Goodbye Konk! Hello Eco-PY!

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After 5 years, my trusty generation 1 of KONK® has finally called it a day! I realised one day when I tried changing the battery of the device and it didn’t work. When I brought it to Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop to see if there is anything that can be done from a technical point of view, she shared that it was probably time for it to retire the product. Well, 5 years is indeed long and given that it was dispensing KONK in the air and helping to kill the mozzies, it has served us well.

Thankfully, there is now a new product that Our Lifestyle Shop has launched to replace my trusty mozzie/ insect killer device! Remember the Ecomist Odour Neutraliser (now shortened to Eco-On) that we reviewed previously? The Eco-PY help to keep insects at bay using the same Ecomist Automated Dispenser.

I had purchased the Ecomist Bundle Deal previously and proceeded to install a can of the Eco-PY into the Automated Dispenser for our living room. When we are at home, the Bub actually spends quite a fair amount of her time downstairs. It’s also the place where we get subjected to mozzie bites. I often have to put an insect repellent spray on the Bub’s arms and legs plus stick an insect repellent patch on her clothes. Even then, she’s not spared. So having the Eco-PY insect killer actually does help to put my mind to ease that she’s protected. One thing I do like about the Eco-Py insect killer is that it’s odourless. So it complimented the Odour Neutraliser that we also place in the living room.

So what is the Eco-PY capable of doing and how does it quite compare to its predecessor?

Automated Eco-PY Insect Killer Kit:
Eco-PY Insect Killer main ingredient is Pyrethrin, a natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower and it is safe to use around humans. It acts as a natural deterrent and when used, creates a protective barrier against these insects. Effective against flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies, fruit flies, ants and whatś more, it repels cockroaches! This is similar to the KONK Flying Insect Killer where the main ingredient also included Pyrethin.

Here’s a quick recap on how pyrethrins works?
Pyrethrins act on the nervous systems of insects; initially hyper-stimulating the nerves, then later blocking nerve synapses leading to death. Insects affected by pyrethrins, tend to fly in a crazed (yea, you read right, it’s not a typo) manner towards light; it’s called the phototropic effect.

And of course, if you have little ones and/or pets at home, you will also wonder if the Eco-PY really indeed safe for humans. The answer is Yes as the amounts of active ingredients that are dispensed into the air from the dispenser and circulated via proper ventilation are  so miniscule that they will not have any adverse effects on mammals (humans and warm blooded pets). In fact, the amount of product dispensed by an Eco-Py dispenser over the course of one day is less than a 5 second burst from a supermarket brand space spray.

Pyrethrins are the insecticide in the formulation. They have very low mammalian toxicity and break down very quickly once exposed to light so are considered very safe for humans and warm blooded pets. We say warm blooded because pyrethrins are very toxic to fish and other aquatic creatures. So please do not place the Eco-PY near your fish-tank if you do own one at home.


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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received two cans of Eco-PY from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review as the Our Lifestyle Shop Ambassador programme.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Odours be gone!

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I’m actually quite sensitive when it comes to odours. I especially dislike going to enclosed trapped places especially food courts and have that icky oily smell which linger in my clothes and hair. Only a good bath or hair wash would actually get rid of that smell but it’s hard to do it at work so I usually have hair perfume just to get rid of those smells. I believe if there is proper ventilation in such places perhaps these awful odours won’t even exist in the first place.

So I was really quite excited when Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop shared this new product that’s going to be launched under their suite of lifestyle products. The Ecomist Odor Neutraliser!! Again, the name doesn’t sound sexy but as an ambassador to Our Lifestyle Shop since 2013 and even though they don’t launch new items frequently, I know that whenever they do, the new products are always top of the range in terms of home-cleaning products and will deliver what they promise.

We will be trying out the Ecomist Odor Neutraliser in the next couple of weeks in our home to see if it really works. Again, we prefer always try out products from Our Lifestyle Shop first before giving our unbiased reviews about the product.

