Sophie’s Star Buys: Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion + Giveaway!

Now that Bubba is almost inching to 10 months, I think we have a couple of faves that she is sticking by for her toiletries. Being a first-time Mom, I was honestly quite clueless about the brands of toiletries available for young ones out there. Thank goodness, recommendations from friends helped. But nothing like testing the toiletries for yourself.

IMG_6508I still recall vividly when I was in the delivery ward, during the delivery process, the first thing the Man exclaimed was ‘She has a lot of hair!’. So Bubba wasn’t one of those bare-headed babies and has been blessed with lovely hair upon birth.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetSomewhere between her third and fourth month, I started to notice that her hair seemed to be thinning and she seemed to be dropping her baby hair which I heard is pretty normal.

IMG_7296That’s when we decided she was due for a simple hair-cut to see if that could help to promote hair growth. You know what the old folks believe.. if you shave off the babies hair, it will promote hair growth and on top of that, the hair grown thereafter will be thicker and fuller than before.

IMG_8747Well, as you can see, we couldn’t bear to. So we simply waited out and let her hair grow. But I noticed that hair growth was a little slower than before and it didn’t grow as thick.

Around this time, my Mom passed me more bottles of Zwitsal hair lotion. She told me to apply it on Bubba’s hair liberally as it not only made her hair smell nice but it would also help with the hair growth. She swears by the product because we (ie: my youngest sister and nephews) basically grew up with the Zwistal brand. I didn’t think too much of the hair lotion and just put it aside. Until one day, I passed a small bottle on to a Mama friend as a gift for her little one. At one of the play-dates, I noticed that said friend’s little one’s hair was a lot thicker and fuller than before and I asked my friend if it was the result of shaving her little one’s hair. To which she answered, possibly. She also shared that the Zwitsal hair lotion which I passed her could also helped with the hair growth.

I was surprised at the hair growth possibilities that the Zwistal hair lotion could have, for I always thought of it as just making my baby’s hair smell nice. I don’t really need that if it’s for cosmetic purposes but the promise of hair growth? Now, that is something I definitely don’t mind trying out.

IMG_1632So I dug out my stash of Zwistal hair lotion and started to apply it religiously on Bubba’s head after her morning shower. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that her hair was slightly thicker than before.

IMG_4648I concentrated the lotion on the top of her head and hair growth was fuller. Then I noticed the bottom part of her head was kinda balding so I now put the lotion over at the side as well. Let’s see what happens.


Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion

Take gentle care of your baby’s hair with Zwitsal Hair Lotion. This exceptionally mild hair lotion leaves your baby’s hair smelling fresh and clean all day long. That’s not all, it’s hypoallergenic, pH-skin neutral and dermatologically tested. It’s suitable not only for babies but also children of all ages.


  • Tested Hypo-Allergenic: can be used for sensitive skin
  • Aloe Vera, Candlenut and Celery: help in the growth of black and thick hair
  • Aloe Vera: helps protect scalp from dryness
  • Nourishes hair and scalp
  • With fresh long lasting fragrance


  • Zwitsal hair lotion is extremely easy to apply each morning.
  • First, brush your baby’s hair gently using a soft brush, taking care to follow the direction of hair growth (as this ensures that it is easy to style and also stimulates the flow of blood to your baby’s scalp).
  • Then rub a little Zwitsal hair lotion into the palm of your hands before gently applying to baby’s hair.
  • Try to avoid any contact with your little one’s eyes.
  • Zwitsal Hair Lotion can be applied directly to both to damp and dry hair and doesn’t require rinsing.
  • Note: Zwitsal Hair Lotion is not suitable for babies and children with an irritated scalp.

Water, Alcohol Denat, Perfum, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Apium Graveolens (Celery) Root/ Seed Extract, Aleurites Mouluccana Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Etidronic Acid, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Etyhlparaben


Zwistal is a brand under the Unilever Group.

My dad has specially brought back some of these bottles of Zwitsal Hair Lotion from his travels and I’m selling some of them via my site for personal consumption only.

