year.. goodies and shopping!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and it does seem like a mad rush to get everything in order. The house, our clothes, the red packets.. well, you get the drift! Thankfully, the reunion dinner prep is often handled by the Man and the MIL, so I don’t have to worry that much about that. I’m often tasked to do the stocking up of our new year goodies which I also had help with gifts very kindly given by our family and friends.

Here’s a simple list of what we stocked up for the New Year, including a guide to what we will be wearing this Chinese New Year season. I know this is pretty late, but there’s still 3-4 more days to the festival, so there’s still that last burst that I’m sure might either give you a headache or an adrenaline rush!

Shopping for New Year Goodies:img_7030

There’s a mind-boggling selection of New Year goodies to choose from and what we usually have on our snack tray would include Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit (we love this thin, crispy ones that we buy in bulk from a home-based baker recommended by my friend, S about 6-7 years ago), Lychee Rose cookies from Home Favourites and Bak Kwa. This year, we tried Pineapple Bak Kwa at Kim Peng Hiang and I must say that it’s really pretty good. The bak kwa is slightly thicker than what you will get out there and the meat has juicy pineapple bits sandwiched in between. It’s sweet plus slightly savory all in one bite.

While we love our pineapple tarts, I do not have a brand that we will particularly buy from. Most of the pineapple tarts that we have acquired/ purchased over the years are usually either gifted or purchased from home-bakers. This year, we were gifted with a box of Pineapple Tarts from Bakerzin. I was pleasantly surprised first by the packaging as each tart was shaped in an adorable yet auspicious ingot shape and best part, individually wrapped. I thought this was great as it ensured freshness of the tart plus having it wrapped individually made it easier to snack-on-the-go. I don’t have to worry about taking the tarts out of it’s original bottle and into a small tupperware. Thanks again Bakerzin and Touch PR & Events for thinking of us and sending a box of these yummy treats to fill our bellies ahead of the festive season. 🙂

Shopping for New Year Clothes for Bubba:

Coming to my fave topic – Shopping – which I think I did pretty well in acquiring outfits for both the Bub and myself. 🙂 Hehe..

Before I became a Mum,  I was adamant about putting my child into a cheongsam for  Chinese New Year. “Why go with tradition? So boring! And those cheongsams that you get in bazaars and so uncomfortable?!” This was before discovering home-grown labels that offer stylish cheongsams with a modern twist for little ones.  This year, I think I have bought as well as received enough Cheongsams to fill her wardrobe for a good part of Chinese New Year. Am pretty excited for these little outfits are so cute and not to mention, they really look good for dinner/ occasion dressing when I’m too lazy to think which evening gown/ dress looks good on her. The cheongsam immediately comes to mind plus you know what, the older folks actually like for younger kids to be dressed in traditional outfits too. So win-win for us all.

Here are our choice-picks on where to shop for outfits this Chinese New Year. Psst.. best part is that you don’t even need to leave home to get the outfits!

img_6855Our fave brand for cheongsams this CNY has gotta be Sea Apple. We fell in love with the brand in 2016 and Bubba was dressed in her very first Liberty printed Cheongsam them. The fit was gorgeous and the print was outstanding without being too much in your face. So my first port-of-call was Sea Apple for this year and we loved most of the collection that we popped 3 dresses into our shopping cart (pictured above: the Spring Petal Ruffle Cheongsam). Sizing wise, gotta add that the Bub is 2.5 years old but can still fit majority of their size 2 outfits. I did get a size 4 for the Misted Dew Flutter Sleeve dress which is still a little too big for her for now but I guess, it’s a hoard!

