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Hello everyone. My name is J and I’m a shopaholic!

Wait! You already know that! That was pre-Bubba days where I would go nuts over clothes, shoes, bags and beauty products. Post-Bubba days, shopping for myself have somewhat been reduced. That doesn’t mean that I am saving more money. I’m just channeling my limited financial resources to my mini-me who I find playing dress-up with absolutely a joy.

I do majority of my shopping for Bubba online. Well because, I really don’t have the time to hit the shops much these days and shop at leisure. It’s a lot easier to do it online when it’s late at night, in the comfort of my own home. Plus, there’s this whole anticipation and excitement of receiving packages. Well, if it doesn’t fit now, I usually just keep it aside and wait for Bubba to slowly grow into it.

While I like to share the pluses on online shopping, I’ve also had the experience of items which  never turned up and retailers not honoring their word. So I do take it with a pinch of salt and only shop at e-retailers that are reputable or highly recommended by friends.

UpsyDaisy1Today, I’m excited to share with you all a new online shopping site – Upsy Daisy – that recently opened its doors on the www here in Singapore. When Aud approached me and asked if I would consider working with them, I was beyond thrilled. Shopping? Check! I would practically ace this! Shopping for Bubba? Yes! And shopping to support small businesses? Definitely a YES of course! We love supporting Mama-preneurs for they know just what Mamas need.

Borne out of a love for shopping only the quality stuff for young ones, the ladies behind Upsy Daisy curate the coolest stuff for apparel, toys, nursery décor and gift ideas. You will also be pleased to know that by shopping with them, you are assured that the products that you purchase from them will go towards one or more of the following:

  • Made of natural fibres and/or non toxic materials as far as possible
  • Made in an ethical work environment
  • Support the labour of love of artisan mums and/or artisan families

Diving straight into the shopping now! It was pretty easy to navigate and shop on Upsy Daisy’s site as well. Items are neatly categorised under Dress Up, Play + Learn, Nursery, Gift Ideas and Brands, so I know just what to zoom into for what I needed.

UpsyDaisy2I’m familiar with some of the brands such as Sapling, Hello Apparel and This Kid Clothing Co that are available on Upsy Daisy’s site having owned pieces from these brands previously. I actually do like the fact that they offer different brands under the same roof, this means that I can just buy what I like instead of being obligated to buy more so as to meet the minimum spend for the free shipping. I also don’t have to worry about my overseas packages being lost because all these stock available on Upsy Daisy’s site are already in Singapore. Phew for that!

I did have trouble trying to pick out the items for this review for there were so many things that I was interested to pop into the cart such as this cute hand-made Oskar & Ellen: Doctor’s Bag which I think the Bubba will have fun playing. Well, she does like her paed and maybe has visited him once too often (oops)! If we didn’t already own a musical table and a piano, I would have popped this Stephen Joseph: Musical Band Dino Table into our cart. It’s so cute and Bubba would have a blast banging and clanging on those musical keys.

There are also many cute decor items on my shopping list, like this Le Sac En Papier: Storage Sacks that I’ve been lemming for the longest time to store Bubba’s toys or perhaps my junk far from the Man’s view plus this Heart on a String: Love you to the moon and back (pink and gold) which would be so lovely if Bubba has a room of her own. Well, I we still can’t bear to kick her out of our room yet. It’s nice to wake up to a smiling Bub 99% of the time.

l1030335I spent a good 15-30 minutes surfing the web putting and removing items from my cart before narrowing down to these items which I sent off to Aud. Just a few days later, I came home one evening to a pretty box filled with the goodies that I had picked out from Upsy Daisy and couldn’t wait to peel open the packaging.

