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28 weeks

Just for the fun of it, thought I will continue to document how bump is doing as I enter the third trimester.  Yikes!!  I can’t believe how fast time just flew.  I actually panicked just the other day for I realised that other than clothes and some of the stuff we got, we haven’t really bought bulk of the items yet.  Neither have we prepared our room for her arrival yet.  Mummy’s seriously freaking out now!!  Daddy, on the other hand, is telling me to chill, he’s got everything under control.  So, let’s see.

IMG_4351 IMG_4298 IMG_4349 IMG_4350Bump has really increased in size!  Still rummaging my wardrobe to see if I could fit into any of my current clothes.  Have luck with some but decided I better just break into the maternity dresses now to get more mileage out of the pieces.  ;)

Moving along…

Slowly inching towards third trimester where most call it the final stretch before seeing Bun in our arms.  I’m feeling bigger and been yawning way lot more these days.  Afternoon naps during the weekends?  Never thought about them but these days, I actually do enjoy an hour of rest before easing in to the evening or night time activity.  Yes, forcing myself to sleep earlier too these days.  Sleep will soon be a cherished and precious commodity.  :)

Planning the wardrobe (something that I used to enjoy doing) is now a lot more challenging with a growing bump but I’m pleased with these outfits for the week.  IMG_4232Camo printed top that can be work during pregnancy and postpartum.  This is not from the maternity range but love the length of the tee that can help cover bump.  Paired with my one and only work pair of maternity pants which I intend to fully utilise for the rest of the pregnancy.

IMG_4236Love the floral motif on this dress that’s slightly loose fit.  Again not a maternity dress, I saw it in one of the pop-up stalls near the office.  Looked flowly and the front had sufficient room for bump to move in.  Best part?  At $35, this was a steal for work!  :)

IMG_4235Now this cobalt blue dress is a proper maternity dress that I picked out at the sales rack over at Maternity Exchange.  They run a rental system for maternity wear based on credits purchased.  After a couple of wears, I guess they ‘retire’ the worn out looking pieces.  Loved the colour of this dress and apparently it was rented out about 4 times, the price was rather attractive too, under S$30 if memory doesn’t fail me.  So I just got it anyway for days when I feel like a whale (which is about now).  Even though the jersey material is soft but because it’s been worn a couple of times, you could tell that the dress has seen its days.  Having said that, a pop of neon costume jewellery to the rescue then!  It helps take away some attention from the dress.  Hehe

IMG_4231For dress-down Friday, I picked out this floral tunic from Marni which I got years ago.  Most of the stuff under Marni are of loose-fit which I like because it’s a good guise for the flab.  What I used to do with this top was to wear it with a belt to show off whatever waistline I had.  Well, and also to prevent people from asking if I’m preggers when I’m really not.  Happy that the top has enough room to accommodate Bump but I reckon I probably won’t be able to squeeze another wear from this top.  Maybe postpartum then. Happy floral top was paired with maternity jeans.

IMG_4234 Over the weekend, we had a dinner date with friends where I felt like dressing up.  A LBD – otherwise known as a little black dress is almost a quintessential piece every girl should own in their wardrobe.  It practically solves all your headaches when you don’t know what to put on for a special occasion.  I was worried about going out in style if there ever was a need to during the pregnancy journey.  So pleased, I decided to get this dress for I loved the lace details on the dress.  Plus, it was on sale with an additional discount that I scored on sale items!!!  It’s still available over at ASOS so if you wanna grab your hands on one.  :) I doubt you will regret it as a buy for the fit is flattering and the jersey material is really comfy as well.  Initially, the Man was a little worried when I was struggling to put this, but once the dress was put on.  It was all good!  Hope to get more mileage out of this piece.  Fingers crossed!

IMG_4238The sweetener for this week?  A gorgeous bouquet of  blooms with a cute furry doggy that reminded me of Sparky specially delivered to the workplace.  A perfect cheer-me-up for the somewhat difficult week that I had been facing and a sound reminder that I have gotta let go of things that I do not have control of to lead a happier life.  I’m gonna chin up and embrace the new week ahead.  Breathe!