Next, I’ve been a fan of Liberty Art Fabric prints for the longest time and when I discovered local brand – Elizabeth Little Co – which designs and makes outfits using Liberty prints, I was really excited about getting an outfit for Bubba. Originally, I had planned on getting the Chiyo Berry Cheongsam for I thought the tulle skirt would be a cute addition to her outfit but when I laid my eyes on the  Hanami Wonderland Cheongsam with cute prints from Alice in Wonderland peppered on the skirt, I was sold on the design and got that for the Bub instead. I think the outfit might also come in handy for our upcoming trips to Disneyland, Disney on Ice and perhaps, a princess themed event. Now, that’s killing possibly 3 birds with one stone with this outfit!

img_6918Apart from dresses, it’s also important for your child to be comfortable, so I also got a couple of rompers adorned with cute vegetable digital prints from Leia + Lauren shop.  Mama Libby and I first chanced upon the brand at a Mothersworks event but I didn’t examine the item in detail until more recently when we both looked at the collection more carefully and we both purchased the long carrot romper each for our Sophies because they are pretty darn cute.

img_6952Verdict? Super comfy rompers that are great for home wear and outdoor play. Since Bubba’s homewear needed updating, I decided to get the Leeks and Butternut Squash rompers as well. I’m guessing that the Leeks romper would be a hit with the older folks for Leek (韭菜, jiu cai ) represents everlasting relationship as the pronunciation of the letter – jiu (), sounds like long (久),  or 长长久久. I’m saving the leek romper for our reunion dinner later this week for it’s probably going to be hot and I want the Bub to feel comfortable during the hour-long dinner so this outfit will be great for our family reunion dinners. Hehe…

 Twinning outfits for Momma and Bubba:

Before twinning with my child gets too tacky and she can actually verbalise, “Mom, please get your own clothes! Or, dress me separately!”. I decided to milk it for what it’s worth.

Here are 2 online stores that we thought aced it in terms of twinning! Mixon Minis for cheongsams – I got the Amethyst Purple Swing Dress with the lace detail for myself. Love that the it’s actually loose (in case I get a belly from over-eating) and that it comes with a belt (to avoid friends/relatives from asking me “Are you pregnant?” when actually I’m just fat). I got Bubba the matching dress and we tried it on for size the other day and she enjoyed twirling in the chiffon dress.

img_7031And KSisters! We’ve been fans of KSisters for a while now, when we first added the navy Skorts which is our fave twinning outfit for the weekends. The red skort is a perfect one to add for CNY that will surely get the approval from the older generation. If you are fan of all things lace, you should definitely check out the Momma and Bubba lace dress twinning outift. We were tempted to get that but I don’t think I could pull off the look given my height plus the Bub is quite messy most of the time, I think I would be more stressed up ensuring that she doesn’t stain the dress then have fun in the outfit. But that said, KSisters did send us a twinning outfit in the Twirly Dress which is a style more up our alley, so we can’t wait to show that off once we wear them.

Prepping for CNY always does get me quite excited and I recall fondly when I was much younger, I would tag along with my parents to Chinatown to help them with their shopping. I would want to bring Bubba to Chinatown at some point to soak up the festive spirit and of course, indulge in the different types of shopping available at the New Year bazaar but of course, the crowds are a huge deterrent for us now. Perhaps when she’s older and when we summon sufficient courage to brace the crowds, we will go there next time.

Alright, that concludes what we have done for CNY to-date. I can’t wait for the feasting and catching up with family and friends come this weekend! Hope you are as excited as we are about the impending holiday! 🙂 Have a fab week ahead!


Note: We were gifted a box of Original Pineapple Tarts by Bakerzin on behalf of Touch PR & Events to share on our Instagram account. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own.

Review: Strap Stop from Agape Babies

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img_6770The only car that we possibly will let the Bub drive for now is her Little Tikes Cupcake Mobile and she’s already a riot on the road. So for now, we are pretty pleased to strap her into her car-seat when we take the wheel. Except that on bad days, the drive home with a screaming child wanting to get out of her car-seat with arms all flailing and wanting attention can be horribly nerve-wrecking for my poor Mama heart. I recalled when she was much younger, there were several times I had to stop by the road to calm her down before driving to the next location. There were also times when I simply couldn’t stop my car but was not left with much choice except to try and calm screaming child with words of assurance that “Everything is going to be alright.” Not that it mattered to the child whom I’m sure just wanted me to pick her up and soothe her.