Here are the items that I picked out for Bubba:l1030337


My Tiny Wardrobe: Flutter Butterfly Top in Ocean Blue

Made from 100% organic cotton, I really like this crisp white top with flutter sleeves that comes with ocean blue nautical striped trimming. The top is lightweight and perfect for our humid weather. I paired the top with a simple denim bloomer and tucked her hair in this cute Bear hat that I bought when she was smaller (it still fits!). L1030425Don’t you think Bubba actually looks like a little sailor girl in this ensemble?

img_3534Jolly Jelly Bean: Sweet Treats Short Sleeve Dress

The Jolly Jelly Bean’s range really appealed to me as the designs were all so colourful, bright and fun. It’s new range is also 100% GOTS Certified Organic Babywear. Designs are printed using vegetable dyes on organic cotton that’s safe for babies skin.

img_8872-1Pre-Bubba days, I would flinch when I saw the price-tag for an organic cotton item that cost more than what one would normally pay for major brands. But there really is a difference. The fabric used is so much softer and the little ones can really tell the difference as they are able to  move more comfortably.

Sizes for this Jolly Jelly Bean item start from 0 to 2. As Bubba is about 19.5 months, I decided to just get the dress in size 2 for that would mean that it’s meant for kids from 2 years of age onwards. When I put on the dress on Bubba, it did run a little big on her. Only 1 way to see this, she can definitely wear this for a longer time.

L1030359That said, I really love the dress on her. The design is so colourful and fun. Bubba had a good time pointing at the ice-cream and saying it out loud all the same. The dress is very well-made with a snap-bottom fastening that acts like a romper on the inside. That’s a thoughtful feature which I really like because I don’t have to let Bubba wear an additional bottom under the dress.

In fact, I liked this dress by Jolly Jelly Bean so much that I decided to get the Bananas one for her in size 1 so that she can wear it now. I think the dress is perfect for our weather and great for her to put on for mornings when she has playground time in school. Hehe..

img_3554Two Little Ducklings: Letters to my child

Designed by hot Aussie graphic label – Two Little Ducklings – and currently one of the best-selling items on Upsy Daisy (even backorders fly off the shelves), Aud recommended that I should get this as a keepsake to pass on to Bubba given that I enjoy writing letters to her on my blog. I’m glad I did.

Letters to my child is a stationery pack, comprising 13 sets of notepaper, where you are able to write a letter to your child from birth to age 12. Each year has four sheets of notepaper, three pages to write the letter, the sets for baby and your one year old has a sheet where you can write wishes you have for your child and the sets from age 2 to 12 has interview questions you can ask them each year. Each set comes with 13 envelopes so you can store the letters each year and pop it away for when they are older.

img_3556I really love the idea behind this. Such a wonderful keepsake for both the parents and Bubba. I had grand plans to write to Bubba a birthday card and keep it for her till she’s much older to read all my special thoughts and wishes for her. The Man did that when she turned one and when she’s older, we would probably bundle these up and give them to her. With this gift set, everything is neatly packaged and so beautifully designed. I don’t have to worry if all my items match for they will and I can pack everything into one box and present it to her when she’s much older. I only wished I had known about this much earlier but I guess it’s not too late. Bubba is going to turn 2 and I can start right away.

img_3555This is definitely a lovely gift for a new Mom-to-be or for new parents. Or if you enjoy writing and wish to share those precious thoughts (not meant to be shared with anyone else) with your little Bub, this is one item you have to get! And if you think about it, the entire set is really cost-effective. Divided over 13 sets, its only about $3 for each letter a year. Steal!

That’s not all, surfing the gift section side of Upsy Daisy, I really like that they offer gift combinations and everything that is purchased can have a greeting card added to the purchase. I really love those fun and whimsical gift cards that’s ideal for birthdays and any special occasions designed by Two Little Ducklings. This makes shopping a breeze at Upsy Daisy with a one-stop experience for you would have settled both the present and the card! Yay for that for I’ve been stuck in situations where I had to run to a special gift shop just to get a card and we know how rare physical gifts shops are now becoming given the high rental in Singapore.
Thanks Aud for sending all these lovely items to us! I certainly had a great time reviewing not only the site but testing the goods/products out on my little muse. 🙂

img_3559Now here’s what you  have been waiting for! A special offer for all my readers plus a give-away (Thank you team Upsy Daisy for this).

