Boxful of surprises from Vaby

IMG_2086It’s another box of surprises from the good folks at Vaby Box! This month’s box is filled with more goodies for Bubba. A lot of samples for Bubba which is perfect for us as we are bringing her on a beach vacay and these will definitely come in handy as I don’t wish to lug full-sized bottles around. Sample sizes for baby stuff are quite difficult to come by so the whole concept that the folks at Vaby Box has come up with is pretty good if you find yourself to be traveling with a young Bubba/kid or to be shuffling him/her from your home to the grandparents. It’s always handy to have these sample-sized toiletries stashed around for the home or in your diaper bag.


Presenting the goodies for December’s Vaby Box:

For Bubba:

  1. Onwards KCA Baby Diapers – interesting brands of diapers that you get to try when you sign up with Vaby Box. This, I believe is a new brand. Not sure of it’s absorbency but really no harm in just putting it on Bubba since we change her rather frequently to prevent diaper rash (ie: once every 2 hours).
  2. Made4Baby Botty Barrier Cream – I can never get enough of diaper creams! This is another barrier cream that helps prevent nappy rash. Handy size for my diaper bag!
  3. Salcura Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray & Salcura Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream – Use together to prevent any flare-ups from eczema or severe skin dryness. Keeping this aside if we were to bring Bubba on a winter break.
  4. Lovesprings Bamboo Fiber Face Towel – Bamboo fiber is more resilient and durable than the usual cotton ones. It allows for better moisture absorption and ventilation as well. Again, one can never have too many of these face towels lying around for Bubba goes through them so quickly (we wash her face towels on a daily basis). So adding this to our pile of towels! Hehe
  5. ActiviKids Multibiotics – Only suitable for babies after 1 year old. So may pass this on to a friend. Multibiotics is said to significantly lower the incidence of antibiotic-associated side effects.

For Mummy:

  1. Naturavital Hair Loss & Mask (anti-breakage) – as if the folks at Vaby Box knew about my hair loss problem.. this mask contains a phytoactive formula that helps to prevent hair loss.
  2. Spatone Iron Apple Flavour – Pregnant / Lactating mums, it’s important to continue to take your multi-vitamins and iron supplements! This 100% natural liquid iron-rich water will do just the trick.

Interested to try samples of baby-related products before you buy? You can do so signing up as a member with Vaby Box. Each Vaby Box that you receive is specially customised to suit yours and your child’s needs.


Note: This is part of a 6-months subscription of the Vaby Box  that Lady J’s Musings received for the purpose of this review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

It’s easy to get SafeHands!

[Sponsored Review]

Before Bubba’s arrival, I was busy reading up and stocking up on hand sanitizers. There are many brands available in the market and I got them off the shelf. The only problem I had with some of the popular brands available out there is with prolonged use of the hand sanitizers which are very often alcohol-based, my hands became really dry. My manicurist even remarked how dry my hands have become. So I went the organic route trying to search for the perfect hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean but haven’t quite found one that I liked.

IMG_0714Our Lifestyle Shop to the rescue with the trio pack of SafeHands sanitizers that Su-Lin recently passed on to me. I’ve been waiting for them to launch this for a couple of months now, so I was really pleased when Su-Lin passed me not just one but three different SafeHands sanitizers to try!

IMG_0718SafeHands is the number 1 brand in consumer friendliness and is super safe for children. You’ll have none of the negatives that’s associated with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This is important because multiple daily usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can leave hands red and cracked. There came a point in time when I was sanitizing my hand pretty often with these alcohol-based hand sanitizers that my hands felt really dry. I eventually ditched sanitizing my hands altogether for a while to give them a break. This was not ideal obviously because I needed my hands to be cleaned and preferably germ-free when I’m handling Bubba.

IMG_0722SafeHands is available in a bundle pack of Cucumber Mint, Clean Linen and Unscented. Size-wise, it’s a lot larger than I packed the Cucumber Mint into my diaper bag and headed out to test it out.

IMG_0725Coincidentally, how cool is it that the Cucumber Mint matches my new mint-green diaper bag!