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion (100 ml) : S$4.50 (Sold out)

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion (200 ml): S$6.00

IMG_5851If you are interested to get your hands on some of them. Please email to let me know which size of the Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion you would like to order. Price not inclusive of local postage and while supplies last!

Please note that I’m not saying that the Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion is a miracle hair growth lotion but it did work for Bubba and results may vary among individual babies/ kids. If anything, the hair lotion does smell pretty good and refreshing when applied on your baby’s scalp.

SONY DSCGive-away!

Because we want you to try out the product, I’m giving away a 100 ml bottle of the Zwistal Baby Hair Lotion. To win this, simply share why you will want this hair lotion for your baby/child by leaving a comment on this post. Good luck!

Contest is only opened to readers from Singapore and will close on Saturday, 25 April 2015, 9pm. Contest is closed!


Note: Lady J’s Musings did not receive any monetary rewards for this post. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products. Results may vary for individuals using the product. I’m in no way affiliated to the brand, but would like to share some of these products to interested parties. 

Teething jewellery from Peachtree Jewellery

[Sponsored review]

Bubba is in her teething phase. Cue all the bibs, teething toys and teething biscuits are out in full force. On top of that, I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting some teething jewellery for 2 reasons. One, for her to play with when I’m carrying her and the other would purely be for fashion reasons.

I searched the net and came across Peachtree Jewellery – a Singapore owned label founded by Clare Nyman. I ogled at the lovely designs that she has made fashionable for teething jewellery and it eventually led to this sponsored review.

IMG_1777 Clare has very kindly sponsored 2 teething necklaces for me to test and review. It was tough narrowing down to 2 choices but I eventually went with the Diamonds & Pearls Necklace in the gorgeous shade of Turquoise Sea and this short Toasted Marshmallows necklace in Biscotti.

When I received the items, I honestly couldn’t wait to break out into a #necklaceoftheday outfit post for it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post. If you have been following my blog for a while, you must know my love affair with chunky necklaces. Since becoming a mom, I’ve put most of my chunky necklaces into cold storage, only to bring them out when I head to work. Even then, sometimes I find it a little too cumbersome to put them on for it hinders my movement for pumping at work. Oh my, what has motherhood done to my fashion sense? ARHHH…

IMG_1779(R: Toasted Marshmallow Necklace in Biscotti, L: Marni Necklace)

So, I’m really pretty pleased with these teething necklaces for they could totally pass off as fashionable pieces. Some friends were pretty shocked when Bubba started chewing at these necklaces for fear that it will damage the necklaces but when I told them it’s a teething necklace, they were surprised at how fashionable teething ‘toys’ can be for little ones.

IMG_2801(L: Marni Necklace, R: Diamonds & Pearl Necklace in Turquoise Sea)

IMG_2792Also love how versatile the necklaces can be to dress up my outfit from a work outfit to a play outfit. I had to bring Bubba out one afternoon so when I went back home, I didn’t feel like changing the outfit. I popped on one of the teething necklaces on to my day outfit and viola, the outfit become mom-friendly. Yup, Bubba could play with the teething necklace while I carried her and that kept her occupied for a bit. Best part? It was lightweight and so comfortable to be wearing around the neck. I also don’t have to worry about her yanking the necklace and breaking it as a result for it’s knotted between each bead with a breakaway safety clasp for added security.

IMG_2799For someone whose wardrobe is made of prints mostly, I’m glad I picked these 2 colours. The turquoise sea Diamond and Pearl necklace helps add a pop of colour to my outfits whether it’s plain or printed. While the understated Toasted Marshmallow Necklace in Biscotti is neutral enough to just jazz up the outfit. I also love that there are in varying lengths. Clare did share that the Toasted Marshmallows are the perfect length for Sophie when she is in a baby-carrier and facing me while the Diamonds & Pearls necklace is fabulous for when she’s sitting down on my lap or carrying her on my hip.

Well, this Mummy here is pretty bowled over by the aesthetics of the teething necklaces so far but what does Bubba think of it?

IMG_1957Pretty pleased to share that little one has taken quite a liking to the jewellery. 🙂 Sometimes when I want to keep her occupied while I dash off to do some stuff, I simply pop her into her high chair and let her play with the teething necklace for a bit.

