A new look at Jaan

We haven’t stepped back into Jaan ever since our fave chef has left the place. But we had always loved the place and over the 4 years, got acquainted to some of their lovely service staff. We doubt the service standards would change much and the National Day preview did make for a compelling reason for us to head back there, so we did.

Prior to dinner, we were treated to a stunning aerial display at a bird’s-eye view.

IMG_5179 IMG_5188 IMG_5191 IMG_5219To be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to watch the highlights of the Nation’s Jubilee celebrations from way up high. Well, we did wish we could be part of the crowds soaking in the atmosphere but this was not too bad either.

Dinner beckoned and I was expecting to be greeted with the usual starters served on the same old cutlery that we have been used to. But instead, in front of us, were these stunning bite-sized starters that left me suitably impressed with Chef Kirk’s creations.

IMG_5224The Foie Gras and Truffle Macarons that reminded me fondly of the Pierre Herme creations of the same. I don’t think I tried the latter but I would have imagined it to be like the one that Chef Kirk whipped up. I wanted more of these but no one else on the table would be willing to give theirs up. Fine.. I will just have to come back again!

IMG_5227Loved the deconstructed Fish and Chips, I guess homage to the Chef’s hometown.

IMG_5231After the divine starters, I was rather excited for what was to come and we weren’t disappointed with what we had for dinner. The oyster with cauliflower puree and caviar was an interesting combo and thankfully the cauliflower puree did not overpower the taste of the oyster.
IMG_5236 For the rest of the vegetable dishes, visually, they were rather stunning. Not quite what I expected for we did sample the Chef’s creations when he had to step in for Julien when the latter wasn’t around. We could tell the difference who did what, so that impression kinda stuck. I guess the Chef’s skills did honed over time and I was quite intrigued with some of the plating techniques that marry both the new Chef’s creations along with the former Chef’s work of art.
IMG_5244Tomatoes were strongly featured in this dish with elements of basil sorbet and cheese that complemented the vine-fruit. What was unique about the dish was that the plum tomato shown in the above picture actually had a sun-dried tomato specially infused in it.
IMG_5303 IMG_5305 IMG_5308One of the 2 mains that we thought was interesting. Pan-seared John Dory fish served together with Chicken. Ok, the rest of the table didn’t think it was that fantastic these 2 white meat served alongside one another for they were supposed to complement one another in the first place. But I hardly had fish with chicken on the same dish, so that to me is different. That tuile biscuit you see there is actually fashioned out of chicken skin!

IMG_5315The second of our main dishes had the entire table in tether-hooks guessing what would be the red meat. We guessed beef, veal, pigeon, fowl, duck and I went with Pork which the rest dissed me quite quickly. Well, guess what buddies? It turned out to be Iberico Pork which the Chef grilled and then sous-vide to lock in the flavours. Guess what we will be trying next when the Man decides to cook!

IMG_5318Sweet endings to the meal made with peaches topped with a wonderful memory of these awesome display of fireworks in the background.

IMG_5258We were left suitably impressed and a tad bit tipsy (with too much to drink) after this meal. Stumbled to head back to our homes via public transport (well, because the roads were mostly closed as a result of the NDP preview) but it’s a unique tale to tell.

Looking forward to our next meal at Jaan!


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