Go for Glow with my first Vanity Trove

I first learned about the GlossyBox concept from Z at Little Projects in Style  and after reading the post, I wished that I was still living in Tokyo for that would mean I could get my hands on a box.  But turns out I don’t need to fly to Japan for this, thanks to a similar concept launched by Vanity Trove.

Launched in December 2011, Vanity Trove aims to bring you the best in beauty products boxed in a pretty trove for a monthly fee of SG $25.  Works for me for I’m often game to try out new products and rather not be straddled with full-sized bottles of the products in case they don’t suit my skin-type.

I spied an offer on Reebonz City for a 3-month subscription to Vanity trove and so I didn’t really need much convincing to sign up for my trove.  The redemption process was relatively painless and I started my order with March’s trove.

Unlike previous months, March’s Vanity Trove comes in 2 different themes – Brighten Up and Go for Glow.  Subscribers are to pick which they fancy or if they can’t quite come to a decision, the option to purchase both troves is also applicable.  With no clue what to expect, I decided to Go for Glow.  Perhaps this time round, my tired skin could glow with radiance.  🙂

When the postman came delivering my trove on 21 March, I couldn’t be more pleased for it felt like Christmas unwrapping the trove and trying to see what little treasures it may contain.

The Go for Glow Vanity Trove was an exclusive tie-up so the trove were filled with goodies from Astalift.  Created by FUJIFILM, Astalift is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skin care products with proven efficacy. Although the brand has just been launched in Singapore but it’s already been rated by top ranked Japanese skin care magazines as the best cosmetic of 2010 – quite an accomplishment by a company known primarily for its film products.  Launched in 2007  first in Japan, Astalift catered to females that wanted to maintain their youthful looks. Since then, the brand has made significant waves in the beauty industry and is now considered a higher-priced, luxury brand line in Japan.

Having lived in Tokyo, I’ve always been fascinated with the variety of skin care products but because I’m pretty much clueless about Japanese, I didn’t really dare to purchase many of the products.  So having access to these sample-sized products is perfect.  Best part?  The application for the products comes with English instructions.  🙂

Of all the 7 products, I’m most looking forward to trying their star product: the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta.  It’s a new-sensation jelly that supposed to enhance your skin’s ability to naturally retain moisture.  Gonna bring this on our long-haul flight to NYC.  And since I’m a firm believer of using sun-screen, I also can’t wait to use the Astalift Day Protector with SPF 25.  Initially, I thought that the Astalift White Shield Drink would taste awful, but after learning that it’s a peach yogurt flavour, I drank it up and was pleased with its tangy fruity flavour.  Well, it certainly did not taste of peaches at all but I’m hoping that it will maximise that collagen absorption into the skin.

There you have it, a preview and short review of my Go for Glow Vanity Trove.  I’ve seen what’s in the Brighten Up Vanity Trove as well and the make-up goodies from Doll Candy looks just as good.  Arh, now I wished I gotten 2 troves to trial, but what’s the fun in doing that?  I’ll just live with the trove I had for now and look forward to next month’s mystery box of beauty goodies then.  🙂

Subscribers of March’s trove also stand to win a pair of preview tickets to catch The Vow.  All we needed to do was to fill up the card with a beauty promise and tweet the pic.  For the fun of it, I made my beauty vow, styled, snapped and shared the shot on Twitter.  Turned out I was one of the 5 lucky winners for the contest but unfortunately I had a last minute errand to run, so I turned down the tickets.   Better luck next time I hope?  🙂