A couple of weeks ago, Agape Babies approached us and asked if we would be interested to review Strap Stop – an innovative product that will prevent your child from freeing their arms while in a car seat. Initially, I was a little apprehensive to accept the ‘offer’ to review the product for I wasn’t sure if the Bub would be a willing passenger in her car-seat with this added device. But I thought to myself, “Hey, if this product is supposed to help me concentrate on driving, knowing full well that she will no longer be able to attempt to escape out of her seat belt. So why not?”

And so I said “Yes!” to Agape Babies offer to send us the Strap Stop for this review.

img_4364I have to say that Strap Stop is actually a nifty device that’s easy to install and use. It fits onto most car seats, pushchairs, high chairs or other harnesses and grip onto the straps, holding them together without compromising the performance of any part of the seat.

img_4378What we really like about the Strap Stop is that it can be effortlessly fitted by clipping onto our existing straps with one hand, using two buttons each side to release the clips, which make it easy to fit onto wherever needed. That’s extremely useful because sometimes Bubba would also be squirming, attempting to escape with me screaming at her and telling her that she should not move around while I desperately fiddle around the hooks to strap her down. The clips are also anti-slip so unless your child is some talented magician or wizard, she won’t be able to move it up and down.

Case in point, no more clever escapes by Bubba when we used the Strap Stop on our current car-seat. Of course, she wasn’t too pleased with it initially and probably wondered what is this thing that’s now strapping me to my seat even more.

img_4366But after a couple of minutes and possibly realisation that this strap device is here to stay, she somewhat calmed down a little.

img_4375Thank you Agape Babies for sending this Strap Stop product to review. It does put our mind at ease knowing that Bubba can no longer take her hands out of her car seat and I can fully concentrate on the road instead of screaming at her and being worried about her falling off her chair. 🙂

Strap Stop is exclusively distributed and retailed only at Agape Babies for S$24.90. I have to say that’s a small price to pay to get ease of mind on a fidgety toddler and focus on the road.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the Strap Stop product from Agape Babies to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.





My Sticker Kid + a Promo Code

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When it comes to managing Bubba’s stuff in school, I’m basically a label fiend. At 9 months small when she started infant care, her school gave us a list of what we should prepare. Perhaps I was afraid that her stuff would get mixed up with the other kids stuff, I decided I will just label her bottles and her clothes for school. When she moved on to toddler-care, I eased up a little with the labelling for her teachers seemed to have a system of how the individual child’s clothes will be kept but I still labeled majority of her bottles, snack boxes plus shoes because we have had instances where her classmate’s bottles or snack boxes will be thrown into the Bub’s bags. No issues with that for I will just return it to the rightful owner but I hate the thought of losing the Bub’s stuff so to put my mind at ease, putting her name on her things are way easier than having to track down where the item had been.

There are various brands available out there when it comes to name labels. I used to make my own name labels at the push-carts in shopping malls and boy were they cheap. I think it probably cost a couple of bucks to make them and the lead time ain’t too long too. But the quality for those labels ain’t that great either, they are not able to withstand prolonged washing and are very often not resistant to heat. So instead on compromising on quality, I decided to just purchase labels from Sticker Kid where I know that their labels are water resistant, dishwasher-safe and microwave plus freezer safe.

img_4396I’ve been an advocate of Sticker Kid and could not be more pleased on this collab with them for it just means that their products are really good and I will continue to purchase with them. For this review, I was offered the My First Pack which comprise of 154 stickers. This is a great starter pack for it has just about all the stickers (from small and large stickers, clothes labels and shoe labels) that you possibly need to identify your child’s belongings. At S$49, My First Pack is ideal for the first years in school and thanks to these stickers, we generally have not lost anything in Bubba’s school yet. Hoping I won’t jinx it here.

