Show and Tell: The Healthy Plate

One of the Show and Tell activities that the Bub had to do revolved around Healthy Living. The school introduced the concept of healthy eating to the kids and the parents are encouraged to reinforce the messages back home. For instance, get the child to identify the different types of healthy food so as to instill good eating habits. This culminated into a Show and Tell activity where parents are supposed to create a Healthy Plate collage/ poster for the child to share with their friends.

Well, we did acquire several shots of the Bub eating and I did have some free time on hand when she went to bed. So I decided to put together some of her fave healthy snacks and stick photos on them as part of her Show and Tell segment.

It wasn’t too difficult to do really. All I needed to do was to keep aside her fave snacks when she finished them, clean them and then stick the photos of her enjoying her fave milk, fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc on the snack.

The finished product! We had some fake fruit – grapes – lying aound too so that served as a prop in her little box (which was also recycled). 🙂

And to get the Bub all excited about her little segment, I found some fruit and food stickers lying around so I got  her involved in the activity by dressing up her snackbox with some of these stickers.

Now, this wasn’t too hard and in fact pretty fun to put together. Try it if you need to put together an activity with your child to encourage healthy eating/ snacking habits. 🙂

Online shopping for Sparky with KOHEPETS 

[Sponsored review]

Before the Bub came into our lives, we have a first furkid named Sparky. Ok, he doesn’t make an appearance so often these days but well, he’s still very much a part of our lives. Life goes on as per normal with him around but it’s kinda mayhem when you throw in a young child into the mix.
We don’t have many opportunities for any blog-reviews when it comes to Sparky these days. Actually, it’s more because we are cautious about what his diet. He’s turning eight soon and let’s just say, he has been subjected to various allergies which is the primary reason why we keep him on a strict diet with limited snacks. Even when it comes to his snacks, we stopped buying off-the-shelves packaged pet food because of the preservatives or some additives used that might flare up his skin allergies.
Yup, poor puppy here has a skin allergy which actually sees him in a perpetual “cone-of-shame” because the moment the cone is removed, he immediately wants to nip and bite himself. 😦

So when KOHEPETS approached us for a review, we were rather apprehensive about accepting the sponsorship for I was worried about the items that would be sent to us for the review and whether it would be appropriate for Sparky given his delicate condition. When I shared my concerns and the challenges that we had, Urusula from KOHEPETS put me to ease with her prompt replies and then recommendations for types of snacks/ products for Sparky given his skin allergies and condition. With that, we decided to accept the offer to review products purchased under KOHEPETS.

I guess the timing was perfect too since we were running out of snacks for Sparky. We don’t feed him a lot of snacks at home because the vet prefers for us to keep Sparky on a strict diet so that he doesn’t become too bottom-heavy. Our poor baby had dislocated his hip joint when he was a puppy, undergone surgery so we are really careful about his hips, so it’s important that he doesn’t gain too much weight that might give him greater discomfort on his hind legs.

Here’s what Ursula from KOHEPETS recommended for Sparky and what we got after I surfed on their site and spent a good 30 minutes or so analysing what I should get for the fur-kid. Man, they do have a lot of different types of snacks for both dogs and cats. Have to say that one is really spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping at KOHEPETS.

  • Yappetizers Wild Salmon and Herring Dog & Cat Treats : Natural air-dried fish treats from Canada, this smelled like the real thing. Sparky could hardly stop himself from lunging towards me when I popped open a pack of this to fish out a snack for him.
  • Zeal Free Range Naturals Veal Meaty Bites Dog Treats: We prefer to get Sparky bite-sized snacks these days compared to chewy tendons and beef ribs which he used to love. Perhaps it’s his age or perhaps he’s just more sensitive but we found out that the length of the ribs used to irritate his throat when he doesn’t chew them up properly and he ends up vomiting as a result of chomping too quickly. These bite sized treats are more manageable for his system I guess.
  • Funkie Buddie Original Beef Dog Treats: This came highly recommended by Ursula who almost guaranteed that Sparky would fall in love with the treat for it not only smelled good but also tasted good. Well, it’s true. Short of me popping one of these treats into my mouth because it smelled like beef jerky, I think Sparky found his new fave snack! Size wise, this was also perfect for Bubba to feed Sparky. Occasionally, she would ask for us to give her a treat so that she can give it to Sparky. Sibling affection! 🙂
  • Wellness Crunchy WellBars WhiteFish and Sweet Potatoes Cheese Recipe Dog Treats: Made in Canada, these treats are oven-baked with no corn, soy, artificial colours or flavours. They look bland like a cookie but they do pack a punch when it comes to smell. On taste wise, I ain’t going to test it but Sparky lapped it up the moment the Bub placed a square on her palm. I will try to take a photo of it but again, everything happens in pretty much a flash so I don’t really have time to get them to re-enact the scene.