DSC_0812It kept her pretty occupied during our little Christmas gathering where she felt a little bothered with no toys of hers to play with. So the Toasted Marshmallow necklace became her toy and teething necklace of choice for the silicone material of the necklace is gentle on her little gums. I had to arch my back a little for her to play with the necklace and that kept her happy for a bit.

IMG_2466At our recent family vacation, my outfits for the trip were thrown in the luggage rather haphazardly, so I was glad to throw on these necklaces to add a pop of colour to my otherwise dowdy outfits. Bubba also had a choice to play with while we were flying out – the binky or the necklace. She went with the binky eventually but when she’s nursing, she does like to hold on to the necklace and play around with the beads.

One of the things I was worried about was the caring/ maintenance of the necklaces especially if it has been inside of Bubba’s mouth. I wanted something fuss-free and as a new parent, I was obviously paranoid about the jewellery harbouring germs. But I did a quick check on their page and followed their recommendations on caring for the jewellery. All one needs to do is to hand-wash their products in warm soapy water and allow them to air-dry. The jewellery is also dishwasher safe on the top rack up to 65°C.  What you can’t do is to use aggressive cleaning agents or anti-bacterial cleaners on the jewellery or boil, steam or sterilise your jewellery in a microwave oven. I also took the easy way out where I simply used the Pigeon’s Hand and Mouth wet-wipes or Munchkin Toy and Pacifier wipes to wipe my teething jewellery clean when I’m in a hurry.


Peachtree offers a fun, fresh, safe and durable alternative to other jewellery products. I have to agree that it is extremely practical for an active lifestyle. That’s not all, I really love the fact that it’s non-toxic, super durable, waterproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean. Not to mention, you’ll be spoilt for choice with its fun and bright jewellery options that will certainly appeal to the modern mom.

Exclusive shopping deal from Peachtree!
Clare from Peachtree has very kindly extended a shopping deal for my readers. Key in the code “happycny” to enjoy a 10% discount on all Peachtree women’s and girls necklaces from now until 31 January 2015. In addition to this, be a fan of Peachtree Facebook page to enjoy free worldwide shipping on your order.

With a deal like this, I’m seriously considering of getting another teething necklace! Perhaps another Diamonds & Pearls necklace in French Lilac this time round which will be perfect for my outfits for the Lunar New Year! Hehe..


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 2 necklaces from Peachtree to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Poolzies: pool shoes!

[Sponsored Review]

The highlight of our recent family holiday was supposed to be Bubba’s first swim! We were all set to bring her out to hit the pool but you know what they say about best laid plans? Oh well… She had a fever 2 days before the trip and then came down with a cough and a cold. The Man wanted to be safe so all that fancy gear that we got her for this big trip? Well, it will take another day for it to see the light.

Having said that, we were determined not for this incident to spoil the holiday so guess what this crazy Mummy here did? Well, introducing Bubba’s new pair of beach holiday shoes – Poolzies!

IMG_3147Mummy, what’s this?

The concept behind Poolzies:

Poolzies® was founded by Steve & Pia, an expat couple based in Singapore, who have always dreamt of having their own business.

Their idea for Poolzies® was seeded one very hot sunny day, while on a family holiday, at a water park with their 18 month old son, Aiden. The ground around the park was just too hot to walk on, especially for Aiden, so they popped into the shop to find some cooling gel and happened upon a pair of shoes designed for wearing around the pool and bought a pair. After that their little boy wore them every time he went to a swimming pool or water play.

Within a few months they had worn out and needed a new pair but couldn’t find any in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia and didn’t really want to travel all the way back to their holiday location just for some shoes. They had been noticing that whenever they went swimming, a lot of parents were asking them about Aiden’s pool shoes, hence their idea formed of turning it into a business. To be able to produce pool shoes using the best quality durable materials along with the comfort, versatility and convenience of knowing their children can use them until they grow out of them.

Being parents has changed Steve & Pia’s outlook and priorities in life. Parents value safety as the first priority in any activity and their pool shoes might be one of the answers to preventing kids slipping and falling accidents around pool areas, bathrooms, water parks, beaches and even indoor and outdoor play areas.

