Staycation at Ocean Suites

img_1919We decided on a staycation to celebration the Man’s birthday. We’ve been wanting to stay at the Ocean Suites over at Resorts World Sentosa for a while now but the price-tag on the room was so prohibitive! In the end, we decided to splurge since it’s a birthday celebration for the Man and what better excuse than to do just that.

We brought the Bub along because neither one of us wanted to be away from her given that we are going away on a holiday real soon without her, I was worried about the severe Mama separation anxiety!

img_2057Check-in time was 3pm and we took Bubba out of school at about 3odd. By the time we reached the island and sorted out the logistics for check-in, it was about 4pm.  We were shown to our suite by our personal butler (apparently there’s a 24-hr butler service available on-hand) and when he opened the door and the little one ran in, she was super thrilled with the view that greeted her. She exclaimed loudly ‘FISH!! FISH!!!‘ We had a quick room tour and the little one wasted no time to chomp the grapes in the complimentary fruit platter we were given.

img_1890After our butler left, we marveled at the view and almost didn’t want to leave our room given that it was expensive but we weren’t too impressed with the room service menu and the little one looked like she was hungry, ordering us to feed her ‘GRAPES, GRAPES’! We thought it would be best that we settle dinner outside and for her to run around in the open then mess up the room.

img_2058So we took advantage of the complimentary buggy service and headed to the main area of Resorts World. Bubba took in the new sights and oggled at the huge ‘Universal Studios’ signage. She ran towards the gift kiosk and begged Daddy to buy her a Minion balloon. The Man nearly caved in but I stopped him. Thankfully, she can still be distracted with other methods.

img_2060Such as terrorising the cute figurines at Candylicious and the Hershey’s store! She also loved the mini shopping cart and would be visibly upset with me when I try to stop her from ramping her mini cart into other customers. All I can say is do not underestimate the fury of Bubba-hurricane! Dinner was a simple affair settled at Din Tai Fung which ended up disastrously because all the Bub wanted to do was to eat her noodles using her fingers and to fling the things she didn’t want to eat all over the place. Thankfully, no major meltdowns, she loved the underground buggy ride and squealed ‘Whee!’ all the way back.

img_2059One of the attractions of the Ocean Suite also included this indoor bath with a full view of the marine creatures right in front of your eyes. Our butler helped draw the long bath and guess which 2 people could not wait to jump inside it. The little one enjoyed the bubbles while I took in the view of a happy Father and Daughter bonding moment and the graceful rays that swam by our window.

img_1891After putting the Bub to bed, that’s when us parentals came out to play! The hotel gave us a complimentary birthday cake and we brought along a vintage bottle of 1977 wine for the occasion.

img_1851We made ourselves comfy and enjoyed the awesome view of the majestic marine creatures swimming by our window. I tried to identify them but failed horribly. The Man, being an avid diver once, did a far better job of educating me what fishes or rays or sharks they actually were. That said, we both agreed that it was very therapeutic just looking at those fishes swim by and sipping our wine in the comfort of a lovely room with Bubba fast-asleep at the background.

The flood lights of the massive aquarium goes off at about 11pm and there’s where the action happened. We noticed that the fishes, rays and sharks were visibly more active and there wasn’t a dull moment that went by right outside our personal viewing gallery. The Man and I chatted and just sat there admiring the view. We contemplated putting down the blinds while we slept for we didn’t know if it was going to be too bright in the morning. Thankfully, we didn’t. We let the schools of fishes swimming outside our window lull us to sleep and when Bubba stirred from her sleep the next morning, the first word  that came out of her mouth wasn’t ‘Mama!‘ but ‘FISH!’

img_1870We settled our breakfast at the Equarius Hotel. The international breakfast buffet spread was a simple affair but had what Bubba would normally eat, eggs, cornflakes and fruits. We walked around the grounds of the hotel for a bit and Bubba pretended she was behind the wheels of the buggy (our main mode of transport during our stay).

img_1899We were super duper lucky to have secured a later than usual check-out. Usual check-out time is 11am so we rounded up the very precious hours of our staycation by dipping ourselves in the Outdoor Jacuzzi in the living room patio.


Needless to say, the Bub definitely had more fun during our stay. It made for the perfect birthday weekend get-away for the Man and our little family. In fact, we felt so rested and had such a good time just looking at the spectacular views that the aquarium had to offer, we thought that perhaps this could be our annual weekend get-away without physically hopping on a plane.