We also got Sparky a new leash – this Zee Dog Slip On Dog Leash. As Sparky is a huge dog and sometimes can be a little hard to handle for myself and my helper, we prefer to keep him on a choke-chain collar plus leash. I know you probably think it’s cruel and yes, we know that it’s not entirely ideal but having some control over him ensures our safety given that he can literally drag us across the road if he wanted to. This Slip On Dog Leash looks like a softer approach that we can take on Sparky instead of the metal collar. Love that it’s black so it looks rather sleek too. 🙂

Oh and KOHEPETS stocks vitamins as well as daily necessities for pets. As Sparky’s toothpaste was running out and the nearest pet store wasn’t in sight, so I decided to pop the Excel Dental Care – Canine Toothpaste in Mint Flavor for him. Yes, we brush Sparky’s teeth every other night so he’s pretty used to us stuffing a toothbrush into his canine region. We used to start out with liver-flavoured toothpaste but once he got used to the whole brushing regime, we decided to change it to the mint flavour.

KOHEPETS really offer so many products (from dog food, cat food, grooming products, vitamins, pet accessories, etc) that I had a field time popping things into my shopping cart. Like I said earlier, one is really spoiled for choice. I liked that stuff that you can get on KOHEPETS are different from what you can get from the generic pet shops. That’s not all, if you do a price comparison, you will find that some of their products are slightly cheaper than what you can get out there. Free delivery with S$60 spent which in my opinion is rather achievable when it comes to getting good, quality products for your pets. I have to add that delivery was super quick too. We ordered late in the night and received notification that the parcel will be delivered the next day by 9pm. That was rather impressive and I think KOHEPETS will be our next go-to e-store whenever we need to top up Sparky’s snacks, vitamins and grooming products.

For the latest news and promotions, do follow KOHEPETS on Instagram. PSST, there’s a giveaway coming up real soon on their IG account too once they hit 2,000 followers and that’s pretty soon if you do join as one of their followers.


Note: Lady J’s musings received shopping credits from KOHEPETS to get the above-mentioned products for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the service. 

Bubba’s fave Disney Princess…

Growing up, my fave Disney Princess has gotta be Ariel from The Little Mermaid which made its debut in 1989. I probably was a teenager then and a tad bit old to be dressed in costumes but that didn’t stop me from pronouncing her as my fave princess for she had a rebellious streak that probably is the reason why I could relate to Ariel.

I have to admit that having a little girl, I would want for her to choose her own Disney Princess to fall in love with. I do love all things Disney and I had hoped that she would walk the same path. Well, it didn’t look like she was falling head-over-heels with Disney when she was about two plus, preferring cartoons with a more generic theme like Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi and even Blaze & the Monster Machines. I was quite certain that we will be raising a tomboy soon. Oh well, I wasn’t too bothered, I guess in time to come, she might discover the world of Disney.

It was until a playdate that we had with Mama Libby and Sophie-Rose one day that revealed the Bub’s affection for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. That was what she told Mama Libby who in turn told me. I didn’t quite believe it for we hardly exposed her to any Disney cartoons and not Beauty and the Beast for it wasn’t top of my list.

So I decided to test her out one day, asking her which Princess she actually likes. To my surprise, she replied Belle. I guess that was my cue to hurl and unleash all things Beauty and the Beast unto my little girl. 🙂
Timing was perfect as our fave store – The Little Bow Co – launched an exclusive Once Upon A Time princess collection collaborating with Tulle Love by Gwen. I caved in for I knew the Belle princess dress would either be a hit or like what the Man said ‘a white elephant’ in her wardrobe. Seeing how keen she was on her fave character Belle, I decided to take the risk and order the Belle yellow gown for her.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about getting her her own costume. I’ve seen off-the-shelves princess costumes and they really don’t look comfortable at all. The tulle is often scratchy, the sizing is ill-fitting and the quality probably won’t last long. But my worries were put to rest when I laid my hands on this Princess Belle dress from The Little Bow Co. The tulle is soft and flowy, the fabric used for the gown is perfect for our weather and the Bub actually loved wearing her gown. In fact, she “begged” the father to let her wear the gown out on their staycation when I was away. One week before we are due for our Japan trip and I was worried whether it could even dry in time for our holiday.

