A peek in Lady J’s life: Sundays

Woo hoo… so I made it to the end of the week.  Documenting my daily life in pictures sure is harder than I thought it would be. I guess most of the time, it’s a conscious effort to remind myself that I should whip up my camera to capture these interesting shots.

Anyway, nothing overly too exciting about this Sunday.  We decided to take a chill pill and just laze the day away.  Check it out:

  • We had plans to go to Martigny to check out the Musee Saint Bernard.  But after an exhausting week at work, the Man decided to sleep in and ‘play by ear’ when we got up.  When we woke up, it was cold and gloomy.  Decided to postpone the trip till we get better weather then.
  • Had a simple breakfast: coffee with leftover Pandan Chiffon Cake for the Man and I had an apple to munch on.
  • Met up with friends and headed to a small Swiss restaurant for some lunch.  Shared a fondue with the little Style Princess. I’m beginning to develop a liking for fondue and raclette. If only the offerings for sides can be as good as the ones we got in Japan.
  • The weather started to look up.. clear blue skies which made us regret not going on our road trip.  But we relaxed at home basically the Man was doing his work and I ended drafting a couple of blog-posts for the week.
  • The Man made dinner – Mee Hoon Kway – for 6.  Guess we were too hungry that we ate all of it before I could even grab a shot.
  • Dessert was a selection of Chocolates and Pink Macarons which I made.

Combining this post with a peek in my Wardrobe for Fall.  Since it was pretty cool and a little gloomy when we left the house, I decide to throw on this snuggly and furry coat of mine which I purchased from G2000 in Singapore during the End Season Sales.  Looks like it came in handy to jazz up my casual outfit.  And Fall is really here.  For the first time, I’m witnessing the burst of colours in the changing leaves and it’s beautiful.


“Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light, with skies a deeper blue, and nights that become suddenly clear and chilled. The season comes full with the first frost, the disappearance of migrant birds, and the harvesting of the season’s last crops.”

Glenn Wolff and Jerry Dennis


A peek in Lady J’s life: Saturdays

Weekends are usually very precious for us.  Most of the time, we tend to take advantage of it by travelling to nearby countries.  But after an intensive month of traveling every weekend in September, we decided to take a little break.  So last weekend, we hosted some friends that we’ve met here in Geneva to a Singapore food feast.  This weekend, we are opening our place up again cooking up a storm for some friends.

Here’s what I did this Saturday:

  • The Man went for a golf game with friend while I hung out with E and the little Style Princess over morning coffee.
  • Loving those awesome boots that the little Style Princess had on.
  • Did I tell you I’m a potato chip junkie?  Well, I am… ;o
  • The Man lost the golf game and ended up buying lunch for the group.  Steak for lunch.. I had the half portion which was good enough for me.
  • The Man prepping dinner.  Another Asian feast but smaller scale this time round: Nasi Lemak with Sayur Lodeh.
  • Dessert was a freshly baked Pandan Chiffon Cake that I had baked earlier in the day with E.
  • Dinner with friends was really nice.. 3 bottles of wine polished off by 4 people.  Thank goodness guests loved our food too!

This time next weekend, we’re going to be in Florence.. Woo hoo… I seriously can’t wait!! 😉

A peek in Lady J’s life: TGIF

Wow..this photo project is a little harder than I thought it would be, but I will continue to persist with documenting my daily happenings with photos.  I’m back to a photo collage of just key highlights from the day:

  • Miss my ‘Florals in the loft’ series so adding to my collection of pix, these gorgeous white roses that we purchased from France for only 1.90 Euro.
  • Baked up a batch of pink macarons.  I know, they have big feet!  But at least they no longer have peaks!
  • Met up with blogger Sam from Schwingen in Switzerland for a hot bowl of soba noodles.  Perfect for such a cold and windy day.
  • Headed to do some thrifting with friends from Singers.  Pretty pleased with my buys, new plates for food styling 😉
  • The Man came back early, we lazed around and then headed out for dinner.  Meeting up with his friends from work.  That’s me decked in my Fall gear and the Man throwing out the trash.  Hehe.
  • Met up with new friends and enjoyed a lovely meal of Italian pizza over at our fave pizza joint in Geneva.  Thereafter, continued with more drinks.
  • Got home at about midnight and hit the sack after a hot shower.