Here’s what we have used our stickers for:

img_4397Small Stickers

These are my fave size of the lot. I use them for just about anything and practically everything that I could possibly get my hands on for Bubba’s stuff to label. Because of it’s small size, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb and still get the job of identification done. I use them on Bubba’s milk bottles, water bottles, snack boxes, sunnies and even her helmet. Well, we do park her skate scooter and her helmet at restaurants when we head out to scoot on weekends at the park, so the name stickers on her stuff just makes it easier for me to identify her stuff.

img_3596In fact, we find this size most handy of the lot for now that we’ve actually gone on to order more of this size on our own with different fonts and backgrounds. The white background and pink font for name is ideal for everyday use or else you can’t really go wrong with a pink background and black font type which is classic.

img_4401Large stickers

We love the use of these stickers to label her books. This will definitely come in handy when she’s much older for labelling of workbooks (if any) in future. But for now, we use it to label her fave books which she sometimes brings to school. This ensures that she will bring them home or that her teachers now who the books belong to so she won’t go crying if they are lost.

img_4407Iron-On Labels

Majority of the iron-on labels that we use for Bubba’s stuff are on her towels and wet-bags for school rather than her uniform. Well, largely because she will be issued with a new set of school uniform next year so we didn’t want to waste our labels. Also, we felt that towels and wet-bags can also be misplaced easily and those items are more important to us than her school uniform so that took precedence in terms of labelling. These iron-on labels that were included in our starter pack are easy to apply and sticks on most clothing surfaces. However, they are also permanent which was the reason why we don’t go round labelling all her clothes in case we want to gift those clothes away.

If you are worried about damaging your child’s clothes with these permanent iron-on labels, there is an option to purchase  stickers for clothes which are amazingly resistant to the washing machine and the dryer.

img_4406Shoe Stickers

These are a must-have for school and we use them to label majority of the Bub’s school shoes for I’m often worried that she ends up wearing the wrong pair of shoes home. So far, that has not happened but I’ve seen her going into the school’s shoe cabinet and fishing out her classmate’s pairs of shoes. Well, she probably hardly even notice the presence of the shoe sticker in her shoes but it’s helpful for care-givers so that they won’t put on the wrong pair of shoes on her.

img_4405We also found the use of small labels for shoes pretty useful too. They serve as a quick identification for parents without having to look inside the shoes. These are great for going out shoes especially those that are often removed when we head to indoor playgrounds. It helps to prevent other parents from taking your child’s shoes if it’s a common shoe-brand.

img_3595Why we love sticker kid?

  • Variety of designs to suit just about any kid: They have so many cute designs making it a breeze to customise our name labels. In fact, we were spoilt for choice and that’s why we have multiple stickers with different icons to suit our mood. You may also wish to check out other styles for we also gone ahead to purchase this set of Heart Labels which we thought are really cute. We use it to label her skate scooter for easy identification of her item in the playground. These heart-shaped labels really make your own item stand-out as well.
  • Great quality: The stickers are hardy and pretty durable. I know because our bottles have been subjected to not only constant washing but also to heat and the ink on the labels have not faded. The stickers also pretty much sticks on most surfaces so you don’t have to worry about it coming off once they are stuck on.
  • Fast international delivery: Took about 1 week before we received our stickers which were dispatched from Switzerland. An interesting note, according to our friend who lives in Switzerland, the Swiss firmly believe in quality products.

img_4399Special promotion for readers of Lady J’s Musings

With the year coming to an end and as we gear up for 2017, this is the perfect time to order a set of labels for your child for the new school year. With different value packs to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Take 10% off your purchase from now until 31 Dec 2016 with the promotional code SG10SK.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received ‘My First Pack’ starter pack from Sticker Kid for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services.