I guess it’s true on what they say about little girls. Dressing them up is indeed loads of fun. And I guess this Princess phase is just going to be for this moment when she actually enjoys playing dress-up. Their childhood is going to pass by in a flash so I might as well let her have fun with the Princess costumes before she decides that it’s not going to be cool next time.

And of course, having a fellow play-mate to play dress-up with doubles up the fun. That said, Mama Libby and I have just booked ourselves a holiday with the girls to Hong Kong Disneyland. Yup, can’t get enough of the happiest place on earth.

 So, who’s your fave Disney Princess and did your little one walk down the same path? 🙂

Tokyo 2017

Hello folks.. back from a 6 day holiday to our fave city in the world with the Teos – our first traveling with family friends! The trip has been amazing! Having another family with similar interests but more importantly with the kids who do enjoy playing with one another actually made it for a fun family vacation.

img_0213I’m currently really exhausted.. probably falling sick but holding on dearly to these memories of our recent holiday that has left me all fuzzy and warm.

Till then, have a fab weekend!

Upcycling my army green top in Hong Kong

IMG_5640My Zara khaki green camo top that double up as a jacket has been with me since 2013. I’ve always loved the crystals on the side of the pocket that gives a gentle feminine touch to the jacket. It’s also one of the things I would bring on a trip to countries with a cooler climate as I don’t have to bring an additional jacket for I could simply wear something slightly warmer inside and throw this jacket/top over leggings.

But with a young toddler, this jacket wasn’t going to be as functional for the crystals had sharp edges that might scratch the kid if she’s fussing around when I’m carrying her. During my recent trip to Hong Kong without the kid, I bought this jacket along for it didn’t scream MUMSY gear. My cousin remarked that it was pretty and I told her that I was probably going to trash it after the trip for this jacket has been with me for the past 4-5 years and it’s time to ‘retire’ the look. She told me it would be a waste to do it and I should probably look at salvaging it and updating the look to make it more current for the crystals were actually sewn on to a patch that will be easily removed.

On hearing this, I got really excited and wondered how I can breathe new life to one of my fave wardrobe pieces. We decided on perhaps getting some funky iron-on patches and pins to dress up the jacket.

We stumbled on Pottinger Street at Central Hong Kong enroute to lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to find a row of old stall selling appliques and iron-on patches. Just the items I really needed for this DIY upcycling project to work! The best part? There was actually a seamstress available and she could help sew on the patches on to my top so that it will be fully secured rather than having it ironed-on and risk having it drop off and leaving a mark when the adhesive is no longer sticky.

I was over-the-moon! We got down really quickly to selecting of the different patches that would be eye-catching and had the seamstress work her magic on the top.  I think the entire project must have cost me about 150 – 200 HKD (about S$30) which I thought wasn’t too bad.

Victory for thinking of this idea! Hehe..

Pardon the picture quality but here’s a shot of how the jacket looks like with the various patches. It does not matter that the the patches all don’t match, I think what really matters is what you like and the creativity that you can inject into such a simple project and to give your clothing a new lease of life instead of trashing them.

Now that this project is somewhat successful, I’m kinda hooked on upcycling more stuff in my wardrobe that funky patches can do the job. Stay tuned! Hehe…

Short trip to Hong Kong where I ate loads!

Just back from a 4D/3N trip and I already feel broke despite not buying loads. Hehe.. This pic really says it all.

It’s been years since I last stepped into Hong Kong. While I love it for the shopping and the food, but there are things that I don’t particularly like about the city. It’s noisy, jam-packed with people who do not have an idea of personal space and the feeling I usually get out of the holiday is that I need another holiday. The decision to pick Hong Kong as a destination for a short getaway with the cousin was because it was one of the first trips we had ever done as young adults with limited finances and we thought it would be nice to revisit the city again (now that we are much older).  The idea of a kid-free vacation also sounded extremely enticing and I think that Hong Kong is one of those places where bringing young children can be somewhat logistically challenging. I believe if Bubba is slightly older, this will be a place I will definitely like to bring her.