Things to do with Bubba: Singapore Cable Car ride

L1010824The Man and I took leave to celebrate Bubba’s birthday. I think as long as I am able to, I would like to take leave to celebrate her special day. It’s my special way of commemorating her birth.

And we had grand plans too! We had wanted to bring her to the Zoo. Her fave storybook is Dear Zoo and we thought it would be pretty cool to bring her to the Zoo for her to see some of the animals in her fave book.

IMG_3158 Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite hold up. It was a little over-cast with skies so grey that it threatened to rain. We decided to post-pone the trip to a time when sunny skies greeted us instead. So we changed plans. I had wanted to check out the Polliwogs playgym at Harbourfront but a detour to Mount Faber saw us taking a cable car ride to Sentosa instead.

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network has recently been relaunched and it looked like a fun way to head over to Sentosa. I used to recall going on Cable Car rides with my family and we loved looking over Sentosa from way up high. It’s like taking a mini plane-ride. So it was kinda nostalgic for us to bring Bubba on her very first cable car ride.
L1010797We purchased the Mount Faber Line + Sentosa Line Sky Pass which cost us S$19 each and headed straight for our ride. I was surprised at how large and spacious the new cable car is. It allowed us to push our stroller right up into the cable car.

L1010796I guess it must be our lucky day for the first cabin that we were whisked into saw this floral decor display. Bubba couldn’t be more thrilled as she looked and pointed excitedly at the flowers all around the cable car.
IMG_1834IMG_3159The first ride that we took from Mount Faber to the Merlion Station was pretty smooth and quick. Bubba joyfully pointed out of the window and babbled away as we tried our best to show her the different sights of Sentosa from way up high.

IMG_1858She looked down curiously at the tiny humans when the cable car whizzed past the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool to check out Sentosa from way up high. It’s been ages since we thoroughly checked out Sentosa in detail and to do it from a bird’s eye view gives us a different perspective of the island which we made a mental note of where we should go next time with Bubba.

L1010810The first pit-stop was at the Merlion Park where we transferred to the Sentosa Line and stopped at the Siloso Point Station to refuel over lunch. We had been hopeful that our Baby No Sleep would then fall asleep if I tula-ed her around. But nope, our little Energiser Bunny was more contented with checking out the island’s attractions with us. Perhaps, she knew it was her special day as well, so adrenaline kept her going.


This little outing to check out Sentosa via the Cable Car Sky Network took us nearly 3 hours to and from Mount Faber where we parked our car. I thought it was a pretty cool way to get across to Sentosa without much fuss and the newly refurbished cable cars made for such a comfy ride for the tiny humans. Baby-friendly indeed. 🙂

Singapore Open 2012

I have been going to the Singapore Open for the past couple of years. Then, it was more of a social event for I never quite understood the rules of the game. The only thing I was probably interested in was whether there are cute golfers and the food. The former hasn’t quite changed.

We were invited once again to the Singapore Open. I had been looking forward to this event because I kinda picked up watching golf. Note, it’s watching and not playing. Remember this? Yes, the process of getting a handicap is still very much work-in-progress for me. How long? I dunno… I just got chided again by the Man for the lack of determination to see this through.. SIGH… But I really do have loads of work excuse just didn’t cut it with the Man.

So we went there to catch the play-offs for the Tournament on Saturday and Sunday. When we arrived at the Pavilion, we were greeted with light drizzle and grey skies. Thankfully, the game pressed on and after a while, the skies cleared up with the sun peeking through.

We had quite a good view of hole 9 and hole 18 where we were seated so the friends and us pretty much stayed in the Pavilion most of the afternoon.

Boy was it a star-studded event. There were a couple of guys that I was out to see.. one of which was Rory Mcilroy, the other was Adam Scott. ;p I did manage to catch some of them and even added a new golfer to watch out for in my list. Hehe…

Here’s Rory setting up his shot at hole 18 for his last game. This was quite an awesome putt that he made, quite happy to have witnessed it for myself.

It’s also kinda endearing to see his girlfriend being there for him to support him by walking the entire course as he played the game. Didn’t quite manage to get good shots of her but the Man did come quite up close to them by chance. Hmpf!

And this is the guy I’m keeping a lookout for the next time I watch golf games on the Golf Channel – Matteo Manassero. Aged 19, this Italian young gun eventually went on to win the trophy at this year’s Singapore Open. Did I mention, I think he’s really cute as well? ;p You should go and check him out.