Soft towels at Familiar

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetOur recent trip to Japan saw me checking out the Children’s floor/department at several department stores that we frequent.  The Man would tag along but his energy levels would slowly wane as he got bored of the offerings.  I don’t blame him for some of the selection actually look the same for each department store that we visited.  As for me, I was busy checking out the prices for some of the pieces that I had my eye on and oogling some of the lovely pieces that would be too expensive to splurge for Bun.  In my opinion, the best shopping experience for buying our baby stuff at department stores has gotta be Isetan and Mitsukoshi.  So if you are planning to check out baby stuff, try these places.

The Man picked out a cute little bonnet and a romper for Bun.  We did check out several of the concessionaires before deciding on this purple bonnet which I’m hoping she will get a longer wear out of it.  Is it really necessary to get a hat for the newborn?  I’m not too sure but it was on many of the checklists that I’ve come across.  Decided to just be conservative this time and we got just one for now.  Got a white hand-me-down hat from the cousin as well, so I guess 2 is enough for her.

IMG_4669During our shopping expedition for Bun, I’ve also realised that several Japanese moms would hang out at the Familiar concessionaire.  Up until then, I’ve not heard of this brand but was intrigued by the amount of traffic that the concessionaire would enjoy.  Some of the items had a hefty price tag attached to it which probably drove me away in the first place.  That was before my eyes caught sight of these cute towels and handkerchiefs under this brand.  Price-wise, a tad bit more expensive than usual brands but my, when I touched these towels, they were oh-so-soft!  I almost wanted to rub my face against the softness of the towel.  So I sheepishly put 2 pieces into the shopping basket.

IMG_4670Did I mention about the prints?  They were simply a-do-rable!!!!  In soft pink/grey and purple hues in the cutest animal print designs that I’ve seen so far.  And with stars on them?  I was sold!!  Grabbed another one of these towels and brought home 3 of them in all for Bun.  That should last her for a while.  Friends told me that babies go through swaddles and towels really quickly so I’m hoping with 3, this can be rotated.

  IMG_4673Oh, wait!  Make that 4 towels then.  Also picked up this hooded towel in a pink striped with butterfly print.  The quality of these towels that are made in Japan are simply amazingly soft.  Even though they are a little bit pricier than usual, but I find the designs and more importantly, the quality worth the money spent.