We took the almost first flight out of Singapore (7.30am+) and landed in Hong Kong just before noon. As we were traveling during the school holiday season (considered to be peak period for travel), we settled on a reasonably-priced accommodation for our hotel. The reviews on Nathan Hotel on as well as Trip Advisor were rather balanced, and the pricing quoted seemed fair, so I decided to book us a room there. It didn’t disappoint for it looked fairly new and the room was clean plus wide. It was about a 5-7 minute walk from Jordan MTR Station. After securing an early check-in and a quick shower, we headed out to Tsui Wah (a 2 minute walk from our hotel) for some Yuen Yang (coffee and milk tea combo) and some condensed milk buns.

Now, lemme document my food journey with what we ate in Hong Kong despite the short time there. Well, because, there’s only so much you can do in Hong Kong with a fellow girl-friend (in my case, my cousin), and eating plus shopping have got to be the things to do!

After a spot of shopping at Causeway Bay (didn’t buy much), we ended up at Yum Cha @ Central for dinner. The restaurant was a recommendation by Libby as yours truly here didn’t get round to planning our food itinerary for the trip. Was simply too tired to do anything after work and caring for the toddler. So Thank You Libby! 🙂

It’s good to know that Dim Sum can be enjoyed throughout the day over at Yum Cha as they serve authentic Chinese food coupled with vibrant modern presentations. They champion traditional Chinese recipes and flavours, but present them in a pleasing and contemporary way that both locals and travelers can appreciate.

Indeed! The presentation for some of the dishes were really quite eye-catching with flavours that were also memorable. Take for instance this pretty baked pineapple tart in the form of little birds presented in a cage. This is best eaten warm for the tart was crumbly soft and the pineapple filling still warm.

Of course, the winner of the evening that had our sides almost splitting was these steamed custard ‘alien’ buns. We had a blast just ‘pinching’ the buns to see the silky custard liquid flow out of the buns.

We went on a late night supper food trail after Disneyland on Sunday night. The cousin insisted on checking out a bigger Tsui Wah, so we went to a slightly bigger one at Tsim Sha Tsui where we filled our bellies with curry brisket rice and braised chicken wings. Washed our sinful supper down with some ice-cold lemon tea which was really refreshing.  Was hoping to walk off dinner for a bit and just a street down from Tsui Wah, the cousin spotted this small restaurant that served our fave Oyster and Minced Pork Porridge. Even though we were kinda stuffed, we knew this was pretty difficult to find back home, so we decided to stuff our faces further with more food!

On our third day in Hong Kong, we reserved it specially for sussing out of food stalls over at Central. The cousin said that she will not leave Hong Kong without heading for her fave curry beef brisket hor fun at Kau Kee. To be honest, I didn’t even know what to expect until I googled and found out that Kau Kee 九記牛腩 is actually a famous restaurant on Gough Street in Central, Hong Kong.

Be prepared to queue if you are planning to sink your teeth into tender beef tendon best eaten with curry. This was really delicious and just looking at the picture is making my mouth water. Even though the queues are long, it does move quite fast as seats are rather limited and the place is quite tight so people tend to eat quickly and then leave after paying.

With all the rage about Tai Cheong egg tarts in Singapore where the queues are horrendously long just for the egg tarts, I was just glad that there was nothing of this sort over at the Central brunch. In fact, there was no queue at all! We simply walked in to order our egg tarts (had to have one each) plus a Century Egg Puff Pastry (Pei Dan Shou) to share. The egg tart served and eaten warm was soooo good. The egg custard was silky smooth and the pastry was buttery and crumbly. The super under-rated Century Egg Puff Pastry is now my fave. The taste is really quite special for I don’t recall eating anything like this. In the middle of the sweet pastry tart was actually half a century egg nestled in it. When I bit into the pastry, the exterior flaky crust crumbled and in my mouth, there was something sweet and then the taste of the century egg all mashed into one. Okay, I’m probably not describing it rightly here and the taste may not be for the faint-hearted but if you are at least a century egg eater, this pastry, you’ve gotta at least give it a try!

And on the last day just before we left Hong Kong, we discovered that our hotel was actually within walking distance of Australian Diary Company. So we brave the rain and walked out for some traditional breakfast – Hong Kong styled – before heading to the airport.

Australia Dairy Company is a traditional Hong Kong restaurant, cha chaan teng, in Jordan, Hong Kong, specialising in steamed milk pudding, scrambled eggs, toast and custard dishes. I wanted to try out the steamed milk pudding but the cousin wasn’t too keen so in the end, we went for the breakfast set menu which comprised of macaroni with shredded ham, scrambled eggs and butter toast. The scrambled eggs were actually pretty good, creamy and buttery when eaten with the toast. Of course, the atmosphere was also quite special. Think of it as grumpy servers who were rush you for your order the moment that you are seated and practically chase you out of their doors once they see that you are almost done. It was quite an experience!