Power up with Hospital Surface Disinfectant

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The mere mention of Hospitals and I shudder in fear. I know because while I was heavily pregnant with Bubba in 2014, the Man was in and out of the hospital for a bit and I was heartbroken when Bubba was hospitalised for  UTI in 2015. Hospitals – they instill fear in me and they still do this very day for walking pass those automated doors, the strong whiff of chemical or otherwise known as “hospital smell” would sting my nose. But I also know that hospitals (at least for Singapore) are known for its sterile and clean environment, so that’s probably the ‘up-side’ of heading to the hospital.

img_3584When Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop passed me this can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant a couple of weeks back, I have to admit that other than the name that really stood out, I didn’t examine the product further (until this article is due). I wasn’t wildly excited about using it for I was afraid that the scent of the spray would remind of the hospital environment. I’m not being judgey but it did say Hospital Surface Disinfectant on the can.

Now what can the Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray do for you? Well, this powerful hospital disinfectant and deodorant acts within 10 minutes to disinfect germ-laden surfaces such as toilet seats, trash bins, urinals, door knows, light switches and equipment (just to name a few). It will significantly reduce bacteria from surfaces and suppresses plus eliminates odors. It can also control mould and mildew on shoes and boots and great for use on ski and snowboard boots too. The Man will be pleased to know for we often have to air our snowboard boots in Singapore to prevent it from having mildew on it.

img_3613With all the talk about toilet-training the Bub, this Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray sure came in handy now. After Bubba does her little business on her toilet seat cover, I simply have to whip this out and disinfect her toilet seat cover. It’s really simple to use too! All I need to do is to shake the can, spray and then allow it to dry naturally. I don’t even need to fish out a wipe or a cloth to wipe the residue away.

img_3616Of course, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant will also do the job of a quick disinfecting of Bubba’s toys. If you see where Bubba brings her fave toys and how she treats them, I’m quite certain, they are laden with germs. So am really pleased to know that this product is also child-safe and non-toxic because you never know where those little hands will put those toys in or out of.

I also really like using the spray as a room freshener to eliminate bad smells and odors quickly for it has a light and fresh lemon scent, plus it kills airborne germs too! That’s good to know because that’s how stomach flu spreads! The germs are airborne so using this spray would help eliminate the spread of the germs. Apparently according to Our Lifestyle Shop, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant spray is actually a star product that’s used in many schools and childcare centres and this is the first time that they are launching it for sale on their online retail store. I guess that’s good enough validation that this product works or actually does the job of eliminating germs for little kids under the same roof.

Check out my little instructional video on how to use the spray. Again, it’s great and won’t damage their toys so you don’t have to worry about paint stripping away when you are using the spray.

Now if you are wondering what’s the difference between Our Lifestyle Shop’s Be Sanitised, Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner Disinfectant and this Hospital Surface Disinfectant, here’s a quick guide on the usage for these products:


Hospital Surface Disinfectant: Helps eliminate odours, kills germs and destroy specific funghi. Can be used on a daily basis or as and when needed to disinfect surfaces quickly.

Be Sanitised: Best to use as a total release fogger and can be used periodically for a more thorough disinfectant to help reduce spread of germs.

Foaming Lemon Scented Cleanser: Used as a surface disinfectant on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, toys, cupboards and door knobs.

To be honest, we really love all three of these products under Our Lifestyle Shop and we do switch them around the house and stash them in different parts of the home to keep our loved ones especially the fur-kid and Bubba safe. I know you will not be disappointed with using them all for your homes too.



Enjoy a 5% discount on Hospital Surface Disinfectant (Usual Price: $43.90) when you use the promo code: iwanthisnow to place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  Hurry, hurry for promo ends on 8 January 2017. Perfect item to get for the home in time for a good spring cleaning this festive period!

Also, don’t miss out on Our Lifestyle Shop’s Christmas Bundles that’s only available annually this festive season. It’s the perfect time to stock up all their products that you have been eyeing at great prices.

Like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page, or follow them on their Instagram or Twitter to find out more about their products and special offers.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review as the Our Lifestyle Shop Ambassador programme.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Fuss free with FussPro

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A couple of weeks back, Nat from FussPro approached me to find out if I would be keen to find out more about their cleaning services. I quickly scanned through the email and replied to say that I was interested but am also wary about professional cleaning services as brands such as Delphine and Rainbow have actually offered to come to our home to clean our beds and sofa but they would try to persuade us to purchase their products which we are not particularly looking for at this point in time.

