Spring fling…

Not that we really have four seasons here in Singers but Spring usually heralds fashion with fun, floral and flirty prints.  I couldn’t help but welcome the fashion season with these outfits of my own – mostly bright and floral as it was the Lunar New Year.IMG_6196 IMG_6197My fave of the lot has gotta be this wonder find (thanks to Lavishley who graciously shared where she got that multi-floral dress from!).  When I laid eyes on it, I knew I simply had to get it!!!  Thanks to some investigative work, I did manage to hunt down one of the last pieces!  Super duper happy!  🙂

IMG_6146And most of the outfits above were paired with one of my fave heels at the moment!  🙂

Hope the week has treated well.  Just another 5 more days to go before we head to Tokyo and the slopes of Hakuba!  Can’t wait!!!


With Christmas just round the corner (like literally), it does feel so much more harder to get the ‘engines’ going at work.  The feasting has indeed begun and it’s evident when you check out the pudginess of my face.  😦  I think I look pretty scary with these close-up shots!


IMG_4895Anyone’s got a quick fix for slimming? ;p

IMG_4896And the insane merry-making (cue code for drinking) has begun.  We’ve seen a casualty over the weekend and wonder if I will play victim to the loads of drinking this season.  Fingers crossed!

The festivities start…

Wrapping the week with a couple of projects before hopefully winding down for the rest of the year.

IMG_4716Also taking the time to meet up with friends and indulge in the festive eating.  Waistline is so going to suffer as a result of this.  Sigh.. BUT, the important thing was that I finally have the time to meet up with the friends and catch up with what’s going on in their lives.  As a result, Christmas shopping has kinda taken a back-seat.. I’m so going to suffer!  YIKES!

IMG_4717So this week’s dress theme is ‘Ease’.  Most of the outfits that I’ve put on allows me to move around with ease.   No fuss at all.

IMG_4649I was looking forward to spending a quiet Friday evening at home but a friend asked if I was keen to go check out a party with her.  She was going more for work and all I had to do was to keep her company.  I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been out to a party, so dragged my old bag of bones down for this event.  Dress code for the party read: Couture Goth.  I jokingly asked friend do they think that it’s still Halloween to throw such a party?  She just rolled her eyes at me.  Hehe.

IMG_4704Well, I think I managed to pull together the look for the party.  Dressed up a simple studded skull tee with loads of accessories that could fit to the theme.  Threw on a black blazer and viola, I’m off for the party.  Didn’t really stay long though as the feet were killing me.  Have to admit, I’m getting too old to stand and boogie the whole night long.

IMG_4705Had another dinner-do with the Man the next night and since the blazer was lightly used, decided to just switch the tee and pile on the same accessories.  This ensemble worked as well for a smart night out about town too.  😉


Grateful for the sorta short work week as I took Monday off to recuperate from the ‘hell week of work’ and ran a couple of errands that involved mostly beautifying of my self.  🙂  The hair color was getting too brown so I went a shade darker.  I guess I shouldn’t be doing that seeing that I only recently colored my hair and I should get it a break before I go bald.  Yikes!

So, the rest of the work week saw me dressed in botanical prints.


IMG_4489Me thinks my face is too pudgy! ;(

Just one more week to go and my major projects for the year will come to an end.  I just need to start planning for 2013 and hope for a better year to come.


All mixed up

One more week before the madness begins.  Totally uninspired for the week and making a conscious effort to repeat my outfits. I admit, the MBMJ dress was an impulse buy.  When it arrived, it didn’t fit.  Had to bring it to the tailor and the amount spent on alteration could have been saved if I had only tried on the dress before buying it.  That said, since I’ve already purchased and altered it, decided to make the best out of it.  First time I put it on, it felt all wrong.  So, instead of chucking it in the wardrobe, decided to pull it out again and put on a belt to give the dress a little more structure.  Thought it didn’t look all too bad.

And on Tuesdays, had a couple of external meetings, so decided to put on a fun printed flamingo blouse from Sandro – one of my fave brands when we were living in Geneva.

And the rest of the week basically just zipped by.  Dresses are one of my fave things to put on.  Fuss-free and I don’t have to worry if the top matches the bottom.  Hehe.

A rather eventful week.

For once in a long time, I finally felt that I could catch a little of my breath this week.  Managed to get off work at a rather decent time to spend some time with the Man and friends.

Nothing fancy.. just a week of prints to see me through the week.  Next week’s outfits are going to be tough as I have to cover up a bruise around the chest area.. Let’s see.. what to wear?  What to wear?


Outfits for work

How has the past work week been for you?  I can’t believe that we are almost inching towards the end of 2012.  Whoa.. where did all that time go to?

But there’s no time to rest and relax.  In fact, things are started to get super-duper busy at the workplace.  No time to think and pair what to wear.  So here’s what I grabbed for work this week:

Simple dress with interesting details always work for those ‘I don’t know what to wear days!

And I went on a roll with printed outfits for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

And before I knew it, Friday came.  Hurray!  End of the week always puts me in a good mood.  Decided to jazz up colours!  Went with a purple semi-formal work top and dressed it down a notch with my hot-pink Zara pants.  Threw on a neon pink and yellow diamante necklace from H&M.  All set to rock and roll with this outfit!  Woo hoo!