Portions run huge here so if you have a raging appetite, order one set each. Else, would encourage you to share the set meal and save your tummy for this corn beef sandwich. I think it’s a rare find as one would hardly see corn beef stuff on the menu.

And that concludes our little getaway to Hong Kong with my cousin, our third time to Hong Kong together I think and it’s actually kinda special because we went up together when I was in my 20s then! I hope to share this little upcycling project that we did in Hong Kong plus an all-girls trip to Disneyland without the kid. I know… call me crazy Disney Junkie!

Next up, Tokyo in just a couple of days with the Little Bow Family! CANNOT WAIT!!!


Unleashing our creativity with PLAY-DOH

So Bubba has been away from school for nearly a week now. She’s on the road to recovery and we reckon that she can be in school by Friday but for good measure, we decided to just keep her at home. I must add that it is kinda tiring to keep her at home and try to keep her little mind plus hands occupied. She’s usually all over the place, flitting from one corner to the next or from one activity to the next. Like her dad, she hardly can sit still or have the attention span to follow-through an activity long enough for us to enjoy it.

We recently received the new range of Kitchen Creations sets from PLAY-DOH and I have to add that they sure came at the right time! We are no strangers to PLAY-DOH and we’ve acquired 2 sets of PLAY-DOH earlier on but these Kitchen Creations sets aren’t like the ones that we owned.

Bubba was beaming with joy when she laid her eyes on her new toys and begged me to open them so that she could get right into action and play with cooking. This is actually music to my ears, for sometimes keeping her at home only meant that she gets to spend a lot of time in front of the television. I’m really glad that the PLAY-DOH sets can steer her away from the black box for an hour or two. It’s great for bonding with her for I get to not only teach her what are the different fruits/ veggies and cutlery but also help her to put together her little menu. The best part? She gets to indulge in a little creativity, never mind that blue is the colour that she chose for the broccoli on her salad, and she gets to further fine-tune her motor skills through rolling, cutting and kneading of the dough.

Growing up, I used to beg my parents to get me my own PLAY-DOH set and when I got one, I remember I was over the moon. But I also recalled that the texture of the dough was somewhat sticky and the smell was really quite overpowering for me. This was decades ago! You must remember I’m old. So I’m really quite pleased that over the decades, the formula has vastly improved (the PLAY-DOH is non-toxic) and that it’s so much fun (minus the smell) for little ones. This is play and education all rolled into one! It’s not just fun for the toddlers but the parents can also jump on in on the fun and be part of the little one’s learning journey through creative play.

Just look at what we whipped up for our play-pretend dinner one evening with the Shape and Slice Kitchen Creation set!

With the March school holidays just round the corner and to celebrate the launch of the new Kitchen Creation, PLAY-DOH has organised a series of fun-filled and mind engaging workshops along with a PLAY-DOH Chef Junior Competition. The workshop will be held from 13th to 18th March at Parkway Parade Basement Atrium and the best creation of each day will then battle it out at the competition on Sunday with fantastic prizes (trip to Bali for a family of four, mall vouchers and PLAY-DOH hampers) to be won! You can participate in the PLAY-DOH workshop with a minimum spend of S$50 at Parkway Parade. Workshops are only for children between the age of 3 to 10 years only. The workshops run from Monday to Friday (13 – 17 Mar) from 2pm to 9pm and on Saturday (18 Mar) from 12pm to 9pm.
Lastly, there’s a S$150 PLAY-DOH hamper to be won for those budding mini Masterchefs in this photo-contest that PLAY-DOH is organising. To be in the running for this contest, simply take a photo of your child’s creation and post on your Facebook/ Instagram accounts along with these hashtags – #PlayDohChefJunior #PlayDohKitchenCreations. A total of three winners will be chosen. Note your Instagram or Facebook accounts must be public in order to stand a chance to win.
Thanks again to Hasbro Singapore and Crowd PR for sending the media kit to us. We definitely have fun with all these PLAY-DOH sets and it was the perfect companion during this period that Bubba is confined at home due to her HFMD.
Note : We received the Kitchen Creations PLAY-DOH sets as part of the Media Kit to share on our Instagram account. No additional monetary rewards were given.  I was not obligated to review this on my blog but we really think that the PLAY-DOH set is really fun and the upcoming activities would be interesting to our readers. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.