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings:

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 products from Upsy Daisy for the purpose of this review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries should be verified with the provider or party in question.

yoomi : Warm milk on-the-go

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Bubba had been exclusively breastfed for the first 8.5 months of her life. Thereafter when she went to infant care, we supplemented some of her feeds with formula milk. I had intended to breastfeed her till she’s about 1 and I guess the time was just about right as my milk supply had dropped. It was with bittersweet feelings that I finally packed my breast-pump away.

Now that she’s fully on formula. I realised that there are so much more things we have to remember to bring out when we intend to go out with her for longer hours. Sometimes I forget to bring her milk powder thinking that we will only be out for that few hours. Of course, I get the evil-eye treatment from the Man who thinks that I’m starving her. I guess I was honestly too used to being the ‘cow-on-the-go’! So now, we make it a point to remember to bring at least her milk bottle and 1 milk feed when we head out, regardless of how short or how long it is going to be.

IMG_4923Timing was just about right as we were recently gifted with a set of yoomi Feeding System to test and review.

IMG_4975I was quite intrigued with yoomi because it made feeding Bubba so much easier. If I thought nursing was tough, I think feeding her formula comes with its own set of challenges.

For instance, when Bubba wakes up in the middle of the night crying in hunger, we  or rather the Man stumble in the dark trying to pour her milk powder into the bottle and ensuring that her water is suitably warm enough to dissolve the powder. When we head out with Bubba, on top of the many things we need to pack into her diaper bag, we now have to bring along a hot water flask, milk bottles as well as milk powder. Sheesh!

IMG_4976With this yoomi feeding system, I was quite relieved to find out that yoomi makes feeding time so much easier. We can take it anywhere and that means no more asking for hot water out and about. This could also potentially end our night time troubles, no more stumbling in the dark, worrying about scalding ourselves while making her milk.

IMG_4981What’s included in the 8oz set is a 8oz bottle, warmer and pod. Not pictured here is the warmer which is actually the core of the yoomi system. I was actually fiddling with it and forgot taking a picture of it. Oops! But here’s what I found on the yoomi page:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.32.29 pm
[Photo credit: yoomi

The warmer is the core of the yoomi system. When activated, it gently warms baby’s feed to a milk temperature in just 60 seconds.

  • warms in 60 seconds
  • rechargeable in the yoomi pod in just  approx. 2 mins and stays charged until you need it
  • recharge and sterilise at the same time in a pan of boiling water or an electric steam steriliser
  • lasts up to 250 feeds
  • stays warm for up to 1 hour
  • fits in all yoomi bottles
  • 100% BPA Free

What’s good to know that the yoomi system is also great for heating up breast milk. yoomi can never overheat the feed, so it protects the nutrients in expressed or frozen breast milk. While we need not worried about that for now since Bubba is on full formula feeds for now, this is still good infor to note. 🙂

IMG_4979First things first. Before using the yoomi, I need to first charge the warmer which is pretty easy to do. You could either charge the warmer by the good old tradition method of boiling it in hot water for 30 minutes or you could charge the warmer in the yoomi pod in approximately 2 minutes  in the microwave (750 – 1200 watts) using the “heat shake, heat shake method.

Once you have charged the warmer, it stays charged and is ready to use whenever you need it.

Even though the instructions were quite clear but I didn’t want to risk damaging the warmer if I didn’t do it correctly using the microwave method. Tricky with electronic devices! So we went with the traditional way of charging the warmer – boiling it!

IMG_5115Bringing the yoomi out for a test drive with Bubba and loving how we don’t have to lug an extra flask of hot water which adds on to the weight of the diaper bag.


Using the yoomi is pretty easy too! Here’s what happened when Bubba was due for her milk feed. We poured the water into the yoomi milk bottle, added the milk powder, assembled the bottle, pressed the orange button, waited for 60 seconds and then popped the bottle into Bubba’s mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.00.04 pm[Photo credit: yoomi]

IMG_5140I was initially worried that Bubba would not be able to take to the yoomi bottle. The teat is larger than her usual one that she’s been used to since birth. Surprisingly, there was little fuss and she took to the yoomi bottle rather quickly. However, one thing to note is that because the warmer is fixed unto the yoomi bottle. It makes it a little heavier for Bubba to hold the bottle on her own. But that’s not too big a deal, we could just help her with it.

