Looking for a gift to delight new moms or parents?

An ex-colleague welcomed a baby boy into their little family and “boy was I happy for her! So the BF@W and I scratched our heads wondering what we should get her little bundle of joy. There are no lack of brands that have sprung up over the last couple of years but one of the baby gifts that I really like gifting to new moms and parents is the baby gift hamper from My Baby Gift.

So they were pretty much my first port-of-call when deciding what to gift new parents. Love the whole personalisation of the baby’s name on blankets, bibs, towels and to this very day, Sophie is still using her personalised blanket for school (we have 2!) and her hooded towel for the home.

We are talking about nearly 3 years of daily use of her blankets (given that she goes to school from Mondays to Fridays) and despite the blankets being subjected to daily use by an active toddler who doesn’t quite care about keeping her stuff properly, her name blankets are still in a rather good condition (no loose threads coming out of the embroidery). I think that really is a true testament of a quality product. The day will come when these blankets will eventually have to go and I will be sad to see that day come. 😦

I came to realise as well while drafting this post that My Baby Gift recently started to expand their product offering to selling single products (not just hampers) to their customers. This demand was a result from their customers’ feedback on wanting a single product as a keepsake for their child or as a gift to another child. Makes sense especially if you are as sentimental as I am. They now offer the option of purchasing a single customised product in their “Gifts and educational toys” section where they offer gifts to children of up to 7 years. Best part? It’s fuss-free ordering (don’t have to specially head to the shops), beautifully wrapped and delivered to your home or the recipient’s home.

As you can see, personalised baby gifts really do have a special place in a new parent’s heart.  So if you are thinking about gifting a new mom or a new parent a unique gift for their little bundle of joy, I would really recommend getting a baby gift hamper from My Baby Gift.

special deal for my readers

This is not a sponsored review but the team at My Baby Gift has very kindly extended a 10% off all personalised baby hampers above $150 on www.mybabygift.com.sg for my readers with the coupon code LADYJ10 (valid until 31 December 2017).

Edit as at 19 July:  Came home to a lovely surprise from My Baby Gift for the Bub! I’ve been wanting to replace the Bub’s blanket for like I said, it’s been used and abused over the past few years. That said, the embroidery is still very hardy and we throw these blankets into the washing machine (not washed by hand).  Thank you Liron for the thoughtful gift in replacing the blanket for Sophie. Super love the stars blanket (have a major weakness for all things stars) and I’ve noticed that the embroidery has also been updated. It’s slightly larger compared to the older one and a lot more vibrant in pink.

This post is in response to the kind offer of 10% discount by mybabygift.com for my readers. All opinions are my own. Just sharing the good stuff!

Pretty gifts for S…


We count our blessings when S arrived in our lives and she’s a lucky gal for friends have been generous with the loveliest gifts for her.  Plenty of pretty clothes for her which Mummy here can’t wait to dress her up in when she starts to fill up.  🙂

IMG_6304IMG_6059A lovely personalised set from Chubby Chubby Singapore gifted by S. Super loving the colours in this girlie set and the shoes! They have her name on it!!  🙂

IMG_6352And a super lovely gift set from My Baby Gift from the Man’s friend. Loving everything in the set that screams all things girlie! 🙂

We are not able to list all the stuff that we’ve received but thank you all for your well-wishes and your generosity in welcoming baby S into our lives.  🙂


My Baby Gift and a deal!

The year of the Horse is the second most popular time (apart from the year of the Dragon) to have babies.  I see many ladies pregnant but more importantly, a couple of girlfriends are also preggers at the same time.  Pretty pleased for I not only have a support group of ladies who would dish out pregnant or mothering tips to me but also future play-dates in mind with Bun.  🙂


[Photo credit: My Baby Gift]

Behind My Baby Gift:
Started by Liron who’s an Isareali expat living in Singapore for the last 7 years and who’s a mother of 4, My Baby Gift was born after a long search for premium baby gifts in Singapore. It became apparent that the only available gifts were flower arrangements and simple ‘diaper cakes’. She therefore set out to create beautiful and contemporary, yet practical, baby hampers that will melt the hearts of those receiving these items and pamper those precious souls who just entered the world.  

About My Baby Gift:
My Baby Gift is a luxurious baby gift boutique in Singapore, offering Personalised Premium Baby Hampers and unique babies gifts , both for babies and mummies. All gifts are elegantly presented in their MyBabyGift signature gift box, delivered in a gorgeous matching shopping bag.

Delivered to the hospital or home, expect to receive  stylish personalised baby hampers, baby boxes and branded baby gifts  exclusively imported from international designers and baby boutiques – especially for the new baby and mother. 

What I particularly liked about this concept is that each gift is aimed to give the receiver a memorable and personal touch by embroidering the new baby’s name on selected products – FREE of charge – leaving the new baby a life-lasting keepsake.

liron_babygifts206_1[Photo credit: My Baby Gift]

My experience:
After shopping online aimlessly for a suitable hamper to gift a friend who recently just delivered , I eventually settled on a hamper from My Baby Gift.  The shopping experience has been pleasant and relatively fuss-free, I gave the details and made payment promptly.  The folks at My Baby Gift also updated me on the delivery status of the hamper.

What happened next was rather unfortunate for I was hoping that the friend would fall head-over-heels with the gift upon receiving it but there was a slight problem with the order.  Thankfully, they helped to sort this out efficiently and I was pleasantly surprised with their service recovery.  The rightful hamper was eventually sent and when S shared her pic of the gift with me, I was ‘oohing and ahhing’ over the hamper for I’m sure it will make a wonderful keepsake for her baby in years to come.  🙂

So if you are scratching your heads wondering what to get for your friends to congratulate them on the arrival of their newborn, I highly recommend putting the hampers on My Baby Gift on your list!  Makes for a wonderful gift for both the parents plus the child when he/ she grows older.

A special deal for you!
Since my experience with My Baby Gift has been positive on the whole, I asked the folks from My Baby Gift if they would like to spread the cheer to others!  So here’s a special deal for you:

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on www.mybabygift.com.sg by using the coupon code LADYJ (valid until June 2014).

This post is in response to the kind offer of 10% discount by mybabygift.com for my readers. No monetary compensation nor products were received, and all opinions are my own.