BRUNO @ Home: Cheesy Egg Toast

Some of my colleagues have asked me what is it like working on 3 days, is it difficult to adjust and do I really work 3 days? Well, I have to say the experience of working 3 days is actually quite pleasant. I work 2 days and get 2 days off and then work 1 day and get the weekend off. It does offer me a fair bit of flexibility. That said, for someone who doesn’t quite sit still at home, I do find myself trying to pack my calendar to make the most of the 2 days that I don’t work. Also, if you are thinking ”Wow, that’s a pretty good deal to have!”, I have to add that the pay does commensurate¬†with the number of days that I work with okay?. :p

Thankfully, I have a fellow pal @ Mama Libby to keep me company on the 2 days that I don’t work and this is what we got up to this morning. Whipping up a simple and quick home-cooked breakfast on our BRUNO that’s also fancy enough to impress friends with over brunch. ūüôā

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Cooking with our Bruno Hotplate

I don’t cook much these days but I felt like stuffing my face with carbs one evening for dinner. Well, it was one of those days and carbs plus chocolate (alcohol too) somehow does make it feel somewhat better.

My MIL was out and I thought I  just whip up something simple for the helper and myself. Felt like cooking something too and the compact Bruno Hotplate that we got was just perfect for such an occasion.

img_8574I popped into the supermarket to get the ingredients – namely the Pasta sauce and the helper prepped all the other items needed for me to whip up this dish on the dining table. We are taking about brocoli, boiled pasta shells, cocktail sausages, chopped shallots and garlic. Well, it was that simple.

img_8572This was made on my dining table using the Nabe Pot add-on that was fixed to the Bruno.

img_8583And it seriously made for a really satisfying meal though I did feel a little guilty after. ;p