Here are some initial thoughts when I tested the Ecomist Odor Neutraliser with French Perfume giving it a light spray in the room. First impressions? I really did like what I smelled. The apple scent was light, not overpowering to the senses and doesn’t give one a pounding headache because the scent was simply too strong. Even after leaving the room for about 10 minutes and came back after, the fresh apple scent still lingered on.

We will be using the Ecomist Odour Neutraliser and placing this inside the Ecomist Dispenser (also under the same range of products). In case you are wondering what’s the need for a dispenser when the product is used for home but it’s the convenience that we greatly appreciate for products like these. I don’t have to worry about checking the clock and misting my home. I know that it’s timed and each spray / dose can last for about 7 minutes each time.

So check back in again in the next few weeks as we share our experience on using the Ecomist Odour Neutraliser. Again, we are looking for a product that does not just mask the smell but actually eliminating the odour from the air. If this works, I’m going to suggest asking the Bub’s school to consider stocking this for one of my peeves during morning drop-off is the strong food smell that permeates from the kitchen into the common areas of the school. It can get so bad that a quick 1-2 minutes is all I need to have that food scent linger in my hair and clothes all the way to work.

To find out more about products and special offers from Our Lifestyle Shop, do like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page, or follow them on their Instagram or Twitter.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the Ecomist dispenser and a can of Ecomist Odour Neutraliser from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

The dreaded Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease

The bub is sick again!

We had been a little edgy the last two days as her classmate was down with the dreaded Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease (HFMD) otherwise known as the no-meaning disease where there is no vaccine and the body doesn’t build immunity against the disease after getting it. There are many strains to HFMD and if you are down with it, you gain immunity from the strain of HFMD that you caught but that doesn’t stop you from getting it again.

This time she’s down with a fever and a throat infection (we had hoped) which was later diagnosed as HFMD.  HFMD brings a lot of discomfort to the child and worse, adults are not spared and adults get it a lot worse. So, every time we get an email from the school with the subject : HFMD, I pray that it’s not anyone from her class who caught it.

So when the helper sent a text to say that the Bub was running a fever of 38 degrees on Friday, my heart sank a little and had hoped that she wouldn’t catch the dreaded HFMD. I guess to put my panicky thoughts to ease, I sent her to our paed just to have it checked out. Turned out she was running a mild fever and perhaps a throat infection (which she’s prone to getting). He did tell us that we should still watch out for spots in her mouth, hands and feet and continue to monitor her temperature. Two days later, we saw spots in her mouth and she complained that her throat was painful. 😦 We sent her to the doctor over the weekend and confirmed that she was down with HFMD. I only hope that she won’t get it that bad.

Falling sick is part and parcel of growing up but every time she falls sick, the Man and I as parents always feel helpless and wished that her falling sick wouldn’t be that often. We have now amassed a long list of the temperatures that she ran whenever she’s down with a fever. The Man said to me on Friday night as we sponged her together while she was asleep “I wonder when she grows up next time, will she laugh at us for keeping a record of all of her fevers? I wonder how often we fell sick when we were young and how our parents dealt with it?” I guess our parents just dealt with it the same way as we are dealing with the Bub’s condition – with meds, rest and loads of tender loving care.

img_9178For now, the Bub is still very active. She’s been confined indoors a good part of the weekend and so far, we’ve finished two Disney movies – Beauty and the Beast plus Aladdin, she ate up all the fishball and minced pork porridge that I made for her and played dress-up with her new Princess Belle costume.

img_9163Get well real soon my little Bub!

And how are we dealing with HFMD at home? She’s got her arsenal of meds from the doctor. For us, we are just sanitising our hands with Safe Hands and keeping the home clean with our sanitising kit from Our Lifestyle Shop.

