Show and tell in school: eye Care

Bubba’s school will dish out home assignments to parents occasionally very often around a simple Show and Tell which the parents and child are strongly encouraged to participate in. This was our 4th Show and Tell for the year and the theme was around Eye Care. I have to add, some of these themes are not easy so we often have to crack our head to prepare something fun and creative for Bubba to present during the segment. Also, it was never about competition (ie: which kid presented better or which parent did a better job at the theme), the whole point about having a Show and Tell session at their age is to really encourage them to learn and experience public speaking – an important skill that they will use throughout their life.

Here’s what we did for her little Show and Tell segment around eye care.

img_2241 I didn’t want to do up a poster because we did that previously for one of the themes. Also, doing up a poster seemed like a lot more work and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure of what to put. While looking for inspiration and possibly throwing out the mailers, this particular card stood out in terms of size, so I decided to recycle the card for the submission of the project.

img_2880Wasn’t too difficult either. Since the theme was around eye care, for the card’s main visual, I took inspiration from an eye-check chart and stuck googly eyes (purchased from Daiso) on the front of the card.

img_2242As for the inside, I simply used whatever leftover scrapbooking material I had previously for the project and selected some key tips for Bubba to share with her little friends on how to take proper care of their little eyes.

img_2243I started out this project feeling a little flustered as I was not sure if whatever I produced would make sense to Bubba but after the completion of the card and rehearsing with Bubba what she should share with her friends in school, I was filled with a sense of pride when Bubba could repeat what I taught her after looking at the pictures in the card.

This exercise also taught me about how we often take simple things like looking after one’s eyes for granted. Taking care of one’s eyes starts young and the amount of technology that these little ones are exposed to these days compared to my times, it’s even more important for them to observe these useful eye care tips before their eye conditions start deteriorating.

On to 2017, wonder what parent-child projects are in stored for us as Bubba heads on to Nursery 1.

Mommy car woes 

One of Bub’s fave shows currently is Team Umizoomi and apart from the cartoon’s main characters (Milli, Geo and Bot), Umicar often makes an appearance in the show. Bub gets a kick when Umicar comes on and she would often go ‘Umicar!’ in unison with the other characters. Well, it did teach her some proper safety tips and she knows that she needs to belt up when she’s in her car-seat. As a result, we decided to name my car ‘Mummycar’ (I know not very inventive) when I bring her out for a ride.

img_5934This morning, on the way to school, this sign flashed on my dashboard. My heart sanked a little for I suspected that a nail had probably punctured my rear tyre. I’m usually quite clueless when it comes to matters relating to the car and the Man usually handled the matters. But now that he’s away, I had to kinda figure what to do (besides sending him a SOS What’s App message while he’s miles away).

img_4550This was the second incident that we had with Mummycar in the past 2 weeks or so. A day before I was scheduled to fly off for our family trip to Gold Coast, the windscreen of my car cracked. I had parked the car at Bubba’s school the entire day and suspected that either a small rock fell on it or it could be something else. I panicked not knowing what to do. Thankfully, my BFF helped and guided me along; had the help of a friend too who basically told me that I needed to call the car insurance company, report the incident and then send down the car to the assigned workshop for them to replace the windscreen. Turnaround time for this was 2-3 working days which he had helped sort out once I got the paperwork in order.

Now back to punctured tyre.

I had two options. One, which was to send the car back to Mercedes which would probably take a week or so to sort out the problem and perhaps recommend that I change the tyre which would cost me a bomb or Two, to drive to the nearest tyre workshop to see if the tyre could be patched. The second option seemed more viable as I tried looking for the nail but could not find it with my naked eye.

img_5936Then, I recalled a colleague having the same problem a couple of months back and she shared a contact for ARS Recovery so I decided to contact them to see if they could help me patch my tyre.

img_5938Turned out they could and on the spot too for a fee and they were quick too! The incident happened when I was on my way to drop Bub in school and it took under an hour for them to come and fix the problem. My tyre repair which also came with a warranty cost me $100. The Man says that we probably need to bring our car in for servicing just to make sure that everything is ok. Well, I will let him sort that out when he’s back.

img_5940For now, this nail will serve as a memory and hopefully put an end to all our car woes!