The proposed cleaning services offered from FussPro would be something that I was more willing to explore given that we are not interested in purchasing heavy-duty cleaning machinery that very often ended up becoming white elephants because of their complicated methods of usage.

I was put to ease by Nat’s response who gave more information about FussPro whose mission is to provide affordable, yet comprehensive professional cleaning backed with scientific methodology to solve new parents and pet owners cleaning problems, through a simple online booking process, at a transparent pricing, in a secured and convenient way. He added further that they do not have any packages nor any products that they would push their customers to purchase. Pricing is transparent and indicated clearly on their website.

A date was set for FussPro to come to our place to help professionally clean our sofa, our bed and Bubba’s bed. Actually, I was most worried about the condition of our bed, our bed is about 5 years old now, prior to Bubba’s arrival, the fur-kid was sleeping mostly with us on our bed at times. Now, we co-sleep with Bubba and our bed has bore the brunt of her vomit when she’s ill and pee when her diapers are simply too full. I shuddered at the thought of the amount of unseen dust and dirt that the naked eye could not see.

our experience with fusspro

After a date was set, I subsequently received a confirmation email with the booking details of when the FussPro team would come over. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now and had moved nearly 4 homes with us. That’s not all, the material of the sofa is slightly different from what you can now get from the market, our sofa cushion was filled with down feathers so I knew washing it would also pose a potential problem for FussPro. Luckily, they addressed my concerns. I shared with them pictures of my sofa as well as the cleaning labels that we managed to find on the sofa. Despite it being in Japanese (well, we got the sofa when we were living in Japan), the FussPro team managed to get that translated and during a service call before the actual day of the cleaning, they briefly shared what they would be using to clean our sofa as well as the bed.

Mattress Deep Clean

I was told that the whole cleaning process would take about 3 to 4 hours with another 2 hours that you will probably need to factor in for the mattress and cushion to fully be dried before you put on the sheets for the former. So my preferred time for this was of course the morning. Prior to the team coming, we were also told to remove our bedsheets  so that they can get to work straightaway when they arrive which was what they did basically.

After a thorough inspection of our mattress, no bed-bugs (YAY) but isolated patches of stains primarily centred in the middle and top part of the bed (I know, gross pic but well, to be expected given that Bubba sleeps in the center), Vernon and Ken from FussPro wasted no time and got straight to work immediately. They told me that the stains have been on our bed for a while now so they would try to extract whatever dirt they can from the stains and if it’s effective, it will be lightened.

Do you know that all mattresses contain dust mites and its allergenic feces? In fact, if it has not been professionally cleaned for more than 6 months, there could be millions of them lurking in your mattress right now. No matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way you can completely rid your bed of the debris that accumulates through regular usage. Thankfully, after an inspection by Vernon, he revealed that our bed was not infested of the dreaded dust mites.

That said, we shouldn’t be complacent as well. Given that we spend an average of 9 hours daily on our bed and we do shed dead skin cells while we sleep, it’s recommended to conduct regular deep cleaning on your mattress so that you can enjoy good quality sleep.

img_1706I won’t go into detail the entire process on how the FussPro team conducts the deep cleaning for the mattress for you can find out more on their website. But after witnessing the careful process of how Vernon and Ken cleaned our mattress and seeing for ourselves the amount of dirt plus grime that went into the mattress, I think we went to bed that night feeling a whole lot better knowing that our mattress is now cleaner. Oh and that anti-dust mite spray that they spritz on your bed after the cleaning smelled really good too! Guess what? Accidents do happen, just the day after, Bubba’s diaper was full and part of her pee ended up on our bed! Can’t blame her for now but we are just glad that the deep layers of dirt have already been deep-cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning

Next, without taking any break, both Vernon and Ken got straight to work on our 4-seater L-shaped sofa. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now. It’s moved with us from Tokyo and to almost 3 homes in Singapore. When the Man purchased this sofa, it had a cream cushion cover with down feathers filling. Okay, down feathers filling as a cushion for a sofa probably wouldn’t be most Singaporeans’ choice for the weather here is humid and warm so caring for a sofa like that would naturally be a little more challenging.