Power up with Hospital Surface Disinfectant

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The mere mention of Hospitals and I shudder in fear. I know because while I was heavily pregnant with Bubba in 2014, the Man was in and out of the hospital for a bit and I was heartbroken when Bubba was hospitalised for  UTI in 2015. Hospitals – they instill fear in me and they still do this very day for walking pass those automated doors, the strong whiff of chemical or otherwise known as “hospital smell” would sting my nose. But I also know that hospitals (at least for Singapore) are known for its sterile and clean environment, so that’s probably the ‘up-side’ of heading to the hospital.

img_3584When Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop passed me this can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant a couple of weeks back, I have to admit that other than the name that really stood out, I didn’t examine the product further (until this article is due). I wasn’t wildly excited about using it for I was afraid that the scent of the spray would remind of the hospital environment. I’m not being judgey but it did say Hospital Surface Disinfectant on the can.

Now what can the Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray do for you? Well, this powerful hospital disinfectant and deodorant acts within 10 minutes to disinfect germ-laden surfaces such as toilet seats, trash bins, urinals, door knows, light switches and equipment (just to name a few). It will significantly reduce bacteria from surfaces and suppresses plus eliminates odors. It can also control mould and mildew on shoes and boots and great for use on ski and snowboard boots too. The Man will be pleased to know for we often have to air our snowboard boots in Singapore to prevent it from having mildew on it.

img_3613With all the talk about toilet-training the Bub, this Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray sure came in handy now. After Bubba does her little business on her toilet seat cover, I simply have to whip this out and disinfect her toilet seat cover. It’s really simple to use too! All I need to do is to shake the can, spray and then allow it to dry naturally. I don’t even need to fish out a wipe or a cloth to wipe the residue away.

img_3616Of course, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant will also do the job of a quick disinfecting of Bubba’s toys. If you see where Bubba brings her fave toys and how she treats them, I’m quite certain, they are laden with germs. So am really pleased to know that this product is also child-safe and non-toxic because you never know where those little hands will put those toys in or out of.

I also really like using the spray as a room freshener to eliminate bad smells and odors quickly for it has a light and fresh lemon scent, plus it kills airborne germs too! That’s good to know because that’s how stomach flu spreads! The germs are airborne so using this spray would help eliminate the spread of the germs. Apparently according to Our Lifestyle Shop, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant spray is actually a star product that’s used in many schools and childcare centres and this is the first time that they are launching it for sale on their online retail store. I guess that’s good enough validation that this product works or actually does the job of eliminating germs for little kids under the same roof.

Check out my little instructional video on how to use the spray. Again, it’s great and won’t damage their toys so you don’t have to worry about paint stripping away when you are using the spray.

Now if you are wondering what’s the difference between Our Lifestyle Shop’s Be Sanitised, Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner Disinfectant and this Hospital Surface Disinfectant, here’s a quick guide on the usage for these products:


Hospital Surface Disinfectant: Helps eliminate odours, kills germs and destroy specific funghi. Can be used on a daily basis or as and when needed to disinfect surfaces quickly.

Be Sanitised: Best to use as a total release fogger and can be used periodically for a more thorough disinfectant to help reduce spread of germs.

Foaming Lemon Scented Cleanser: Used as a surface disinfectant on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, toys, cupboards and door knobs.

To be honest, we really love all three of these products under Our Lifestyle Shop and we do switch them around the house and stash them in different parts of the home to keep our loved ones especially the fur-kid and Bubba safe. I know you will not be disappointed with using them all for your homes too.



Enjoy a 5% discount on Hospital Surface Disinfectant (Usual Price: $43.90) when you use the promo code: iwanthisnow to place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  Hurry, hurry for promo ends on 8 January 2017. Perfect item to get for the home in time for a good spring cleaning this festive period!

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review as the Our Lifestyle Shop Ambassador programme.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner / Disinfectant

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img_4626On Sundays, Bubba spends majority of the day over at my Mom’s and last weekend, we uncovered some gems from my mom’s boxes where she would store all our old toys. Think vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines and Smurf figurines. I wasn’t expecting much but to my pleasant surprise, as I was rummaging through, Bubba was curious enough to join me and happily picked up the above toys from the box.

img_4623In fact, she was so happy with these ‘new’ toys that she refused to let them out of her sight. Well, at least it kept her occupied for a good part when we were in church. But truth be told, I was a little concerned about the ‘dirt’ since it was in deep storage and not played with for a good number of years. Continue reading

Fight HFMD with this special kit!