Both parents are strong advocates of pool safety and are now reaching out to local pool instructors, clubs and schools to encourage the use of anti slip footwear for young children.

IMG_3149Food? Is it food?IMG_3150

IMG_3151New kicks for the beach get-away

Adding on to her growing shoe collection, this fun pair of shoes is great for protecting her tiny feet whenever we brought her out of the room. The older folks generally like to chide us and will want us to wear socks for Bubba when we bring her out. I find wearing the socks a little cumbersome as it tends to fall off when she twists and turns and I end up with just one sock at the end of the day. So I like to protect Bubba’s feet with soft pre-walker shoes like leather mocs and now these Poolzies shoes for the beach/ pool.

IMG_2501Our little fashionista (complete with a slight frown) with her onesie, Babiators and Poolzies. See, you don’t necessarily have to hit the waters in order to put on these cute shoes that are simply perfect for the beach, the great outdoors or just lounging around by the pool.

IMG_3156Now to put these Poolzies to the test with our little model posing for us in the pool!


More about Poolzies:

Durable, with a non-slip and abrasion resistant sole, Poolzies® Pool Shoes prevent slips, falls and cuts while protecting Bubba’s feet from hot surfaces. I have a thing about feet being exposed to wet, grubby surfaces for it’s a breeding ground for infection. So a key concern would be protection for Bubba’s feet. When she’s out of the water, I simply remove the shoes and dry her feet with a towel. That’s not all, the fabric that Poolzies are made with also has a UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

Stretchable, Poolzies® Pool Shoes fit pretty snugly around Bubba’s feet. We took the 6 – 12 months size which still had a lot of room to grow on Bubba’s feet. Yay! That means that she can wear these shoes for a longer time as well. What’s good to note is that she hasn’t started walking yet but it’s soft and flexible fabric closely mimics barefoot walking. This is really helpful as it will give Bubba the ability to move effortlessly when she attempts to walk. 

Lightweight, Poolzies® Pool Shoes allow Bubba’s feet to breathe for they are soft and comfy. They are easy to put on and to remove. Another vain point to add, they also look strikingly fashionable on her tiny feet. 

IMG_3155Strike a pose!

Shopping deal for Poolzies:
To get your hands on a pair of Poolzies, you can order them here and there are 10 different designs that you can choose from. Key in the code ‘PZXMAS15OFF’ to enjoy 15% off your shopping purchase. Offer valid till 31 January 2015.

I selected the Mythical Happiness design for Bubba for it’s so pink but not in a girly kind of way. Plus, the bright pop of pink stood out so much so that people have stopped to ask what shoes she was wearing. When I proudly proclaimed Poolzies – Pool Shoes! They took a second look at the item in wonder.


Thanks Pia from Poolzies for sending this funky pair of pool shoes for Bubba. It’s now the top shoe to don in Bubba’s wheel of shoes and we will be wearing them out to the beach or when she can hit the pool proper!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a pair of Poolzies pool shoes to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Nursing covers from Mummy’s Love X Give-away!

[Sponsored review]

When I first started out breast-feeding, nursing in public was of course something that I was quite shy about. There are of course nursing rooms that are pretty nice but I’ve also come across some nursing rooms in a horrible state. Plus not all of the malls come equipped with nursing rooms so it can get pretty stressful dealing with a screaming and hungry baby while trying to locate a nursing room.

I’ve since learned how to nurse in public with the help of a nursing cover. I’ve a total of 3 covers before this cover which Mummy’s Love recently sent to me. My first cover was a free gift-with-purchase: a black jersey poncho-styled cover that I had received from Dote at their sale. With no clue how nursing in public was going to be, I just chucked the cover on our first few outings with Bubba. It was a nightmare then for I was still learning about nursing and Bubba took a while to latch on successfully. The material was heavy and hot which resulted in a squirming Bubba under the cover. When she had enough and eventually came up for air, the poor gal was drenched in perspiration. Needless to say, that cover never saw the light again.