I guess their concerns were not unfounded so what we did when we returned back to Singapore was to make additional cushion covers in darker colours for our sofa and I think we ditched the cream ones. As Bub and the fur-kid do sit on the sofa regularly, our helper does vacuum it at least once a day.

Again, that’s surface cleaning and what really lurked beneath those covers can’t be seen by the naked eye. So I was truly appreciative of this upholstery cleaning service offered by FussPro. Prior to them coming down, they proactively reached out to me and asked me to send pictures of my sofa to them so that they can access if their cleaning materials would be suitable for use on my sofa. I voiced my concerns on the type of filling that our sofa had and they asked me if I could send more information on the cleaning instructions for the sofa. I liked how meticulous the team at FussPro is when it comes to treating your furniture with utmost care. During the session, I chatted with Ken and found out that the reason why FussPro was established in the first place because the team know the importance of valuing good furniture and wanted to provide an alternative cleaning service to people who also held on to the same belief.

img_1846Again, I won’t be going into detail with the cleaning process for FussPro has clearly shared this on their website the entire process for upholstery cleaning. Pictured above is the spot stain treatment process which can only be picked out after Vernon ran a UV light test against our sofa (yup, kinda like what you would watch on CSI or Criminal Minds!). I was just glad that there were no strange patches of stains that were picked up by this light only those that were left by the fur-kid and the Bub. Hehe..

img_1849The thorough cleaning of a 4-seater sofa took up about 2 odd hours of the FussPro team’s time with the deep cleaning of the dry shampoo taking up majority of the cleaning. The process was actually an eye-opener for me and my helper too for we were initially worried that the shampoo would not dry on time and worse still damage the feather filling. But after a couple of hours, the sofa was good to be used again.

What makes FussPro different from other cleaning companies:

  • Before and after service phone calls are conducted to customers
  • An onsite explanation of cleaning methods to customers are provided
  • They share their processes on social media to encourage continuous learning on hygiene
  • They are a National Environment Agency (NEA) licensed cleaning company (License No. NEA151052/7499Z/N01)
  • All their Hygiene Professionals are WSQ Certified
  • FussPro is insured with $1 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • What I really like is that they offer transparent nett prices (No hidden fees!)
  • They use scientific  and advanced cleaning processes and eco-friendly chemicals – safe for pets and little ones!
  • Even though they are established in 2015, they have already served more than 150 corporate and individual clients to date in 2016
  • Booking is easy via our on-demand booking platform with secured payment (

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The first 3 readers who book their first cleaning session with FussPro will enjoy a S$50 cash discount* on their booking. This is only valid for booking values above S$250.

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Terms & Conditions:
– The S$50 cash off discount is only valid for booking values above S$250.
– Promotion is valid up to 3 months from 25 October 2016.
– Not valid for corporate bookings.
– Not valid with other offers or discounts.
– Fuss reserves the right to vary or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
– All information stipulated is correct at the time of post and may subject to changes without prior notice.

Our verdict

FussPro did a great job of cleaning our 5 year old mattress and 10 year old sofa. Given that we have a young child and a fur-kid who sleeps on our bed and practically owns the couch, I’m always concerned about dust-mites and germs so knowing that these precious furniture that we sleep and sit on everyday is thoroughly cleaned and treated with cleaning products that’s safe for kids and pets puts me to ease. Pricing is also reasonable and I like that they are transparent with what you get with each item. We will definitely consider using FussPro services again when it comes to keeping our mattress safe and clean.

