Reading made fun with Josh & Cherie Books

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I recently got acquainted with Josh & Cherie Books – monthly book subscription that offers books as wrapped gifts for children from 0 to 7 years of age. I was pretty psyched when we were offered a box set of books for this review for I sometimes feel that it’s a struggle trying to find new books for the Bub to read and expand what we currently have to offer.

And why do I find that a struggle? Well, because the books that I used to love reading when growing up were mostly nursery rhymes, fairy tales and Enid Blyton books (gosh, I love Enid Blyton books). Being a parent at a later stage in life also meant that the reading landscape has changed quite vastly with other titles that I have not heard about when I was growing up and I wanted to give Bubba an exposure of the different types of books available out that. For example, I never heard about the Hungry Caterpillar, Where’s the Green Sheep?, I love animals, etc. and these are all children’s classics that I wasn’t exposed to growing up. Perhaps it was also part of my learning journey as a parent to try and find out what else is out there and for Bubba to expand her horizons and imagination through reading.

Fresh from her nap, Bubba couldn’t wait to unwrap the goodies that Josh & Cherie Books sent over. Founded in Singapore, Josh & Cherie Books is a premium children book subscription for ages 0-7. Every month, 2-3 books (depending on your child’s age group) will be specially hand-picked by the team, gift-wrapped and delivered right your doorstep. The whole idea behind this is to make reading exciting for children, convenient for parents, and affordable for everyone.

I love the idea of each book being gift-wrapped individually. For Bubba, it’s like receiving PRESENTS as she beamed happily at the trio of books that I passed on to her. I told her that she could choose only 1 book to unwrap and I kept the rest. I guess I could let her open all the presents but what’s the fun in doing so? I decided to only let her unwrap the book on a weekly basis and we will take the entire week to go through the book that she had just unwrapped as a bedtime story.

Here’s the first book from the 0-2 box set that Josh & Cherie books sent over – Big Tree by Steph Hinton. Prior to receiving our box set, I shared some details on Bubba with Cheryl so that she would be able to hand-pick the books that were suitable for Bubba. We decided to go with the 0-2 box set as Bubba had just turned 2 even though I was tempted to go with the box set meant for 3 – 5 years but I was afraid that the books for the younger box set will either be books that we already have or it maybe too simple for the Bub. However, if we had gone ahead with the older set, I was afraid that Bubba would end up tearing the pages of those books. She had a habit of doing so when she was much younger which was why we ended up getting board books for her so she wouldn’t destroy those books so quickly. After sharing my concerns with Cheryl, she suggested to go with the younger box set but what she will do is to pick out board books closer to Bubba’s age.

This worked perfectly as we obviously don’t own this book in our library and Bubba was immediately taken to this pull-the-tab book that was beautifully illustrated bringing to life little animals found in trees.

I actually liked the books that were hand-picked from our first box set that we decided to sign up for our own subscription for Bubba to see what else they could offer. Also, to be honest, the subscription price is always, always cheaper than the retail prices of books at the general bookstore. Take for instance, we will be paying $27.90 for 2 books which worked out to be about $14 for each book. That’s not bad a deal.

The team would source for books that are not found in your general bookstore, but if you receive a book that you already have, they will give you $7 off your next renewal. I guess I don’t have to worry about duplicates. All that’s left is to read Bubba all these new books that we now have and wait for our next box set to show up in August. 🙂


Josh & Cherie Books is now having a promotion in support of National Reading Day! Get 20% off your first month’s subscription with the discount code: READFORLIFE16. This offer is only valid till 15 July 2016. Take advantage of this deal and start on your first subscription. We did just that and signed up for the 3-5 years old box set this time round.


They have also a special promotion for my readers only. If you have an appetite for more than sign up for the 6-months or 12-months subscription.

Use discount code LADYJ12 to enjoy $12 off 6-months subscription and LADYJ30 to enjoy $30 off 12-months subscription. Again, offer is valid till 15 July 2016 only.


Happy reading folks.. as you can see, we will be slowly unwrapping and ‘devouring’ 2 more books after we are done with the first. 🙂

 Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a 0-2yr old box set from Josh & Cherie books for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services.

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