The day I played tourist in Geneva

Armed with our cameras, S from Schwingen in Switzerland spent a relaxing afternoon doing a walking tour of Geneva.  I later on found out that if you only have 1 day in Geneva, this is pretty much what you could do in a couple of hours.

We first started here at Lake Leman and the towering Jet d’Eau which happens to be the world’s tallest fountain.  Because I had an errand to run, we then continued across the Rhone River into Geneva’s ritzy shopping and banking district – Rue du Rhone.

This street will hold many memories for me for I spent many an afternoon just roaming along this street, window-shopping and meeting up with friends.

After a trip to the post office, we continued the tour starting from the very heart of Geneva’s Old Town – the Place du Bourg-de-Four.  This has always been a meeting place of many and today people still gather around the 18th century flowered fountain or on the terrace of the nearby bistros to enjoy a chilled beer or gelato on a sunny day.

We then walked on further to the beautiful Bastions Park where I marveled at the Reformation Wall containing the effigies of Geneva’s founding fathers.

S even took time to make a new friend along our walk.

Beautiful chess pieces at the Bastions Park.  A relaxing afternoon spent just watching people playing chess.

i sea-food

Since nothing is really opened in Geneva on Sundays, we decided to cross the borders and head back to Divonne to check out the local Farmers’ Market that’s only opened on Sunday.  I’m starting to love Farmers’ Markets for there’s a buzz in the air coupled with the colourful sights and the smells of fresh food tucked in the little stalls.

The main purpose of this visit was also to stuff ourselves silly with the fresh seafood.  I skipped breakfast entirely so that I could tuck in the seafood feast!

With the BEST family in tow, we ordered 2 portions of seafood platter made up of 12 freshly shucked oysters (Grade 0,1,2,3), Alaskan crabs and 2 sea urchins.  We even got complimentary white wine to accompany the meal.  Total bill for the 6 of us came up to about EUR 126.. which wasn’t too bad considering the oysters were super fresh and yummy!  It was my first time having the Grade 0 oysters and they were so good!

After the feast, we walked around a bit and stocked up on fresh produce before taking a short coffee break.  I guess I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pics of doggies.  Wished we had Sparky with us.  I’m sure he would love Europe, he’ll get to go almost everywhere here!  Sigh.. but we’ll be home soon!

Well, if you find yourself running out of things to do on a weekend in Geneva like we often do, then I’ll say definitely make a trip to Divonne for the weekend Farmers’ Market.  The stalls close about 12.30pm to 1pm so you could always start by exploring the market at about 10am, do a little shopping before stopping by one of the cafes for a quick break, brunch or lunch.