I’ve put together a little video clip showing what FussPro did when they visited our home to do the deep mattress and upholstery cleaning. Hope it does provide you with some insight on what goes on behind those pictures. Thanks again for FussPro for keeping our home clean and I do hope this review will encourage you all to consider using their cleaning services. 🙂 Thanks also to Char from Missus Chewy for thinking of us and recommending us to FussPro!

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Note: Lady J’s musings received complimentary cleaning services for a king-sized bed and a 4-seater sofa from Fuss Pro. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the service. Any queries on the products / services  should be verified with the provider or party in question.

Cleaning where the sun don’t shine

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Warning! Reading this post may scare you as it sure scared us after we put the Oven Cleaner from Our Lifestyle Shop to the test.

When Sulin passed me the Oven Cleaner to test and review, I was skeptical. I mean we tried many ways to clean our oven. We’ve googled best ways to clean your oven without chemicals and those tried and tested methods of using vinegar, baking soda and even ammonia did not work. Gosh, I even bought a huge bottle of ammonia once only to have it spilled on me and I went home smelling like a drowned animal. It was not pleasant at all!

I put Oven Cleaner aside for a while because cleaning the oven was not the top of priority in the list of household chores to do. But we do use the oven occasionally when the Man feels like he wants to cook and my poor helper would be the one cleaning the oven up when he’s done with the cooking.

Unfortunately, over the years (almost 5 now), the layer of grease that gets piled up in the oven is really quite disgusting. Yup, you read right, disgusting! No matter how hard we tried to scrub the bits that we could see, nothing would remove the black bits.

So one afternoon, I decided to finally put the Oven Cleaner to the test. I had that 10% of skepticism and wondered if the product would work its magic on our oven.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInstructions for using the Oven Cleaner:

  1. Pre-heat oven (we set our temperature to about 100 Degree Celsius for about 3-5 minutes).
  2. Thereafter switch off the oven and wait for it to cool slightly.
  3. Spray the Oven Cleaner quite liberally around the oven. [Note: Fumes are quite strong so either cover your nose, wear a mask and make sure your kiddos are not around when you are cleaning out your oven.]
  4. Close oven door, wait for about 20 – 30 minutes.
  5. Clean with damp cloth or kitchen towels. [Note: make sure you wear kitchen gloves when you are cleaning out the oven. Even though the product is said to environmentally friendly, I found that it dried my hands out. Nothing too serious that hand-cream couldn’t resolve.] 
  6. Once you are satisfied with how your clean oven now looks, it’s recommended that you pre-heat the oven again before putting any food in it.

IMG_1330Oven Cleaner when sprayed on surfaces develops immediately into a thick, bubbling foam that penetrates and lifts away black carbon deposits and crusty, baked on food. It is safe to use on any metal kitchen appliance and utensils making it the ideal cleaner for both institutional and home kitchens. Cleans both warm and cold ovens.

IMG_1332Oven Cleaner uses a thick, gel formula to penetrate & lift away baked-on food & carbon deposits from the surface.

IMG_1339You can use Oven Cleaner safely on ovens, stainless steel products and bakeware.

IMG_1347We were all very surprised at how quick and effective Oven Cleaner really is in removing the dirt/ grime/ grease from our stainless steel bakeware.

IMG_1338 Okay, I don’t mean to gross you out, but check out, I mean check out the thick layer of grease that was removed in just a couple of swipes. Minimal effort used in removing the dirt. We don’t have to scrub the surfaces, just a couple of wipes and viola, the dirt is removed. This reminds me of those infor-mericals that you see on TV, yup, the ones that probably got you thinking ‘Can’t be real?’ I’m telling you now, IT IS REAL!

IMG_1348Our almost good as new oven and all it took us was under 1 hour to have this cleaned! Super impressed! In fact, the helper is so pleased with this product that she proceeded to use it on our toaster over which also looked quite dirty on the inside. Now it looks almost as new again.

I’ve put together a short clip on how we used the Oven Cleaner, check it out! 🙂

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a can of Oven Cleaner from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.