IMG_0952And the Clean Linen one even matches our Diaper backpack! Hehe..

SafeHands kills 99.99% of germs, yet is gentle to the skin with a pleasant fragrance. The germ-killing activity actually increases the more frequently the product is used throughout the day. It is alcohol-free and contains a moisturizing agent to keep the hands feeling soft and clean with every use. Again, another important factor as I don’t have the time to constantly slather on hand lotion these days. Plus when I’m holding Bubba, I don’t really like to put on too much hand lotion as I’m afraid that she might end up licking the lotion. What I really liked about SafeHands is that it kills germs without stripping away the skins natural oils. Therefore, it never leaves the skin dry. I think this should be the new standard for instant hand sanitizing – no more dry hands please!

IMG_0758Pardon the mess but here’s how we put SafeHands to good use. I guess anywhere and everywhere. Cleansing or sanitizing our hands before and after our meals. Even though the bottle is larger than usual brands, it wasn’t too difficult to lug it around. As you can see, I just placed it in the side-pocket of my diaper bag so that I can easily access SafeHands as and when I need it. Given it’s slightly larger size, I liked how it can be shared with the family at our weekly dinners. I just whipped it out and my sis chimes in to my nephews the importance of sanitizing their hands before dinner. They then come to me and whip out both their tiny hands for me to dispense the foam hand sanitizer on their palms. Just one pump is sufficient enough to sanitize both of their hands. No wastage and no need to use more than its needed.IMG_0876

And did I mention, how fresh the Cucumber Mint SafeHands sanitizer smell? I wish you could have a whiff of its scent off the screen. The Man’s fave is the Clean Linen one which also smells great but my fave of the lot is the Cucumber Mint. 🙂

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings
Our Lifestyle Shop is offering a special promo for you! With every purchase of the SafeHands 7oz Bundle Pack (Assorted) at S$59.70, you will receive a sample pack of the Drain Blast which is Our Lifestyle Shop‘s latest product offering.

What is Drain Blast? It’s a green product that helps to eliminate blockages in commercial and residential drains. Made in the US, this product helps to get rid of odor from floor traps and drains. It’s an easy-to-use biological treatment that can be used with your regular floor cleaners to help remove grease build-up on grout and also remove the food source for other insects.

I guess this is the perfect time to get this sample with major spring-cleaning that one may do with the festive holidays just round the corner.

To enjoy this special deal, use the promo code: ladyj when you place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .

That’s not all, remember to like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page or follow them on their Instagram to find out more about their products and special offers.

Thanks to Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop for sharing these SafeHands sanitizers! Definitely handy to have around (oops.. no pun intended)


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a bundle pack of SafeHands sanitizer from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

A boxful of surprises: Vaby Box!

Who doesn’t love mail? I for one certainly do! Just the other day, I had so many boxes being delivered in one single day that the entire dining table was just filled with my mail. Thankfully, the Man had a dinner engagement that night, otherwise he may just flip if he saw my boxes. Also, to my defence, I combined my shopping with friends, so it was easier for them to just have all these boxes delivered to me and then I bring the goods to them. I should have taken a photo of that happy mail day, it was quite the sight.

IMG_9831One of the boxes that came in that happy mail day is November’s Vaby Box!



This month’s Vaby Box is filled with these goodies that I can’t wait to test out!

  • The O10 Heat balm : A small tin of mosturized balm that is 100% natural and aids in pain relief. This handy balm is great to keep on-hand when I need some relief from those muscle aches that are simply oh-too-frequent these days from managing Bubba.
  • Eucalyptus Garden Concentrated Floor Cleaner : Passing it on to the helper who will probably find this useful. This quick drying floor cleaner gives off a nice scent while leaving surfaces fresh and spotless.
  • Curash Baby Care 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner / Anti-rash baby powder: Always welcome these trial packs of skincare for Bubba to try.
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil (with Rosehip Fragrance): I love Palmer’s stretch mark lotion and used it liberally when I was pregnant. My skin has been so dry of late so this skin therapy oil which is packed with natural ingredients will help provide the much-need nourishment my skin needs.
  • Olivella’s Anti-Stretch Mark Cream : Most stretch mark creams are recommended to be used after the first trimester but the Olivella’s Anti-Stretch Mark Cream can be used from your first month of pregnancy all the way through birth and beyond. Talk about stretching the dollar!
  • Peausque Diaper Cream / Peausque ATO Cream / Peausque Body Wash : I’m quite particular with the brand of diaper creams that Bubba use so this trial diaper cream from Peasuque is pretty good. I like that it contains 99.8% of natural ingredients but more importantly, it’s light and easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Animal Baby Socks : Def something Bubba can use to keep her toes warm while sleeping in the air-conditioned room.
  • BabySpa $5 voucher

