More toiletries for Bubba

Chanced upon Big Little Me and was quite impressed with the products that they were carrying for little humans. 🙂 They are currently having a 10% Christmas sale from now till 25 December so took the opportunity to purchase some of these products to try on Bubba.

IMG_1669Since becoming a Mom, I’ve been on a look-out for organic toiletries for Bubba. After reading this post by Mama Libby, I wanted to give the Bio-Shield Kiddie Spray and the Little Innoscents Winter Blue Vapour Balm a try the last time round before we head up to Tokyo. Never got the chance to and since we will be making another trip out of Singers, decided to enjoy the offer and pop them into my shopping cart.

IMG_1670I also carted the Mineral Powder to try as Bubba has been quite prone to heat rash of late. I have been quite resistant to put powder on Bubba as the fine particles of the powder may irritate her tiny nostrils. Given that she’s about 6 months now, I decided to give this a try for I’ve checked out the ingredients and read that the Koalin White Clay that’s used in this powder is also known for its astringent and absorbent properties, making it more effective for absorbing excess moisture and toxins. I tried the powder on Bubba upon receiving the items. First impressions? The powder smelled wonderful because of the Lavender and Spearmint essential oils. Since then, we’ve been using a little of this after Bubba’s bath on her neck area and I think it did help to control the rash.

Decided to get the Intensive Soothing Cream which can double up to soothe diaper rashes as well as insect bites. I liked the fact that with the purchase of the Little Innoscents range, part of the proceeds go to helping Children’s Society. Nice to know that my shopping is helping others as well. 🙂

Last but not least, I’ve tried the Buds Organics Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser previously as a sample that was included in the Vaby Box. Loved the scent and decided to try out some of their other products. As we will be traveling real soon, the compact size of the Buds Organics Bottle and Utensil Cleanser as well as Buds Baby Safe Laundry Detergent is ideal to bring along for a short trip as I foresee there will be washing of Bubba’s feeding equipment. Following our last family holiday to Tokyo where we didn’t pack any baby detergent and I needed some to hand-wash some of her clothes, I decided to keep some baby detergent on hand for our upcoming trip if we need to remove stains from her clothes.

I have to add that the folks at the Big Little Me team are fantastic as well. My order was completed without much fuss and I received the items pretty quickly with some complimentary samples. Loved that the items are all packed properly as well (ie: no spillage) and the hand-written note from Justine with little tips on how the items should be used.

Can’t wait to try out the rest of the products now. 🙂 Will probably do up a post to share some of Bubba’s fave toiletries that I have been using on her so please look-out for that.