My love affair with Cheongsams

When I was younger, I did shy away from wearing cheongsams for the cut was too tight, restrictive and the look was too traditional. Now that I’m a little older, I kinda like wearing cheongsams out for special occasions. Thankfully, the style is no longer restrictive with the fit updated to suit different body types.

I fell in love with the signature cut-out dress featuring the Mandarin Collar from I want the Missing Piece. The side cut outs at just the right spot give the illusion of a tiny waist without any unnecessary hangovers. I’ve gone on to own four of these pieces in various colours simply because they look great for most ocassions (formal and smart casual). Clearly, one is not enough for me.

About two months back, Ee Ling from I want the Missing Piece invited me and the Bub to be part of a fashion show that she was organising as part of Kids Day Out at the Botanic Gardens. I was quite honoured to be honest to be picked as one of the moms for the event. My only worry was whether the Bub would even be able to sashay down the catwalk properly. This was the second time that she would be involved in an event like this but I trust she has no clue what is happening around her, must less trusted to walk in a straight line.

Here’s a pic of us in matching Red Lace Cheongsams available online at The Missing Piece  about an hour before we are due for the catwalk debut. I did what I possibly could to prep the Bub for this event. The time for the show was about 4.30pm, this meant that I could put the Bub down for an afternoon nap so that she wouldn’t get cranky. From my past experience, this was important as I couldn’t risk having a cranky child having a meltdown on the runway.

And of course, things never quite go as planned with an active toddler around. When it was our turn to walk, the Bub preferred to be the one leading the way and poor Mama had to run behind her. She did cause quite a cheer on the walkway with the audience laughing at her.

Or perhaps she enjoyed being at the centre of attention that she did another walk on the runway (we only needed to walk once).  Well, at least she had fun.

Thanks Ee Ling from The Missing Piece for the kind invitation to join you at this event. It was a memorable experience indeed and we loved the dresses that you put us in.




The brand that has taken Mamas or maybe majority of the ladies by storm (following Jujube, I guess).

And I swore that I would not go down the path of Jujube bags and Tula carriers with this brand. I wasn’t even interested in wearing colourful leggings all that much on weekends other than it being a practical outfit of choice on the plane.

And then it happened. A work colleague showed me some of her stash and I decided to get two of the leggings to try. They looked comfy enough for the weekend. My only concern is that whether my thighs look fat in it. So what I did was to pair the leggings with a slightly longer blouse/ tunic. The style worked well and the outfit was comfortable for an entire day out with the Bub.

Lularoe also has matching outfits for the little ones, so I fell a little deeper into the rabbit hole with these limited edition Disney roses leggings. Belle is the Bub’s fave Disney Princess and I knew she would be thrilled to see this. Not sure if she was but I know I was. So I decided to pick these for a Mom-Bub twinning outfit paired with a white tunic that I got for the both of us at Zara kids. Yes, that white blouse that I’m wearing is actually a girl’s dress at Zara. I think it worked well as a blouse.

The brand is not all about leggings, they have a whole slew of other styles that promise to fit any shape and size. I wasn’t all that convinced initially but my friend very kindly brought her different type of dresses for me to give it a try. So I tried on the Julia style for the knee-length form-fitting dress does look nice but not everyone is able to carry off that style. I wasn’t quite sure but I bought one to give it a try. Surprisingly, I do enjoy wearing the Julia style. The material is soft and well, you do worry about the tummy protruding out but that’s something that a tummy control underwear (from Uniqlo) can help to hide.

This Boomerang video is kinda funny but the Julia style really does accentuate one’s figure (even if you don’t really have one).

I also tried on the Amelia style which I also like for it’s a dress that brings you from the office to an evening out about town. The dress features handset box pleats, giving the dress a  flowing, full skirt. The best part is that the dress also has pockets! It’s really a dress that’s well thought of in terms of design!

Ok, I think I have stashed enough Lularoe dresses/ leggings for now. Will try to show more of the outfits when I put them on.

Also side note, it’s kinda nice to get back into writing about fashion and shopping. My fave topics to share! 🙂

Upcycling my army green top in Hong Kong

IMG_5640My Zara khaki green camo top that double up as a jacket has been with me since 2013. I’ve always loved the crystals on the side of the pocket that gives a gentle feminine touch to the jacket. It’s also one of the things I would bring on a trip to countries with a cooler climate as I don’t have to bring an additional jacket for I could simply wear something slightly warmer inside and throw this jacket/top over leggings.

But with a young toddler, this jacket wasn’t going to be as functional for the crystals had sharp edges that might scratch the kid if she’s fussing around when I’m carrying her. During my recent trip to Hong Kong without the kid, I bought this jacket along for it didn’t scream MUMSY gear. My cousin remarked that it was pretty and I told her that I was probably going to trash it after the trip for this jacket has been with me for the past 4-5 years and it’s time to ‘retire’ the look. She told me it would be a waste to do it and I should probably look at salvaging it and updating the look to make it more current for the crystals were actually sewn on to a patch that will be easily removed.

On hearing this, I got really excited and wondered how I can breathe new life to one of my fave wardrobe pieces. We decided on perhaps getting some funky iron-on patches and pins to dress up the jacket.

