Bling my world

A peek in my weekly wardrobe to work.

Monday: Always harder to get out of the bed.  Uninspired.  So threw on a simple black dress and paired it with an eye-catching blue chandelier necklace.
Tuesday: Drop-waist dresses are in again this season!  Pulled out an old dress and accessorised with loads of different chains.

Wednesday:  Mid-week dinner date with the gang!  Put on this new dress which was heavily marked-down on ASOS along with my all-time fave neon yellow necklace.
Thursday: Had loads of meetings.  Wasn’t in the mood to dress up.  So just pulled out a simple brown top, paired with pants and simply piled on the armswag.
Friday:  FINALLY!  Had a thing going on with a colleague in the office, so whipped out my hot pink pants along with my skull-printed top (a recent purchase from Bangkok).  I felt rather self-conscious in the office later on.. felt eyes staring at me or rather my super-bright pants.

That’s it for me this week!  One more week before the big vacay.. our last long vacay for the year.

Going digital {outfits for the work week}

I’ve been tired of late.  No particular reason, just been heading to work and then home.  It’s like energy levels are at an all-time low but fear not, I’m trying to zap myself out of this phase and bounce back into action!

In the meantime, totally frivolous but here’s what keeps me going through the week – dressing up for work!  😉  I’m one of those that needs to plan what to wear the night before heading to work.  I can’t just get up and then stare at the wardrobe and pick out the outfit.  Somehow that kinda spoils my routine and I end up feeling out of sorts.  I know it feels silly but that’s just how I operate.

Here goes:

Monday blues kicked in and it was one of those days that I prob crawled out and got up on the wrong side of the bed.  Picked up this ASOS digital TV screen blouse on the day of work and paired it with a pencil skirt.  Somehow the combo didn’t look great on me and I ended up feeling extra conscious of the outfit.  Don’t know why I even picked out the skirt for I hardly even wear skirts to work.  Sheesh!  Tuesday felt a little better as I put on my MBMJ striped dress in colourful hues that seemed to perk my day.

Theme for this Wednesday’s dress-up at the workplace was Arabian Nights.  I had to cover a work event and couldn’t be decked out in too funky colours, so I chose this navy blue dress with palm and hut prints.  Tried to justify fitting into the theme by saying that the palm print is a tribute to the Palm in Dubai.  The colleagues just rolled their eyes at me.  Hey, at least I tried.  ;p

Thursday felt like a neon kinda day so I put on my fave neon yellow necklace and paired a digital printed bubble top with pants.

And yes, there’s always something magical about Friday.  You feel a lot happier that the weekend is here and you have 2 glorious days just to chill and relax before the start of the work week.  So putting myself in a chirpy mood with this fun floral blazer that I bought from Love Bonito.  I had wanted to do an all-white ensemble but somehow it didn’t look too good with white pants so I just put on a basic white tee, black jeans and let the printed floral blazer do all the talking.

Emotions at work was kinda a roller-coaster ride as KT and I got to review our latest food-place at work which was a pretty fun thing to do, then before I left for work, I said goodbye to one of my dearest colleagues who’s leaving the team to chase her dreams in Dubai.  Will miss the cool shenaigan at work, now we’re left with one more crazy one before he leaves the team in August to complete his studies.

Oh-kay, no more talk about work.  The weekend is upon us and what plans have you got?  I’m off for a swing test at the range and am crossing my fingers and toes that I pass!  Wish me luck please!

What did I get myself into?

So a friend asked if I was going to be interested to do a cake decorating class with her and her daughter.  I thought, ‘Sure, why not?’  It was one of those things that I didn’t mind doing and with free time on hand, I thought it would be a good way to level up those paltry baking skills of mine.

So this was supposed to be a cake decorating course where we not only learned how to bake a basic vanilla and chocolate cake but also how to decorate a cake properly with butter-cream icing and then fondant.  I was really excited for I often oogled at pretty fondant cakes and wondered when I would be able to try my hand at making some of them.  And remember these gorgeous Chanel cupcakes that the ex-colleagues got for me as a farewell gift last year?  My ultimate goal was to make one of these EVENTUALLY.

I thought it was going to be all fun and games at this cake decorating class that we were taking.  After all, how difficult could it be?  I soon ate my words.  We were cruising in lesson 1 but for the rest of the lessons, we basically needed to do our homework before going to class.

By the end of lesson 2, I learned how to cover a cake with butter-cream icing and decorate the cake with a simple piping gel design.