Gold Coast for Christmas

Christmas is often spent with family and loved ones. While I am not super big on the holiday, I still love the magical feeling in the air, the company of my family and the sometimes quibbling we get while ripping apart our wrappers next to the Christmas, not to mention the feasting.

This year, the Man decided to embark on his round-the-world-trip. I was a little crushed when he told me of his plans for I had hoped that we spend the holidays as a family, but I also knew that once he’s made up his mind, there’s no stopping him. Rather than have a disgruntled husband who’s probably going to assume the role as a Grinch over Christmas, I might as well let him go on his holiday alone and I make my own plans to spend the holidays with my family – the noisy bunch.

Turned out to be a great decision! It did take a little convincing my parents to spend the holidays overseas but because Christmas fell on a Sunday and we had Monday off, it allowed me to take some time off from work. I also knew my parents would love to spend some time with the Bub so the family holiday was perfect for bonding with my side of the family and her cousins whom she only gets to meet once a week.

When it came to deciding the country we should all visit, Japan came up as the preferred choice but I knew that travelling in a group of 9 with 3 young kids could potentially be challenging for Tokyo. Where are we to find an air BnB big enough to accommodate us all. Air BnB/ apartments are still preferred on family trips as it would allow us to prepare meals for the kids and my dad who may sometimes prefer the home-cooked food. Plus, it would be cold and the logistics of moving a big group via public transport seemed like another challenge to tackle on the list. So I suggested Australia as the next choice of destination. It was vetoed by most of the family members as December was Summer and it was going to be hot. I was a little crushed but after discussion, we decided to head down to Gold Coast. We had the loan of an apartment by one of my Mom’s bosses and Gold Coast seemed like a child-friendly destination for both the young and old. Plus, it has been ages since we last visited there so it would be nice to head back there and see what Gold Coast has to offer.

img_5428This is the whole Sim FamBam before our trip. I hope to be able to do a short post on what we have done over the 10 days which seemed long at first but it went by so fast. It’s true what they say, time does fly by when you are having fun!

img_4696In the meantime, leaving you this cute pic (well, at least I think she’s cute) of the Bub attempting to cast a magic spell on me. I think I need some magic around here to work on all my posts.

Looking forward to the upcoming New Year break but also feeling a little nostalgic about how quick the year just went by.

Off to Gold Coast for the holidays!

7c57c0bb-9236-4afa-a81f-62afc86e2796We can’t wait for Friday to come for we will be going on a holiday with my side of the family (sans the little sister). It’s probably going to be a riot as well but we figured that a chillax holiday in Gold Coast shouldn’t be that bad. My parents’ friends have an apartment there so we are all just going to bunk in and ‘camp’ under one roof.

img_4438With the 3 of them under the same roof for a bit, I believe it’s going to be a riot! 🙂

It’s been ages since I last took a holiday with my parents and sister so I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them especially during the Christmas holidays. Can’t wait!

My Sticker Kid + a Promo Code

[Sponsored Review]

When it comes to managing Bubba’s stuff in school, I’m basically a label fiend. At 9 months small when she started infant care, her school gave us a list of what we should prepare. Perhaps I was afraid that her stuff would get mixed up with the other kids stuff, I decided I will just label her bottles and her clothes for school. When she moved on to toddler-care, I eased up a little with the labelling for her teachers seemed to have a system of how the individual child’s clothes will be kept but I still labeled majority of her bottles, snack boxes plus shoes because we have had instances where her classmate’s bottles or snack boxes will be thrown into the Bub’s bags. No issues with that for I will just return it to the rightful owner but I hate the thought of losing the Bub’s stuff so to put my mind at ease, putting her name on her things are way easier than having to track down where the item had been.