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According to this news article by Straits Times, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) is at it’s all record high. Now that Bubba is exposed to more children in school, HFMD as well as gastric flu are one of the dreaded illness/ virus that I would not want of any child.

My heart often skips a beat when the email notifications flash in my mailbox informing parents of a new case on HFMD. I worry for Bubba’s health for she has fallen ill almost every month since starting school. We do give her vitamins and try to instill healthy eating habits, but I guess it’s really all part and parcel of building up her immunity.


But one can also set one’s mind at ease by trying to keep your home environment clean and free of germs where possible. Thanks to the good folks from Our Lifestyle Shop who have specially put together this HFMD Emergency Prep Kit (S$99) consisting of Safehands (Unscented), B Sanitized and Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner/ Disinfectant. (Note: Ice-cream marquee light not included but used as a prop for the shoot.)

We are already huge fans of Safehands and B Sanitized. In fact, when our complimentary bottle of B Sanitized is finished, I would stock up on them. They are super handy when it comes to sanitizing Bubba’s toys or play-room in a jiffy. As for Safehands, they are currently the only brand of hand sanitizer that we would bring out to sanitize Bubba’s hands. They are not drying which is great for tiny hands.

We will be reviewing the Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner / Disinfectant soon but in the meantime, I really think this deal is not to be missed! Offer valid till 30 June 2016 or while stocks last so please do stock up or if you have yet to try their products, this maybe a good start. 🙂

Note: A can of Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner / Disinfectant is given for review. No monetary compensation has been received. This post was written as part of the Ambassadors Program.


Help! Graffiti on the floor!

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Well, the time has come for Bubba to move on to playing with crayons. She loves doodling and prefers to spend her free time at home ‘drawing’ on her large drawing book. That is when shes supervised. When she is left on her own, I noticed that she had accidentally scribbled on our walls. That’s not all, even though we laid out large pieces of white paper on the floor. The Bub prefers to draw out of the box. YIKES! Thankfully, we now have this!

img_2758Our Lifestyle Shop’s latest product – Gel Graffiti Remover – to join the family is really quite remarkable!

What is the Gel Graffiti Remover?
It is a powerful remover formulated to remove oil-based marks, including spray paint, permanent marker, ink and other types of graffiti from hard surfaces.

Marks are quickly dissolved and easily wiped away. The gel formula clings to vertical surfaces for better dwell time and performance.

Where can you use the Gel Graffiti Remover?
It can be used on brick, tile, steel, brass, chrome, glass, porcelain, marble, enamel, and many other surfaces.

What sort of substances can the Gel Graffiti Remover remove?
It is effective against ink, spray paint, marker, pen, lipstick and many other substances.

How does one use the Gel Graffiti Remover?
Simple! Spray directly on marked surface. Let stand no longer than 30 seconds, then wipe with clean cloth.

For difficult marks, such as on brick, use a stiff brush and work into stained area, then wipe off.

Repeat process until area is cleaned.

I seriously couldn’t wait to put Gel Graffiti Remover to good use. So one night after I put Bubba to bed and I was packing her crayons, I decided that it will be quite fun to do a vlog on how Gel Graffiti Remover is put to good use. I decided to be the graffiti artist for the day and messed up our tile floor.

Enjoy this little clip I put together (created and filmed by yours truly! haha):

Verdict: It is really that simple to use Gel Graffiti Remover! I liked that I didn’t have to wait very long and the stains were easily removed with a couple of wipes using a clean wet tissue (oops, didn’t have a clean cloth on hand). Even though the product is non toxic, I found that that the aerosol smell was rather strong so I would suggest not using this when your little one is in the vicinity. But overall, a great product for the home especially now that Bubba is more interested in making her mark (literally) on most of the items around the house.

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings:

Enjoy a 5% discount on Gel Graffiti Remover (Usual Price: $45.90) when you use the promo code: ladyj to place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  Hurry, hurry for promo ends on 29 February 2016.

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a can of Gel Graffiti Remover from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.