We stumbled on Pottinger Street at Central Hong Kong enroute to lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to find a row of old stall selling appliques and iron-on patches. Just the items I really needed for this DIY upcycling project to work! The best part? There was actually a seamstress available and she could help sew on the patches on to my top so that it will be fully secured rather than having it ironed-on and risk having it drop off and leaving a mark when the adhesive is no longer sticky.

I was over-the-moon! We got down really quickly to selecting of the different patches that would be eye-catching and had the seamstress work her magic on the top.  I think the entire project must have cost me about 150 – 200 HKD (about S$30) which I thought wasn’t too bad.

Victory for thinking of this idea! Hehe..

Pardon the picture quality but here’s a shot of how the jacket looks like with the various patches. It does not matter that the the patches all don’t match, I think what really matters is what you like and the creativity that you can inject into such a simple project and to give your clothing a new lease of life instead of trashing them.

Now that this project is somewhat successful, I’m kinda hooked on upcycling more stuff in my wardrobe that funky patches can do the job. Stay tuned! Hehe…


This weekend just felt like it was too short. Well, because I had a work-do which left me to fully only enjoy Sunday with these precious folks.

IMG_9660First up, Bubba’s outfit for the day. Felt like letting her put on this ultra-adorable Whistle and Flute romper that I got. Suspect that she probably will have a couple of wears out of this romper before I eventually retire it.

IMG_9662And just how cute are those knee-high ribbon socks that I got on sale from Oh Happy Fry. It’s still a little loose on her but eventually it will fit. For now, I guess only babies can pull of this look (ie: rompers and knee-high socks), so I better milk it while it last. Also, these knee-high socks are a great alternative to pants as Bubba has found a knack for crawling and attempting to walk, so these helps to protect her knees.

IMG_9666Out for a coffee run early Sunday morning before we head off to music class! We love our cosy little hood. Nice coffee places have sprung up, making it so convenient to satisfy our caffeine craving when it strikes.

IMG_9671Not long now.. Bubba can move on to babycino and officially join the ranks of being a hipster Baby in the hood. As for now, she will just have to sit in this high-chair and watch us have our meals which she nibble on her baby snacks.

IMG_9676 IMG_9678And last but not least, a joint outfit of the day with the Bubs. Since becoming a mom, my #ootd have not been very exciting. On weekends when I’m out with her, I prefer to be dressed in casual shorts and a tee. This was a somewhat matching outfit that I got from Oh Happy Fry as well. And if you can spot, our entire family decided to be decked in black for the day. Hehe..

How did your weekend go? I’m already looking forward to the next and it’s only MONDAY!


Outfits for CNY

It’s been a while since I did this and I was just cracking my head wondering what I should be wearing this Lunar New Year because I’m still nursing Bubba. On top of that, I wanted an outfit that would be kinda fuss-free since I will be fussing Bubba most of the time. All these cheongsams that I got for the occasion kinda went out of the window as they were not nursing-friendly.

This was an outfit that I came up with for Day 2 of the Lunar New Year.

Carven Mint Checked Blouse paired with Palm Tree Shorts from South-haven

IMG_5721Bubba’s OOTD:
Chateau du Sable Striped Dress (Gifted)
Baby Blue bow from The Little Bow Company

What’s your easy, breezy outfit for this Lunar New Year? Do share your finds with me!

Dressing the bump at 38 weeks

Figuring out what to wear to work has been rather challenging of late.  Bump is definitely way bigger and I’ve rotated most of my maternity wear.  To be really honest, I don’t think anyone but me really cares about what I’m wearing to work.  Well, dressing up has always been the thing I do look forward to in the day and since I’m preggers, it does take a little more work trying to figure out what to put together since unlike others, being effortlessly chic doesn’t come quite easy.  There are hits and misses but trust me, make-up does wonders!!  Hehe…

Here’s what I’ve been decked out in: IMG_6008Really conscious of my underarms after I discovered the gross pigmentation so my outfits are now geared towards covering up the pits.  😦  Sill loving Asos dress with Pucci prints even though it’s a struggle to take it out.  Haha..

IMG_5984This was a dress that I got at a massive sale that Spring Maternity was organising.  The dress cost like S$20 after the sale so I got it because it was rather comfy and the design was simple.  Threw on a pink cardi to cover my arms and the checks design on the side of the cardi actually popped out.

IMG_6007Another jersey maternity dress that I picked out at Maternity Exchange on a huge discount, this was under S$30 because they were clearing their rental outfits.  Again, conscious of my arms and not wanted to throw on just a plain cardi, I dug on this H&M for Marni cardi which I got and threw it over the outfit.  The double zipper on the cardi which allows me to unzip the bottom for Bump’s comfort was really handy.  Why oh why had I not discovered this before?? IMG_6081Last but not least, took Friday off to see the doc and check on Bun’s progress.  This is my casual outfit for waddling out and about town,  In case, you don’t already know, we are expecting a little girl.  🙂  Love this tee that I got from Asos which tells the whole world the gender of Bub.  Hehe…  So, doc says all looks good and apparently, she’s all set to come and rock our world anytime now… Woo… whee…