There are various brands available out there when it comes to name labels. I used to make my own name labels at the push-carts in shopping malls and boy were they cheap. I think it probably cost a couple of bucks to make them and the lead time ain’t too long too. But the quality for those labels ain’t that great either, they are not able to withstand prolonged washing and are very often not resistant to heat. So instead on compromising on quality, I decided to just purchase labels from Sticker Kid where I know that their labels are water resistant, dishwasher-safe and microwave plus freezer safe.

img_4396I’ve been an advocate of Sticker Kid and could not be more pleased on this collab with them for it just means that their products are really good and I will continue to purchase with them. For this review, I was offered the My First Pack which comprise of 154 stickers. This is a great starter pack for it has just about all the stickers (from small and large stickers, clothes labels and shoe labels) that you possibly need to identify your child’s belongings. At S$49, My First Pack is ideal for the first years in school and thanks to these stickers, we generally have not lost anything in Bubba’s school yet. Hoping I won’t jinx it here.

Here’s what we have used our stickers for:

img_4397Small Stickers

These are my fave size of the lot. I use them for just about anything and practically everything that I could possibly get my hands on for Bubba’s stuff to label. Because of it’s small size, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb and still get the job of identification done. I use them on Bubba’s milk bottles, water bottles, snack boxes, sunnies and even her helmet. Well, we do park her skate scooter and her helmet at restaurants when we head out to scoot on weekends at the park, so the name stickers on her stuff just makes it easier for me to identify her stuff.

img_3596In fact, we find this size most handy of the lot for now that we’ve actually gone on to order more of this size on our own with different fonts and backgrounds. The white background and pink font for name is ideal for everyday use or else you can’t really go wrong with a pink background and black font type which is classic.

img_4401Large stickers

We love the use of these stickers to label her books. This will definitely come in handy when she’s much older for labelling of workbooks (if any) in future. But for now, we use it to label her fave books which she sometimes brings to school. This ensures that she will bring them home or that her teachers now who the books belong to so she won’t go crying if they are lost.

img_4407Iron-On Labels

Majority of the iron-on labels that we use for Bubba’s stuff are on her towels and wet-bags for school rather than her uniform. Well, largely because she will be issued with a new set of school uniform next year so we didn’t want to waste our labels. Also, we felt that towels and wet-bags can also be misplaced easily and those items are more important to us than her school uniform so that took precedence in terms of labelling. These iron-on labels that were included in our starter pack are easy to apply and sticks on most clothing surfaces. However, they are also permanent which was the reason why we don’t go round labelling all her clothes in case we want to gift those clothes away.

If you are worried about damaging your child’s clothes with these permanent iron-on labels, there is an option to purchase  stickers for clothes which are amazingly resistant to the washing machine and the dryer.

img_4406Shoe Stickers

These are a must-have for school and we use them to label majority of the Bub’s school shoes for I’m often worried that she ends up wearing the wrong pair of shoes home. So far, that has not happened but I’ve seen her going into the school’s shoe cabinet and fishing out her classmate’s pairs of shoes. Well, she probably hardly even notice the presence of the shoe sticker in her shoes but it’s helpful for care-givers so that they won’t put on the wrong pair of shoes on her.

img_4405We also found the use of small labels for shoes pretty useful too. They serve as a quick identification for parents without having to look inside the shoes. These are great for going out shoes especially those that are often removed when we head to indoor playgrounds. It helps to prevent other parents from taking your child’s shoes if it’s a common shoe-brand.

img_3595Why we love sticker kid?