There’s simply so much to test in each Vaby Box that I receive and you can also do the same by signing up as a member. Remember to also like them on Facebook to find out more about their shopping deals. 🙂


Note: Lady J’s musings will receive a 6-months subscription of the Vaby Box for the purpose of this review and no additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

October’s Vaby Box

Guess who was thrilled to receive this month’s Vaby Box?

IMG_9220And rightfully so for this month’s Vaby Box contained most of the stuff that Bubba can use.


Here are the items that was tucked inside the Vaby Box:

  • The Q10 Skin : A premium Peppermint essence that’s made of pure beeswax which can help numb the area to stop itch and can also be used to clear any nasal congestion. What I like about this is how small it is, perfect to tuck inside my diaper bag and for any unforseen medical emergencies. (1 piece at S$5 / bundled pack of 6 pcs at S$24 and 10 pcs at S$40)
  • Summer Citrus 5X Dishwashing Liquid by IDOCARE : Love how compact this dishwashing liquid is which is perfect for our next family getaway. One thing I learn about traveling with babies is that you will also need to pack a gentle dishwashing liquid to be used for washing of  their bottles plus my breast pump. What’s great about this product is that it can effectively remove the grease from the bottles and yet gentle on my hands. Ever since Bubba’s arrival, I have kinda neglected my hands for I find it a little too troublesome to moisturise my hands and then carry her. So this product is ideal and not add on to drying of my skin. The price of this product is also pretty attractive at 500ml per bottle for only S$6.95.
  • Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser by Bud Cosmetics: A cleanser that you could add to your baby’s bath or simply on a wet-towel to wipe baby down. I used the latter option instead as Bubba takes one shower a day and does a wipe-down in the evenings. Love the soft scent from this cleanser that lingered on Bubba as we wiped her down and put her in her jammies, all ready for bed.
  • Hiruscar : I’m so prone to scaring and keloids so I’m pretty intrigued with this product. Perhaps those keloids that I had with my previous op with soften and smoothen out with this gel. Well, one can only hope that this works.
  • Boony Baby Diapers : Never quite heard of this brand of diapers but don’t mind trying it out to see if it’s absorption of urine is good. Price-wise, it’s one of the lowest that I’ve seen in the market at S$12.80 for a pack of 36 to 58 pcs depending on size of diapers. That is cheap right?
  • Nuturmeals (Scrumptious Squash-flavour) : In preparation for Bubba’s journey into solids! Not sure if this will actually taste any good but I guess if I mix it up with breastmilk and use it as a spread on breads for Bubba, it may work? Well, let’s see.. will update when that happens.
  • The Playhouse S$5 food voucher

I’m having a lot of fun testing out the products tucked in October’sVaby Box and you can also do so by signing up as a member. Remember to also like them on Facebook to find out more about their shopping deals. 🙂


Note: Lady J’s musings received the Vaby Box for the purpose of this review and no additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

Sponsored Review: Putting B-Sanitized™ to use

[Sponsored review] :

Many have asked where Bun will be sleeping when she arrives. Well, we started out with really good intentions, we wanted her to sleep with us to be close to her and check on her obviously. Then when we shared what we were going to do, friends who are parents started sharing their side of the story and gave their advice. So the Man and I, we laid our cards and discussed sleeping arrangements for Bun. In an ideal world, if it works, then great. If not, we always have a back-up plan and we don’t mind just using that if it works.