Pretty pleased with the result but of course, icing of the cake could be improved.

We were told that we had to prepare a 2-tier cake covered in fondant as our final project on lesson 5.  Of course, I’m a little nervous but I chose to go with an Anna Sui type of cake – think chocolate cake covered in purple fondant and adorned with black butterflies.

And over the weekend, it was mad baking at the loft.  A total of 5 chocolate cakes were baked and that’s not all, made 2 batches of butter-cream icing.  All these are now sitting in my freezer waiting to be assembled for my final project.

So fingers crossed and wish me a good luck won’t ya for my final project?  Can’t wait to show you guys the pics of the cake IF it turns out well.  🙂

Going wide

There was a time when wide-leg jeans were all the rage.  It was then when I jumped on the bandwagon some 5 years back and purchased this pair of jeans from Uniqlo when we were still living in Tokyo.  I love Uniqlo for they have a wide range of casual wear with those irresistible pocket-friendly prices.

I brought along my one and only pair of wide leg jeans to Geneva.  Wasn’t sure what I was going to pair it with but since my wardrobe choices are rather limited since I’m not working here (they mainly comprise jeans, jeans and more jeans).  I thought maybe a different style could come in handy some how.  And I guess it did this time round.

I had a ‘gig’ presenting on Singapore to a couple who was going to relocate to our tiny shores.  I wasn’t sure what to wear, shipped all my pants home the last time so I pulled out my wide-leg jeans.  I probably could get away with wearing jeans since it was of a dark wash.  To pull off a slightly more ‘business-casual’ look, I put on a navy blue blouse with just some simple detailing.  You can’t really see it here but I love the ‘Peter Pan’ collar on this blouse.  Lastly, because the blouse is made of a lightweight cotton material, I layered it with a grey cardi to keep warm.

And the ankle boots go perfectly well with the outfit too.  Guess I’m keeping this pair of wide-leg jeans in my wardrobe for a little longer.  Hopefully this seventies-style denim will make a comeback soon.

Go on raid my wardrobe!

On dressing up these days

It’s been a while since I did a Wardrobe Raid post.. probably because it’s Winter and I’m just too tired of layering to keep warm.  Having layers also mean putting on additional bulk onto the body something that I really do not feel so hot and ‘sexy’ about.  I keep irritating the Man with my ‘I’m so fat’ statements.  He just keeps rolling his eyes at me.

So when the Man said he felt like going out for a nice dinner, I jumped on it for I was in the mood for dressing up (never mind that I’ve been out in the snow for almost 4 hours).  Been wanting to don on this DVF blouse for the longest time!  I think I bought it almost a year ago (thanks to Fashionista Cat’s astute fashion sense) but never quite gotten around to wearing it back in Singers.  This time round, I was determined to try to bring it out for a fashion spin!  So I threw the tunic over some black jeggings and paired it with my metallic cardi to keep warm.

To dress up the entire look for an evening night out, I put on my brown leather boots with kitty heels.  I love these boots.  I can’t believe that I have them for almost 5 years now!  They used to give me such bad blisters when I wore them during our time in Tokyo but now that they have been rather seasoned, I actually enjoy wearing them now than before.  BUT… I just realised that because I haven’t worn them for a very long time, the rubber soles have broken as well.  DARN!  Does anyone know if the cobbler can fix this?

#7 essential wardrobe piece: Statement Accessories

Nothing updates a wardrobe or changes the look of an outfit more than accessorizing with key statement accessories. For me, they often finish off my look and add instant glamour where needed. This is why ‘Statement Accessories’ is definite essential in my wardrobe.

I’ve read somewhere that statement accessories is like something you wear to celebrate feeling good about yourself. For me, it often works as a perk-me-up when I’m feeling blah or when I feel that I’m in a fashion rut. There are days where I wanted to just be dressed in a plain tee and jeans with flip-flops, but don’t want to look like a drab. So depending on how I feel, I either throw on a simple necklace and pile on the bracelets or put on a statement piece of jewellery and instantly I feel fabulous already!

How does one start to acquire these statement accessories? They are plenty of stores out there that you could start with. I like heading to Accessorize, Diva Jewellery and even M’phosis to check out the different types of fashion accessories. They are often inexpensive and it’s fun to mix-and-match the accessories according to latest trends. It’s also worth investing in a couple of classic pieces that will last you through the years. The above statement accessories are my treasured pieces and they travel almost everywhere with me for I know they can help up jazz up any look that I want to achieve.


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