Prints are my best friend

during pregnancy that is.  Oh actually, I’ve always loved prints but I realised that they seriously rock in style during my pregnancy journey.  I’ve managed to disguise bump with the help of the busy prints from the dresses that I owned (pre- pregnancy) inviting only stares that I’ve had a huge meal and made no effort to hide the bulging belly.  Hehe..



And the dresses that I ordered from the Peter Pilotto for Target range all fit for now!  So pleased with the buys and again the floral prints on the outfits.  :)

IMG_3317On to week 22 now and people just stare hard at the belly wondering if bump really is there.  It’s actually pretty funny getting these looks.  Let’s see how far the outfits can stretch as I’m really hoping to get more mileage out of these pieces.   Hehe..

Peter Pilotto for Target

I love these designer collaborations with mass retailers (like H&M and Target).  This means greater access to designer wear but not burning a hole in one’s pocket.  :)

I’ve been resisting the urge to shop.  Well, with my growing bump, not sure what to expect in the next couple of weeks, I didn’t want to go crazy on shopping.  But having said that, the growing bump hasn’t stopped me from the excessive shopping.  I justified by just purchasing some of the items in a slightly larger size.  :p

The recent Peter Pilotto collaboration with Target got me all excited.  I had really wanted the Phillip Lim for Target range but couldn’t get my hands on the collection despite being in the US about the time the collection was available.  Lucky for crazy people like me on this part of the world, Net-a-Porter to the rescue!  Good on you guys!

Since I was pretty much stuck at home all of yesterday nursing a persistent cough.  When I received the e-mailer from NAP, I decided to check out the pieces.  Loved the floral prints which are a good disguise to hide bump (if needed), so I popped the below 2 dresses into my bag and checked them out.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.12.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.15.17 PM(Photo credit: Net-a-Porter)

Well, fingers crossed and I hope they fit when they arrive!  Otherwise, if you are interested to get either of these dresses, do let me know.  I got them both in S size.  :)

Halfway mark…

We’ve hit week 20, also known as the halfway mark of pregnancy!  :)  Can I feel Bub kick yet?  Honestly, I can’t really differentiate between whether it’s a tap-tap, stomach churning or the kicking.  First-time mums have it a little tougher trying to decipher the code which I’m hoping would be clearer in the next week or so.  Some also told me that I prob won’t feel Bub kick till week 24 – 26.   I’m going to try to keep still before bedtime to detect the movements.

It also appeared that bump has also grown like overnight (from this)!  The New Year goodies of pineapple tarts, bak kwa, kueh bangkit, etc. must have contributed to the expanding the waistline.   See what I mean… I guess the knotted design of the dress also draws attention to the bump.


IMG_2998Still wearing pre-pregnancy outfits but this lace fave dress of mine is now feeling a little snug.  I don’t think I can fit into this anymore so it’s going to storage (for now).

Function of age?

Never thought I would developed a liking to croc leather.  They are exotic and I remember scoffing at people carrying them citing that ‘It’s for oldies!‘.  Guess who’s eating her own words now?

IMG_2995It all started here when I got my first look into exotics.   Loved the bag that I got from Ethan K and till this day, it’s one of my fave evening bags which seem to add a punk-chic vibe to the outfit.

I’ve been lusting for an exotic wallet thereafter but wasn’t prepared to burst a hole in my pocket on a wallet given that somehow they always give me grief after a few months.  I obviously am too rough with the wallet or perhaps the daily usage has taken a toil on its luster.  :(

During our recent trip to Tokyo, we were lucky enough to hit the sales.  Since I wasn’t really that keen on getting new clothes nor bags nor shoes, we went to check out the handbag / wallet department.  The yellow pop caught my eye and since it was of exotic heritage, I was drawn to it!  Price was pretty good as well, think 50% off the original price so the Man egged me on to get it.  :)  IMG_2996Pretty pleased with my new buy which I brought out to play for the Lunar New Year!  Hehe….

A somewhat perfect disguise

How has the Lunar New Year festivities been treating you guys?  For us, it’s the usual visitation of our relatives and seniors.  As with the past several years since we got married, we’ve been asked / told ‘Quick, go have a baby!’ type of statement/ question.  When I told them that we are expecting Bun’s arrival in June, they eyed at me wondering if I was kidding with them.  Well, don’t really blame them cos my outfits picked for the New Year on both days were a little loose, aimed at making me feel comfy but also worked well as disguising bump.  Hehe…



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