So for now, Bun will be sleeping in the guest-room which will double-up as a nursery until she turns about a month or so and we do up minor renovations for the home. The idea is for her to have a room that’s really close to us. But of course, plans may change along the way, so again, we are going with the flow for this one.

Her room for now is pretty bare, ‘cept for her essentials and her cot. Shelves are also bare with minimal decor items as we want to keep her environment as clutter-free as we possibly can before the books/ toys and randoms flood the shelves.  Plus the Man has always been the neat freak among the 2 of us.  Hehe..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetDecided to put the B-Sanitized™ product gifted by Our Lifestyle Shop to good use since I had the morning free while the Man went for a game of golf.

Using the B-Sanitized™:
There are 2 ways which you can use the B-Sanitized product either the Total Release Fogger method or just the manual spraying method.  The latter is a rather quick way of disinfecting your surfaces to clean and sanitize them.  It will certainly come in handy when we need to santize surfaces or some of her toys to keep it germ-free occasionally when Ben is here.

On the other hand, the Total Release Fogger, which does a proper job of sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces of the entire room effectively needed a little more work and advance planning ahead.  So I decided to document the process if you are interested to find out who cleaning a room quickly can be done.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

First, turn off ALL ignition sources such as gas valves and open flames.  The last thing you really want when using this product is to cause an explosion in the home.  Cover exposed food, dishes and food handling equipment (if you are using it to sanitize your kitchen or living room).  Open cabinets and doors to area to be treated.  Shut off all fans and air conditioner and close all doors and windows.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI laid newspapers in the centre of the room so that the particles from the can will not leave a stain on my wooden floors and for easy clean-up as well.  IMG_6103Point valve away opening from face and eyes when releasing.  It’s said that one unit of this can spray can be used for 6,000 cubic feet of unobstructed area.  Also, do not remain in the area during treatment and ventilate thoroughly before re-entry and using the room.  Here’s how it should look like when the valve/ mist is activated correctly.  I quickly snapped a pic and then closed the doors for it to work its magic in the room.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetOperating the valve did take us quite a while to figure it out, so I thought I will share with you a close-up shot of how to do this.  To lock the fogger valve for the Total Release Fogger method, you will need to press valve button all the way down and then hook in the catch.  You will know it’s activated when the mist is dispensed from the can continuously.

Hope the step-by-step guide for the Total Release Fogger helped you. I’m sure you also have other questions regarding the usage of this product so the folks over at Our Lifestyle Shop very kindly compiled a list of questions and answers regarding this that will put your mind to ease when using the product:

  1. How do I use B-Sanitized for the home?  The trigger on the aerosol has 2 settings. By fully depressing the trigger, it locks down and allows the canister to fully dispense and fog/fumigate all exposed surfaces in the room. It can also be use to disinfect surfaces if used as a spray.
  2. How long does it take? If using the Total Release Fogger method, the product will dispense fully in about 2 or 3 minutes and it’s highly recommended to leave the room empty for about 2 hours for this will allow all the fine mist droplets to dissipate and fall to the ground where they can no longer be inhaled. If using the spray method, then it will sanitize surfaces within 5 or 10 minutes.
  3. How effective is the product after I sprayed it? B-Sanitized is designed to remove any germs already present but it also leaves a fine residual antimicrobial coating which will last a few days.
  4. Where can I use it? Almost anywhere! B-Sanitized™ is ideal for classrooms, nurseries and offices.  In fact anywhere where people congregate.
  5. How often should I use it? This really depends on the environment you operate within. The more people passing through the place will increase the chances of new germs entering that environment.

Want to win B-Sanitized™ for your home?
Join Our Lifestyle Shop mailing list and who knows you might just walk away with this prize to protect your home from germs.

Closing date is 30 June 2014, so sign up soon!

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings
Our Lifestyle Shop is offering a special promo for you!  Simply purchase 2 cans of B-Sanitized at S$72 (S$36 per can instead of S$39.90) and enjoy a saving of S$7.80.