IMG_5141What a life-saving device yoomi has been, making it so much easier for us to head out with Bubba where we don’t have to worry about where to find hot water to make her milk. It also makes it easier for us to whip up her late-night milk feeds. That’s not all, it’s actually very cost-effective to use yoomi for the warmer can be recharged up to 150 times with no plugs, no batteries and it stays that way until you use it.

yoomi works well with breast milk, formula, fresh milk and basically any sort of liquid that can be warmed and is priced at:

  • 5oz set ( 5oz bottle + warmer + pod): S$55.90
  • 8oz set ( 8oz bottle + warmer + pod): S$59.90

yoomi is currently retailing at Kiddy Palace, 1010 mother & child outlets, Mums & Babes, John Little, The Little Ones in my Life, Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy, etc. For a full list of their authorised retailers, you can visit:

For more information on yoomi, you can visit yoomi’s homepage or their Facebook page.

Here are some instructional videos on yoomi that you may wish to check out as well:

Thanks again yoomi for letting us try out this feeding system for it makes it so much easier to head out with Bubba without bringing along too many items!

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a 8oz yoomi feeding system to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

QuickGrab Fragranced Disposal Bags + Giveaway!

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Heading out with Bubba can be quite a logistical feat – making sure she has enough diapers to last the outing (checked), wet wipes (checked), a set of extra clothes (checked), bib (checked), water bottle (checked) – ok, shan’t bore you further. Despite prepping all of this, we have been faced in a situation where Bubba decides to take a huge dump and after changing her dirty diaper, we are left with nowhere to dump the dirty diaper. Eeew…

Thankfully, when that happened, my cousin whipped out this poo bag device that was meant for dogs and dispensed a plastic bag for me to place the dirty diaper. I was impressed with the device and subsequently got one on my own for those emergency situations.

So when Sue-Ann contacted me to ask if I would be keen to review the QuickGrab Fragranced Diaper Disposal Bags. I thought why not? I honestly found it a struggle to get nice ones in Singapore and relying on doggy poo bags wasn’t the long term solution. In fact, when we were in Perth, I found some fragranced nappy disposal bags and grabbed one back home.

IMG_9540One of the loveliest sponsored kits I’ve received! 🙂 These fun QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags and Dog Litter Disposable Bags came with a sweet treat. It was a good perk-me-up for the crazy work week that I’ve been having.

IMG_9545Thanks Sue-Ann for these yummy cupcakes! It was indeed very thoughtful! 🙂

IMG_9681Now, lookie what we have.. a typical emergency situation where we had to change Bubba’s soiled diaper outside. Thank goodness for this nifty Diaper Changing station that house all our diapering essentials and we always have a spare diaper disposal bag that we tuck inside the zipper compartment. This one was an extra one that my cousin got from the mall. Yup, branded for the whole world to see!

IMG_9946I couldn’t wait to try out the QuickGrab Fragrance Nappy Disposable Bags that we have been gifted with so I took the pack out to examine the contents. Okay, a point to note – the packaging came with a perforated corner for quick access to the bags. But guess what this smart aleck decide to do? I went to cut the top of the bag instead. Argh! When I saw the perforated corner, I was like …. Oh well, nothing that a good tape couldn’t fix. So I sealed the top and used the packaging the proper way. Haha.. Thought I share this boo-boo in case you get too eager like moi and end up whipping your scissors to cut the packaging instead.

IMG_0224Ta-dah! Ms Fix-it with the fragranced nappy disposal bags that are now so much easier to retrieve.

IMG_9948IMG_9947Remember I shared that I managed to get another brand of fragranced disposal bags? Well, I decided to do a little comparison with the QuickGrab ones that I received. I most certainly prefer the QuickGrab ones for sure. Here’s why:

IMG_0158Firstly, the QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bag is large enough to hold soiled nappies, wet wipes and tissues. The easy-tie handles help to seal off the germs. Next, I love that the bags are scented with a light powder scent that helps to neutralise any unpleasant odours. Lastly, one most important aesthetic feature I really like about the product is that the black colour of the bag can cleverly disguise its contents.