A peek in Lady J’s life: Thirsty Thursday

The Man finally caught up with reading my blog and was wondering why I was on a ‘blog-roll’ updating my daily events.  That’s when I told him that I was participating in a week-long photo challenge over at Adventuroo.  I must say that it does take quite a lot of effort in documenting the entire day’s events with pictures.  So here is my attempt to get past 5 pictures for Thursday’s edition:

  • Got up bright and early, decided to bake up some chouquettes for friends.  This had better work for it was my 4th attempt in baking these tiny nibbles.
  • Prepped the working station, followed the recipe to a tee this time round and viola – chouquettes!!
  • As the sun was out, decided to style the chouquettes for a little shoot.  That’s the usual set-up that I have for most of the bake goods that I whip up here in Geneva.
  • Thereafter, cleaned up and decided to give the apartment a quick clean.
  • Checked emails, surfed the net and waited for E to give me a call before deciding where to head for lunch.
  • It was such a beautiful day in Geneva.  Blue skies and cool temperatures, so I walked up an appetite before meeting friends for an Indian buffet lunch.
  • I love a good meal of Indian food.. yummy!!!  But I probably over-ate because I was too hungry… ;/
  • Walked about in town for a bit before heading home in a flurry, cos I left the home in a mess and the Man was back from work a little earlier than usual.   Oops..
  • Received a package from the little sis.  It’s a Varsity tee from her school which I jokingly said I had wanted.  So that was a belated birthday gift that she got for me.  Looks incredibly comfy to slouch around in.  Hehe
  • Crossed over to France in under 20 minutes.  We were headed to Annemasse to do a little grocery shopping.  See, told you I go to the supermarket almost on a daily basis.
  • Wanted to do an early dinner at about 630pm but none of the restaurants were opened that early for us, so we popped into another supermarket near our place, got some Ravioli and pasta sauce for a simple meal.
  • Dinner is served at 715pm with a lovely bottle of Red wine.  Finally, alcohol in the system! That’s the reason why the post is called ‘Thirsty Thursday’! 😉
  • Finished dinner, the Man popped in some Mont D’or cheese into the oven to bake.  White truffle oil was drizzled over the baked cheese for an after-dinner treat.
  • Sudden inspiration for a macaron filling so I made a batch of those and popped them in the refrigerator for the flavours to meld together.
  • 10.50pm – feeling super sleepy but gotta wait for the dishes to be done before I can call it a night.  <Yawn!!>

A peek in Lady J’s life: Wednesdays

Mid-week!!!  Yippee!!!  I guess it doesn’t really make a difference for me since I’m not working but somehow there’s always a buzz when weekend approaches.

Here’s a run-down of my Wednesday with some of the best pictures taken with the iPhone.  I gotta say I’m doing quite a crappy job of documenting my entire day (I’ve seen what the others have done and it’s amazing the tons of pictures that they’ve taken).  Well, I guess the primary reason why I decided not to put in that many pictures because WordPress has a limit to the number of pictures that I can load on the blog, so I kinda got to be discerning with the space constraints.