My second cover was from a Mummy fair. Decided this time round to go with a beige colour but the material was pretty see-through and I had problems trying to see what Bubba was doing underneath the cover. Frustrated and upon friends’ recommendation, I eventually bit the bullet and purchased the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover which suited my needs fine until now. Why? Because Bubba is starting to be a lot more aware of her surroundings and she ends up pulling the neckline wide open. I’m not going to risk showing my itty-bits to the whole world. So I was in the market for another new nursing cover. This time round, I ain’t a noob no more. I knew what I wanted from (hopefully) my last nursing cover that I will get.

I checked out the nursing covers from Mummy’s Love and was thrilled when Sharon sent me one to test and review. 🙂 I got to choose from the many colours and designs that she has available. Some of the patterned designs are so pretty and I was tempted to get them but I decided that since my previous nursing cover had a floral pattern, I should probably go with a neutral one this time round so I went with the premium light grey nursing cover.


Here’s how it looks. This pic doesn’t do the item justice but I must say, I’m truly impressed with how light the cover is. It feels super soft to the touch as well and the jersey material seems breathable. Now to put the cover to the test with my mini model – Bubba!

IMG_1009Bubba’s a lot bigger now and nursing her is much easier compared to when she was tiny. I whipped out the cover and placed the entire cover over her head. She looked a little confused initially as she’s used to having me check in on her occasionally with the previous cover. But with this new poncho-styled cover, her head is covered and I like it as she gets to nurse with minimal distractions. If I need to check on how she’s doing, I simply need to open up the neckline and peer in.

IMG_1010Love the premium light grey colour as well for it can match with a lot of my clothes and I don’t have to worry about clashing prints ever again.

IMG_1012Not my most flattering angle (the Man took it), but the nursing cover is also great to shield Bubba from the light when I need her to take her nap. Yup, that’s her trying to fall asleep and me trying to create a lights-out dark effect that will hopefully lull her to sleep.

IMG_1014As you can see, even though the material is soft and light, Bubba can still manage to pull open the neckline if she decides to. Told you that she’s so much more aware of her surroundings so sometimes when she nurse, she tends to play around with whatever she can get her hands on. Having said that, with this cover, I don’t have to worry about her pulling the neckline too far down. Yes, I can protect my modesty. Oh, can I just add that it also can double-up as a ‘shawl’ to keep me warm. Yay to dual-functionality!


Last but not least, the cover is great as a stroller cover cum blanket. Sometimes to minimise the crazy number of things we put in our diaper bag, I forget to pack in an extra swaddle for Bubba to use as a blanket. So this lightweight nursing cover from Mummy’s Love is great to keep Bubba covered in air-conditioned places. Washing this cover is also superbly easy, all I need to do is to pop it in to the machine and viola, it dries quickly and I don’t even need to have it ironed. Simply wash, hang, dry and go!

I really enjoyed using this nursing cover from Mummy’s Love and to summarise, here are all the great features that a nursing cover should have for me now which this cover ticked all the boxes:

  • One size fits all
  • 3-in-1, serves as nursing cover, stroller cover and blanket
  • Provides full coverage, there is no need for nursing wear and you do not have worry about exposing your body
  • Poncho design slips over the mummy’s head without straps, clips or fasteners and you can slip if off easily with one hand
  • Roomy neckline for easy visibility of baby
  • Made of thin, lightweight & breathable material
  • Machine washable and do not require ironing 
  • Also allows mums to pump discreetly

The nursing cover is pretty affordable as well. You’re looking at S$28 for solid colours and S$30 for printed designs. Trust me, this is one nursing cover that you should totally get your hands on without hesitation. 🙂

Give-away! [Contest is now closed!]
Mummy’s Love is kindly giving away a nursing cover of your choice to one lucky reader of mine! Here’s what you will need to do:

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Terms & Conditions:
– Contest will close on 24 December 2014, 9pm.
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Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings
Mummy’s Love is also offering a special promo for my readers! Simply quote “ladyj” and enjoy a 10% discount off your purchase. The code is valid till 31 December 2014. I think they make great gifts for new mummy friends or treat yourself with a new cover this festive season!

Happy shopping!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a nursing cover from Mummy’s Love to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.