falling into Fall

Thinking that it was going to be pretty cool in Vienna, the luggage consisted of a mixture of outfits that could be paired with either a cardigan or my distressed bomber jacket when needed.

Thankfully, I packed a lightweight dress which worked rather well with the distressed bomber.  Loving the combi and hopefully I can continue wearing this dress through the first part of Fall.

Go on raid my wardrobe!

denim do’

It’s been ages since I’ve put on a denim top and it had been a dilemma wondering how to pair it with the right bottom (in my case, clearly, it wasn’t going to be denim).  So I went with black jeans and completed the look with an eye-catching arm candy.

Loving the printed lace detailing on the floaty denim top.  The size looks a little huge but I’ve been told that it’s supposed to be the slightly baggy style.  I guess the top is perfect for the days that I wanna just gorge on food and not worry about funny bits sticking out of my apparel. Hehe. But for a Friday, this get-up is great for the semi-casual office code.

Go on raid my wardrobe!

Life in mono

I’ve been under the weather.. popping meds and trying to shake off an on-coming flu/sore-throat/cough/fever. Yes, sounds rather major but it kinda is. Sigh! Why me? Why fall sick when I’m back home with tons of stuff that needs to be done, friends that I want to meet and loads of local food that I have yet to eat? Big sigh! But, on the flip side, I rather get sick here than in Geneva. At least, I know that I can just pop into the nearest neighborhood clinic to see a doc and I can be well taken care in the comfort of our home.

Feeling a little moody since I’m not well, I put on this ‘Blooming Flamingo’ blouse to work yesterday. I’ve been eyeing this print since Sandro launched it at the beginning of the Spring/Summer season. But I wasn’t willing to part with that sum of money to purchase it, so I waited and waited till it was slashed 50% off its retail price before bringing it home. The blouse is a little big for me but thankfully it can be worn loose with a camisole along with it.

And to break the monotony of the blacks-and-whites, I dressed the outfit up with an eye-catching cuff. Loving the top and I probably bring it back to Geneva for I read that monotone hues continue to rule the runway come Fall/Winter. 😉

Go on raid my wardrobe!