  • Day was foggy when I woke up.  Dragged myself out of bed and plonked in front of my lap-top to surf/blog.
  • Had a date with E to head to the Asian supermarket to load up on food supplies.  As it was still pretty cold when I peeked my head out of the window, I decided to play safe and dress in slightly heavier knits. Loving the Aztec printed knit that I got and paired with UGG boots. It’s my first Fall that I’m experiencing and the weather drives me absolutely insane.  I can never quite guess whether it’s going to be warm or cold!  This time I over-dressed!  Arh!!!
  • Headed back to E’s place for lunch.  Salad and ravioli – yumz!  Attempted to make grass jelly, we thought we had it right but after a couple of hours of making the grass jelly and letting it cool in the open, it’s still not hardening.
  • Off to do a little retail therapy in town, walked past Comptoir Des Cotonniers boutique.  Couldn’t resist popping in for they were having a Mid Season Sale with up to 40% discounts.  Yay to savings!  E picked out a lovely trench coat for me and it was gorgeous!  Just in time for the trench coat that I had been about 5 years old already.  Time to bid that coat goodbye.  🙂
  • On the way back to E’s place, she pointed out Restaurant De La Madeleine – the only restaurant in Geneva that doesn’t serve alcohol!  That’s the first I’ve heard.
  • Lugged 3 bags of stuff filled with goodies and groceries back home.
  • Prepped dinner – Spicy tofu served with leftover duck stew.
  • Was feeling too stuffed from dinner, so decided to get busy and try my hand at baking those chouquettes again.  Attempt number 3.  Failed again! Burnt chouquettes greeted me again.  I’m going to stick to the previous recipe that succeeded the next time round!  Hmph!
  • Unwinding down with a hot cuppa verbena tea and my eyes glued to the iPad loaded with the latest episodes of my favourite shows.


A peek in Lady J’s life: Tuesdays

Didn’t feel like getting up for the morning weather was gloomy and cold, the theme song for this day definitely had to be ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars.  Here are the highlights from my uber-lazy day:

  • Did a couple of household chores – vacuumed the apartment and popped the laundry into the washing machine.
  • Vegged out in front of my laptop doing the usual : surfing and blogging.  This usually takes up like a couple of hours of my day. Hehe.
  • After a simple but unhealthy lunch of instant noodles, the sun finally decided to come out and play so I decided to hit the street and head to the supermarket to stock up on groceries.  You’ll find that I have a weird obsession with doing grocery shopping after this series is completed.  Yes, here in Geneva I go to the supermarket (a-lot!).
  • Conquered a week’s worth of ironing!  I hate ironing! ;(
  • Was in the mood of making some chouquettes for tea and to bring them to a friend’s place.  But after 2 attempts, it just didn’t work.  I think I got the wrong type of flour.  Gotta get someone to translate all-purpose flour for me in French!
  • Made a huge pot of soup for dinner and since the sun was out, got the Man to help me to do a little photo-shoot of the dish.  Yes, in order to grab a shot of the bowl of soup in natural lighting, the shoot had to be done outside on our balcony.
  • Time to treat myself with my bi-weekly beauty regime: deep facial cleansing with the Clarisonic Mia and then slathering on with a milk moisture mask.

There you have my fabulously super lazy Tuesday!

Presenting a week in Lady J’s life

This week, I’m going to be participating in Adventuroo’s ‘A week in my life’ project – basically, it’s to document a week of my life with pictures, with as many or as few supporting words as I’d like.  Initially, I thought to myself a piece of cake, then I remembered a similar series that I tried to embark on ‘A pic for an hour‘.  Pretty embarrassed to say that it didn’t get pass episode 3.  So I decided I shall not be too ambitious,  I’ll just capture what I think are the most ‘special’ parts of my day and share a week of my life here in Geneva.

  • Grocery shopping with fresh ingredients to throw into our baked curry rice for dinner.
  • Added a small bunch of florals to the gifted sunflowers that definitely added cheer to the loft.
  • Assembled cottage pie for lunch – spicy for me and non-spicy for my friend N.
  • Headed to N’s place, spent some time with her little baby and her big fur-kid whom I simply adore!
  • Had some time to spare and desperately felt like shopping, so popped into Zara to oogle at the latest collection but ended up walking out with a new metallic sweater and another faux fur vest from the Kids’ collection.  Yippee!  All for like CHF110 which is considered pretty affordable by Swiss’s standards.
  • Went back home to prep dinner.
  • The Man went for his run and something was wrong with our security camera.  He ended up being locked out of the apartment for about 20 minutes.  I finally heard his screams from downstairs and eventually let him in.
  • Our very last bits of curry sauce used for our baked curry rice.
  • After a hot shower, I plonked myself on the couch and started to do more online shopping.  I can’t help it!  The shopping bug has bitten me hard.
  • Unwinding down with the latest episode of Dexter.