It’s easy to get SafeHands!

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Before Bubba’s arrival, I was busy reading up and stocking up on hand sanitizers. There are many brands available in the market and I got them off the shelf. The only problem I had with some of the popular brands available out there is with prolonged use of the hand sanitizers which are very often alcohol-based, my hands became really dry. My manicurist even remarked how dry my hands have become. So I went the organic route trying to search for the perfect hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean but haven’t quite found one that I liked.

IMG_0714Our Lifestyle Shop to the rescue with the trio pack of SafeHands sanitizers that Su-Lin recently passed on to me. I’ve been waiting for them to launch this for a couple of months now, so I was really pleased when Su-Lin passed me not just one but three different SafeHands sanitizers to try!

IMG_0718SafeHands is the number 1 brand in consumer friendliness and is super safe for children. You’ll have none of the negatives that’s associated with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This is important because multiple daily usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can leave hands red and cracked. There came a point in time when I was sanitizing my hand pretty often with these alcohol-based hand sanitizers that my hands felt really dry. I eventually ditched sanitizing my hands altogether for a while to give them a break. This was not ideal obviously because I needed my hands to be cleaned and preferably germ-free when I’m handling Bubba.

IMG_0722SafeHands is available in a bundle pack of Cucumber Mint, Clean Linen and Unscented. Size-wise, it’s a lot larger than I packed the Cucumber Mint into my diaper bag and headed out to test it out.

IMG_0725Coincidentally, how cool is it that the Cucumber Mint matches my new mint-green diaper bag!

IMG_0952And the Clean Linen one even matches our Diaper backpack! Hehe..

SafeHands kills 99.99% of germs, yet is gentle to the skin with a pleasant fragrance. The germ-killing activity actually increases the more frequently the product is used throughout the day. It is alcohol-free and contains a moisturizing agent to keep the hands feeling soft and clean with every use. Again, another important factor as I don’t have the time to constantly slather on hand lotion these days. Plus when I’m holding Bubba, I don’t really like to put on too much hand lotion as I’m afraid that she might end up licking the lotion. What I really liked about SafeHands is that it kills germs without stripping away the skins natural oils. Therefore, it never leaves the skin dry. I think this should be the new standard for instant hand sanitizing – no more dry hands please!

IMG_0758Pardon the mess but here’s how we put SafeHands to good use. I guess anywhere and everywhere. Cleansing or sanitizing our hands before and after our meals. Even though the bottle is larger than usual brands, it wasn’t too difficult to lug it around. As you can see, I just placed it in the side-pocket of my diaper bag so that I can easily access SafeHands as and when I need it. Given it’s slightly larger size, I liked how it can be shared with the family at our weekly dinners. I just whipped it out and my sis chimes in to my nephews the importance of sanitizing their hands before dinner. They then come to me and whip out both their tiny hands for me to dispense the foam hand sanitizer on their palms. Just one pump is sufficient enough to sanitize both of their hands. No wastage and no need to use more than its needed.IMG_0876

And did I mention, how fresh the Cucumber Mint SafeHands sanitizer smell? I wish you could have a whiff of its scent off the screen. The Man’s fave is the Clean Linen one which also smells great but my fave of the lot is the Cucumber Mint. 🙂

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Thanks to Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop for sharing these SafeHands sanitizers! Definitely handy to have around (oops.. no pun intended)


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a bundle pack of SafeHands sanitizer from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

iHerb haul

K shared with me a recipe for lactation cookies and I decided to try make them if I have the time within the next week or two to kick-start or boost my breast milk supply.  Headed to iHerb to get the ingredients for the ‘boob-milk cookies’ since some of these ingredients are significantly cheaper there.  The best part is that I don’t have to lug all these groceries home.  All I need to do is to pop them into a shopping basket, check them out and off they go in a box to Singapore.  Simple and easy!  🙂

IMG_5757Healthy and hearty ingredients needed to bake up my ‘boob-milk cookies’.  Will let you know how that goes and will also share the recipe if it works for me.

IMG_5756Also picked up more stuff for myself and Bun.  The Earth Mama Angel Baby, New Mama Bottom Spray is supposed to be a life-saver especially for post-partum bottoms.  Not going to quibble with that so decided to treat my bottom to some TLC and when this arrived, it went straight into the hospital bag in case I forgot.

I was also looking around for hand sanitizer to be placed in the Bun’s room before we handle Bun and a portable one for when we are on the go.  Didn’t want to go for commercial brands like Dettol nor Kirei Kirei for I read that they are pretty harsh on one’s skin.  So I decided to check out some of the offerings available on iHerb.  The babyganics alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer looked pretty decent so decided to give it a try and got the 50ml one to pop into the diaper bag.

I am still on the look-out for a decent hand sanitizer so welcome any recommendations that are baby-safe and not so harsh on the skin.

iHerb indeed is a treasure trove, sometimes to the extent of being mind-boggling since they have so many brands and different types of items available.  If you are planning to stock up your vitamins, health supplies, groceries, baby stuff or pet-related items, you should head on down and check them out.

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