  • Variety of designs to suit just about any kid: They have so many cute designs making it a breeze to customise our name labels. In fact, we were spoilt for choice and that’s why we have multiple stickers with different icons to suit our mood. You may also wish to check out other styles for we also gone ahead to purchase this set of Heart Labels which we thought are really cute. We use it to label her skate scooter for easy identification of her item in the playground. These heart-shaped labels really make your own item stand-out as well.
  • Great quality: The stickers are hardy and pretty durable. I know because our bottles have been subjected to not only constant washing but also to heat and the ink on the labels have not faded. The stickers also pretty much sticks on most surfaces so you don’t have to worry about it coming off once they are stuck on.
  • Fast international delivery: Took about 1 week before we received our stickers which were dispatched from Switzerland. An interesting note, according to our friend who lives in Switzerland, the Swiss firmly believe in quality products.

img_4399Special promotion for readers of Lady J’s Musings

With the year coming to an end and as we gear up for 2017, this is the perfect time to order a set of labels for your child for the new school year. With different value packs to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Take 10% off your purchase from now until 31 Dec 2016 with the promotional code SG10SK.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received ‘My First Pack’ starter pack from Sticker Kid for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products and services.

Bruno Compact Hot Plate

img_3896So we got ourselves a new toy recently! Presenting the Bruno Compact Hot Plate… thanks to the intro by our dear Mama friend, Libby from

Apparently, this compact hot plate is all the rage in Japan and Hong Kong. It’s a lifestyle product for those who prefer to cook at the table and dining right at the table. The whole concept of cooking and eating almost immediately is probably how the device was conceptualised. I thought it was an amazing device and great for entertaining plus simple/ quick meals at home if we are starved of ideas on where to go.

img_3967They come in really yummy-licious colours as well such as pink, white, red, yellow, etc. One point to note is that the colours are launched rather seasonally and because of its popularity, some of the colours may not be available at the point of sale. So when we had the opportunity to order the Bruno, it was a choice of either fire-engine red or white. We decided that the red would probably fit in well with our dining area where blacks, greys and whites are largely featured in the home. I was so excited when the device came and could not wait to power it up to cook up some meals.

img_3974So what did we make? I decided to whip up these fluffy pancakes that I had recently purchased from J-Mart. They look relatively simple to prepare and pancakes are often a crowd-pleaser with kids right?

img_3984Except my kid! Despite my best efforts to intro her to pancakes, waffles, hotcakes, she still does not take to the idea that easily. Oh well, at least the meal was yummy for the adults and the Mickey-shaped pancakes were the eye-candy for my child who probably liked the way it looked over the way it tasted. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

img_3992After we finished our pancake batter, the Man was in the mood for some eggs while I really wanted some sausages. So we gave our Bruno Hot Plate a quick wipe-down, added some oil on to the plate and then cranked up the setting to high before placing the sausages and cracking the egg on it.

img_4025I have to admit, I was initially worried about the smells that would linger in the living room wif the cooking was done indoors rather than outdoors. But surprisingly, our mini-breakfast cook-out was not too bad. Clean-up was really a breeze (just one hot plate to be washed) and packing the Bruno cooker was super quick too. That said, we fired up our Bruno cooker to grill meats and veggies that very same evening and though it was slightly smokey initially, it wasn’t all too bad once we opened up all our windows and aired the room for a few hours.

I’m far from becoming any sort of domestic goddess but I’m certainly looking forward to making more meals right at our table with our newly acquired Bruno! Perhaps I will have enough courage to make Takoyaki for the family this weekend. I just got all the dry ingredients, now all that’s needed is to read up on how to “roll out the tiny Japanese round pancakes”. Wish me luck!

img_4019Our Bruno set is not sponsored and preorders for the Red or White Bruno is now opened till Thursday, 15 December. If you would like to get your hands on one of these sets, please email to with your name, email add, contact number and preferred colour. Do note that we are only able to fulfil orders in Singapore.

