Checking out: Cat and the Fiddle cake!

Any excuse to eat cake is welcomed and I recently placed an order for one for a colleague’s birthday.  Read a review on 8 Days on the cakes at Cat and the Fiddle and really wanted to give the Maneki Nero which is essentially a yuzu cheesecake with notes of mandarin orange and lemon.

IMG_5775Thankfully, colleague didn’t really have a sweet tooth, so I figured the choice of this cake will go well with the birthday girl as well as the others in the team.  Popped in an order and had to place add-ons to beautify the cake.  By the way, this do cost more. I paid more for the tag thinking that it was a decorative stencil.  And since the concept of Cat and the Fiddle is that the buyer gets to be the creator of the design of the cake, these add-ons don’t come free.  If you wish to add Happy Birthday or some other greeting on to the cake, you’ll have to pay more for the decorative icing (which comes in sugar or cocoa powder) plus do not forget the stencil (else you will end up like me with a packet of cocoa powder that everyone suggests that I make milo out of it).

IMG_5776The cake box is really pretty as well but you pay a fee of S$3.50 for the packaging.  Not sure if it was necessary for I think a simple cake box would have also done the job.   But if you want to impress at first sight, the cake box with eye-catching cartoon figurines does the job.  When I took the cake out of the fridge, most of the team were fascinated over the cute design of the box and shared that it was one of the nicest ones in the market.

IMG_5777The cake!  It was really good, refreshing and light.  The yuzu cheesecake was tangy and not heavy on the palette.  Loved the mandarin notes and the lemon peel which lifted the citrus flavour of the cheesecake further. Polished the piece that was handed over to me and seriously, this would be one of the cakes you don’t mind having seconds of if you are huge citrus lover like me.

Overall?  Cake was good so I’d say definitely give it a try.  Other points to note: online ordering of the cake was pretty smooth and fairly easy. The add-on charges for like simple things we take for granted like Happy Birthday wording and the box border on the slightly costly side so you may just want to skip those if it ain’t necessary.  You can opt to either pick up from their store locations or have it delivered to your address.  Delivery charges seem fairly reasonable as well.