This weekend just felt like it was too short. Well, because I had a work-do which left me to fully only enjoy Sunday with these precious folks.

IMG_9660First up, Bubba’s outfit for the day. Felt like letting her put on this ultra-adorable Whistle and Flute romper that I got. Suspect that she probably will have a couple of wears out of this romper before I eventually retire it.

IMG_9662And just how cute are those knee-high ribbon socks that I got on sale from Oh Happy Fry. It’s still a little loose on her but eventually it will fit. For now, I guess only babies can pull of this look (ie: rompers and knee-high socks), so I better milk it while it last. Also, these knee-high socks are a great alternative to pants as Bubba has found a knack for crawling and attempting to walk, so these helps to protect her knees.

IMG_9666Out for a coffee run early Sunday morning before we head off to music class! We love our cosy little hood. Nice coffee places have sprung up, making it so convenient to satisfy our caffeine craving when it strikes.

IMG_9671Not long now.. Bubba can move on to babycino and officially join the ranks of being a hipster Baby in the hood. As for now, she will just have to sit in this high-chair and watch us have our meals which she nibble on her baby snacks.

IMG_9676 IMG_9678And last but not least, a joint outfit of the day with the Bubs. Since becoming a mom, my #ootd have not been very exciting. On weekends when I’m out with her, I prefer to be dressed in casual shorts and a tee. This was a somewhat matching outfit that I got from Oh Happy Fry as well. And if you can spot, our entire family decided to be decked in black for the day. Hehe..

How did your weekend go? I’m already looking forward to the next and it’s only MONDAY!



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