Checking out: Happenstance Cafe [dog-friendly]

Miss Ene recently brought Miss Moon to a pet-friendly cafe called Happenstance Cafe.  I saw the pictures on her Facebook and was immediately excited about bringing Sparky along with us. Told the Man, ‘We must spend some quality time with Sparky before Baby Girl arrives!‘ The arrival of a little one into the household is, of course, a happy thing but we’re also not sure how Sparky would take it. Thankfully, he’s always been of good temperament so we are hoping that he will take to the little one really well and vice versa. Fingers crossed!


I’m also hoping he will play the role of a ‘big brother’ and protect the little one. We think she’s likely to ‘terrorise’ him when she’s much older but that’s a while more. For now, I will be happy if he stays by her side and watches over her while she sleeps. Perhaps he can also channel those ‘Z Monster’ vibes to her so that she sleeps through the supposed sleeping hours giving us, parents, the much-needed sleep that I hear new parents are often deprived of. Say hello to eyebags and concealer who’s going to be my new best friend!

IMG_6125We arrived at Happenstance Cafe in time for lunch and though crowded, we did manage to get a seat.  Sparky was the only huge dog there for many of the other doggies were of smaller breed.  Fine by us, we just hope he wasn’t a nuisance to the other doggies.

IMG_6127The place was airy and the environment was inviting.  Plus point?  The tables were high enough for Sparky to weave in and under.  That meant that he didn’t need to jump over the same tables and steal the human grade food.  One point goes to the humans!

IMG_6126Loved that they had a menu specially for the fur-kids : pasta for S$6.50.  As I mentioned previously, we are quite conscious about giving Sparky human-grade food.  I guess this counts as a little treat for him.  🙂

IMG_6128This is the portion of the pasta that we ordered for Sparky.  Portion is just right for a treat but if you have a smaller dog, then this would probably count as a full meal.

IMG_6129Trying to get the fur-kid to calm down before feeding time is always a challenge.  It’s even more challenging when we are outside.  All commands seem to just go out of the window.  *Face palms..

IMG_6130And because Sparky went to eat this other doggy’s food which she was feeding, She tried to ‘steal’ some of Sparky’s pasta as well. Thankfully, Sparky understood the concept of sharing and graciously just let her have some of his meal.  No dog-fights nor dogs were harmed during the eating process. Phew! IMG_6131And after he had his meal, he went about to sniff the other doggies before doing what he does by, lying down and watch the world go by while us humans could enjoy a decent meal.

IMG_6113Before heading to Happenstance Cafe, the Man did ask what’s there to eat there? I simply said, Fish and Chips and maybe light snacks. I told him not to expect gourmet portions of the meal for it’s a pet cafe afterall and our experience with most pet-cafes are that they serve relatively decent meals for the humans. In fact, I thought their food offerings were slightly better than the ones that we have been to.  We shared the Beer-battered Fish & Chips as well as the Beef & Mushroom Cheese Fries.  IMG_6121Being a huge Fish & Chips fan, the Man is rather particular about how it’s done.  It passed his taste test.  I had some of the Fish & Chips and thought it was pretty good.  The tartar sauce served on the side had a different twist to the usual ones served outside.

IMG_6120The Beef & Mushroom Cheese Fries were a little salty on the side but I still enjoyed it very much. I loved the minced beef bits soaked with cheese.  One thing that they could possibly improve on? Go easy on the sauce. There was too much sauce at the bottom of the dish which resulted in soggy fries.

They also offer desserts to complete the meal with but we didn’t want to stuff ourselves too much. So we skipped that and just spent the rest of the time watching Sparky interact with the other doggies and human pals. Will come back again if we need to bring him out for a treat. Happenstance Cafe is indeed welcoming to humans and doggies alike and it’s our hope that more pet cafes will spring up in Singapore and survive! 🙂

Give them your support with your furry pal!

Happenstance Cafe
Address: 35 Opal Crescent, Singapore 328425
Telephone: 6341 7871
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm
Reservations not necessary.