IMG_0120See what I mean.. Sadly, this peach one can’t disguise the content of a soiled diaper. So, I’m leaving this for home use. Why is there a need to use them at home? Well, soiled diapers really do stink up the bin! So when Bubba takes a huge dump, we prefer to put her soiled diaper in these fragranced bags which seal up the unpleasant smells. That way, we don’t have to do a major change of our common household bin.

IMG_0435These are Bubba’s diapering essentials. Fragranced nappy bag is now a-must especially to contain Bubba’s soiled diaper!

IMG_0439I love the cute packaging of the QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags and it’s actually pretty compact. But I don’t really want to bring along another item into my seemingly heavy diaper bag, so I usually take out a couple of pieces of these bags and stuffed them into my diaper changing station. Did I also share that despite the slightly thinner material of these diaper bags, they are naturally degradable making it an environment-friendly way of disposing your child’s soiled diapers. I now tuck a couple of these bags into my diaper-changing pack as well as the car for those emergency situations.


On top of serving the purpose of disposing soiled nappies, we also found it useful to whip them out in restaurants where Bubba goes through a whole pile of wet wipes just for a meal. Instead of just leaving a trail of wipes and mess for the restaurant staff to clear, we found the bags useful to store her trash neatly. IMG_0662

QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposable Bags are currently retailing at S$4.50 over at Vaby and Kulily. For a bag of 125 pieces, I think it’s pretty value-for-money for something that you will most certainly use when out with your baby.

IMG_9933Along with the QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposable Bags, Sue-Ann also added a pack of QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Bags for Sparky. How lucky is the fur-kid?!

Sparky goes for his walks twice a day and every time, we walk him, we make sure that we bring at least 2-3 bags to pick up his poo. Well, we ever brought one bag only and have been faced in a situation where he suddenly decides to take another dump minutes after he finished his first. One of us had to scramble home to get another bag to clean his poo. So now, we take more bags along for his walk. Side-note: dog-owners, please be responsible and clean up after your dog takes a dump.

Doggy bags are not new on the market, but I think the QuickGrab doggy bags are. I love that the bags are scented to neutralise unpleasant smells and you know how smelly doggy poo can be. I simply use the bag like a glove to pick up Sparky’s poo and then tie the handles together tightly to seal off any germs. The dark colour conceal its yucky contents and keeps the litter out of sight until I get to the bin to dispose of the item. I really think that they are the most convenient, hygienic and economical way of disposing dog litter outside. 


We get complimentary doggy poo bags over at Pet Lovers but they don’t do the job as well as these QuickGrab doggy bags because the handles on these bags really do serve a functional purpose. So if you wanna grab your QuickGrab Fragrance Dog Litter Disposable Bags, you can find out more where they are going to be stocked over here.


IMG_0224The kind folks at QuickGrab team will be giving away a complimentary pack of QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags which will be delivered to the homes of three lucky readers. I’m going to try out Rafflecopter for the first time, so hopefully it works!

To enter the contest, please leave a comment on this blog-post. To increase your chances of winning, simply follow Bubba’s new Instagram account (which this crazy Mama has set up for her to spam share her pics) and like the QuickGrab post. Her Instagram ID is Sophie_LittleWorld. Here are a couple of terms and conditions: since Bubba’s birthday is just round the corner, I’m going to let the contest run till 16 June 2015. Also, this contest is only open to readers residing in Singapore. Good luck!! Contest is now closed!

You need to click here – a Rafflecopter giveaway – and follow the steps to enter in order for your entry to count.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.15.12 pm

[Update as at 23 June 2015] Winners for the QuickGrab contest are Eileen, QS and Jamie.

For more information on QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposable Bags, you can check out their homepage or their Facebook page.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposable Diaper Bag and QuickGrab Dog Litter Disposable Bag from QuickGrab to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.