To enjoy this special deal, use the promo code: ladyj when you place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  Promo ends on 31 July, 2014.

That’s not all, remember to like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page or follow them on their Instagram to find out more about their products and special offers.

Thanks to Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop for inviting me to try the product and review it.  Really handy and simple way of sanitising the room in prep for the little one.  🙂


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 2 cans of B-Sanitized™ from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Selling my Mulberry Alexa

I’ve decided to clear out some of my wardrobe space. Nope, nothing new is going in yet, but it’s just time to take stock and hopefully re-home some of my pre-loved items to a new owner.

One of the first few items that I would be letting go is this Mulberry Alexa bag purchased in London last March (2012). The bag has just turned one and barely used for like 10 times so it’s really a steal!


The item I’m selling is the Alexa Bag in regular size and the colour for the bag is like a foggy grey – primarily grey with a hint of purplish undertones under certain lighting.

I can’t quite remember how much I paid for it exactly but I’m wiling to let this go for about SGD 880. Here are the dimensions of the bag taken off the web:

  • Weighs approximately 2.2lbs/ 1kg
  • Width 12″ / 31cm
  • Handle Drop 1″ / 3cm
  • Height 9″ / 23cm
  • Depth 6″ / 15cm
  • Min. Strap Length 43″ / 109cm
  • Max. Strap Length 50″ / 126cm

IMG_7487One thing to note is that there is a slight scruffing on the right lapel on the back of the bag. It’s not at all visible from the front and only upon closer scrutiny, will you see this.

If you are interested to get this bag, please email me at and let’s take it from there.

Note: This item that I’m selling is guaranteed authentic.

[Status update: SOLD ]

So what’s the verdict on the Infinity Kosé range?

[Sponsored Review]

IMG_6842So it has been slightly over a month since I started using the Infinity Kosé range and I found the new skincare regime a little liberating but also a little tough.  Liberating?  Mainly because I need not pile on all sorts of serums/ creams/ lotions on to my face.  ToughN?  I’m not sure if just keeping to the basics is sufficient for my ageing skin.  Maybe it’s true what they say, you do need all the various serums/ ‘magic’ creams to keep the skin looking soft and supple.

How has the products been working for me?  Do I see a glow?  Is my skin all bright and radiant?  Well, yes to the latter but the glow, perhaps not yet.  Overall, I do see a difference in my skin having used the products religiously both day and night.  My skin feels softer and ‘bouncy’ to touch.

SONY DSCInfinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX

What I love about this:
— The mild, floral scent that’s soothing to the mind
— The lightweight whitening lotion that’s quickly absorbed into the skin
— How soft my skin feels after use

Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX

What I love about this:
— The sweet hint of elderflower extract infused into the lotion
— The fluid texture of the whitening emulsion and how quickly it’s absorbed into my skin
— I can use this whitening emulsion for both the day and night (super loving this as it’s hard trying to find a skincare product these days that you can use for both the day and night!)


Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV

This has gotta be my fave product of the lot and what do I love about this product?
— It’s high SPF/ PA protection (SPF50+/PA+++)
— How easily it spreads over the skin and how quickly it’s absorbed into the skin
— Works as an excellent base before foundation/make-up

Here are some shots that I used to document the journey.  Not the best type but the best I could do. ;p  Pictures were taken before use, 2 weeks after use and lastly 1 month after using the products.  No additional touch-up nor editing was done to the pictures (PS: I have absolutely no clue how to use Photo-Shop). Minus the dark circles/ blemishes, I love how soft and firm my skin looks in the pics after using the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX and Serum. 🙂


Thanks again Kosé Singapore and for selecting me as one of the 8 beauty bloggers to be involved in this challenge.  It had been a fun ride and looks like I will continue to use these products now in my daily beauty regime.

Head on to Kosé Singapore Facebook Page to find out more about their range of products and beauty tips.

Enjoy an exclusive 10% introductory discount on these items (promotion ends in April 2013):

a. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX (160ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
b. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX (120ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
c. Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV (30ml) at S$49 (Retail price S$54)


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 full-sized products from Kosé Singapore. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.