BRUNO @ Home: Cheesy Egg Toast

Some of my colleagues have asked me what is it like working on 3 days, is it difficult to adjust and do I really work 3 days? Well, I have to say the experience of working 3 days is actually quite pleasant. I work 2 days and get 2 days off and then work 1 day and get the weekend off. It does offer me a fair bit of flexibility. That said, for someone who doesn’t quite sit still at home, I do find myself trying to pack my calendar to make the most of the 2 days that I don’t work. Also, if you are thinking ”Wow, that’s a pretty good deal to have!”, I have to add that the pay does commensurate with the number of days that I work with okay?. :p

Thankfully, I have a fellow pal @ Mama Libby to keep me company on the 2 days that I don’t work and this is what we got up to this morning. Whipping up a simple and quick home-cooked breakfast on our BRUNO that’s also fancy enough to impress friends with over brunch. 🙂

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Shop Small Saturday Market (24 June)

It completely slipped my mind to promote this communit event that I have been working with Mamas Libby and Gwen – Shop Small Saturday Market happening tomorrow from 10.30am (typo up there) to 6pm at Stamping Ground Coffee!

So by any stroke of luck, if you are reading this and are free tomorrow, please do come by and support us at the event.

What’s lined up at Shop Small Saturday? It’s an event that supports small, local and handmade shops. Participating brands include: The Little Bow Co, Tulle Love by Gwen, Pickabag, Cote Maison (featuring Bruno Hotplate SG and Bumwear), Da Prayer Designs, Sea Apple Shop and Happie Tings.

We’ve also arranged for a special workshop hosted by The Lettering Workbook for the children happening between 11.30am to 2.30pm using Stickiemail products so Mamas can all shop in peace.

It’s going to be an exciting Saturday so come by and say HELLO to me if you do stop by at Shop Small Saturday. 🙂