For more information on Bruno, you may wish to check out the below links:

IG handle: brunohotplatesg

Power up with Hospital Surface Disinfectant

[Sponsored review]

The mere mention of Hospitals and I shudder in fear. I know because while I was heavily pregnant with Bubba in 2014, the Man was in and out of the hospital for a bit and I was heartbroken when Bubba was hospitalised for  UTI in 2015. Hospitals – they instill fear in me and they still do this very day for walking pass those automated doors, the strong whiff of chemical or otherwise known as “hospital smell” would sting my nose. But I also know that hospitals (at least for Singapore) are known for its sterile and clean environment, so that’s probably the ‘up-side’ of heading to the hospital.

img_3584When Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop passed me this can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant a couple of weeks back, I have to admit that other than the name that really stood out, I didn’t examine the product further (until this article is due). I wasn’t wildly excited about using it for I was afraid that the scent of the spray would remind of the hospital environment. I’m not being judgey but it did say Hospital Surface Disinfectant on the can.

Now what can the Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray do for you? Well, this powerful hospital disinfectant and deodorant acts within 10 minutes to disinfect germ-laden surfaces such as toilet seats, trash bins, urinals, door knows, light switches and equipment (just to name a few). It will significantly reduce bacteria from surfaces and suppresses plus eliminates odors. It can also control mould and mildew on shoes and boots and great for use on ski and snowboard boots too. The Man will be pleased to know for we often have to air our snowboard boots in Singapore to prevent it from having mildew on it.

img_3613With all the talk about toilet-training the Bub, this Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray sure came in handy now. After Bubba does her little business on her toilet seat cover, I simply have to whip this out and disinfect her toilet seat cover. It’s really simple to use too! All I need to do is to shake the can, spray and then allow it to dry naturally. I don’t even need to fish out a wipe or a cloth to wipe the residue away.

img_3616Of course, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant will also do the job of a quick disinfecting of Bubba’s toys. If you see where Bubba brings her fave toys and how she treats them, I’m quite certain, they are laden with germs. So am really pleased to know that this product is also child-safe and non-toxic because you never know where those little hands will put those toys in or out of.

I also really like using the spray as a room freshener to eliminate bad smells and odors quickly for it has a light and fresh lemon scent, plus it kills airborne germs too! That’s good to know because that’s how stomach flu spreads! The germs are airborne so using this spray would help eliminate the spread of the germs. Apparently according to Our Lifestyle Shop, the Hospital Surface Disinfectant spray is actually a star product that’s used in many schools and childcare centres and this is the first time that they are launching it for sale on their online retail store. I guess that’s good enough validation that this product works or actually does the job of eliminating germs for little kids under the same roof.

Check out my little instructional video on how to use the spray. Again, it’s great and won’t damage their toys so you don’t have to worry about paint stripping away when you are using the spray.

Now if you are wondering what’s the difference between Our Lifestyle Shop’s Be Sanitised, Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner Disinfectant and this Hospital Surface Disinfectant, here’s a quick guide on the usage for these products:


Hospital Surface Disinfectant: Helps eliminate odours, kills germs and destroy specific funghi. Can be used on a daily basis or as and when needed to disinfect surfaces quickly.

Be Sanitised: Best to use as a total release fogger and can be used periodically for a more thorough disinfectant to help reduce spread of germs.

Foaming Lemon Scented Cleanser: Used as a surface disinfectant on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, toys, cupboards and door knobs.

To be honest, we really love all three of these products under Our Lifestyle Shop and we do switch them around the house and stash them in different parts of the home to keep our loved ones especially the fur-kid and Bubba safe. I know you will not be disappointed with using them all for your homes too.



Enjoy a 5% discount on Hospital Surface Disinfectant (Usual Price: $43.90) when you use the promo code: iwanthisnow to place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  Hurry, hurry for promo ends on 8 January 2017. Perfect item to get for the home in time for a good spring cleaning this festive period!

Also, don’t miss out on Our Lifestyle Shop’s Christmas Bundles that’s only available annually this festive season. It’s the perfect time to stock up all their products that you have been eyeing at great prices.

Like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page, or follow them on their Instagram or Twitter to find out more about their products and special offers.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a can of Hospital Surface Disinfectant from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review as the Our Lifestyle Shop Ambassador programme.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.