Sparky’s fund-raising challenge

Boston Marathon - The Finish

The Man has been training really hard for the upcoming New York Marathon.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen him train so hard.  I guess after the Boston Marathon, he’s determined to succeed and finish the race in under 4 hours if it’s within his means.

To spur him on, he’s decided to take on another challenge.  Well, probably because I egged him on and told him that he should channel all that energy to raise funds for a charity.  And since, he probably had quite a lot of time to think during those long-distance runs that he has to do on a weekly basis (he trains about 4-5 times a week), he has decided to take up the challenge.

His charity of choice?  To raise funds for the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Limited in Singapore.  It’s no secret how much we love Sparky.  We treat him as our very own and in many ways, Sparky is really more than a furry friend.  He has brought immense joy in our lives and he brings instant cheer to us the moment we go home or just by spending time with him.  We know that there are several dog-related charities in Singapore and we thought hard about who we should be raising funds for.  But an encounter with the folks at Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Limited and coupled with the work that they aim to do in providing a guide dog for the visually impaired so that they can regain confidence in going about their daily lives struck a chord with us.

During my course of work, I’ve also met with Singapore’s first guide dog; Kendra and was most impressed with how she provided the support to her owner who relied on her to get around Singapore.  After Kendra, I understand that there are now 2 other guide dogs in Singapore.  Esme  the guide dog is quite a character on her own and maybe one day, together with Sparky, we will get to meet her. But for now, we are focused to help raise the much-needed funds to either bring another trained guide dog in to help the less fortunate in whatever possible way we can.

P1040201People run Marathons for many reasons and this is just one of the ways we thought we could give back to the community.  Linking it with the possibility of giving a companion to someone who’s lost his/her sight because of our love for our fur-kid has simply made this cause extra special.  🙂


Will we be able to hit the fund-raising target that the Man has set out to achieve?  Fingers crossed!!!  We really do hope so!

P1040205To the Man: both Sparky and I will be rooting for you at the Finish Line over in New York!  So run your best!!  xoxo 🙂

Weekends are made of these..

With a couple of big projects happening over the next few weekends, we decided to not plan anything big but spend time with the fur-kid this weekend instead.

First up, we brought Sparky for his fave activity (other than eating and sleeping) – SWIMMING over at Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre.  This place really rocks!  Love the facilities for it’s clean and the staff genuinely treat the doggies with loads of care and concern.



His second swim class was a lot better than the first.  This time round, he could get into the pool unassisted and he looked liked he really enjoyed himself.  The next time, the Man is going to ‘bond’ with him and head into the pool with the fur-kid.

Next, we brought Sparky to church for a special blessing given to pets on World Animal Day.  The Man doesn’t go to church and I guess Sparky is probably the only one that could even bring him to church.  Hehe!  It was such a sight looking at all these pet-lovers bringing their beloved animals for the blessing.  I saw dogs, cats, terrapins, fish, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.  I guess no one expected the response to be that overwhelming.

IMG_0939Controlling the animals was a lot harder as well.  Sparky was such a busy-body this time round, kept sniffing the behind of a friend’s schnauzer.  We had to tug him and calm him down which he did after a while.  The cousin brought her dog while the Mom, Sis and my nephew joined in the fun since the idea was pretty novel.


Sparky receiving a special blessing from the Priest.  I think he probably found this amusing as well.  ;p  But it all stemmed from the best intentions, God created all creatures, Man and Animals.  So he treats all of them fairly and the priest acknowledged that some of the owners present probably treat them better than humans (which is mostly true in our household), so they should receive the same blessing as well.  🙂  How sweet!

IMG_0941That’s Sparky in his ‘prayer’ posture!  Pets received a special goody bag from Pet Lovers Centre and the doggies also received a bandana from Michiko Pet Groomers.   Thanks all for organising this! Hope there will be another similar service for pets again next year!  🙂

And that my friends sum up a happy weekend for us!

letters from sparky:: five

hello everybody!

did ya miss me? i kinda missed blogging! the last i made any kind of appearance here was on my third birthday where i got to finish my very own birthday cake made with meat and carrots. totally yums! why must it be an annual affair? sigh.. now i gotta wait for an entire year before this up-sized treat with come. zzzz…

anyway, last weekend, the home was filled with happy smells as mummy and daddy took part in this ‘cook for family‘ initiative. i only wished that i could be at the receiving end of this initiative, i wouldn’t mind that having that awesome slice of roast beef that daddy made.

so while the entire family is happily polishing off their wine along with their dinner, i just went into snooze mood and wishing that the parentals could cook for me one day too. they should totally have a such a challenge for man’s best friend. humph!

all will be unveiled on 6 august, so stay tuned to see mummy and daddy’s culinary contributions for the #cookforfamily initiative.


Our 4th of July baby

If you are reading this and are celebrating 4th of July, here’s wishing you a Happy Independence Day.  While this is not a holiday that we celebrate but the day is special to us.  For on this day, our little fur-kid was born.

Almost 2 months later, we went to view this special litter of puppies.  The Man laid his eyes on this one and immediately knew this little fella was ours.  Unfortunately, this little fella was pre-sold to someone else.  We went home a little crushed but received a call from the breeder.  He was willing to sell this little fella to us if we agreed to some of his conditions.  We said yes as they didn’t seem  unreasonable.  Some two weeks later, we brought this little fella home and he’s now affectionately known as Sparky to us.

Like a kid, he used to be so small.  I would cuddle and hold him.  He could sit on my lap and not crush me with his weight.  Fast forward three years on?  He’s all of 30 odd kilos, he drags me when we go on walks and he sometimes steps on my toes if I get in his path.  But who cares?  He will always remain as our special little one in our eyes.

We missed his second birthday last year for we were in Geneva.  So this year, we decided to make it up to him by getting him his very own barkday cake for doggies.

I searched and came upon The Barkery Singapore.  Pics looked good but more importantly, the ingredients looked super good and healthy for doggies.  So I went ahead to order the Standard Round Birthday Cake for Sparky.  Ordering was relatively quick and pain-free but I had to change the date of picking up the cake for the Man wanted to hold the barkday celebration earlier.  I sent emails and the changes were made but when the Man went to pick the cake up, it appeared that there was some miscommunication for the cake wasn’t ready at all.

Thankfully, the baker was super-duper nice and accommodating.  She probably knew how much this little cake would mean to the fur-kid, so she rushed back to the store and whipped up a cake for our little one.  She even made a special delivery to our place to bring the cake.  This is truly going the extra mile for the customers!

And guess who couldn’t keep his nose off the cake the moment we took it out from the box?  Why, this not-so-little fella of course!

He got superbly excited and couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into his super-sized annual treat!

We had plans to cut the cake into two and let him have it over the course of two meals.  But seeing how much he was salivating over this cake, we decided to spoil him a little on his special day and let him devour the entire cake.  🙂

The look of a happy and satisfied barkday boy?  Truly priceless!

Happy birthday our little precious one!  🙂

by my side

Last evening, I dragged the fur-kid up and instead of hanging out with his dad (who was at the driving range), he decided to stick by my side instead.

Will definitely miss this little guy when we go back to Geneva. ;(

Jolly jolly

The celebration of the long weekend was made extra special in these ways:

Hanging out with pals and enjoying a simple meal of home-cooked barbecued meats over some really lovely bottles of vino

Attempting to teach Sparky some yoga poses in a game of play

Indulging in an awesome zi char where drunken cockles taste oh-so-delish

Hope your long weekend was as jolly-icious and merry as mine had been! 😉